Why is the queuing time for pediatric clinics long? The doctor gave an explanation, there is a reason parents have to reflect

Why is the queuing time for pediatric clinics long? The doctor gave an explanation. There is a reason why parents have to reflect.

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou


Children’s resistance is poor. It is a very common thing to get sick, but every time you go to the hospital to see a doctor, you have to wait in a long line. In many cases, it may delay your child’s treatment. This is for many parents. It is unbearable. 

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Many parents may have questions. There are so many pediatricians, why can’t we increase some doctor positions? 

The current situation of pediatricians

The survey shows that pediatricians account for only a quarter of the more than 2 million practicing physicians in the country, but in the total population of my country, The proportion of children also accounts for nearly a quarter. This serious gap causes a serious imbalance between pediatricians and children. 

Some pediatrics The doctor’s confession made people heartache:

“I dealt with a child a few days ago and gave him an infusion, but the child was unwell and waited for too long, so he kept crying and refused to be quiet. It was also very difficult to get the needle. The first shot was missed by him, and he didn’t get it in. The child’s parent turned around and gave me a slap. Although it was painful and sad, I still had to stick to my position and be responsible for the health of the child. “

“I have been working in the pediatrics department for more than a year, and basically did not take much rest. It is common to work overtime until late at night. Not only do I have no time to eat every day, but even drinking water has become a luxury.”

“Pediatricians not only need to be a general practitioner, but they also need to have enough patience to deal with bear children. Most of them can’t describe their state, and can only see their doctors based on their experience and what they can see. “


Just looking at the text can feel the sadness of the pediatrician, so why does this happen? 

It stands to reason that the pediatrician is here The scarcity of a formally organized iron rice bowl job is really surprising. However, this situation is no longer a day or two, but a problem that has been accumulated for a long time–

1) Doctor-patient contradiction< /p>

Usually, pediatricians deal with not only the patient, but the child’s parents. Parents are most concerned about the child’s health. Therefore, if the doctor makes a little mistake or the diagnosis is too slow or accurate, the parents will It’s hard to tolerate, and it’s easy to argue with the doctor. 

In this way, the pediatrician will naturally bear other pressures from outside the consultation, which is indeed a headache for the doctor. Some incidents of “insulting doctors” and “beating doctors” have emerged one after another, causing medical students to reject this department. 

For this reason, parents have to reflect on it. 

2) Difficulty in medical treatment< /p>

Doctors in other departments can use the patient’s description of their own feelings as one of the basis for their own consultation, but pediatrics cannot. Because children’s expression skills are not as good as adults, doctors mostly need to rely on the examination results Judging from the experience of seeing a doctor, this will undoubtedly increase the difficulty. 

3) Heavy tasks


Doctors themselves are a very hard and busy profession, especially for pediatricians. Because the number of children in our country is huge, but the number of pediatricians is very small, the ratio is seriously unbalanced. 

So for pediatricians, a doctor needs to bear more patients, which is a lot of pressure and a very heavy task. 

4) The treatment is not high< /p>

Doctors’ income mainly comes from basic salary, department bonuses and some drug commissions. In terms of medication, the amount of medication used by children needs to be more precise, and it will be significantly lower than that of adults. In this regard, the consumables will be significantly lower than that of adults, and the children will need to do fewer checks, which will lead to the pediatrician The overall income is low. 

Change the status quo of pediatricians, starting from ourselves

Respect the way doctors see a consultation

First of all, we should respect doctors. In many cases, respecting others is also respecting ourselves. When parents respect the doctor, the doctor will naturally be more serious and relaxed in the process of seeing the child. 

At the same time, parents should believe that as a doctor with relevant qualification certificates, they must be more professional than themselves, so they must not say much, do not urge, and wait for the results when the doctor sees. 

After the results come out, parents should actively accept the results. Whether it is good or bad, follow the instructions and cooperate with the doctor’s treatment. 

