You need to pay attention to the pregnant photos. Netizens criticize the photos of pregnant mothers born in the 1990s and pay attention to the scales. People who want to be mothers

You need to pay attention to the photos of pregnant women born in the 1990s. Netizens criticized the photos of pregnant mothers born in the 90s for being a mother.

Nowadays, people pay more attention to the sense of ritual in life, so many pregnant women choose to be during pregnancy. Take a group of pregnant women photos. 

In this way, you can not only record your own state of pregnancy, but also share it with your child after the child is born. I have to say that taking pictures of pregnant women is a ceremonial matter during pregnancy. 

However, although people are more open-minded nowadays, people still have different opinions on whether the photos of pregnant women can be posted in the circle of friends. 

Pregnant after 90 Mom was happily sharing pregnant photos in her circle of friends, but was criticized by netizens for being too big.

Lina is a pregnant mother born in the 90s. After she became pregnant, she began to prepare herself for taking photos of pregnant women. From the photo studio Lina has spent a lot of thoughts on the selection of clothes, and the shooting of the scene. 

When she was more than six months pregnant, Li Na successfully took pictures of pregnant women. 

When I got the photo, Lina felt very happy, even a little touched by herself. So Lina sent a photo of the pregnant woman to Moments on the same day, wanting to share her joy at that moment with everyone. 

But what she did not expect is that many netizens not only did not express their blessings to her, but even accused her of overdoing it. 

“Why should such a private photo be posted in Moments? It feels no different from underwear photos! They are all going to be moms, and they still don’t know the importance!”

< blockquote> “This scale is too big? I don’t know what her husband will think after watching it?”

After reading everyone’s comments, Lina was very angry, “There must be some nudity when taking pictures of pregnant women. It’s all normal. Why do people look at me with strange eyes? Is it really that the scale of pregnant women’s photos is too big?”

Lina feels wronged and doesn’t understand the netizens at the same time. Comments, but a few days later, the negative comments from netizens are still increasing, which makes Lina feel physically and mentally exhausted. 

So in desperation, Lina had to delete this circle of friends, and because of the comments made by netizens, her mood was greatly fluctuated. She bluntly said, “I really regret sending the pregnant photos to my friends. Circle it!”

Of course, taking pictures of pregnant women is naturally the right of pregnant mothers, but in order to avoid some unnecessary troubles, pregnant mothers had better grasp the shooting scale, or It sets the scope of sharing. 

On the basis of not damaging one’s own interests and at the same time not affecting the public’s appreciation of the aesthetics, it is not indispensable to expose the circle appropriately. 

pregnant mothers What should be paid attention to when taking pictures of pregnant women? 

1. Avoid being overworked

When taking pictures of pregnant women, pregnant mothers must grasp the time and try not to take too long, because the state of being overworked may affect the fetus and The physical state of the pregnant woman. 

Especially when the months are older, the pregnant mother’s body burden is already heavy, plus long-term shooting, the pregnant mother’s body may be overwhelmed. 

2. Coordinate the shooting environment.

Pregnant mothers are more sensitive in their physical conditions during pregnancy. If the shooting environment is not good, pregnant mothers are likely to experience physical discomfort. 

For example, the temperature of the shooting environment is too high or the temperature is too low, etc., so in consideration of their own health conditions, pregnant mothers should coordinate the shooting environment in advance. 

3. Choose suitable clothing

Pregnant mothers can choose clothing based on their own preferences. Of course, they can also prepare the clothing they want to shoot in advance. 

Relatively speaking, if you prepare yourself in advance, you may be more secure in terms of hygiene. 

How can I take pictures of pregnant women who can take a circle? 

1. Avoid excessive nudity

When taking pictures of pregnant women, if pregnant mothers want to share them with everyone in the circle of friends, then they can avoid those too much in the choice of clothing. Naked clothing. 

The shooting of pregnant women’s photos does not necessarily have to be “scarcely dressed”. The most important thing is the commemorative situation. 

2. Invite family members to appear in the mirror

When taking pictures of pregnant women, pregnant mothers can also invite old public to appear in the mirror. This will not only make the pictures of pregnant women look warmer, but also have a sense of ceremony. 

In addition, if you invite family members to appear on the scene, you can also discuss the choice of clothing and other aspects. 

3. Choose reliable photographers

When taking pictures of pregnant women, pregnant mothers should use as much reference as possible, and finally select more reliable photographers, so that the effect of the film will be more textured and at the same time Relatively more “safe”. 

In addition, pregnant mothers can communicate and share with their friends more, and learn from the shooting experience of the past people. 

