Why is the mother at home and the baby is not behaved? Mom, don’t worry, the reason behind it is kind of heartwarming

Why is the mother at home and the baby is not behaved? Mom, don’t worry, the reason behind it is a bit heartwarming

I remember one time when I worked overtime at home, the little guy always deliberately “passed” by me, either saying he was hungry, or asking me to give it to her Tell stories and play with her

Because the children at home are constantly interrupting, the work cannot go smoothly at all, so I can only blast this “little tail” out of the room. 

Later, while coaxing the child to sleep, my daughter pouted and said to me: “Mom, I actually don’t want to make you angry, or I want you to accompany me more.” Hearing the child say that, Don’t mention how uncomfortable it is in my heart. 

But I found that this “small The situation where children see their mother and cry if nothing happens” seems to have happened in many families. 

Because my girlfriend also complained to me that in the eyes of my grandmother, he was a very sensible and well-behaved son, but when he got into his own hands, he was like a different person. The child not only behaved badly at all, but also always Get into trouble at home. 

Either throwing toys all over the house, or making funny faces. I have learned to go to the toilet by myself tomorrow morning, but I still need my mother to accompany him to wash clothes, cook, and clean the house. With that, it’s like a “gummy” that can’t be taken off. 

Faced with the child’s independence and unbehaved, my girlfriends are also very anxious. 

Why does the baby become bad when the mother is at home? 

In fact, this situation is more common for some working mothers. At this time, the mothers can’t help asking, what’s wrong with the child? 

In fact, this behavior is a necessary process for babies to grow up, especially for babies before 3 years old, so don’t worry. 

① Repeatedly confirm whether the mother is by your side by crying and crying

Some children are “unbehaved” in the form of sticking to their mothers, while some children are “unbehaved” in the form of sticking to their mothers. Becomes crying or deliberately messing around. 

Actually, children use this method only to confirm whether their mother is by their side, and they will repeatedly cry for repeated confirmation, so as to attract their mother’s attention. 

② Mom is the “safe haven” in the heart of children

Besides, children behave badly in front of their mothers because they love or trust their mothers most. 

When children face other parents, they feel wronged in their hearts. They may feel depressed and dare not let them go, but when facing their mothers, they often show the most true and relaxed self , Regards her mother as her own “safe haven”, so the reason behind this is still a bit heartwarming. 

③ Many emotions only dare to vent with their mothers

When children face an unfamiliar environment, they will be more so. Such emotions as timidity, loneliness, tension, anxiety, etc., they will not, They don’t dare to vent to strangers. At this time, they can only ask for help from familiar people. 

So when the mother is around, they will Vent your emotions to your mother through some special behaviors, such as being particularly attached to her mother. 

When facing this kind of “sticky baby”, parents should master special communication skills.

Security is especially important for children. When the child appears “sticky”, the mother must pass the correct The way of guidance is to help children overcome difficulties and build self-confidence. 

First of all, the language should be based on positive encouragement.

If the mother judges that the child behaves badly for the reasons mentioned above, the mother must first give the child language encouragement And support, remember to criticize and accuse the child, let alone verbal attack the child. 

Secondly, tell them clearly that I am here

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When a child needs a mother, the mother cannot ignore the child in the name of exercising the child, let alone push the child away rudely. 

It is necessary to clearly tell the child that the mother is here, and give the child a big hug at the right time. 

Finally, when you leave, you must make clear or make an agreement with your child.

A careful mother will find that the reason why the child has this situation is often due to their lack of security. Therefore, it is even more necessary for parents to give their children more deterministic responses. 

Therefore, when parents are leaving, it is recommended to tell their children where and what to do, and to agree on a time to return. Over time, the children will naturally understand that the parents are leaving temporarily. Japanese wives and husbands quarreled and made “revenge bento”. Netizens: You know how to get angry when you read the food.

Bento culture is an extremely important part of Japanese life culture. It is used in Japanese dramas, movies, anime and other Japanese art and culture. In the works, we can often see it. 

Art comes from life, and the same is true for bento in real life-carefully prepared by the housewife early in the morning, so that the children and husbands will take them to school or work. 

No matter which country the housewife lives in It is not easy to exist, and Japanese housewives are notorious for their abilities. They have to get up early in the morning to make lunches, make breakfast, and call for their children and husbands to get up. In order to have enough time in the morning, some housewives will get up at 5 or 6 o’clock to make preparations. 

For Japanese housewives, do An exquisite bento is also the best way to show love to your family. Of course, for the husband, whether the lunch is delicious and rich or not depends entirely on the wife’s mood. Just think about it, if you had a quarrel with your husband the night before, who would be in the mood to help her husband prepare an exquisite bento early in the morning? 

Since there is a “love bento”, then there will be a “revenge bento”. As a result, you can often see a lot of sharing from husbands on Twitter, and the “revenge bento” received from wives the day after a quarrel. 

For example, a married man, Received a “mental attack” from his wife. For example, using seaweed to pinch a cockroach out, and when the lunch box was opened, the party was scared; or when the lunch box was opened, the word “scum” placed on the rice softened the stomach. 

This situation is not difficult to predict, after all Who would cook seriously for someone who made him angry the night before? Since lunch is for wives, it is “a message to the family.” 

So, according to the exquisiteness or roughness of the bento, men can feel how their wives are feeling that day. For example, the fewer dishes, the more angry the wife is; the simpler the food, the more irritable the wife is. 

In short, the wives who are in the mood will never be merciful to the other half who offends them. 

Interesting little stories about “Revenge Bento” are constantly changing year after year, and the articles are novel. After all, between husband and wife, there are always big quarrels and small quarrels, but the days are still going to go on. The quarrel between husband and wife is originally the bedside quarrel. If you vent your anger with a “revenge lunch” like this, it would be much better than the long cold war. 

What are the general reasons for couples quarreling? 

1. Communication

According to the survey, the most likely cause of conflict between husband and wife is that one of the husband and wife speaks strangely and rudely in daily communication, which can easily cause a problem. Waves quarreling. There are also conflicts between the husband and wife about their attitudes towards housekeeping and cleaning, etc., which can also cause quarrels between the two parties. 

2. Materially

Financial issues in the family can also cause quarrels. For example, the husband’s salary has been issued but not reported to the wife; the wife’s management of living expenses is huge and detailed Unclear; and money issues such as too much or too little pocket money for children may be the subject of the next quarrel. 

How do couples get along in harmony? 

1. Introspect oneself

When both spouses face their own negative emotions, they should first see themselves. Specifically, it is to first admit that you have negative emotions and not to ignore your own inner feelings in order to please the other party; and admit that the cause of this negative emotion comes from yourself, rather than passing it on to the other party to blame the other party. 

2, empathy

After the husband and wife have calmed down after reflecting on themselves, they can try their best to feel each other’s emotions, such as repeating and describing each other’s feelings in a gentle and quick manner, and the other person will very likely gradually open up and communicate with the other party. Communicative. 

3. Communicate with the same frequency

Disputes between husbands and wives often fall into situations where the wife complains emotionally and the husband is rationally reasonable. In fact, the wife’s complaint is just to get emotional resonance with her husband, and the husband’s reasoning is nothing more than to make the wife out of her own emotions. In fact, only when both parties understand each other can resonance at the same frequency be achieved.

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