Why shouldn’t women have first birth? These influences may accompany a lifetime, but many girls disagree

Why shouldn’t women have first birth? These effects may accompany a lifetime, but many girls disagree

According to the survey, there are 75 million unintended pregnancies worldwide each year, of which 26~53 million will end the pregnancy. Of these, about 13 million people undergo abortion operations in my country each year. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

I believe many people have heard of such a It is said that the first day a woman is pregnant is best not to shed it, otherwise it is likely to bring more serious consequences. 

As people’s thinking continues to change, many people have tried love before marriage, which has led to an increase in the number of women who have unintended pregnancies. Some couples have not done so due to social pressure. Good safety measures, etc., resulted in only the first child being knocked out. 


Lily and her husband just got married After the two planned to have a certain development in their careers, they had a baby, but who knew that due to the failure of one contraceptive measure, Lily got pregnant unexpectedly. 

After discussing, the couple felt that the child came at an untimely time. On the one hand, the economic conditions are not very good. On the other hand, Lily is in the rising stage of her career and does not want to fight because of unexpected pregnancy. If you mess up all of this, I plan to get rid of it. 

After three years in this way, both of them have good careers and good financial conditions. Seeing that their friends all have their own children, they put the plan of having a baby on the agenda. . 

After two months, Lily used the pregnancy test stick to check that she was pregnant. She went to the hospital for a diagnosis. But within a month, there were signs of threatened miscarriage. The couple hurried to the hospital. After passing the examination, the doctor The two were very sad when they were diagnosed with a miscarriage. 

After a year of self-cultivation, the same thing happened again after getting pregnant again. The doctor diagnosed a habitual abortion this time. 

said the obstetrician The truth comes out: Why can’t a woman’s first child shed? 

According to the survey, there are 75 million unintended pregnancies in the world every year, of which 26~53 million will end the pregnancy. Among them, about 13 million people undergo abortion operations in my country each year. This does not include drug abortion and private hospitals. Surgical. 

In addition, a survey was conducted on the issue of first birth or non-birth, and it was finally found that 78% of women chose to shed. 

In this regard, obstetricians believe that the loss of a woman’s first pregnancy is likely to cause the remaining sequelae to accompany her life. 

1. Inducing gynecological inflammation

Women choose to shed after being pregnant for the first time, which easily causes the natural defense function of the reproductive system to decline, especially for some people who bleed for a long time after surgery, which is bacteria The invasion provides more convenient conditions, and it is also likely to induce gynecological inflammation. 

According to investigations and studies, it is found that the complications caused by women leaving their first child are 70% higher than those of women who have given birth. The main reason is that women who have not given birth before, their cervix The tube is long and the cervix is ​​tight. It is easy to cause adhesions and injuries during the operation, and then induce a series of gynecological problems, which are harmful to your health. 

2. Trigger habitual abortion

It has been found in clinical medicine that about 50% of women who suffer from habitual abortion are due to the direct choice of abortion during pregnancy. Drop. 

This is because a woman’s uterus is like a computer with a fixed program. After a successful conception, you need to follow the program directly to the baby’s birth. If human intervention directly terminates the pregnancy and “forces” the embryo to be eliminated under the action of external force, it will be It is easy to disrupt the fixed program set by the uterus. 

In the end, when the pregnancy is selected again, it is very likely that there will be a direct “termination of the procedure” event, which will trigger a habitual abortion. 

3. Harm to the psychology

Women who get pregnant for the first time have an abortion, which can easily cause harm to the psychology, produce a sense of self-blame, and produce a certain amount of psychological pressure, and some women will Panic about future fertility problems and worrying about not being able to get pregnant normally, this is also extremely detrimental to the recovery of the body after the operation. 

According to research in the United States, women are four times more likely to suffer from psychological problems after abortion than normal women, and this psychological harm is likely to accompany women all the time. 

