Why is there only one “twin” left? The doctor explained that the puerpera blushed, this oolong made a big trouble

Why is there only one “twin” left? The doctor explained that the puerpera blushed. This oolong is a big deal.

It is a kind of luck to have twins. Even the more common fraternal twins, the probability of natural occurrence is only about three thousandths. The incidence of identical twins is less than four in ten thousand. 

You don’t have to wait until the baby is born, but you can know during the pregnancy test. Therefore, pregnant mothers who have twins are expecting the two babies to be born. 

There is an exception for a pregnant mother in Guangdong. She was clearly told that she was pregnant with twins before giving birth, but after the delivery, she received only one baby boy. 

Why is there only one twin left? The mother and her family members suspected that the hospital had moved the hands and feet. At first, they suspected that it was another baby’s accident. Later, they suspected that the hospital had hidden the newborn. 

The doctor in charge of the caesarean section also feels very puzzled about the doubts of the mother and her family. Reading the report before the operation, it did say that she was pregnant with twins, but when she opened the mother’s uterus, she saw only one baby boy. The twins mentioned in the report did not exist. 

There were video recordings throughout the operation. When the family members questioned, the hospital broadcasted the video to the other party. After watching the video, the mother had to believe that she was not pregnant with twins. 

Why did the pregnancy check and the birth check say twins before? The doctor gave a reasonable explanation. She believed that the twins detected during the pregnancy test might go to a small hospital with the mother. The doctor’s level and the clarity of the machine were not high enough. In addition, it was early pregnancy, which led to the doctor’s misjudgment. Up. 

As for the birth check, it is also a twin, which is a bigger oolong, because the doctor who performed the B-ultrasound examination for the pregnant woman happened to be a novice who had only worked for a few months. 

The parturient woman kept telling her that she was pregnant with twins while doing B overtime, which led to inexperienced doctors preconceived that single births were regarded as twins. 

After listening to the doctor’s explanation, the parturient blushed. It seems that she really has a deep obsession with the twins. 

Pregnancy check-ups and birth check-ups treat singletons as twins. This kind of oolong is very rare in reality. It is so coincidental that a book can be published, so women who have found twins do not have to worry. The twins he was pregnant became singletons. 

When will it be possible Know if you are pregnant with twins? After this point, you can

you can judge after the gestational sac appears

Before there is no B-ultrasound technology, you can only judge whether you are pregnant with twins through the belly of the pregnant mother. This usually involves pregnancy. It’s late, and it’s not necessarily accurate. 

Now it is much ahead of schedule. In theory, when the gestational sac appears (35-50 days of pregnancy), it can be judged whether you are pregnant with single, twin or multiple births, because each fetus corresponds to A gestational sac. 

However, due to the extremely unstable fetus in the first trimester and the presence of multiple gestational sacs, it does not mean that every embryo can mature. 

So at this time, it is a bit too early to judge the twins and singletons. It may be twins at the time of observation. After a while, only singletons will remain. 

Much more accurate judgment in the second trimester

Although you can tell whether you are pregnant with twins in the first trimester, because the gestational sac is only a few centimeters long and the position in the uterus is erratic, it is very Easy to misjudge. 

So if you want to diagnose twins, it is best to wait until the second trimester to check. The fetus in the second trimester has grown to more than a dozen centimeters long, and has basically grown to look like a human. At this time, the judgment is easier and more accurate. 

Furthermore, the embryos in the second trimester are relatively stable, and accidental fetal reduction or even miscarriage is unlikely. At this time, it is seen that they are twins, and they are basically two babies at the time of delivery. 

Judgment before birth check

Even if the pregnant mother has not undergone a pregnancy check during the entire pregnancy, he can still use B-ultrasound to judge whether she is pregnant with twins during the checkup. 

Since the fetus is larger at this time, it is easier to judge. 

However, the Oolong incident in Guangdong also revealed to us that in certain specific situations, such as severely inexperienced doctors, hair blowing around the mother’s ears, etc., it can also cause doctors to misjudge. Fortunately, this Only a very small probability event. 

The natural occurrence probability of twins is not more than four per thousand, but in recent years, with the development of IVF technology, the probability of occurrence of twins and even multiple births has increased significantly. 

The reason is that in order to ensure a successful pregnancy, IVF will transfer 2~3 embryos into the uterus at one time. If these embryos develop normally, they will naturally be twins or even triplets. 

It is not advisable to pursue twins artificially, and the risk of twin pregnancy is high.

Since IVF technology can create twins artificially, does it mean that if you want to conceive twins, do you just need to be an IVF? This is not recommended. 

First of all, the cost of IVF is very high. The cost of hundreds of thousands or even tens of millions is a great burden for ordinary families. 

