Women’s body lacks progesterone, and the body will send out several signals to supplement in time so as not to affect pregnancy

Women’s body lacks progesterone, and the body will send out several signals to supplement in time to avoid affecting pregnancy

According to research findings, infertility induced by insufficient progesterone secretion accounts for about 3%~10% of women. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

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After marriage, newly married couples think about having a child of their own, but the facts are not satisfactory. Some couples often suffer from long-term infertility, which is probably due to this in the body. A hormone, progesterone, is at work. 

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About progesterone

It is also known as progesterone hormone and progesterone hormone. It is a secretory hormone mainly secreted by the ovaries. The amount of secretion and the location of discharge are related to before and after ovulation. 

During ovulation, 2-3 mg of progesterone is mainly secreted by the ovary every day; after ovulation, 20-30 mg is mainly secreted by the corpus luteum in the ovary. 

Progesterone can effectively protect the endometrium and maintain the normal functioning of the uterus, thus fully guaranteeing female fertility. 

During pregnancy, the sufficient secretion of progesterone can make adequate preparations for implantation of the fertilized egg, effectively reduce the excitement of the uterus during pregnancy, and relax the smooth muscle; suppress the contraction of the uterus, and promote the uterus to induce labor. Susceptibility to vitamins is reduced. 

At the same time, it will also reduce the rejection of the uterus, help the implantation of the gestational sac, the development of the embryo, avoid miscarriage, and threaten the normal growth and development of the fetus. 

During normal pregnancy, the progesterone in a woman’s body will increase after pregnancy. In order to effectively prevent the embryo from being rejected by the mother, and the pregnancy continues, if the progesterone is insufficient, the embryo will be considered as a foreign body by the uterus, which will be excreted from the body, and abortion will occur. 

Therefore, progesterone during pregnancy will rise to more than 20nmol/mL, around 63.5-95nmol/ml, which indicates that the fetus can grow and develop normally. 

According to research findings, infertility is induced by insufficient progesterone secretion in 3%~10% of women. 

To sum up, if the secretion of progesterone is insufficient, it will directly affect a woman’s ability to conceive. 

Female body corpus luteum Insufficient ketones, these signals will appear on the body

1. Irregular menstruation

Under normal circumstances, a woman’s menstruation is cyclical. There will be a period of about 21~35 days. Because everyone’s physique is different, But there will always be a periodicity. 

But if you find that your menstruation is indeterminate every month, or even if you haven’t had menstruation for a few months, it may be due to hormone disorders in the body, and it may be due to progesterone. lack of. 

This is because the lack of progesterone will directly affect the secretion of progesterone. Only when the content of progesterone is sufficient can the endometrium fall off and form menstruation. But if the progesterone is insufficient, then It will affect the menstruation, and there will be delays or low menstrual flow. 

2, insomnia and more dreams

This is because insufficient secretion of progesterone can easily lead to abnormal sympathetic nerves in women, which will affect the quality of sleep and induce irritability, insomnia and dreams. 

3. Mammary gland hyperplasia

According to researches, it has been found that women with insufficient progesterone in their bodies may also suffer from mammary gland hyperplasia. 

This is because the body’s hormones will maintain a dynamic equilibrium state. If the progesterone is insufficient, it will easily lead to an increase in estrogen, which will increase the possibility of breast hyperplasia. 

4. I love to sweat

Insufficient secretion of progesterone in women’s body can easily lead to endocrine disorders, which affects metabolism, and exhibits symptoms such as cold sweats and poor energy. 

Female body corpus luteum What should I do if I don’t have enough ketones? 

1. Dietary conditioning

Women can eat some foods rich in pectin and dietary fiber, such as hawthorn, peaches, bananas, cherries, kiwi, etc., to supplement vitamin C and vitamins in the body E, so as to promote progesterone to reach normal levels. 

You can also eat some foods known for natural progesterone, such as figs, lemons, black beans, etc. 

2. Supplement progesterone medication

Through the examination, confirm the lack of progesterone, then ask the doctor Under the suggestion of taking the proper dose of progesterone, it can also be used to prevent the fetus during pregnancy. Such “toxic” clothes are given less Not to mention that children’s eyesight will be affected by wearing it, and lead poisoning may be induced

When parents buy clothes for their children, they should not be looking good, but should pay more attention to the quality and suitability, so as not to harm the baby. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su After the baby

After the baby is born, in addition to ensuring their nutritional needs, parents also need to buy clothes for the baby. At this time, it is possible that the parents neglected to buy the wrong clothes, which will bring unlimited harm to the baby. . 

