Why is the rate of child abduction in Japan low? Several methods are worth learning, one thing we can’t match

Why is the rate of child abduction in Japan low? Several methods are worth learning. There is one point that we can’t compare.

Child safety has always been the most concerned issue for parents. 

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After each parent has a child, the biggest worry is safety, maybe Affected by the news of abduction, most parents choose to pick up and drop off their children to and from school in order to prevent the bad guys from taking advantage of it. However, this phenomenon rarely occurs in Japan. Why? 

Why there are fewer cases of child abduction in Japan?

Japan has the lowest incidence of child trafficking in Asia, with fewer than 100 cases per year, while my country’s number is as high as 200,000. What’s the difference? What did they do? Several methods are worth learning. 

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1. Pay attention to preventive education

In Japan, from the day when children go to kindergarten, teachers will teach preventive common sense and measures, such as how to refuse stranger? How to escape when danger occurs? Kindergartens regularly hold precautionary drills to prevent problems before they happen. 

Education is strengthened in elementary school, and children’s abductions are compiled into test papers and put into the examination paper to make children think and answer. It pays more attention to the education of children’s loss than in China. 

2. Science and technology invest in children’s business

Japanese children will have a variety of anti-trafficking high-tech products, such as electronic watches, miniature alarms, school bags, etc. Parents can always monitor the child’s location The key to information is that when the baby is in danger, the schoolbag can send out an alarm to help her escape smoothly. 

A: Micro alarm school bag

This kind of alarm is placed on the schoolbag. When the child feels danger, press the button to make a huge alarm sound. It can both scare the bad guys away, and attract the citizens’ attention and catch the bad guys. At the same time, it With GPS positioning function, parents can locate the child’s location information in time. 

B: Electronic watch


Add sensors and communication functions to the electronic watch. Parents can check the child’s status through the mobile phone or PC. There are four states: active, active, quiet, and not wearing the watch. At the same time, you can view the child’s status Ambient temperature and humidity. 

C: GPS positioning shoes

A small GPS positioning machine is installed under the insole, which is very concealed. The surface is no different from ordinary shoes. Configure the corresponding app in the parent’s mobile phone. When the child leaves Parents will be prompted when they are at a certain distance, and parents can track the current whereabouts of the children. 

I have to say that Japan’s investment in science and technology for children’s undertakings is not comparable to ours. 

3. Strict legislation

Japan has sentenced both the abducting seller and the buyer. For this reason, it is necessary to avoid being punished, the purchase demand is small, and the occurrence of trafficking incidents is reduced from the source. However, most purchasers in my country will not be held accountable unless there is an illegal act of child abuse. 

Every country has severely cracked down on the crime of kidnapping and trafficking in children. In order to deter these “arrogant people”, how does each country deal with it? 

The handling methods of various countries

1. Germany

The German Criminal Law stipulates that coercion of child labor or service, forced begging, etc. are all crimes of abduction and trafficking. The person will be sentenced to 6 months to 10 years in prison. 

2, United States

U.S. law favors the protection of children. The crime of kidnapping and trafficking in children can be sentenced to life imprisonment. In order to prevent children from being abducted, parents will take full-length photos of their children every six months and record fingerprints at the police station. 

3, United Kingdom

It is a country with well-developed child welfare services. The rescue and search for missing children are in place, as well as the enforcement of human trafficking. 

The minimum sentence for traffickers is 20 months’ imprisonment, the longest is 10 years, and the average sentence is four years. The “Child Safety Alarm System” set up in the United Kingdom is effective. Once a minor under the age of 18 disappears, the alarm horse will be uploaded to the radio, television and various media, and citizens and the police are invited to provide clues. 

4. Thailand

Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, etc. are the most common areas of child trafficking in the world. For example, Thailand will legislate and set up a special organization to combat trafficking, and pay attention to the promotion of the protection of children’s rights. According to the severity of the crime, the offender is sentenced to imprisonment and fined in Thai baht. 

