Wit’s father distinguishes triplets by hair style, Bao’s mom sees Zhile, netizen father has practiced

Wit’s father distinguishes triplets by hairstyle. Bao’s mom sees straight happiness. This netizen’s father has practiced.

Former US President Obama once said, “I have two daughters, so I know how to do it. A good father is one of the most important jobs for men. To me, it is no less than the job of the president.”

Even when Obama was the president of the United States, he did not miss his daughters’ parent meetings or At the graduation ceremony, his two daughters, one at Harvard University and the other at the University of Michigan, are both famous universities in the world. 

Many people may think that mothers will be more careful and reliable in raising children, but in the process of children’s growth, fathers also occupy an extremely important position. 

Earlier, a female netizen surnamed Liu shared a picture of her husband taking care of the triplets daughter on her Sina Weibo, and because of her husband’s witty approach, many netizens watched and discussed it. 

In the photo, I saw three very similar baby girls, plus the clothes they wore exactly the same, just like “copy and paste”, making it impossible to distinguish the eldest, second, and third. 

And Ms. Liu’s husband can distinguish the children at a glance just by putting up different braids for the daughters. 

The boss tie a bunch of hair, the second child tie two, and the third child tie three. In the funny, there is no shortage of wit. 

Ms. Liu recorded this scene with a smile, and then her husband carefully sat on the children’s chairs with her daughters, and distributed the delicious breakfast to each daughter’s dinner plate. 

When netizens see Ms. Liu’s husband doing so skillfully, they speculate that he should be doing it on weekdays. And Ms. Liu also replied to netizens that after her husband came back from get off work, she would take the initiative to take care of several daughters. 

When I rest on the weekends, I spend my time on going out with my daughters, and playing with my daughters. 

Many netizens who are already mothers have left messages saying that their parents have no patience to take care of children at all. Seeing her husband’s carelessness, she dare not let her husband take the children alone. 

There are also complaints such as “My husband is totally unwilling to bring children”, “My husband would rather play with mobile phones and computers than with children”. It can be seen that the phenomenon of “widowed parenting” is very common. 

In fact, as long as you know how to involve your husband in raising your children, you can solve the status quo of “widowed parenting”. 

How to make Dad Are we involved in raising children? 

1. Encourage and praise more

Encouragement is one of the motivations for us to dare to challenge. Mother’s encouragement can become a motivation for father to dare to try to bring children. 

Even if the father made a mistake when he took the child, the mother should not blindly blame it. Such a treatment might give the father an excuse to shirk the responsibility of raising the child. 

Instead, we should continue to encourage Dad and let him try again, and gradually he will be able to master it and handle it with ease. 

Mom should not hesitate to compliment the father’s upbringing of children. Even if it’s just changing diapers, feedings, changing clothes, etc., only after receiving compliments can father feel more sense of accomplishment and have enthusiasm. 

2. The division of labor should be clear

If the mother has done all the things that take care of the child, the father will not have room to play. Therefore, in the matter of raising children, husbands and wives should have a clear division of labor and bear corresponding responsibilities. 

For example, the mother can be responsible for cooking and feeding the child while the father is responsible for coaxing the child to sleep and playing with the child. Only by taking care of the children in an orderly manner can we ensure the harmony and balance of the family. 

3. Mothers must learn to let go

The main reason why many mothers dare not take care of their children for their fathers is mainly because their fathers are more careless. In fact, practice makes perfect, as long as through exercise, dad can learn to take care of children. Therefore, mothers must learn to let go and give fathers a chance to exercise. 

In the traditional concept of our country, “the male is responsible for the outside and the female is for the inside” has become a common phenomenon. It is the mother’s responsibility to acquiesce that raising children is the mother’s business, and only then will the phenomenon of “widowed child-rearing” breed. This is not only detrimental to family problems, but also detrimental to the child’s comprehensive and healthy growth of body and mind. 

These problems can only be solved if the father is also involved in the upbringing of the children. As Gerdy said, “Fathers are special and indispensable to children.”

What are the advantages of fathering children? 

1. Role identification that is conducive to the child’s gender

Data shows that if a boy lacks the company of his father before the age of 4, it is easy to lack male power and become feminine. 

Girls lack the company of their father before the age of 4, and when they grow up, they will feel anxious and at a loss when interacting with the opposite sex. Therefore, the father’s participation in and accompanying the child’s growth is conducive to the child’s gender role identification. 

2. Children’s IQ

Scholars at Yale University have found through research that when children grow up with enough companionship from their father, their IQ will be higher, that is to say, children will Smarter. 

3. More independent and courageous

Because father’s care is much rougher than mother’s. So children can have more opportunities to exercise and become more independent. And the father will take the child to do some more adventurous activities to make the child more courageous. 

