Will you regret not having a second child? It’s really a pity not to have a second child for a family that meets these requirements

Will you regret not having a second child? It is really a pity for families who meet these conditions not to have a second child.

Will you regret not having a second child? It’s really a pity that families who meet these requirements don’t have a second child.

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Two The child policy has been open for many years. Those who are the first to have a second child can have soy sauce for their children, but some parents are still considering whether to have a second child. 

What do netizens think of birth two What about the fetus? 

People who support the second child always like to persuade others like this:

“One child is too lonely. One more child will accompany him.”

“More Raising a child will have less pressure in the future. Don’t give birth. Be careful to regret it in the future.”

People who don’t want to have a child also have their own reasons:

“Today’s expenses for a child It’s difficult enough to raise a child. If you add another child, then the mothers won’t go to work? Who will make money to raise the children?”

“Dabao does not necessarily want the company of the second treasure, they More is the need for parental care.”

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Some people who regret not having a second child:

“Always want a second child, but it’s because of the economy The pressure did not give birth. I have tried many times and I have not succeeded. Now I see people who have both children, and I feel very uncomfortable.”

Some people who regretted having a second child:

“Really, I advise you not to have a second child. It is too hard. One person takes care of two children and others can’t help. Now I have been out of work for several years, and I feel that I am out of touch with society.”< /p>

Some people who have no regrets after giving birth to a second child:

“At the beginning, we actually wanted to have another child. After asking Dabao’s opinion, he also accepted it, so he soon became pregnant. I have a second child, and my family is also very nice. My husband, mother-in-law, and father-in-law all helped with the children. They didn’t show much effort. Now I am very happy to look at the two children.”

From the comments of these netizens, we can also find out whether the second child can be Conditional. 

If you do the following , Are eligible to give birth to a second child

▶ Someone helps to bring children

For some working women, if they have a second child and no one takes care of them, it means that they may have to quit their jobs and bring them at home. Two children. But even if you resign, it is not easy for a person to bring two children. 

Mothers have to make Dabao happy, but also take care of the young Erbao clone spells. Even if the mother-in-law is helping, it is only time for rest at night, and if the mother-in-law is not healthy, they cannot take care of it. how long. 

At this time, it depends on the husband’s lack of strength. If he is willing to take the responsibility of taking care of the children when he is taking Dabao, and does not escape from the excuse that he is tired from work, then when he has a second child, Bao’s mother We may relax a little bit. 

▶ Dabao is willing to ask for younger brothers and sisters

If you want to have a second child, you must also consider Dabao’s feelings. Many second-child families fail to communicate well with the first child. As a result, Dabao’s personality becomes withdrawn, paranoid, and introverted. 

In many cases, Dabao is unwilling to ask for younger siblings. It’s also because the parents’ way of raising children is not correct. They don’t give Dabao enough sense of security, so they dislike the appearance of other children and take away the few cares. . 

Therefore, parents must first handle the relationship with Dabao before they can ask for a second treasure. 

▶ Take care of two children patiently

If you are comfortable with taking care of your first child, and you are not afraid of crying and quarreling together, you can also have a second child fetal. 

▶ I want children too

Before giving birth, you also need to seriously consider whether you like your children and have the ability to educate the two children, rather than feeling that Dabao lacks companions or is urged by others. 

I like it sincerely, even if I find it difficult to take care of my child in the future, I won’t regret it too much; instead of when I want it, I usually regret it, and may put the blame on other people, which is not good for the family. harmonious. 

If you really don’t want to How to deal with the birth of the second child? 

If it’s the average person who gave birth to a second child, everyone can ignore it, but the urging of the elders is more annoying. How to deal with the reasons for the elders to give birth? 

“I will help you with one Take it, you don’t have to worry about it in the future.”

Faced with the birth of the elders, Momma can first recall whether they made any effort when they brought Dabao. 

If they don’t work hard, let them take the big treasure first, and then consider this issue. 

Even if you work hard, you must also consider the physical condition of your elders. It may not be long before you can get rid of it due to illness. 

