Will playing with mobile phone radiation during pregnancy affect the child? Experts are not absolute, but control the time

Will playing with mobile phone radiation during pregnancy affect the child? Experts are not absolute, but control the time.

It is a classic rumor that mobile phone radiation is harmful to the human body, but there are not many people who believe today, after all, everyone has a mobile phone. 

However, for some special groups, it is better to believable than not, and be more cautious in this regard, such as pregnant women. 

When my colleague Xiao Li was pregnant last year, he struggled with this problem. She didn’t care much at first, but her mother-in-law kept talking in her ears that mobile phone radiation was not good for the fetus, and when she said too much, Xiao Li also began to worry. 

Later, she reduced the number of times she used her mobile phone, and put her mobile phone out of the room when she slept. Normally, she charges her mobile phone far away from herself. 

Xiao Li’s changes have attracted the attention of many people around him. After learning the story, some people laughed at her for being overly worried, some praised her for being cautious, and others tried to popularize her with science. 

But all the people who advised Xiao Li not to worry about the radiation of the mobile phone did not move her until one day she met a parenting expert who told her that the mobile phone would not absolutely endanger the health of the fetus, as long as it is well controlled. Time is fine. 

Hearing what the experts said, Xiao Li let go of his guard and life became normal. 

It is indeed easy to become suspicious after pregnancy, because pregnant mothers are not only responsible for their own health, but also for the health of the baby in their belly, and even prefer to get sick rather than affect the fetus. 

So before mobile phones radiate such old rumors, they will also lose their intelligence. This kind of temporary dementia actually reflects the “eagerness” of pregnant women. 

Mobile Radiation Conference Affect the fetus in the belly of pregnant women? The situation is not as serious as you think.

Radiation from mobile phones will not cause harm to the human body

It is unscientific to say that mobile phones have no radiation, because mobile phones use electromagnetic waves to communicate. Electromagnetic waves are so-called radiation. 

But not all radiation is harmful to the human body. The radio waves emitted by mobile phones belong to the harmless category. 

So you don’t have to worry about being radiated when using your mobile phone, because it is impossible in principle. You must know that the world we live in is surrounded by electromagnetic waves everywhere. 

The radiation generated by X-ray, CT and other testing equipment may harm the fetus

In fact, the radiation that really affects the fetus is X-ray, CT and other testing equipment. Therefore, some items cannot be done when pregnant women go to the hospital for examination. 

Pregnant women are more inseparable from mobile phones than ordinary people.

As a tool, pregnant women are actually more dependent on him than ordinary people. Because accidents are prone to happen during pregnancy. 

If there are no other people around when the accident happens, the pregnant woman and the fetus in the belly will be in danger. And when there is a mobile phone around, you can immediately contact others to come to rescue. 

So at critical times, mobile phones are still the “guardian saint” of pregnant women. If you don’t use your mobile phone because you are worried about radiation, you may put yourself in danger instead. 

Although there is no need to worry about the radiation of mobile phones, many experts still remind pregnant women to control the time they use mobile phones. Because mobile phones do cause harm to the human body, but not in the form of radiation, but through other means. 

Mobile phone is indeed possible Harmful to pregnant women, especially these points

1. Harmful to the cervical spine

Does you feel that your neck hurts if you use your mobile phone for a long time? I believe many people will feel it. This is not surprising, the human head is actually very heavy. 

While playing with a mobile phone, it is often necessary to maintain a posture for a long time, which will put a lot of pressure on the cervical spine and even cause cervical spondylosis. 

It’s fine if it’s normal. Suffering from this disease after pregnancy will not only increase the pain of the pregnant woman, but also affect the development of the fetus in the belly. 

2. Affect sleep

Playing with mobile phones is addictive. The current platform algorithms are very sophisticated and can recommend content according to different people’s hobbies, so it is normal to scan for a few hours or even longer. 

Pregnancy needs rest most. Once addicted to mobile phones, it will inevitably affect sleep, which will lead to a decline in the immunity of pregnant women and indirectly adversely affect the development of the fetus. 

3. Emotional instability

The information in the mobile phone can easily provoke people’s emotions. People who use mobile phones for a long time will have great mood swings. 

Due to the fluctuation of hormone levels during pregnancy, pregnant women’s emotions are inherently fluctuating. If you add the influence of mobile phones, the emotions will naturally become even more uncontrollable. 

Once you lose control of your emotions, it will not only be harmful to your physical and mental health, but will also affect the development of your fetus, and it will also affect the harmony of your family. 

The above three points can really be said to be the harm caused by mobile phones to pregnant women. But as experts suggest, pregnant women should not be able to play with mobile phones, but only need to control their time, such as using mobile phones for no more than three hours a day. 

As long as the duration of use can be controlled, the adverse effects listed above can be avoided. In this way, the mobile phone brings pure convenience to pregnant women, and can even act as the “safe guardian” of pregnant women. Children’s color psychology looks at personality through color. Children who like this color should pay attention.

