“Your brother wants to marry a daughter-in-law, you have to help 100,000.” The daughter replied in three sentences, and the netizens exclaimed after reading it.

“Your brother wants to marry a daughter-in-law, you have to help 100,000.” The daughter replied in three sentences, and netizens exclaimed after reading it.

Affected by the patriarchal thought, many girls have been brainwashed into “help Demon”. In their concept, it is a natural and just thing to sacrifice their own interests to fulfill their brothers, including but not limited to college, buying a house, buying a car, marrying a wife and having children, etc. 

These women are undoubtedly very sad. Fortunately, with the development of the times, more and more women have begun to awaken, and the species of Fudi Devil will eventually fade out of the stage of history. 

A female netizen in Jiangxi was suddenly told by her parents recently that her brother was going to marry a daughter-in-law and she had to help 100,000. 

100,000 is not a small number. Although this female netizen can get it, she is unwilling to pay the money. Moreover, she has her own small family. If she really gives 100,000 to her brother, her husband’s family is there. It was definitely not good-looking, so he refused the parents’ request. 

Unexpectedly, the parents would not be forgiving, and they said, “If your brother can’t marry a daughter-in-law, can you feel at ease?” Seeing the parents kidnapped herself morally, the female netizen couldn’t sit still, on the spot Three sentences slammed back. 

She first said, “It’s my brother but not my son. What obligation do I have to help him marry a daughter-in-law?” After she said that, she was still not relieved, and then she said, “I want to help him marry a daughter-in-law now. Didn’t I have to pay for it?”

Seeing that her parents were about to have an attack, she rushed to say, “If my future brother-in-law also takes money from home to give her brother a wife, you will feel better. ?”

As soon as I blurted out these words, my parents were speechless, and they must have realized that if the same thing is reversed, it is not the daughter who uses the money to support her natal family, but the daughter-in-law uses the money to support her natal family. It’s hard to accept. 

The performance of this female netizen is indeed remarkable for being able to return to her parents perfectly in three sentences, but not willing to be a demon to help her brother. In the comment area, everyone was also very appreciative. Some netizens even shouted “Too relieved!” after reading it.

The female netizen said it was very reasonable. If a son marries a daughter-in-law, parents may still have some help. The elder sister doesn’t have any obligation. At most, it depends on the relationship between siblings and younger siblings. 

You only need one hundred thousand to open your mouth. No one can accept it, and everyone knows that even if the one hundred thousand is taken out in the name of borrowing, it will be difficult for the younger brother to return it in the end. 

Children should be treated equally

Parents prefer sons over daughters. Parents are digging holes for themselves

Sacrificing the interests of their daughters to perfect their sons is a loss of three. The daughter’s interests have been violated. This is one loss; the son gets nothing for nothing, and it is easy to develop a habit of waste. This is a second loss; the daughter blames the brothers and complains against the parents, leading to increased family conflicts, which is a third loss. 

Especially the last one. When the parents are in their old age, the retribution will appear. When the daughter does not care, the son will suffer if he does not ask. Therefore, when parents prefer sons to daughters, they are digging holes in their old age. 

It’s unrealistic to raise children to guard against the old, and it’s meaningless to prefer boys over girls.

It’s understandable that the patriarchal patriarchal patriarchy, because under the traditional constraints, the parents are taken care of by their sons in their later years, even if the son is reluctant. Have to do a superficial article. 

But today is different. Our law stipulates that children are obligated to support their parents, and from a practical point of view, it is increasingly impossible to rely on the children for the elderly, let alone live with the son in the old age like the tradition. Up. 

So from the perspective of old-age care, patriarchy has become meaningless. Not only is it meaningless, it will make one’s old age even more miserable, because at that time, even if the daughter is willing to support, there will be a lot of Deep grievance. 

Although this is true, in reality, many women still compromise, or partially compromise. After all, the other party is his own blood relatives. Although talking about money hurts feelings, the blood connection is constant. 

How should we deal with such a thing? If you can’t be as decisive as the female netizen, these tactful methods can also be tried. 

Parental requirements” “Help your younger brother”, daughters can respond like this.

1. Persist in writing IOUs

If you have the financial strength to help, you can agree to your parents’ request, but you must add an IOU. No matter how many obstructions are received, this bottom line must not be broken. 

There are two advantages to insisting on writing IOUs. One is that it can prevent the other lion from speaking too much. After all, the borrowing is to be repaid; the other is that if there is a conflict in the future, you can also use the IOU to collect debts. 

Although this hurts feelings, it is very effective from the perspective of safeguarding self-interest. 

2. Using parents’ old-age care as a threat

When parents make unreasonable demands on themselves to “help younger brother”, daughters can use their parents’ future old-age care as a threat, and they must clearly inform their plans. 

Although daughters are obligated to support their parents in accordance with the law, this obligation can be reduced or even exempted under certain conditions. 

For example, if your legal income becomes very low, you can always support your parents with the lowest standard. Although this is a loophole in the law, it is still an effective deterrent. 

