Will the children from “Eagle Education” be better? Don’t let your expectations become pressure for children

Will the children from “Eagle Education” be better? Don’t let your expectations become the pressure of your children.

For a long time, the “tiger father and tiger mother”-style education has frequently aroused heated discussions among parents, as if there is no outstanding child that does not come from a rigorous and unique education. Mode. However, can every successful child really become a master only through devilish education? 

Case study:

Xiao He is the head teacher of our high school My child took the college entrance examination last year. At that time, we met the head teacher at the reunion of high school classmates before Xiaohe’s college entrance examination. The head teacher enthusiastically told us about his parenting experience. 

Our class teacher was very strict with us at the time, let alone with our own children. Xiao He has been learning to play football and swimming since he was 6 years old. He has performed exceptionally well in sports. However, our head teacher hoped that the children would learn to learn physical education at both ends. So he enrolled the children in the Mathematical Olympiad class, and took the children to participate in national mathematics since junior high school. competition. 

In this way, Xiao He, who has excellent grades and received various honorary certificates, has passed the college interview, as long as the college entrance examination works normally. 

But after the college entrance examination last year, we saw the class teacher again, but he frequently shook his head when he mentioned his son: “My son, he lost the chain at a critical moment. The college entrance examination results are too bad. .”

At this time, I feel very strong : How much pressure does an excellent child bear? Who knows what kind of request and persecution come from parents as the last straw that crushes children? This reminds me of the classic “Eagle Education”. 

What is “Eagle Education”? 

It is said that when the eagle trains its nestlings to fly, it will bring the nestlings to the edge of the cliff, and then push the nestlings down the cliff hard. The survival instinct of young birds stimulates them to spread their wings and gradually learn to fly. Although this is dangerous, it is the fastest and most effective way to teach chicks to be independent. 

In real life, there are many parents who use “eagle education”. In layman’s terms, parents use huge life and learning pressure to force their children to release their hidden potential as soon as possible and pursue high-efficiency Results, and goals are extremely high. 

However, parents do not know, “Eagle Although “education” has achieved remarkable results, it will bring invisible pressure and harm to children. They gradually cannibalize children’s weak hearts and eventually become a boulder that crushes children. Will the children from “Eagle Education” really be better? 

How does “eagle education” crush a child? 

1. The goal pursued by eagle education is far beyond the scope of the child’s original ability.

When the child has not yet learned to walk, frequently letting the child try to move forward will only make the child head Broken blood; when the child does not speak English, frequently letting the child try in front of others will only make the child physically and mentally frustrated. This is not difficult to understand. Parents think that stimulating their children can develop their children’s potential, but in fact it erodes the children’s original self-confidence a little bit and puts the children under tremendous pressure. 

2, the high level pursued by Eagle Education Efficiency makes children breathless

Extreme education mode is different from the normal acceptance range of children. Although children have been silently enduring them, they will feel extremely discomfort in their hearts and physiology. 

It’s like the moment when the mother eagle pushes the nestling off the cliff. What if the nestling doesn’t know how to spread its wings? Putting it into reality, why the class teacher’s child is so good, but loses at a critical moment, this is because the child’s heart has been hurt, and it only reveals it at the critical moment. 

So, if you want your children to grow up healthy and happy , Too much pressure is impossible to bring a happy childhood to the child. This will only make the expectation become the pressure of the child. 

The correct education model should be to set phased goals and learn to motivate children

First of all, set phased goals within the acceptable range of children, so that children have the motivation to move forward

The best education is to help children find their own position, rather than blindly sprinting. Wise parents should know how to set staged goals for their children, such as completing a goal in a certain age group, etc., so that their children can gain personal skills in their continuous growth. 

Secondly, encourage children to find their own interests instead of Blindly seeking quickness

Blindly seeking quickness will only hurt both sides in the end. Parents should help their children find their interests, and children will only exert one hundred percent of their strength when they do what they like. As a parent, you must know how to respect your children’s interests and help your children realize their true self-worth step by step, instead of thinking about letting their children become “children of other people’s families”. 