Sister Lucky’s suggestion: If you are not ready to have a baby, you must pay attention to contraceptive measures to prevent unintended pregnancy from causing great harm to yourself.  An inferior, defensive baby, There are usually these performances, and you should be alert if you find one

Psychology has found that most of the so-called inferiority in the bones comes from childhood, and his parents or other close relatives have made derogatory evaluations of him. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Empress Su Zi

A person with low self-esteem, his subconscious will I feel weak, but I don’t want to be rationally. Therefore, in order not to be discovered by others, I will try my best to cover it up and show extremely strong defensive ability. 

Psychologists believe that a person’s character is his defense because he will protect his inner world. Therefore, the more inferior in his bones, the stronger his psychological defense. 

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People with inferiority complex and strong defensiveness in their bones have these 3 characteristics.

1. They are especially concerned about others’ perspectives or evaluations

People Interpersonal relationships are unavoidable, so communication with others becomes very important. However, some people focus all their attention on the eyes and evaluations of others in their interpersonal communication. 

A look in other people’s eyes, a word of gossip can make him feel extremely upset, and then they will immediately reflect on themselves to see if they are not doing well enough, causing others to feel that they are not good or bad ; Or do they think I’m not good or not just like that. 

Then why does a person care so much about the evaluation and perspective of others? This is often inseparable from his native family. 

Case: Lily’s parents have been very strict with her since she was a child. Everything about her needs to be followed by her parents. Only when that standard is met can she get a certain amount of attention and love, otherwise it will be ushered in Scolding or corporal punishment. 

Psychologists believe that a person’s mode of getting along with his parents, elders, etc. in the initial period of life will gradually be internalized into his future mode of interaction with others. 

And Lily’s parents’ behavior towards her was internalized into an internal relationship pattern during her growth. Therefore, she will continue to cater to the outside in the process of getting along with others. His standards, expectations, etc., to get any praise, attention from others. 

2. Single interest and hobby

A psychologist who has been engaged in psychology for a long time, through observation and statistics, found that people with low self-esteem in their bones, because of their strong defensiveness, Therefore, it will reduce the exploration of the world in the unconscious, and eventually become a person with almost no hobbies. 

For a person with extremely low self-esteem, they feel weak in their hearts, and every hobby is full of uncertainty and danger for them, so they will subconsciously To avoid, but he didn’t realize the truth, and he would reasonably find out many reasons for himself to “justify” it. 

3. Home, closed, and like to play with mobile phones

People with low self-esteem in their bones are closed in their hearts and are unwilling to take the initiative to deal with others. Their favorite thing to do is to stay at home and play with mobile phones. , So you can avoid interacting with others in real life. 

They feel that staying at home and playing on their mobile phones are easier to be controlled, so that they can avoid encountering uncertain people and things and avoid being hurt. 

To sum up, a person who has low self-esteem in his bones thinks that he is not good subconsciously, but he is unwilling to admit it in his heart. It manifests itself in the above three characteristics for defense and protection. 

In parent education, how to prevent children from becoming inferior from the bottom? 

1. Avoid demeaning your children

Psychology found that most of the so-called inferiority in the bones came from childhood, and his parents or other close relatives made a derogatory evaluation of him. 

Therefore, if parents want their children to have a healthy personality, they should avoid belittling their children and let him grow up healthy and happy. 

2. Always encourage and praise children

Parents can give their children some encouragement in peacetime. For example, when a child arranges toys by himself, he can say: “Baby, I have learned It’s awesome to organize the toys by myself. This way, it helps the child build self-confidence and makes him lively, cheerful, positive and optimistic. 

3. Give children adequate care

In the process of getting along with their children, parents give them full love and let the baby understand that his parents will always love him, so his heart is full of love. 

In addition, when a child needs to make a choice, parents can patiently listen to their own views, and analyze the pros and cons together, respect the child’s final thoughts, which can promote self-confidence set up. 

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