“Widowed childcare” has become a trend, and fathers are often absent. How much impact does it have on children?

“Widowed childcare” has become a trend, and fathers are often absent. How much impact does it have on children? 

“The love of the father is like a mountain”, the father plays a pivotal role in the growth of the child, and the lack of it is likely to bring bad effects. 

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In real life, many fathers delegate all the tasks of raising children to their wives. As everyone knows, they neglect their importance to the growth of their babies. 

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More and more widowed parenting has become a trend? 

According to a survey of 3 to 6-year-old fathers in Beijing, 80% of fathers claim that they are too busy at work and have no time to accompany their children, let alone communicate with them. 

In a survey of 1,054 people in Tianjin, it was found that mothers are the protagonist of their children’s education problems. More than half of fathers are not involved in the education of their children. 

Influenced by traditional thinking, according to the “Survey Report on the Life of Chinese Full-time Wives”, the proportion of married women in my country who choose to become housewives is 26%. 

More people choose to bring a baby while going to work. This also makes the protagonist of family education naturally become a mother, leading to widowhood parenting becoming more and more popular. 

Father is often absent , How much influence it has on children

1. Influencing the formation of children’s good character

Fathers play a vital role in the formation of children’s character. The characteristics of men, such as courage, fortitude, strength, A sense of responsibility, etc., is generally passed on from the father to the child. 

According to American psychologists, if a child lacks the company of his father from an early age, his personality will easily become weak, inferior, and lack of security. 

2. Children easily lose their sense of responsibility

From the father, the children can learn the sense of family responsibility and social responsibility are unavoidable. If the father is “absent” all year round, he cannot bear the responsibility of the family and cannot take care of it. Good family, not serious and responsible for work. 

Then it is easy to cause children to have cognitive errors about the family, and they will have a perfunctory attitude toward their own study and life. 

The children who are taught by the responsible fathers are often brave enough to take on their own responsibilities and are responsible for their work and family. 

3. Influencing children’s future life height

Fathers are role models for children to learn. Every word and deed will affect children. Children will observe their fathers when they are young to understand men, fathers, The meaning of being a husband will also think about the meaning of independence and courage. 

The traits a father possesses will be a guide for children to become independent, courageous and social. The pattern in his body often determines the future pattern of the baby and what height it can reach in the future. 

Children who grow up with their fathers will have a strong sense of security, confident and brave, full of sunshine, and daring to make breakthroughs. Therefore, the pattern of life is often bigger and there are more possibilities. On the contrary, children who are not accompanied by their fathers will always have a small gap and will leave some regrets in their lives. 

4. Influencing children’s social ability

The father is the bond of the child to the outside world, and the adventurous spirit in him can guide the child to experience the vast world and venture out. 

At the same time, children can also learn how to deal with interpersonal relationships from their fathers, which helps to improve their social skills. 

If the father is absent from the child’s life all year round, it is easy for the child to dare not socialize outside, which may not be beneficial to the future personal development. 

Father can teach Several things mothers can’t do

1. Be independent and brave

Because the father is tall and straight in the eyes of the child, he can give the baby the motivation and courage to rely on and move forward, and when the problem comes , Bravely overcome and solve. 

Therefore, the father’s characteristics will not be as delicate and indecisive as the mother’s side. It is also a stocking state in the way of education. There will be no excessive reprimand and nagging, but more encouragement. The baby is brave to move forward and dare to try and so on. 

Under the influence of fathers, children will gradually learn to be independent and brave. 

2. Practical ability

According to research, men are inherently more exploratory and practical than women. 

Therefore, in daily life, if something breaks in the house, the father will first repair it, and the repairman will come to the door if it cannot be repaired. 

When the father is repairing things, if the child is interested, he will let the baby try and encourage the child to do it. This is something that the mother cannot do. The mother is more worried about “, keep them away. 

Therefore, the father can teach hands-on skills that the mother would not teach. 

3. The establishment of gender awareness

The father’s way of getting along with his son and daughter will be completely different in the process of bringing up children. For example, when he gets along with his son, he will usually “communicate brothers and sisters”. “, and when you get along with your daughter, you will yell “little baby” and so on, so that your baby can realize the difference between men and women. 

Furthermore, the father will influence the daughter’s future mate selection in a subtle way. After all, the father is the first man a girl meets.  Bao Ma said frankly: Just after giving birth, I am most afraid of encountering the following types of people visiting and suffering from my sinful baby

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Many families attach great importance to the arrival of their children, so when the child is born, all relatives and friends come to congratulate, and the family is very lively. 

As everyone knows, this is not friendly to mothers and children at all. 

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Pingping’s husband is a lively person, and he is also a small leader in the work unit, so Pingping is a guest at home after giving birth to a child. I haven’t stopped. It’s not the Seventh Aunts and Eighth Uncles today, or the Xiaoli Xiaowang of tomorrow’s unit. 