People are selfish. When it comes to self-interest, parents will definitely consider themselves more. Maybe they will give in on the “helping brother” matter. 

As long as the parents tear open the way they force their daughter to “help her younger brother”, the final impact will definitely be negative, regardless of whether the daughter is obedient or resisting. 

That’s why parents are the most critical part. Only by abandoning the patriarchal thought and not kidnapping their daughters, can we maintain the harmony of the big family, and we will be more secure in our old age. If you want to exchange milk for breast milk, you usually think about it when you reach this age group, otherwise the baby’s stomach can’t stand it

All know that breast milk is the best food for children, but the reality is that many mothers do not have the conditions for breastfeeding. Some have insufficient milk secretion, and many have no time. If you can’t eat breast milk, you can only choose formula milk powder, but milk powder is very expensive, which is a big expense for the family. 

My colleague, Xiao Li, was worrying about the baby’s milk powder money recently. Her newborn baby was weaned at just three months old because she had to return to work or she would have to be fired. However, she carefully calculated the accounts, but found that her salary was not enough to cover the daily expenses of the baby. The most important thing was milk powder, which cost two to three thousand yuan a month. If it was not that she had no choice, she would rather bring her baby at home and let her breastfeed. 

Just when she complained that milk powder was too expensive, a male colleague suddenly said astonishing why you don’t let him drink milk, how cheap is the milk? Xiaoli was dumbfounded, how could a baby drink milk? But in an instant, I also began to wonder, why can adults drink milk but not babies? 

She had never thought about this problem, but was told by many people, including some parenting experts, that the baby could not drink milk. Now think about it, if it weren’t for this restriction, it would really solve the family’s financial problems. After all, the child’s appetite is so big that even if he drinks milk, he can’t drink a lot of money a day. After she shared her thoughts with everyone, everyone also felt that if the child could drink milk, it would be a lot easier. 

Milk is indeed a very high-quality food for humans, but it also has shortcomings. For example, in East Asia, there is a high incidence of lactose intolerance. These people have difficulty digesting milk. Unless they drink fermented yogurt, they are prone to diarrhea. If adults are only partially unsuited to drinking milk, babies under the age of one year are all listed, which is why milk is not used as a substitute for breast milk. 

I want to use milk To change breast milk, you must be past one year old, otherwise the baby’s stomach can’t stand it.

More than 10% of babies are allergic to milk

Milk allergy is not common in adults, but it is over By 10%. Forcibly feeding milk to a baby who is allergic to milk may cause intestinal bleeding and even infection. In contrast, although milk formula is also made with milk as a raw material, it uses a special process to convert the large molecules inside into small molecules, which is more acceptable to the baby’s gastrointestinal tract. 

Milk contains too much minerals, which increases the burden on the baby’s kidneys

In addition to suffering from the gastrointestinal tract, the baby’s drinking milk will also cause a lot of pressure on the kidneys. This is because unprocessed milk contains too many minerals. Although most of them are beneficial to the human body, the baby cannot absorb that much at all, and those that are not absorbed will enter the kidneys for metabolism and make the baby vulnerable. The kidneys have increased a lot of burden. 

Milk lacks some nutrients, and milk is used as the staple food to affect baby’s development

Although milk is rich in nutrients, it is not comprehensive. For example, iron is very deficient. For calves, it is definitely the best food, but for human babies, lack of iron is a big problem. Iron deficiency will seriously hinder the baby’s brain development, so rashly using milk instead of breast milk may cause the baby’s mental retardation. Breast milk or formula milk powder has no such problem. The former is fully nutritious for the baby, while the latter is processed with some missing nutrients. 

It is precisely because of so many “deficiencies” that milk will not be considered as a staple food for babies, which is true everywhere in the world. But after one year old, milk can be added to the baby’s diet, and it can be drunk until adults. 

You can Drink milk for your baby, but you should still pay attention to two major issues.

1. The daily milk intake of preschool children should not exceed 400ml

First of all, the milk is not as much as possible, otherwise there will be overnutrition. In addition, children may also face the risk of obesity. According to my country’s national standards, the daily milk intake of preschool children is recommended to be between 300-400ml, which fully considers my country’s daily diet. In contrast, the American standard is set higher, reaching 600ml, because the eating habits of Europeans and Americans are different from those of the Chinese, and they usually rely on meat and milk. 

2. Except for obese children, it is not recommended to buy skimmed milk

Some people may think that skimmed milk is better than whole milk because it is not easy to gain weight, but this is only for adults people. Because children have a fast metabolism and have a higher demand for calories, it is recommended to drink whole milk instead of skimmed milk. Of course, if the child has obesity, it is another matter. 

There are so many kinds of milk on the market that some parents are confused. In fact, don’t care what milk it is, just remember that a piece of fresh milk or pure milk is the most suitable. Because these two kinds of milk have not been processed, they are at best to eliminate the poison, and the nutritional cost in the milk is basically retained. As for the so-called milk of various other names, either a lot of things are added or it is blended with water or beverages. Of course, it is better to drink fresh milk or pure milk if children drink such milk.

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