You have to “avoid the pit” when you choose a name. Don’t let your name be a joke for your child

You have to “avoid the pit” when you choose a name. Don’t let the name you give your baby become a kid’s joke

After the child is born, the little guys will soon need a “name” because It is needed when going through the birth certificate and other procedures. 

So it seems that naming a child is a very “random” thing, but it is worthy of parents to prepare as soon as possible, because it will not panic when it is actually used. 

In addition, it is worth mentioning that naming a child is really not a simple matter. There are only a few words, but it may make parents rack their brains and still be unable to ask for it. . 

Parents give When choosing a name for your child, you must be “responsible” and don’t let your child make a joke because of the name.

Two days ago, the daughter and father Mr. Gao had an awkward relationship, and the cause of the matter turned out to be because of the “name”! 

When Mr. Gao was naming the child, he thought for a long time and turned through the dictionary for several days. Finally, Mr. Gao decided to name the child “Xueya”. 

“Ice and snow are smart and gentle.” Mr. Gao felt that the name he gave his daughter was too meaningful. 

But what he didn’t expect was that when the child was in school on the first day, he was ridiculed by his classmates because of his name, and the aggrieved daughter naturally vented her temper on her father. 

“My classmates laughed at my name, they said I was’hypertension’!”

After hearing his daughter’s cry, Mr. Gao reacted. It turned out that he It only pays attention to the meaning and meaning of the name, but I didn’t expect it to be broken in the “homonymous stem” in the end. 

Seeing the pitiful appearance of his daughter, Mr. Gao regretted a little bit, but obviously it is too late to change his name. 

So Mr. Gao hurriedly contacted his daughter’s teacher, hoping that the teacher could help deal with the child being laughed at by his classmates! 

Later, Mr. Gao posted this experience of his on the Internet, and his unexpected reaction soon caused netizens to “accompany”. 

Some netizens commented, “You really have to think carefully about naming your children, otherwise it’s really easy to dig holes!”

“There were parents who named their children the King of Honor. Yes, this is too trivial, I really don’t know what my parents are doing!”

“If you don’t read it a few times, it’s really not easy to find the homophony of the name. This treasure dad’s experience can be regarded as good Parents have a reminder.”

Which pits should parents avoid when naming their children? 

1. Homophony

When many parents think of names for their children, they will focus on the meaning of the name, which makes it inevitable that they will be negligent in homophony. 

In addition, parents often call their children’s nicknames, so when the children start to go to school and frequently use their nicknames, the trouble with homophonic sounds also becomes apparent. 

2. Uncommon words

Some parents hope to give their children a very special and refreshing name, so they will mix some uncommon words in the name. 

Although the use of rare characters can really make people impress the child’s name, in actual use, it is very likely to cause misreading and miswriting. 

3. Many strokes

Some parents choose some words with more strokes to form a name combination in order to make their children’s names look particularly literate. 

Enduring seems to be a lot more complicated, but it also increases the difficulty of writing for children. Daily life also brings some inconveniences to children. For example, writing names during exams is a waste of time. 

How about parents Can you give your child a “practical” name? 

1. Pay attention to the connotation while considering the homophony issue

A meaningful name can make children feel the love of their parents, so it is necessary to pay attention to the connotation when choosing a name. 

At the same time, parents should also consider the homophony of Chinese characters and try to avoid the inconvenience to their children due to homophony. 

In daily use, there are indeed many children who are troubled by homophonic stalks. Parents, it is necessary to pay attention to it. 

2. It is convenient to write while avoiding the same name.

As the child grows up, the name will be used frequently, and the convenient written name is more convenient to use in daily life. 

However, if the last name is more common, then parents should try not to use single words to group names, because this is likely to lead to the occurrence of duplicate names. 

3. The pronunciation is best to be catchy

In the process of using the name, if the combination of the name is awkward, it may increase the possibility of being mispronounced, and it will also cause inconvenience in use. 

So when parents give their children a name, it is best to achieve a catchy effect, and this is more convenient for memorizing the name. 

In short, naming is not a trivial matter, parents need to think carefully before making a decision. 

In addition, parents should not be too unconventional because of the pursuit of uniqueness, because an overly bizarre name will also bring troubles to children in use. 

What are some good experiences to share with regard to naming? The five major situations of “no dignity” in the delivery room are not easy for mothers. Dad Bao should take a look.

