Why is your child’s poor self-care ability? Parents do too much, but it is counterproductive

Why is your child’s poor self-care ability? Parents do too much, but it is counterproductive.

Ms. Lin’s daughter is 3 years old this year. Because Ms. Lin and her husband are busy at work, their daughters are usually taken care of by grandma. One evening for dinner, Ms. Lin let her daughter eat by herself, but her grandma said that it would be easier to feed the food by herself. 

Ms. Lin didn’t agree with this statement. She felt that this would cause her daughter to never eat by herself, and her ability to take care of herself deteriorated. 

Not only that, daughters want grandma’s help no matter what they do, and rarely do it by themselves. Seeing such a daughter, Ms. Lin has a headache and feels grandma’s parenting The way will ruin the daughter. 

Before the age of 6 is an important period for children to develop their self-care ability! 

Children must go to school when they are 6 years old. In schools, teachers pay more attention to children’s cultural education. Most of the self-care ability needs to be cultivated by parents. Therefore, before that, children’s self-care Ability must be developed as soon as possible, so as to help children learn knowledge. 

Children under the age of 2 are very good, at this time the children can walk and talk, parents can use this period to allocate the children’s housework so that they can participate in the family’s At work. You can want your children to do their own work, eat by themselves, dress by themselves, brush their teeth, etc. Although these things are simple, they are not a small test for them. 

The child has been in kindergarten when he is 4 years old. At this time, parents should sleep with their children in separate beds, so that the children can develop a good habit of sleeping independently. When eating, you have to pick up the dishes yourself, take the initiative to clean up the dishes after eating, clean up the food residue, wipe the table, etc. 

When children do not do well, parents should not criticize and blame them. This will reduce their enthusiasm and children will do more and more over time The better, parents should not be impatient. 

Before the age of 5, children already know the importance of money. They know that they can buy their favorite snacks and toys with money, and their parents will give them some pocket money. At this time, parents should train them to manage money and let them know that money is hard-won, and only hard work can be exchanged for money. 

What are the positive effects of self-care ability on children? 

Many parents say that their children’s learning ability is poor, whether it is learning knowledge or learning new things, they are very inefficient, and such children often have poor self-care ability. 

Good self-care ability will promote children’s learning ability. Children can plan their own time and plan, know when and what to learn, even without teachers and parents, children’s learning Don’t worry about it. 

Research found that children with strong self-care ability are more independent. Even if the children are not accompanied by others, they will not feel lonely. Children with strong independence will have stronger self-confidence, will not care about the views and attitudes of others, and will have less dependence on their parents. 

It is difficult for children with poor self-care ability to integrate into the group. They cannot complete their own affairs independently, let alone participate in group activities. 

Children with strong self-care ability can not only participate in the group, but also organize and lead everyone. Such children are more popular and tend to play in the group. Plays an important role. 

How do parents cultivate their children’s ability to take care of themselves? 

Most of the children’s inability to take care of themselves is because their parents do too much, and they are accustomed to the contributions of their parents and do not have the awareness of doing things on their own. Therefore, parents should be appropriately lazy, and let them do their own things as much as possible. If they encounter obstacles, parents can guide them and let them have the consciousness to do things independently. 

When children are interested in an interest, parents should also encourage them and don’t discourage their enthusiasm. 

Children’s curiosity is particularly strong. Parents should benefit from this psychology and cultivate their personal strengths and hobbies. Children like astronomy and can take them to the planetarium. Details Understand that children like to listen to music, you can try to train them musical instruments. 

Parents can compare with their children. When doing something, compare whether the parents do better or the children do better. This can stimulate the children’s desire to do well. When the children do well, parents should give them appropriate praise, so that they will be more motivated and want to do better next time. 

Cultivate children’s ability to take care of themselves. Parents can try these games! 

Let the toys go home is a good tidying game. Many children do not have a good habit of tidying up after playing with toys. Parents can take their children to tidy up together so that different toys can return to different positions. After a few times, they have developed a habit and can organize themselves every time they play with toys. 

Parents should not be afraid of trouble. They think that if they have time to teach their children, they can put away the toys. This idea is wrong. Children’s growth is a process. The process is bound to be cumbersome. 

Children cannot cook and wash dishes when they are young, but they can take the dishes and chopsticks to the kitchen after eating. Parents can teach children the game of stacking Arhats. 

Arrange the plates and chopsticks for eating according to their size, so that it will be easier to get them in the kitchen. When the child is playing this game, parents can guide the child to find a way to put the small bowl in the big bowl, instead of the parent putting the bowl in place and giving it to the child. 

When the season changes, parents will start to organize the clothes, put away the out-of-season clothes, and put the seasonal clothes in the cabinet. 

This process is a long time. Parents can bring their children together, let the children fold clothes, put together clothes of different thicknesses, if the children don’t know the clothes In what season you wear it, you can wear the clothes on the child to let the child feel the temperature. 

Doing everything well for children is not really loving children. Children cannot always grow up under the wings of their parents. They are independent individuals and will need to live, study and work on their own in the future. 