The accompany and care of the father will also affect the development of the child’s character, morality, etc., which cannot be fully achieved by the mother’s upbringing. 

The lack of a father’s education may also cause a child to suffer from “paternal love syndrome”, which is extremely harmful to the child’s healthy growth. 

Bringing up children is not just a matter for mothers, fathers should also participate in it, take on their responsibilities as fathers and fulfill their obligations. Together with mother, work hard for the child’s physical and mental health! 

Do you have any suggestions on how to involve dad in raising children? Welcome to leave a message to share! Children who can read, go to kindergarten, these aspects are more “active” than others

Parents are generally concerned about whether their children will be able to read when they grow up, as long as the children are still in their mothers’ stomachs. At that time, I started to teach the fetus to prenatal care, hoping that the child can “win at the starting line.” 

In fact, premature education of children may have a counterproductive effect, causing children to have aversion and rejection of learning, and therefore they do not like learning even more. 

Parents don’t have to be so anxious. They all say that children who can read can see it from an early age. They only need to observe whether their children are learning materials, and then carry out targeted training, the effect will be better! 

1. Very active in learning.

Although kindergarten does not learn some substantive knowledge, especially the knowledge in textbooks, many teachers do it after their children enter the middle class or the big class. Assign homework to the child. 

Therefore, first, parents can observe whether the children’s attitude towards homework is completed actively or hastily, and then they can see their children’s attitude towards learning. 

Let’s talk about my daughter. When she was in the big class, the teacher taught some simple word recognition. From the first day the teacher assigned her homework, the first thing she did when she went home every day was to do Homework, and the little girl has a very stubborn personality. If she doesn’t finish her homework, she tells her not to eat. 

Now that the child is in junior high school, the learning consciousness and initiative are still the same, but when he grows up, he also learns to be flexible, and the child learns very well, and basically ranks in the top three in the class. This is also the most worry-free for me. local. 

Many friends asked me how I was educated and how my children were so self-conscious. To be honest, I really didn’t make any substantial efforts in this area. Most of them are in the nature of children. Yes, I am quite lucky at this point. 

On the contrary, the younger son is not so active, and he has to do his homework lazily every time under my supervision. The same mother, the children’s personalities are so different, they are often “ridiculed” by others. 

Therefore, if you find that your child has a strong enthusiasm for learning from the beginning of kindergarten, parents should not cut off this sign, and maintain the enthusiasm of the child, and learning will not be bad in the future. 

2. “Thinking” and “doing” are actively linked.

Many children just stay at the stage of “thinking” and may give up “doing” for various reasons. 

“It’s difficult, I don’t want to do it.”

“It must be like that. If you don’t do it, you will know.”

“You do it for me, I don’t want to do it.”

“It’s useless to do it.”


These evasive words can often be heard from children, and Such children tend to be more passive in learning. 

Be aware that positive children will not only have positive thoughts, but they will also take action to implement their own ideas and want to see what happens. Such exploration and practical spirit are extremely rare Yes, parents should take good care of it. 

There are really not many children who can think and can do now. Many children are just “giants in the mouth” and “dwarves in action.” 

The key to successful learning lies in actively linking “thinking” with “doing”, using a simple example to illustrate. 

When a child is studying a calculation problem, he encounters a more complicated problem. If the child can’t figure it out, he can understand it, so the child looks through the answer, and the answer usually has the idea of ​​solving the problem, the steps and the complete problem-solving process. 

The more lazy children will read the whole process directly, and then copy the answers. But smart kids, after studying the answers, verify and calculate them again. 

It is the same to look at the answer, but there is a huge difference between the two. The former is passive, and knowledge is not really transmitted into the brain. If this part of the children encounter the same problem in the future, they will probably not be able to do it. The latter are actively knowledge-based, because they know that the real mastery should be that they can tell without looking at the answers. 

3. Extreme concentration in learning

There is another situation that is very rare, that is, the child’s learning concentration is strong. There are too many interference factors that children may be subjected to, especially electronic products have a greater impact on them. 

Many children will mark “mobile phones” when they are 2 to 3 years old. If they don’t give them a mobile phone, they will make noise. It should be known that if children are allowed to develop the habit of playing mobile phones for a long time, the children’s future learning initiative, concentration, etc. will be deeply affected. 

Those children who have strong learning ability to concentrate must also be the seedlings of reading, because reading books is such a hard and focused process. Without strong concentration, it is difficult to acquire knowledge. 

To observe those students who study well, you will often find that those children with good academic performance are basically very focused. In line with this principle, parents should actively cultivate their children’s learning concentration. If your child has a little middle school, the parents will have fun.

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