“You don’t care about the money. I will pay the money for raising the children.”

At this time, you can ask them to pay in advance and see if the amount of money is worth your resignation. Give birth at home and bring two children. 

“XXX has the same conditions as us. I don’t want two children.”

When the elders compare the two families, the mothers can also compare with them. Taking time off is like instilling two children from another family by the elders. It is not as good as the ideas and examples of one child in one’s own family, subtly changing the mentality of the elders wanting a second child. 


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Parents often yell at their children, which may make the baby dumb, teach you a few tricks, which is more effective than yelling 100 times

According to survey statistics, there are about 90% of parents said they had yelled at their children. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

Because of the child’s mischief and natural curiosity, Full of the desire to explore the unknown, and the concept of right and wrong has not yet been fully established, so they will often make mistakes, and most parents take the way of shouting at their children after many preaching to no avail, so as to want their children to be obedient. . 

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Why do parents say so many times, but children don’t listen? 

1. Children’s brain development is particularly determined.

Children’s brain development specifically determines that they will be immersed in what they do. This is also one of the reasons why children love to dazzle, so parents are talking to their children At that time, you can ask them to stop what they are doing and look at you, so that the communication efficiency is high. 

2. Parents control their children too much

If parents usually control their children too much, it is easy for their children to lose their ability to be independent, so when the parents speak, they hardly want to Listen, but if parents can give their children more autonomy and choice, and encourage them to make their own decisions, judgments, choices, etc., then the parents will only give constructive comments or reminders when needed, and the baby will also respect it. 

3. Parents are usually too nagging

Parents are too nagging when communicating with their children, so the easier it will be for the baby to lose execution, such as “If you don’t go anymore, just throw you here” Waiting for words, because they listen more often, it has become a habit. When the parents speak, it is likely that their attention has already drifted away. 

4. Parents did not lead by example

When parents educate their children, they are making the same mistakes and failing to make corrections. This will give people a kind of “only the state officials are allowed to set fire.” The feeling that people are not allowed to light up, then the baby will not be willing to correct it. 

Therefore, parents must be themselves and lead by example, so that children can learn better and better. 

Parents shout at their children Harm to baby

1, slow response

Children who are often yelled at by their parents will slowly become sluggish in their reaction ability, because every time they do something, they will think about it and worry about themselves.

Is it not good enough, afraid of being yelled at by the parents? 

Over time, it will leave such a shadow in the mind, leading to more and more sluggish reactions, and it will give parents an illusion that the child has become more and more skinny. 

2. Intellectual impairment

A well-known psychologist has done many studies and found that bad power is stronger than good. Parents yelling and apologizing cannot make up for the damage. 

According to studies, it is found that the long-term yelling of parents at their children can easily cause the level of stress hormones to rise, thereby changing the structure of the brain and even affecting the development of intelligence. 

3. Personality defects

Parents often yell at their children, which will make the baby afraid of doing something wrong, or feel that they can’t do well no matter what they do, which will cause the parents to yell. 

For a long time, it is easy for children to have doubts about themselves and feel that they are not doing well in everything, which breeds inferiority and sensitivity, and becomes cautious in doing things. 

teach this way, 100 times more effective than shouting

1. Give children space

Parents should not control their children too strictly, don’t think they are young and make decisions for their children on their own, but should encourage them Do something within your capacity and let your children learn to be independent and have certain self-care skills. This will not only build self-confidence, but also have certain self-care skills, and they will become even better in the future. 

2. Reduce the number of nagging

If parents are always nagging in front of their children and repeat too many times, then for the baby, the less things they can absorb and ingest, it will Will make the execution ability worse. 

Therefore, if you want your child to do something well and be more obedient, you should keep the language concise and not repeat it. This will achieve better results. 

3. Parents lead by example

No matter how much parents say, it’s better to lead by example and set a good example for their children. The so-called example is more than teaching, so parents want their baby to become better, so it is better to do it yourself Every thing, through this way to influence the child. Return to Sohu to see more

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