Will calcium supplementation during pregnancy cause placental calcification? Refute the rumors! And there is no half a dime, just eat if you want

Will calcium supplementation during pregnancy cause placental calcification? Refute the rumors! And there’s no half a dime. You should eat it

I don’t know when it will start. A rumor began to spread in the arena: “Pregnant women cannot eat calcium tablets, which will cause placental calcification and fetal calcification.” Actually. Calcium supplementation for upper-pregnancy mothers has nothing to do with placental calcification, and it can even be said to be completely irrelevant. Don’t be too scared. 

But placental calcification is indeed very dangerous, and doctors will also pay special attention to it during the birth check. So what exactly is placental calcification? Can you supplement calcium in the third trimester? You will understand after reading the following. 

What is placental calcification

Although the name of placental calcification There is “calcium”, but it does not mean that the placenta is hardened, but that there are a lot of calcification points in the placenta. These calcification points are local infarcts in the placenta, indicating that there is necrosis and shedding of tissue cells in the placenta. 

When there are many necrotic foci in the placenta to a certain extent, it will affect the function of the placenta and fail to deliver nourishment and oxygen to the fetus, which will easily lead to hypoxia and even death of the fetus. 

Calcification points are not related to calcium supplementation

Calcification points It is not caused by calcium supplementation, and the “calcium” in it is not what we generally call calcium. If the mother suffers from hypertension, chronic nephritis, prolonged pregnancy and other diseases, part of the tissue cells will necrosis and fall off due to hypoxia. 

The shed tissue cells cannot be discharged, and calcification points will be formed on the placenta. Therefore, the appearance of calcification points has nothing to do with calcium supplementation. It is a phenomenon that occurs after cells fall off and is related to diseases. 

What to do if placental calcification occurs

If the doctor is checking When there are many calcification points, the fetal condition, uterine condition, and amniotic fluid condition will be checked and evaluated, and then judged. 

If the situation is not optimistic and the placental function is insufficient to support the fetus, it will be recommended to terminate the pregnancy and let the baby be born in advance to prevent danger. But if the various indicators stabilize, the fetus can stay in the mother’s belly for a while. 

Can calcium supplementation in the third trimester

Yes in the third trimester It can be supplemented with calcium. Studies have shown that 80% of the calcium in the baby’s body is accumulated in the last three months. This calcium promotes the development of the baby’s bones and teeth. 

Therefore, pregnant mothers should strengthen calcium supplementation in the third trimester. Not only should they eat more calcium and protein-rich foods, such as milk, dried shrimps, eggs, etc., but also add some extra calcium. However, pregnant mothers should not blindly take calcium tablets by themselves. They should be taken according to the doctor’s instructions after the doctor has assessed their physical condition. 

There is no need for calcium supplementation in pregnant women to cause placental calcification Scientifically based rumors, and during pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to supplement calcium and eat more protein-rich foods in order to provide adequate nutrition to the fetus. 

During the checkup, if you find calcifications on the placenta, don’t panic, as long as you find them in time and follow the doctor’s advice, you can save your baby. The second-born sister is afraid that her brother will be late, so she gets up early to help organize her schoolbags, worrying about being like an “old mother”

Many families with second-born children have been troubled by the way the two babies get along. Generally, when Erbao is still infancy, moms and dads are already worried about whether the two babies will quarrel often. 

However, after investigating many second-child families, it is found that as long as the parents’ family education methods are correct and reasonable, and communicate with Dabao well before giving birth to the second child, the relationship between the two babies is usually very With love, the relationship between brothers and sisters is also very deep. 

The second-born sister is afraid that her brother will be late for school, so she wakes up early to help organize Schoolbag

A second-born mother in Tianjin has raised one child and one daughter. According to her, the relationship between the two brothers and sisters has been very good since the birth of the sister. The brother will take the initiative to accompany her to make fun of her when he comes home from school. People seldom refrain from quarreling about toy snacks and so on. They are all humility to each other. 

Bao Ma posted a very interesting In the video, the elder brother hurriedly opened the door to go to school, and the younger sister, although she was young, was worried that her elder brother would be late, so she woke up early to help organize her schoolbags. The little guy not only brought the shoes and jackets that the elder brother was going to change, but was also very considerate. Took fruit and a water glass. 

In this way, this heart-warming sister became popular. Some netizens joked that the younger sister is worried like an “old mother”. Is the script of this brother and sister reversed? 

In fact, a “heart-warming sister” like this There are still many in life, but some children have put their minds in the right place, and some children’s actions are dumbfounding. 

My sister fought to write online homework for her brother.

Ms. Lin’s family’s big treasure and the second treasure are also “iron”, but she is not as happy as the Tianjin treasure mother, on the contrary, she is relieved At the same time, he brought some helplessness. 

The age difference between the two children in her family is a bit larger. Before my sister went to kindergarten, my elder brother was already in junior high school, and the school pressure was relatively heavy. One day Ms. Lin walked into my brother’s room and saw Erbao. Barefoot stepped on the stool in front of the desk, holding a pen to write and draw on the table, Ms. Lin immediately hugged the little girl and criticized her. 

Who knows that the little girl still feels very wronged It turned out that my younger sister watched her brother often lie down on the table to do homework. She felt that her brother was very hard, so she wanted to “complete” all the homework for his brother when he was away. 

Such “brother and sister relationship” also makes Ms. Lin, a mother, dumbfounded. 

In fact, in terms of academic issues, second-child families also have unexpected benefits.

1. Dabao will want to set an example for Erbao

In fact, the arrival of Erbao can be to a certain extent Let Dabao’s thinking become more mature. 

Because they suddenly became older brothers and sisters, and suddenly became elders, this change in their status would arouse their sense of responsibility. Let them all want to do better in their study and life, to have a “being like a brother and sister”, to be a role model for their younger siblings, so that they will become more outstanding, and they will also work hard to listen to lectures in class. 

2, it can lighten the treasure to a certain extent The troubles of mom’s homework guidance

In the process of raising children, in fact, in addition to their children’s food, clothing, housing, and transportation, their children’s academic problems also give many parents a headache. But if it is a second-child family, the parents of the two-children can be completely responsible for Dabao, which can alleviate the troubles of the parents and allow Dabao to take this opportunity to review the knowledge he has learned in the past. It can be described as killing two birds with one stone. 

Also, even if Dabao is busy with his studies, the homework that Momma used to tutor Dabao can be used on Erbao again, which saves time and effort. 

However, the premise of all this is the parents Be able to take the right attitude towards two children so that they can respect each other and love each other, instead of showing up as if they are going to fight as soon as they meet. 

So parents should communicate with Dabao before deciding to have a second child, and win Dabao’s consent. After the second child is born, be careful not to neglect Dabao. Parenting resources are allocated reasonably and the two children are given equal love. 

All of the above are very important, and none of them can be ignored. Only when parents do the right thing, the relationship between the two babies will be good, and we will be able to support and rely on each other a hundred years later, so that we can be more at ease.

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