In “Wolf Education”, Behind these seemingly powerful but full of traps of parenting concepts, “Tiger Education”, I hope that parents will not continue to blindly believe in “Eagle Education”, which deprives children of the right to grow and learn freely. Real growth is not the ultimate.” “Perfect”, but enough happiness and joy, don’t let your expectations ruin a child’s happy childhood. Baby’s sense of taste is “extraordinary”. It is more important to seize the “sensitive period of taste” to protect the sense of taste.

Many netizens know that many abilities of babies are slowly cultivated and developed after birth , It’s like seeing and hearing both become more and more sensitive because of more contact with the outside world. 

But the sense of taste is different. The sense of taste has already been subverted when the baby is born. With the passage of time, the baby’s sense of taste will become weaker and weaker, so the baby’s sense of taste is better than that of adults. More sensitive. 

How does the baby’s sense of taste develop? Three months of pregnancy

In fact, the baby’s sense of taste has already begun to develop when the mother is pregnant with the baby for about three months. They have already tried various flavors in their mother’s body, as if their first bite is usually amniotic fluid. 

About four months of pregnancy

At this stage, the baby’s taste buds have basically formed, but the connection with the brain has not yet been formed. 

About seven months of pregnancy

On the baby’s tongue Many of its functions have already appeared and have been connected to the brain. Babies at this stage can already distinguish different tastes, and taste nerve endings are also connected. 

At this stage, if Bao’s mother eats some sweet things, the baby’s rate of absorbing nutrients may increase, and if they eat something they don’t like, they are very likely Will protest in my mother’s alone. The baby can also make his debut as a qualified foodie! 

How to protect the sensitive period of the baby’s sense of taste? Don’t eat salt after one year old

Because many functions of the baby’s body have not been fully developed before the baby is born to one year old, many internal organs also need to be constantly improved. 

Therefore, it is recommended that parents try not to add salt when feeding their children, because the presence of salt is likely to make the children’s kidneys exhausted. 

Try to ensure that when giving your child a complementary food The smell is lighter. Try not to eat salt within one year of age, and add a little salt when you are one year old. 

But parents can’t take their own taste as the criterion, because children at this stage still have not adapted to salty foods, which requires gradual progress. 

According to relevant data, it is enough to consume about one gram of salt a day, so that the child’s taste can be protected to a certain extent. 

Control the amount of sugar

The child is in the abdomen You will show your love for sugar when you are younger, but excessive intake of sugar is a bad thing for children. 

If the first child consumes too much sugar, it may cause obesity and tooth decay. In addition, the child’s excessive sugar intake will also have a certain impact on the child’s immune system, and the child will be more Easy to be infested by viruses. 

Therefore, parents reduce their children’s sugar intake during the sensitive period of their children’s taste. This will affect their children’s love for sugar to a certain extent, and they will also reduce their sugar intake after they grow up. Entering, can be said to be a good thing. 

Reduce heavy taste food

Many parents think Children’s love for sugar, and they want to give their children more nutrients to supplement the body’s essential nutrients, so they will choose some more sour oral liquids for their children. 

But this kind of taste is a bit heavy for children’s sense of taste, and may even have an impact on children’s sense of taste. 

Therefore, it is recommended that the child’s diet is as light as possible, so that the child’s taste sensitivity will be enhanced. 

add a bit of bitterness

Of course, children can’t always Maintain a light taste and give a certain “stimulus” when appropriate. For example, when a child is sick, you can give your child some bitter medicine, and tell your child that taking the medicine can help him recover as soon as possible. 

Let him understand that taking medicine is a good thing, but it also makes the child feel bitter. This is also very good for killing two birds with one stone, but the amount must be controlled to a certain extent. 


A child’s sense of taste is established at birth It is at its peak, so parents should pay attention to this point. They cannot add food to their children according to the tastes of adults. 

At this stage, cultivating children’s sense of taste is also a good way, but you must master the method. Are there any ways for netizens to protect children from the sensitive period of taste?

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