Wouldn’t it be better to sit down “kneeling”? Babies have to be wary of these things

Wouldn’t it be better to sit down “kneeling”? Babies have to be vigilant in these situations.

Many moms will find that their babies will be sitting on their knees. They look very cute and cute, and the old mother’s heart will be melted. Sometimes the baby gets tired from playing, so he kneels down and sits down. After all, this sitting method is stable and effortless. In fact, it’s okay for a baby to sit like this occasionally. But if Bao Ma finds out that the baby has the following conditions, she must pay attention to it. 

Sit on your lap for a long time

Generally speaking, after the baby is born, the legs are not very straight. Most of the baby’s legs are not straight, and the situation will get better after 2-3 years old. However, if the baby always sits on his knees for a long time, he will put his weight on his calf, so that the baby’s calf will bend more and more due to the pressure of external force. 

Long W-shape sitting posture

W-shaped sitting posture is not like a normal sitting posture, which can exercise core muscles, which will delay the baby’s motor development skills. The most important thing is that sitting in this way for a long time will put more pressure on the baby’s hip joints and increase the possibility of hip dislocation. 

What you need to pay special attention to is that if If the baby has the following conditions, he should go to the hospital for examination immediately. 

1. Always keep kneeling or sitting in a W-shaped position, and cannot use other sitting positions.

2. Frequent falls

3. Difficult to complete Fine movement

How to correct the baby’s kneeling sitting


1. Just remind, don’t force it. When Bao Ma corrects the baby’s sitting posture, don’t force him to change his posture, which will deepen his impression of this unconscious sitting posture. 

2. With the help of mini games. Moms can try to let the baby put the push flat, and then put a small toy on the leg to let them maintain the balance of the small toy. “Nanny-style paid companionship” is becoming popular, and the uncle in his seventies said frankly: It is more comfortable and reliable than finding a wife

When people reach a certain age, the most feared thing in their hearts is loneliness. For the elderly, the loneliness and fear of the elderly will become more and more obvious when the other half of their lives is left with them. 

Although children are obligated to provide for the elderly, in real life, most of the children of the elderly have already married and set up businesses, and they also have their own pressures in life or work, as well as inexhaustible heart. As an elderly person, he is reluctant to cause trouble for his children. Therefore, the pension problem for the elderly living alone has become an annoyance. 

However, a new type of pension is popular now , That is, nanny-style paid companionship, the effect has also been recognized by the elderly and children. 

There are also new ways to provide for the elderly. “Nanny-style paid companionship” is becoming popular.

Uncle Xu is 72 years old this year. His children are working and living in other places, and he does not need to worry about him and his wife. Therefore, he has been Live a leisurely old life with his wife. 

But accidents always come earlier than planned, and Uncle Xu’s wife walked in front of him because of the accident. 

Although the wife leaves, the children will take turns over Accompany him, but the children will eventually return to the city where they work and live. When Uncle Xu is left alone, his heart is always empty. 

Enthusiastic relatives and friends want to help Uncle Xu find a wife, but Uncle Xu said that when he is old, he will leave after all. He doesn’t want to make trouble for others, and he doesn’t want to see his children have disputes with his stepmother. Find a babysitter, so you can feel less worried. 

Later, the family found a kind nanny for Uncle Xu, who worked eight to six early and had a higher monthly salary than other nanny. 

Because the babysitter came not only for Helping Uncle Xu to cook, wash, clean up the house, and also to work as Uncle Xu to talk, go out for a walk with him, etc., to provide Uncle Xu with a spiritual companion. 

Slowly, Uncle Xu feels that life is no longer lonely, so this 70-year-old uncle said frankly: “It is more comfortable and reliable to find a good nanny in your old age than to find a wife.”

Such companionship The method has its own advantages

Elderly people like Uncle Xu, who have a house and a pension, are financially independent old people. Compared with finding a wife, the nanny-style paid companionship is more suitable for this type of elderly. 

★ Both parties will take what they need and will not generate Other entanglements

Nanny is a warm job, providing paid labor according to the needs of the employer’s family. The elderly do not have to worry that the “post-wife” will only focus on their own property, or even disputes over property. 

★Taking care in life and accompanied in spirit

In addition to providing three meals a day and cleaning up housework, the nanny can also accompany the elderly to talk and resolve their feelings of loneliness. 