Refuse to be emotional

In the process of seeing a doctor, many parents may be anxious because their child is sick, so they will keep asking the doctor, which seriously interferes with the doctor’s order of treatment. 

Such behavior not only fails to speed up the doctor’s diagnosis, but also delays the progress of oneself and others. Therefore, in the process of seeing a doctor, parents must pay attention to control their own emotions, and do not be arrogant. 

[Speaking of thoughtful words]

Baby is the focus of every family. Many parents find it difficult to maintain their sense of reason when dealing with their children, but it’s the matter of seeing a doctor. Parents The correct attitude must be taken, otherwise it may aggravate the imbalance of the doctor-patient ratio.  “New Wave Pension” is on fire, several The advantage is really touching, I hope you can live out your style in the future

According to survey statistics, the number of elderly people in China is showing an upward trend, and the number is expected to reach 300 million in 2025. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

Respecting the elderly is a fine tradition of the Chinese nation, and providing for the elderly It is the obligation of every child, but now the younger generation mostly lives and works outside, and has almost no time to accompany the elderly. There are more and more “empty nest elderly”. At this time, elderly care becomes a problem for every family. 

If you choose to go to a nursing home, it will look a little bleak, but it may be a drag with your children, and even drag them down. 

In order to avoid the occurrence of such things, a “new-wave pension” method is now extended. 

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The “new trendy elderly care” method for the elderly, netizens: Live like this when you are old.

In recent years, the popular elderly care method is group elderly care, which means that the elderly choose people who have the same hobbies and interests together. Living in a big house, holding a group to start the old-age care way, so that you can read, chat, entertain, exercise, etc., and this kind of life will no longer feel lonely. Even without the company of children, you can live an old age. It has to be delicious. 

This old-age care method is gradually being loved and accepted by more and more people. Netizens also expressed their opinions on this old-age care method:

@小地方: This kind of old-age care The way I think is quite good, not only is I happy, but also does not cause trouble for my children. 

@喵喵喵: This kind of pension should become a new trend for our younger generation. 

@Different world: The new wave of old-age care is really different, I just live like this when I get old. 

It seems that many people are yearning for this trendy way of old-age care. After all, after having worked all their lives, they still hope to be able to spend their old age happily and without any worries. 

“New Wave Pension “Benefits of the way

1. Life is interesting

In the old age, the elderly want to spend their lives in a lively life, and don’t want to stay old alone by guarding the cold house. If they can be with some people with similar interests Living together, doing something you like, and then you can chat, entertain, and drink tea together. When you need help, you can also help each other. This kind of old life is still very rich. 

2. Less contradictions

Because of the group for the elderly, a group of like-minded elderly people gather together. This avoids the friction of living with their children and can effectively avoid conflicts. 

I will be more free in life and be able to do things I like together every day. Why not do it. 

3. Don’t trouble your children

Nowadays, the younger generation is mostly busy with work, living in a space with three bedrooms and one living room, so living with the elderly will have a lot of inconvenience For the sake of their children, the elderly will be more willing to choose the “fashionable old-age care” method if they do not want to cause trouble for their children. 

Further reading: Ways to provide for the elderly in various countries

1. Italy: Residential elderly care

Most elderly people in Italy like outdoor activities, so in their later years they want to look around and enjoy the time after retirement through travel. Some elderly people will It’s still very pleasant to drive an RV with my wife or meet a few friends, travel around, see the scenery along the way, and taste delicious food. 

2. Canada: Return to pastoral life

Many elderly people in Canada will choose to spend their old age in the pastoral, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, so that they can not only enjoy The air in the countryside is fresh, laid-back and quiet, and you can grow some fruits and vegetables you love, which is also unique. 

3. Germany: cohabitation pension

The cohabitation pension in Germany is similar to the group pension. A group of elderly people live together in a large room. They usually have their own space for practice, living, etc. on weekends. , There will be a group activity, or dinner together. 

If someone is ill, they will help each other and live a cohabitation-style old-age life together, helping each other, both have their own personal life and lively. 

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