Will the fetus be accidentally injured during a cesarean section? There are two situations that are difficult to avoid, depending on the pregnant mother herself

Will the fetus be accidentally injured during a cesarean section? There are two situations that are difficult to avoid, depending on the pregnant mother herself

Any surgery may have a certain error rate. 

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Caesarean section, as one of the delivery methods, is sought after by more and more pregnant mothers Since it is an operation, it is inevitable that there will be accidents, but the incidence is extremely low, and the most worrying thing is that the scalpel scratches the baby. Will this kind of problem occur? 


Xiao Man went for a birth check near the expected date of delivery. Because he did not meet the conditions for normal delivery, he chose a cesarean section under the doctor’s recommendation. However, after the child was born, Xiao Man found that the child had a head Stitched wounds. 

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Xiaoman was very angry about this. Her family made a noise in the hospital and demanded compensation. After investigation by the hospital, it was learned that the surgeon had changed the incision during the operation urgently, resulting in an operation. Mistakes, accidentally scratching the baby’s head. 

After coordination and discussion between the two parties, the hospital is willing to bear the medical accident. The child’s current treatment and subsequent surgery expenses are all paid by the hospital, and said that other compensation needs to be paid separately after the medical accident technical appraisal. 

Even though the incident has passed 2 years, Xiaoman still feels resentful, every time she sees the scar on the baby’s forehead, she can’t help but feel angry. 

What is the probability of accidentally hurting the baby by caesarean section? 

As for the accidents of the operation, both parties are unwilling to see the result. In fact, pregnant mothers who are about to choose a Caesarean section to give birth do not have to worry, after all, surgical scratches are only a very small probability. 

After the caesarean section starts, the main surgery The doctor will successively cut the skin of the pregnant woman’s abdomen and enter the abdominal cavity. This is the most critical moment, the “dangerous period” of scratching the baby. Generally, doctors will find the uterus first, determine the position of the uterus and the position of the fetal head, and cut the knife after finding the position to prevent accidentally scratching the fetus when the uterus is cut. So why is there a scratch? 

Which conditions will scratch the fetus

1. Change the incision method midway

Caesarean section is divided into transverse incision and longitudinal incision. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on The choice of pregnant women. 

1. Transverse incision

Advantages: the position of the transverse incision is lower, the bleeding is less, the wound is healed quickly, and it does not affect the wearing of the umbilical dress. The probability of uterine rupture is higher when the second child is born. Low and relatively safe. 

Disadvantages: poor flexibility, if you encounter emergency problems during the operation, the expansion of the transverse incision is more difficult. 

2, longitudinal incision


Advantages: Suitable for pregnant mothers who have serious problems with placenta previa and placenta accreta. This method has greater freedom of operation and can better adapt to the conditions of the mother and the fetus. 

Disadvantages: lack of aesthetics, which is unacceptable to mothers who love beauty, and the incision area is large and the recovery is slower. 

If the doctor decides to cross section before the caesarean section, but the fetus has entered Baoma’s pelvis during the operation, then the incision needs to be expanded. At this time, the incision method needs to be changed immediately. In the case of a hasty change, the doctor The fetus may be injured by rushing around. 

2, the pregnant woman’s abdomen has skin Thick

If the pregnant woman is overweight and the abdominal fat is thicker, the doctor’s judgment will be affected during the operation, which may cause accidental injury to the fetus. 

How to avoid cesarean section from scratching the fetus

1. Control your weight during pregnancy

If the expectant mother is overweight, there will be more subcutaneous fat, which will affect the operation. The doctor’s judgment may accidentally injure the fetus. For this reason, it is important to maintain weight gain during pregnancy within a normal range. 

The ideal weight gain rate during pregnancy is 1~2kg in the first trimester, 0.3~0.5kg per week in the second and third trimesters, and 10~12kg in total during the whole pregnancy. 

The whole pregnant woman who is obese The growth during pregnancy is preferably about 7-9 kg, and the weekly increase should not exceed 0.3 kg in the second and third trimesters. 

2. If you can shun it, you can shun it.

Pregnant mothers who meet the conditions of normal delivery are best not to have a cesarean section, which can effectively prevent the fetus from being scratched. 

Satisfy the conditions for normal delivery –

A: Fetal condition-the fetal position is correct and the size is moderate

Successful delivery is usually only possible when the head is in position. The second is the size of the fetus. The smaller the weight, the easier it is to give birth. It is best not to exceed 8 kg. Of course, if the size of the fetal head is suitable, but it is not symmetrical to the pelvic bone of the pregnant mother, even a child of 5 or 6 kg will not be able to give birth. 

B: Status of pregnant women—— There is no abnormality in the wide pelvic bones

If the pelvic bones of general women are deep and wide, the fetus will go out of the birth canal more smoothly. Pregnant mothers with narrow pelvic bones may cause the fetus to get stuck and make it more difficult to give birth. 

C: No other abnormalities-such as no umbilical cord prolapse, history of cesarean section, placenta previa, placental abruption, pregnancy with hypertension, diabetes and other problems. 

3. Choose a senior hospital< /p>

Caesarean section is an operation, which requires the operator’s experience and technology to be very high. Choose senior doctors in regular hospitals, because skilled skills can effectively avoid the error rate of the operation. 