In the 18th century, the famous German thinker Johann Wolfgang von Goethe proposed to use different colors. Distinguish different personalities. The color test psychologist Luscher believes that children’s preference for color is actually a manifestation of their personality and psychological activities. This conclusion is called “Children’s Color Psychology” by many child psychologists. 

Recently, my girlfriend Xiaojia complained to us that she never expected that her son Liangliang, who was less than 5 years old, was diagnosed with depression. Speaking of Liangliang, the impression left to everyone is that they don’t like to communicate with people other than their parents. Even those of us who watched him grow up, Liangliang just said hello to us. The state of not speaking. 

The opportunity for Xiaojia to discover that Liangliang is prone to depression is because of a home painting assignment assigned by the kindergarten teacher. When Xiao Jia accompanied Liangliang to paint, she found that unlike other children, Liangliang did not like to use brighter and more conspicuous colors, such as red, orange, yellow, and green. It is more inclined to darker black and gray. When Xiaojia asked Liangliang why he likes to use these colors so much, Liangliang just said “I just like these colors!”

Recalling the performance of being very quiet and speaking little, and disliked playing with classmates on weekdays, then Coupled with her preference for such gloomy colors, Xiao Jia couldn’t help worrying about Liangliang’s psychological condition. So Xiao Jia took Liangliang to the psychology department of the hospital for a test. Even if she had some psychological preparation, Xiao Jia was still surprised when the doctor said that Liangliang had a tendency to depression. The doctor said it might be because Liangliang experienced parental divorce when he was over 3 years old, which affected his emotional and psychological activities. Fortunately, because it was discovered earlier, it can be relieved and treated through psychological counseling and other methods. There is great hope that Liangliang will not really suffer from depression. 

The “color psychology” in psychology is the ability to understand a person’s mental activities and personality characteristics according to his preference for color and the degree of preference. This conclusion is not only applicable to adults, but also to children. So it is. Parents may wish to learn about psychologists’ knowledge of their children’s favorite colors to determine their personality and psychological activities, so as to better understand their children’s situation! 

Children like red

If children like red, they generally have a lively, cheerful, positive personality, and they can easily become the eye-catching one in the crowd. Such children often have strong leadership and organizational skills, and their communication skills are not weak. Of course, the disadvantage of children who like red is that they are easily impulsive and are more careless in doing things. Parents may wish to train their children to face calmly and calmly think about deeper content in times of trouble. Parents can give their children some calligraphy or musical instrument interest classes to cultivate their patience and care. 

Children like orange

Like red, orange is also a warm color, and it is more warm and full of energy than red. It is precisely because children who like orange are usually energetic and have relatively strong mobility. However, children who like orange will have a stronger competitive psychology. Without good guidance from their parents, it is easy for their children to be hurt in overly persistent competition. Therefore, parents should pay attention to teaching their children not to have too strong a competitive spirit and correct their mentality. 

Children like blue

Because blue is the color of the sea and sky, it often represents calmness, gentleness, and kindness. The children who like blue tend to be calm and introverted, and they are more gentle when dealing with others, which makes people feel like a spring breeze. But blue also represents melancholy, not good at expressing inner thoughts. For children who like blue, parents should give more company and communication, encourage children to express themselves boldly, and have a lively and cheerful personality. 

Children like green

Psychologists generally believe that green has a longer wavelength and can make people feel calm. This is why when people feel tired, seeing green can feel a lot easier. Children who like green are usually more straightforward and less impulsive. Parents only need to pay attention to guiding their children to occasionally challenge themselves bravely, break through themselves, and make greater progress. 

Children like gray or black

Whether it is gray or black, it is a cool color. In child psychology and child color psychology, it is generally believed that this type of color represents fear and anxiety. For children who like gray or black, their personality is often more introverted, and they are under greater pressure or psychological shadows due to bad experiences. 

Parents find that children like cooler colors such as gray or black, and colors that are too dark. They must pay special attention to their children’s thoughts and daily performance. Increase the time to accompany the child and give the child enough sense of security. If the parents have tried very hard to enlighten the child and still have no results, they should take the child to the psychology department of the hospital for examination in time, so as not to delay the child’s mental health development. 

Children who like bright, warm colors are usually more lively and cheerful, with strong social skills and leadership skills. Parents should also pay attention to nurturing their children while optimizing these advantages of their children. His patience makes the child more sensible and stable. For children who like cool colors like black, facing the child’s introverted and melancholic character, parents should provide more companionship and care, and guide the child to become more lively and cheerful. 

No matter which color the child likes, the key is that the parents can understand the child carefully and patiently, and through the teaching of complementing each other, let the child have a healthy psychology and a good personality, and become a better person ! 

Which color does your child like? Does personality conform to the conclusion of children’s color psychology? Welcome to leave a message to share!

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