Pingping didn’t take a good day’s rest, but her husband never tired of it. One day my husband’s aunt came over, pulling Pingping and talking non-stop, and awakened the sleeping child. The child was crying, and she couldn’t coax her. 

Pingping finally couldn’t stand it. After her relatives left, she told her husband about her thoughts and feelings, but her husband had already spoken out, and she was embarrassed to refuse. 

Until the child has a fever In the hospital, the doctor said that he had a cold, and then asked the child about the situation at home. Pingping said that a bunch of people come to see and hold the child at home every day. 

The doctor said that with so many people holding children, it is easy to cause alternating cold and heat. No wonder they get cold. The child is so small and the body is very fragile. Parents don’t even know this? If it keeps doing this, it’s not just a matter of catching cold. Pingping’s husband felt regretful now…

For this, a mother who came over said that when she was in confinement, she was most afraid of meeting the following types of people Visiting, I suffered from my own child and suffered:

A: People who often smoke. Especially if you smoke it in front of yourself and your baby, the smoke is full of smoke, which can easily hurt the child’s respiratory tract, and it is not conducive to the recovery of the mother’s body. 

B: People with low emotional intelligence. For example, joking that the child is not like you, urging a second child, making fun of the mother who becomes ugly after having a child, etc. often make the mother’s mood worse. 

C: People who are sick. Some bacteria may be carried on the body, and the immunity of the mother and the baby is weaker, and they are often more vulnerable to attack. 

The influence of overcrowding on mothers and children

For children:

1. Undermine children’s sense of security. Because of the imperfect development of all aspects of the newborn child, the mother’s taste can only be distinguished by smell. If a variety of strangers frequently appear in the home, the child will not be able to clearly smell the smell of the mother, and it will feel I am in an unfamiliar world and feel insecure. 

2, easy to get sick. The resistance of newborn babies is very weak at birth. If many people come to see children, they are prone to bring a variety of germs and bacteria. These germs and bacteria will not cause much harm to adults, so adults may ignore this. One problem, but for children, it is a big hidden danger. A little bit of bacteria is easy to be felt and become sick. 

3. Poor rest. We all know that newborn babies usually sleep for more than 20 hours. If there are too many people in the family, they will naturally not be able to maintain a quiet environment. Footsteps, talk and laughter will noisy the child, which will affect the quality of sleep and affect the development of the child. . 

For mom:

1. Affect sleep. Not only babies need adequate sleep, but mothers also need it. During childbirth, the mother consumes a lot of physical strength, and must have enough rest after childbirth to ensure the body’s recovery. Poor rest will affect the recovery of the body and the uterus, and the wound will heal more slowly, increasing the risk of poor recovery after delivery. 

2. Poor spirit. Because there are always people visiting at home, pregnant mothers must have some communication with these people. However, pregnant mothers who have not recovered physically can’t keep up with the spirit at all. If they hold on to themselves, they are prone to some negative emotions and even risk of depression, which is not conducive to the physical and mental health of the mother. 

3, easy to be infected. Many relatives and friends will not be disinfected when entering the pregnant mother’s room. This will bring a lot of bacteria outside, and the pregnant mother’s body is still very fragile, and the wound is easily infected by bacterial invasion, which brings danger to the pregnant mother. 

Refused to visit to do so


Of course, there are many reasons for this situation because the preliminary work is not done well, or the family likes to be busy, but no matter which situation, it should be avoided as much as possible, mainly from these aspects. 

1. Notice in advance. When the mother is about to give birth, she can inform relatives and friends in advance that it is inconvenient to meet customers within two months after giving birth, and inform the reason. 

Then set a time for everyone to celebrate, such as hosting a hundred-day banquet for the child, so that relatives and friends who care about the child have the opportunity to see the child, and at the same time, the mother’s body is basically healthy for about 100 days. The school has recovered, and the child’s physical condition has stabilized day by day. 

2, disinfection and silence. When guests come to their homes, take the initiative to disinfect them and inform them of the reason: the child is too young to get infected. Usually guests will express their understanding. The sound is naturally more difficult to deal with. Try your best to ask customers to change their shoes when they arrive home, and prepare lighter slippers at home to reduce the sound as much as possible. 

3, refuse to hold the child. Because at this stage the child mainly needs to lie down and rest, even if the guest wants to hold the child, the parents should refuse in time. Holding the child at will not only causes the baby to catch a cold, but also has poor rest, and may also affect the baby’s spine. . 

[Said fortunately pregnant]

Sometimes we may be happy for our relatives or friends to have children, and can’t wait to congratulate them, but this is not good for both mothers and children. Therefore, after a pregnant woman gives birth, it is not too late to congratulate her after her confinement. 

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