Taking pictures of pregnant women is a meaningful and enjoyable thing. Therefore, pregnant mothers should take more consideration and choose pictures that are suitable for hair bands and avoid unnecessary ones. Misunderstanding happened. 

What do you think about the practice of sending pregnant women photos to Moments? Birth is the pinnacle, and the appearance is amazing at birth, and it becomes more and more ugly after growing up. Mom can’t figure it out.

The appearance is variable and ups and downs. When most children are born, their facial features are very different. Childhood, very immature and beautiful, but in the future growth experience, the child’s appearance will also undergo great changes. An hour later, the appearance is amazing, but when he grows up, his appearance becomes more and more impatient, and even more and more ugly. Why? Many mothers said that they didn’t understand. 

Dongdong’s mother found that Dongdong is getting more and more unsightly now, and her eyes are getting smaller and smaller. Dongdong used to be very energetic, but now he can’t open his eyes. Dongdong’s mother looked at Dongdong’s declining appearance and was very worried. My mother was sighing in her heart, why did Dongdong’s appearance have changed so much? Is there a problem with her own upbringing? 

Why do children’s faces become more and more ugly

1. Living habits

I like to have a great influence on a person’s appearance. Good living habits can greatly enhance the eyes of ordinary people, and bad living habits can also reduce a person’s appearance in a short period of time. People who are thin generally eat less and eat slowly. People who are obese eat more, eat quickly, and eat quickly. 

Walking is also a part of life habits. People who are not walking in a good posture are prone to leg problems. The curve of the leg muscles is unbalanced, the muscles of the calf may be more prominent, and the whole leg shape is not very beautiful. There are also people who often sit improperly, the curves of the body, and the manners of the whole person are not too good-looking. 

2. Do not pay attention to sun protection for a long time

Children often play outdoors and often expose themselves to the sun. There will be bigger problems. The skin that is often exposed to the sun is not only dark, but also vulnerable to fragility, sensitivity, local redness, and swelling. No matter how good the skin is, if it has been exposed to the sun since childhood, then the skin texture will not be so good when it grows up. 

3. Rest well

Children who do not rest well are prone to fatigue. Once a person becomes tired, the vitality of the whole person will dissipate. People are sluggish if they don’t rest well, and sleepy everywhere. 

4. Acne acne

Many children have smooth and white skin when they are young. When I grow up, my face is full of pimples and acne due to hormone secretion during puberty. After puberty, the face is full of acne scars. The child did not pay attention to care during adolescence, how can it look good now that there are so many scars? 

Especially boys in adolescence are more prone to plummeting appearance, and many girls are aware of skin care themselves. Boys play more sports and secrete strong sweat. If you don’t pay attention to clean the skin on your face, pimples can easily grow all over your face, and it will be too late by the time you pay attention. 

5. Facial changes

Except for the eyes, the facial organs of human beings are in dynamic development before adulthood. Facial bones will also develop. Sometimes people with round faces when they were young are likely to become square faces when they grow up, and people with small faces when they are young may also have big faces when they grow up. 

The change of the face shape has a huge impact on the value of the face. Sometimes a small change in the face shape will have an impact on the entire development. 

How to make a child look more and more attractive

1. Push the child to grow up

Height can be stimulated and raised the day after tomorrow, it’s not the parents Not tall, and short for a lifetime. Stimulate bone growth through jumping exercises. By supplementing nutrition, it helps bones to get nutrition when they need it. Drinking more milk, more yogurt, more legumes, and eating high-protein meat can help your child grow up. 

2. Let the child move

Let the child go to outdoor activities frequently, let the child exercise regularly, this can help the child’s body curve coordination, prevent the child from becoming obese . It is very easy for obese teenagers to lose weight, so even for obese children, parents should encourage him to move. 

Adolescents have a strong metabolic cycle and it is easy to lose weight. My child has signs of obesity, so we must help the child move. If the child has no signs of obesity, let the child move to avoid obesity. 

3. Pay attention to the child’s skin condition

Parents should pay attention to the child’s skin changes. If the child has a relatively large area of ​​acne and acne, actually take the child to the local hospital The dermatology department of the company will treat the child so that the child’s face is not covered with acne, leaving acne scars. 

Timely pay attention to the changes in the child’s skin, pay attention to whether the child has blackheads or whiteheads and pink, and remind the children not to deal with acne by hand, so that the acne can recover by itself. Help children adjust their diet and avoid eating too greasy, spicy, and sweet foods. 

You know that Yanzi has been living in a dynamically changing contemporary society all his life. People with good looks may be luckier and get more opportunities. Many professions require facial features. correct. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to pay attention to the child’s appearance, and help the child to adjust and improve when the child’s appearance has serious problems.

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