Even if some babysitters are not good at words, the old man feels a lot of excitement when he sees one more person in the house. This is a kind of spiritual companionship for the elderly. 

★Children can accept it, and are more sensible Rest assured

If you find a suitable babysitter, your children can work at ease without worrying about unaccompanied elderly people or accidents. You can feel more at ease both emotionally and emotionally. At the same time, this is also a rational choice, and there will be fewer troubles or disputes in the future. 

Of course, in addition to this kind of nanny-style old-age care, there are still many ways of old-age care. The most important thing is to let the elderly have a sense of support, support and enjoyment. 

Nowadays, there are many ways to provide for the elderly. You don’t have to stick to one type.

For example, if you are an elderly person who likes to lively, you can live together and provide for the elderly in a shared house in groups of three or five. 

If you are an old person who likes to travel, you can also travel around the great rivers and mountains by reporting a group tour, or stay in a city or small town you like for a long time to enjoy the life you yearn for. 

You can also choose nursing homes, living with relatives and friends, etc. The way to provide for the elderly is the best as long as it is suitable. 

After all, parents have worked hard all their lives for the family and children, and they are more about giving than about gaining. As children, the best gift we can give to parents is not money and greetings, but more care and company. Seeing the education in Japanese elementary schools, I understand why Japan is so strong! I really hope that China can introduce it.

I still remember that when Tu Youyou, the first Nobel Prize winner in medicine, got on the Nobel Prize podium, the people all over the country were excited for several days, but he won the Nobel Prize in Japan. Awards can be said to be a very common thing. According to surveys, from 1949 to 2016, Japan has won about 25 Nobel Prizes, which is more than ten times that of our country. 

In education, through Japan Over the years of education expenditures, we can see how willing Japan is to spend its money. Since 1964, Japan’s education funding can be said to have risen sharply, especially elementary education is world-renowned, and it can be said that children have truly won the starting line. on. 

So what is so special about elementary education in Japan? ? 

1. The children of the Japanese royal family and aristocrats also have to carry their schoolbags by themselves. They will organize them from elementary school.

In Japan, children carry schoolbags by themselves from the beginning of elementary school, even if they are walking with their parents or elders. In this way, adults will not take the initiative to help children carry schoolbags when they see it, even the royal family or nobles are no exception. 

In addition to the schoolbag, the child’s room Children, clothes, chopsticks for eating, and school cabinets are all cleaned up by the children themselves. For the first time, teachers or parents may teach the children how to clean up. From the second time on, the children need to do these things by themselves. 

But these things are very rare in our country, A child who is able to take care of himself has even become a capital boasted by parents, because these things are basically done by the parents in our country, stifling the child’s ability to take care of himself, plan, and organize from an early age. 

Second, give children the greatest encouragement and cultivate the awareness of teamwork

In Japanese elementary schools, sports meets are often held, but our sports are slightly different. There are no individual champions in the Games, only team champions. I once watched a video of a primary school sports meeting with more than one million likes on the Internet. There was a little boy who failed in the high jump more than a dozen times, but the teacher and classmates did not blame him. Instead, they stayed on the sidelines. Encourage the little boy. 

Said to other children: Let’s Lend strength to Ling (the little boy who failed the high jump)! And all the children stepped onto the stage to cheer for him. 

Finally with the encouragement of teachers and students , The little boy jumped up, successfully jumped over, and won the applause of the whole class. If this is in China, it is estimated that the whole class will be laughed to death. Therefore, the cohesion and teamwork ability of Japanese children far exceeds that of our country. Children, this is why they are so good. 

Three, exercise children’s social skills< /p>

The most important thing in a Japanese elementary school is not to get 100 points in the exam, but to teach children to deal with different people. Every time they eat, it is not the children holding the plate and waiting for the meal, but the need The children divide the work by themselves, some take the meals back to the class, some serve other children, some are responsible for cleaning up, and some are responsible for taking out the garbage. 

In this process, children can Try different positions and learn from these positions to interact with other people. It is this kind of education that invisibly improves the social skills of the children, so Japanese children are always lively and optimistic. 

I have to sigh after seeing Japanese education In contrast, many educational methods in our country not only did not bring any substantial improvement to the children, but also affected the original development of the children. If my country can introduce such educational methods, the improvement of the children will certainly not be small.

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