Parents should let go and let children do what they can do by themselves. Children with strong self-care ability will be easier to learn no matter what, which is good for children. The growth has a very large positive impact, no matter how much money it spends, it’s worth it! Play with these 4 toys for your children to become smarter

When buying toys for their children, many parents don’t know which toys their children are suitable for, and some parents are blind Buy a lot of toys for your children, and after you buy them home, either the children are not interested, or there is only a short-term freshness. Parents picking the right toys for their children can not only develop their children’s interests, but also develop their intelligence. Therefore, it is also very important to choose toys for their children. The following toys can be very useful. Develop children’s intelligence, let’s take a look! 

Building blocks

Many children especially like to play with building blocks. A single building block is meaningless to children, but when many building blocks are assembled by children, there will be Great changes, so the child can cultivate his imagination while playing with building blocks, but also improve the child’s creative ability. In addition, when children are building blocks, they can not only exercise coordination, but also exercise and develop their intelligence, which is very helpful for children’s future learning. Parents can prepare digital building blocks for their children, first place them according to the numbers on the blocks, and then ask the children to put the next blocks on it in numerical order, so that the children can understand and understand the numbers more transparently. 


In fact, children like scissors very much, but usually parents are too worried about their children’s safety to prevent them. But, do you know? Scissors not only help children’s finger flexibility, but also promote children’s brain development. After all, when using scissors, you must use both heads. Parents may wish to use children’s exclusive scissors for their children. The front of this type of scissors is round. Very sharp blade, and parents must teach their children how to use scissors correctly. When children use scissors, parents must tell their children what to pay attention to. Although it can promote the child’s brain development, parents must also let their children use them carefully. . 

Children’s drawing

There are many benefits for children to learn to draw early. They use their imagination to express the things around them by drawing. Moreover, psychologists have proved that only when the child draws is the time when the left and right brains develop at the same time. The child’s early drawing can increase IQ by 30%, and it can also cultivate the child’s own self-cultivation and understanding of things at the same time. Aesthetic. At the same time, the knowledge of composition used in drawing can also improve children’s observation of things and cultivate children’s imagination, so parents should encourage children to draw more in touch. 

Digital toys

Lion toys are very useful for children’s math enlightenment, so they can exercise their thinking. Parents can play Sudoku toys for their children. When the child wants to complete it, he will be very engrossed in this matter. In a single time, the child’s brain will be very active, which will greatly help the child in future studies. Even if the child does not complete it, the brain will also get In addition to exercise, it is very effective for children’s logical thinking training. 

Therefore, parents should not think that buying a lot of toys for their children will help their children’s intellectual development. Buying so many toys will only cause a waste of money. It is better to take these toys home. Children not only like to play, but also develop. intelligence. Pay attention to private part care during pregnancy. If pregnant mothers fail to do these 4 points, be careful of inflammation and come to your door

After pregnancy, most women will shift their attention to the belly and think about it all day long. How to have fetuses, how to supplement the nutrition of the fetus, how to give the fetus prenatal education, etc., often neglect to take care of their own body, especially the private parts. 

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s body will undergo a series of changes. If you do not pay attention to the private parts, it is likely to cause vaginal inflammation. Then the question is, how should pregnant mothers carry out private care after pregnancy? Thank you for taking the following 4 points! 

Wash with warm water every night

During pregnancy, pregnancy The secretions of the mother’s private parts may increase. At this time, pregnant mothers must pay attention to cleaning. It is best to clean the private parts with warm water every night. Of course, when cleaning private parts, pregnant mothers are best to use running water, for example, use a shower head for cleaning. 

In addition, do not use soap and various lotion products when cleaning. Although it can clean and cleaner, it may destroy the original probiotics in the genitals for a long time and cause its immunity. reduce. 

Prepare special towels

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers must To be special, prepare a towel for wiping the private parts for yourself, and wipe it with a special towel every time after cleaning the private parts to avoid cross-infection. 

Do not put the towel indoors after use to prevent bacteria from growing, and it is best to dry it in the sun or in a well-ventilated place. 

Of course, if pregnant mothers find it troublesome to use towels, they can also choose special cotton soft towels, just like disposable face towels, throw them away after use, which is convenient and hygienic. 

Choose cotton underwear

The choice of underwear , Pregnant mothers must choose cotton underwear, and the underwear should be soft and loose. Don’t choose some hard and inelastic underwear for cheap. Such underwear is not only uncomfortable to wear, but also not conducive to ventilation, which is easy to cause Bacteria grow. 

In addition, when going to bed at night, pregnant mothers can choose to wear boxer briefs or no underwear, so that the private parts can completely get rid of the “fetters”. Of course, the premise is that the pregnant mothers must frequently change the sheets and quilts. 

Use sanitary pads

In addition to choosing high-quality underwear In addition, the toilet paper and sanitary pads used by pregnant mothers should also be updated. It is best to choose sanitary products that are colorless and fragrance-free. After all, these sanitary products have a long time in contact with the private parts. May cause inflammation in the private parts. 

In addition, when pregnant mothers use sanitary pads, they must remember to replace them frequently to avoid stuffiness and infection in their private parts. 

If the pregnant mother is not paying attention during pregnancy Nursing private parts causes infections or gynecological diseases. It is not only yourself that suffers, but the fetus may also be implicated. So pregnant mothers, you know what to do!

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