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No matter how good-looking these clothes are, don’t wear

1, jumpsuits

Many mothers will prepare a few sets for the baby after the baby is born. Body clothing, I think this kind of clothing is easy to put on and take off, and it can also protect the baby’s belly. 

In fact, this kind of clothes is not suitable for babies. This is because babies within 3 months have soft bones and are in a state of growth and development. If you wear this type of clothes at birth , Over time, it is easy for them to feel that their limbs are constrained and unable to stretch and move freely. 

In addition, the baby’s five senses are not mature at this stage, and they will perceive the world through their limbs. The restraint of the jumpsuit is likely to cause hip joints to be restricted, resulting in abnormal development of the length of the legs and hip lines, and even the development of the same age. Poor people. 

2, tights

Because babies are in the growth and development period and are full of curiosity about the unknown world, they will become particularly active, and their metabolism is relatively vigorous. , The body temperature regulation function is poor, it is easy to sweat. 

These tight clothes not only hinder heat dissipation, cause the baby to catch a cold, but also restrain the child’s body and affect growth and development. 

In addition, there are several types of clothes that are also worn as little as possible for children——

A: Clothing with cords

According to the “Technical Specification for Safety of Textile Products for Infants and Children”, it is found that Infants and children under 7 years old are not recommended to wear clothing with rope straps. 

This is because children of this age are still alive and kicking. There are huge hidden dangers in these clothes with ropes. If they don’t pay attention to wrapping their necks or tighten their hats If the neck is stuck, suffocation is likely to occur. 

B: Clothes with too many accessories

Some manufacturers add a lot of accessories, such as rivets, buttons, sequins, etc., for parents to buy in order to look good and attract people’s attention. 

As everyone knows, these beautiful-looking decorations are likely to be the culprit for hurting children, because most of these accessories are not sticky on the clothes, and they are easy to be deducted by the baby or fall off naturally. It is very dangerous if it is accidentally swallowed by the baby or accidentally injured while playing. 

C: Colors are too bright + clothes with strong smells

Many parents also think that babies should wear brightly colored clothes in order to satisfy their children’s preference for colorful This type of “toxic” clothes should be worn less for children

This is because the baby’s eyes are not yet fully developed, and the ability to withstand too bright colors is limited, and it is easy to cause some damage to the eyesight. 

In addition, this kind of clothes will add more dyeing materials, especially clothes with a strong pungent smell, the lead content will also be higher, which is likely to cause lead poisoning, and at least lead to tooth development Insufficiency, severe hair loss, decreased immunity. 

What should parents do Choose the right clothes for your child? 

1. Look at the style

When choosing clothes for their children, parents should choose loose and comfortable simple styles, try to avoid those clothes with zippers, ropes, accessories, etc., to avoid potential safety hazards and hazards. The life and health of the baby. 

2, look at the ingredients

According to relevant national regulations, all companies need to label the materials and ingredients of their products so that people can watch them. Therefore, when parents buy clothes for their children, they can carefully check the label Ingredients, confirm the safety before purchasing. 

3. Smell the smell

In fact, as long as the quality of children’s products is guaranteed, although there may be a little peculiar smell, it will not be too strong, and it will usually be emitted after ventilation. 

Therefore, if parents smell pungent odors when buying clothes, they are probably made of inferior materials or dyes. Parents should buy them carefully. 

Further reading: Are the traditionally popular “open crotch pants” in my country suitable for children? 

In fact, wearing “open crotch pants” has always been a popular trouser for the traditional generation in our country. I often hear the saying that we grew up wearing open crotch pants, but in fact it is not good for children. 

1. Affect reproductive health

Crotch-open pants will cause the baby’s buttocks and private parts to be exposed, but the baby’s skin is more delicate and exposed to the outside, it is likely to be exposed to some germs that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Infested by parasites, especially female babies, are more susceptible to infection. 

2. Induced precocious puberty

Children will gradually develop gender awareness when they are around 2~3 years old, and will gradually develop curiosity about their own and others’ body structure. It is easy to wear open pants Let them touch their private parts, or touch them unconsciously, so that these parts are stimulated in advance, thereby inducing precocious puberty, which is not conducive to healthy growth and development. 

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