Secondly, the risk of twin pregnancy is much higher than that of singleton pregnancy, and the probability of premature birth has increased several times. In case the baby is born prematurely, the follow-up care and treatment costs can be sky-high. 

So, it is not wise to do IVF in order to conceive twins, and it will put the mother and the baby at great risk. 

Twins are a gift from God, something that can be met but cannot be asked for. If God doesn’t care for you, you don’t have to ask for it. Children do not want to go to kindergarten. Parents suspect that they are being bullied by classmates. The secret observation results are even worse.

Kindergarten is the first collective life that children face. Children will learn how to interact with others during this period. And some basic abilities. At the same time, this age is also an important stage of character formation and habit formation. If the child can get better development in the kindergarten stage, it will lay a solid foundation for future learning and growth. 

If a child has a special situation in the kindergarten, such as being bullied or treated specially, it will have a lot of bad effects on the child’s mind. Because children are relatively young, it is difficult to clearly express everything they have encountered to their parents in words, so parents can’t know exactly how their children have been in kindergarten. Therefore, you should pay more attention to your children’s daily performance. If you find bad clues, you must intervene in time. 

Ms. Wu’s son is in kindergarten this year. Because his son was born prematurely, he has some disturbances in sensory integration. Compared with children of the same age, he is shorter, speaks less clearly, and has problems with his body movements. Therefore, Ms. Wu needs to take her son to the hospital every day for sensory integration rehabilitation. The child goes to kindergarten for half a day in the morning and half a day for rehabilitation in the hospital in the afternoon. 

Originally, Ms. Wu’s son has gradually adapted to the kindergarten life, but recently the child suddenly resisted going to kindergarten, crying loudly every morning, saying nothing to go to school. Ms. Wu suspected that the child was bullied by others in the kindergarten, and she did not ask the result after asking the teacher. Ms. Wu decided to observe from the dark. She hid on the upper floor of a private house next to the kindergarten and clearly saw the children’s performance on the school playground. 

When doing morning exercises in the morning, the teacher brought all the children to the playground in a line, but Ms. Wu did not see her son in the class. While all the children were doing exercises, they saw another life teacher with his son standing beside the team all the time. The son wanted to walk into the team but was held back by the teacher. After the exercises, it was time for free activities. Ms. Wu found that her son was still standing alone. He was holding a toy in her hand, but was snatched by a child, and then several children came over. The man deliberately beat his son and ran away. The teacher did not respond at all during the whole process, nor did he criticize the students who bullied his son. 

Ms. Wu took the video, and then went to the principal to reason, and asked the teacher why she treated her son special. However, both the principal and the teacher explained that Ms. Wu’s son could not keep up with the rhythm due to the disorder of Ms. Wu’s son’s sense of integration, so the children were not allowed to participate in morning exercises. It’s normal for children to fight and fight, and they don’t belong to bullying. Ms. Wu was very angry and felt that the kindergarten was shirking responsibility, so she transferred the child to another school. Although many children in life are not as special as Ms. Wu’s children, they will encounter many situations in the kindergarten, especially some of the introverted and timid children, who will also be bullied. 

How should parents judge the true situation of their children in kindergarten?

At the beginning of school, most children will be unwilling to go to kindergarten. This is a normal phenomenon. But after a period of adaptation, they can basically adapt well to collective life. And when the child suddenly resists going to kindergarten after adapting, then it is likely that he has encountered a problem. Although some children will not show resistance to kindergarten, they will have abnormal behaviors and emotions, such as suddenly becoming very clingy, or afraid of the dark, afraid of meeting strangers, and even nightmares at night, bedwetting, etc. These sudden abnormal behaviors show that the child has serious fears, and it may also be that he has encountered something that he can’t solve in the kindergarten. 

Because the child is relatively young, and the language is not clear, it is difficult for parents to ask for details from the child, so they can also use the side-to-side questioning method. Don’t ask your children directly, “How did you have today?” or “Has anyone bullied you?” You should ask, for example, “Is any kid in your class punished by the teacher?” “Is any kid criticized by the teacher for being naughty? You can also play kindergarten games with your children at home, let the children be teachers, and parents imitate disobedient children. See how the child will react, the child’s coping style is probably the way the teacher treats the children. 

When the child is When a kindergarten encounters a problem, how should parents handle it correctly?

If a child is really bullied in the kindergarten or treated specially by the teacher, the parent should first find out the situation and find out the real thing. If it is caused by small conflicts between children, teachers can be allowed to communicate and mediate. Most children are kind and simple by nature, and malicious bullying will not occur at this age. And if it is because teachers and classmates are deliberately isolating and targeting children, then parents should pay attention to it, because long-term isolation will affect their children’s character. Parents can negotiate with the school and change the class or kindergarten for the child if necessary. 

Have your child been bullied in kindergarten? If you encounter it, how will you deal with it? You can talk about your approach and discuss it with netizens.

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