4. Do your best to cooperate with the doctor during the operation

Although the caesarean section uses anesthesia, the pregnant mother must listen to the doctor’s instructions before the operation, maintain the correct lying position, and understand in advance During the operation procedure, actively cooperate with the doctor during the operation.  The new pregnant mother almost lost her child: the following Several kinds of housework, pregnant mothers should not intervene and give them to their husbands at ease

Doctor’s suggestion: proper exercise should be done during pregnancy, which is not only beneficial to fetal development, but also to childbirth. 

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Many pregnant mothers When I heard the doctor’s suggestion to exercise during pregnancy, I only remembered to exercise, but didn’t remember to exercise in moderation. You should know that sometimes wrong sports can create danger to pregnant women and children, and mothers should understand. 

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Wrong way of exercising, almost losing a child

Li Wen was a typical housemaid before pregnancy. If he doesn’t like to go out, let alone exercise. Until the pregnant Li Wen went to the hospital for an examination, the doctor learned of this situation and suggested that she should exercise more, and also told her about the benefits of exercise. 

After listening to the doctor’s words, Li Wen started to take action, because it is true that his weight during pregnancy has also increased relatively quickly, and he believes that exercise is really necessary for him. 

Li Wen, who has always been at home with all his fingers, began to actively take care of household chores. Until one day, Li Wen was scrubbing his socks in the bathroom and fell down when he came out. Fortunately, his husband was sent to the hospital in time at home on the weekend. 

The doctor told me after the examination: no There is a particularly big problem, but this situation is too dangerous. How can pregnant women do this kind of housework at home? 

Li Wen said: Didn’t the doctor suggest that you should exercise during pregnancy? 

The doctor scolded: Did you just hear the exercise but didn’t hear what I said? There are certain household chores that pregnant women are absolutely not allowed to do, and some activities cannot be carried out at will, otherwise it is likely to put mothers and fetuses in danger. 

The doctor said: these housework should be less involved

1. Housework that requires tiptoeing or climbing, such as cleaning glass and removing curtains.

Women’s body balance after pregnancy There is a big gap between ability and control ability. It is easy to have unstable center of gravity. The greater the gestational age, the higher the risk factor. 

When doing housework such as removing and cleaning curtains and wiping glass, you usually need to elevate or elevate your body. This may cause accidents such as falling. Therefore, pregnant mothers should avoid If you really need this type of housework, you might as well leave it to your husband in time. 

2, wash clothes, drag Waiting for the housework that needs to squat down

When squatting down, this kind of housework may easily fall, and this is a taboo for pregnant women. Many mothers will bump into it and cause miscarriage. , Let alone fall down. 

3. Excessive housework such as cooking, grocery shopping, etc.

Don’t be overworked during pregnancy. I believe many pregnant mothers know it, because overwork will affect the pregnant mother’s body. Affect the normal development of the fetus, and the problem of insufficient blood supply to the fetus, leading to threatened abortion. 

Therefore, some household chores that require standing for a long time (such as cooking) or those that require heavy objects (such as grocery shopping) should be avoided as much as possible. 

The doctor said: Exercise like this during pregnancy Do

Exercise during pregnancy is mainly based on the physical condition of the pregnant woman. The main characteristics are slow, light and slow. These exercises are very suitable for pregnancy:

One, walking

This exercise can be said to be a must-have exercise for pregnant mothers. Not only is it very simple to do, it is also very friendly to the pregnant mother’s body. 

Taking a walk after a meal can help digestion, so that the fetus and pregnant mother can better absorb nutrients; walking at ordinary times can also promote blood circulation and help mothers reduce pregnancy reactions during pregnancy; more importantly, the pregnant mother can take a walk. Choose by yourself, a good environment can also relax your body and mind. 

Note: You can take a walk at any time during the pregnancy. Just pay attention to the schedule of the walk. It is best not to exceed an hour and take a break every ten minutes or so. Try to choose a place with few people as much as possible to prevent overcrowding while maintaining adequate oxygen intake. 

Second, swimming

Experts said: Swimming is the best way to exercise during pregnancy. 

When swimming, the body posture is changed and the muscles are increased, which can improve the local circulatory state and prevent low back pain during pregnancy. During pregnancy, women often have lower body laziness, swelling, varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Swimming can be very good. Good improvement. 

It should be noted that swimming during pregnancy: the water temperature should be above 28 degrees, 2-3 times a week, each time should be controlled within 1 hour, and the distance should be controlled within 300-700 meters. Pregnant women under 4 months of age or with signs of threatened miscarriage are not allowed to swim, and they must follow the doctor’s advice. 

Three. Yoga

When pregnant women choose yoga movements, they can choose some smaller and softer movements, which have many benefits for pregnant women. 

It can maintain muscle tension and make your body more flexible; improve sleep quality and constipation, and reduce discomfort during pregnancy. 

Note: Try to take the simplest and gentlest yoga movements in the first three months of pregnancy. If you feel unwell, you should stop in time and go to the hospital for examination. 

Although pregnancy in October is not easy, the safe birth of the child is the best reward. Pay attention to me, we will protect health during pregnancy together~

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