5, South Korea

According to the Korean Criminal Law: Abducting a minor will be punished with a prison term of less than 10 years. Those who accommodate missing or left children under the age of 18 without reporting to the police station or the city, county, or district will be sentenced to a fixed-term imprisonment of not more than 5 years or a fine of not more than 30 million won. 

In short, child safety is a very important point. The country and society must be vigilant and set up corresponding laws to effectively stop bad habits.  The three types of breakfast are recommended to be eaten less for babies. It is detrimental to your health. Eat more vegetables to promote vision development

In addition to controlling the time for children to consume electronic products, using their eyes correctly and protecting their eyesight, parents also need to pay more attention to their diet. 

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As the saying goes: “Eat a good breakfast, noon Eat full, eat less dinner”, this sentence fully illustrates the importance of breakfast to a person’s day. This is because the human body needs to meet the nutritional needs of the morning after a night of digestion, so it becomes particularly important. . 

Some parents are busy with work, ignore the importance of breakfast, and casually prepare breakfast for their children, which ends up harming their children. 

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Parents should stop giving their children these “poisonous breakfasts”

1, soft-boiled eggs

Eggs are rich in protein, fat, calcium, iron, vitamins and other nutrients Substance is a very popular food on the table. Therefore, parents will also use it when preparing breakfast. However, many people like to eat soft-boiled eggs. They feel that it tastes very good, but they don’t know that it is not. Boiled eggs are easy to bring harm to the baby. 

This is because the protein in the egg contains antibiotic protein and anti-insulin protease, which will affect the body’s absorption of protein. In addition, in the immature egg, the hen’s ovary may enter the egg directly. If the bacteria in the bacteria are not fully matured by high temperature, it will not only affect the child’s absorption of protein, but may even cause sepsis and endanger life and health. 

2. Pickles

On the breakfast table in China, there is also a very common combination, that is white porridge with pickles. A bowl of porridge in the morning really feels very good. But pickles are not suitable for children to eat, and it is easy to cause harm to their health. 

This is because pickles contain a lot of salt. For children whose spleen, stomach and kidneys have not yet developed, it is easy to increase the burden on the kidneys and cause damage to the spleen and stomach. In addition, during the pickling process, a large amount of nitrite will be produced. It is a kind of carcinogen, long-term consumption, the damage to the baby will be irreversible. 

3. Fast food

In this fast-paced era, in order to save some time, people will prepare some fast food at home, such as quick-frozen dumplings and instant noodles, which are very convenient to make However, these foods that can be stored for a long time have some chemical agents and preservatives added to them, which may not have much effect if eaten in a short period of time, but if they are eaten for a long time, the harm to the body will gradually become prominent. 

Which breakfast is better Nutritious? 

1, cereals

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As breakfast, you still need to eat some staple foods, such as rice, noodles, miscellaneous grains, etc., which mainly provide the human body with protein, carbohydrates, and dietary fiber. You can eat a variety of cereals together. 

2. Fresh fruits and vegetables

Parents should try to buy fresh fruits and vegetables when choosing fruits and vegetables, so that they are more nutritious and can choose a variety of dark fruits and vegetables. Richer, mainly to provide vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, etc. to the human body. 

3. Milk and bean foods

These foods are rich in high-quality protein, calcium, vitamins, etc., which can meet the needs of the human body for a day. It is recommended to drink 250 to 500 grams of fresh milk and 50 to 100 grams of legumes a day. 

Further reading: “Natural Eye Care” children often eat it to promote vision development

With the popularization of electronic products, people nowadays are more and more inseparable. Even a few-year-old children have begun to come into contact with electronic products, such as mobile phones, computers, LCD TVs, etc. Great damage to the baby’s eyesight. 

In addition to controlling the time when children eat electronic products, using their eyes correctly and protecting their eyesight, parents also need to pay more attention to their diet. 

There is a kind of food called “natural eye protection”, that is the most common green peas, because it is rich in pro-vitamin A, it can be absorbed by the body and converted into vitamin A , Can promote the regeneration of rhodopsin on the retina of the body, can effectively prevent and improve myopia, and have a protective effect on vision. 

Therefore, regardless of the child’s vision, eating green peas can effectively prevent and improve it. 

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