In the past, many mothers said that they were “worried” when they gave birth and didn’t want to be caught by their husbands. I see, but now many people are beginning to argue that dads should be made aware of the “embarrassed” and even “dignified” situations that the mothers will experience in the delivery room, so that the fathers will be stronger. Sense of responsibility. 

It is true that all the treasured dads should take a good look, or else they all think that giving birth to a child is a matter of “birth”? Is it necessary to be so “hypocritical”? You will feel distressed after reading it. wife! 

1. Contractions are so painful that there is no image

Many men have good face, don’t women care? But when they were suffering from contractions, they didn’t care about their face at all. They were tortured by the pain so that they couldn’t themselves. The distorted expressions, roaring voices, and maddening movements did not show any image at all. 

If fathers-to-be do not help during the pre-contraction period, but instead stand by and think that they can’t help much, such fathers-to-be are extremely irresponsible. 

Regardless of whether you can help, standing by your side and giving them encouragement and comfort is to give them the greatest help, otherwise they will be physically tortured and psychologically feel helpless and neglected. , How could they feel unhappy? 

2. Finger examination

During the contraction process, the doctor will check it from time to time. In addition to observing the state of the parturient, the most important thing is to perform an “internal examination.” 

For this examination, the doctors will first put their fingers into the genital area of ​​the parturient to feel the degree of dilation of the cervix, and in the end they may even poke the entire hand into it, which makes the parturient It is especially embarrassing. If you meet a male doctor again, it will be embarrassing to the point that you don’t know what to do. 

3. Skin preparation

When the cervix expands to about five fingers, the nurse will push the mother into the delivery room. From this moment on, the mother will fight alone, which is a big challenge for them. 

After being pushed into the delivery room, the first thing is to prepare the mother before giving birth, mainly preparing the skin. At this time, the hair on the genital area of ​​the mother should be shaved, which is difficult for many mothers to accept. Steps. 

After all, many parturients have never had the habit of shaving their hair before, and they have not even trimmed their hair. If they suddenly shave them completely, and outsiders help to shave them, they will naturally feel extremely embarrassed. 

Moreover, in the process, you have to endure the eyes of the other person. Thinking about such a scene will feel very uncomfortable. And do fathers-to-be consider that a mother will experience such a thing? Even if you know it, will you consider the embarrassing situation for the mother? 

4. “Incontinence” may occur during childbirth.

Many dads don’t know this. After all, they haven’t. Some women may experience “incontinence” during childbirth. Urinary incontinence is more common, but there are also many women who experience defecation incontinence during the process, which is even more embarrassing. 

Mainly because the parturient did not clean the intestines before delivery, which caused the intestines to be stimulated by uterine contractions during childbirth, leading to direct incontinence. 

Moreover, some pregnant mothers have constipation or gastroenteritis in the third trimester, which leads to a big peculiar smell in their bowel movements. It can be imagined that the doctors and nurses can bear it under the masks. The mothers noticed and smelled it. The taste is too embarrassing. 

5. Peel the placenta by hand

After the baby is delivered, if the placenta is not delivered with the baby, the doctor will then reach into the mother’s uterus to peel off the placenta. 

This process can sometimes be completed more than once, and even needs to be inserted into the mother’s uterus several times. During this period, women will not only feel pain, but also feel very embarrassed. If this The operation was performed by a male doctor, so the scalp numb in embarrassment. 

Therefore, the delivery of pregnant mothers is really not as easy and simple as the fathers think. After the children and mothers are pushed out of the delivery room, the first time they go to see the children, Focusing on the child without checking the status of the new mother is a big blow to the new mother. 

Maybe other people can only pay attention to the children, but only Bao’s dad can’t. Instead, you should check the status of the new mother as soon as possible. Mothers bring warmth. 

In addition, I also hope that the fathers of the treasures can pay attention to the fact that during the confinement period of the new mothers, they have to help take care of the children. At this stage, the vitality of the new mothers is greatly injured and it takes a long time. Conditioning and self-cultivation, if there is no one to help take care of the child, and the new mother alone takes care of it, the physical recovery will definitely be affected. 

Giving birth is not easy. It can be seen that it is not easy to be a woman, but despite this, as long as a good man is by your side, even if it is not easy, I believe that the mothers will be able to stick to it and feel it is worth it.

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