Why is the most painful in childbirth not when the child shows up? Compared with these 3 stages, it is far worse

Why is the most painful in childbirth not when the child shows up? Compared with these three stages, it is far behind

Female friends know that the biggest feature of a normal childbirth is pain. From the first stage of labor until the end of the childbirth, the whole process is very difficult, but so many Pregnant mothers have endured it, and it can be seen that the maternal love is great, just like the saying, “For mothers, you are strong.” 

Many people’s understanding of the pain of natural childbirth is mostly at the stage of childbirth, because most of them have not simply passed the whole process of giving birth with their own eyes. Basically, they can only judge from the TV camera. For a moment, the doctor of the General Assembly shouted to the side, “I see my head, work harder.” 

As soon as the words of the doctor on TV fell, the mother yelled very violently, and the child was born within a short time. Therefore, this kind of lens has caused many people to mistakenly believe that the mother is the most painful at the stage of “child appearance”, but is this really the case? Listen to what the moms are saying. 

When Bao Ma was alive, the doctor told me that I was about to see my head, but I really didn’t think it was the most painful, because my energy was focused on exerting strength at that time. I just want to give birth quickly, so most of the pain in the expression is because of the twisted face and force. I think the most painful thing is the contraction. The feeling is too strong, especially in the later stage. 

The most painful thing about Baoma 2 is not when the child “shows his head”. I think it hurts too much earlier than that. As long as the child shows his head, it is almost over. 

In fact, many mothers believe that the child’s head is not the most painful at the level of appearance. This is mainly because the child’s head accounts for the largest proportion. Generally, as long as the head comes out, it means It’s about to end soon. 

Compared to these three stages, “outcrops” The stage is really nothing.

1. After the opening of the palace mouth to 5 fingers

Every mother who has experienced it knows that when the childbirth comes, it starts from the first stage of labor, and the first The birth process is the opening of the palace mouth. The whole process of opening the uterine mouth is from slow to fast, irregular to regular, weak pain to severe pain. 

Therefore, after the uterus is opened to 5 fingers, the pain will become very obvious, and the distance between the contractions will become shorter and shorter. At this time, the attention of the puerpera is not like in labor. It’s good to keep thinking about giving birth to the bed like that, but to focus on the pain. 

Psychologically, this phenomenon is called “perceptual pain”, and often when people pay attention to pain, they may not have much pain originally, but after neuroperception and psychological effects Later, the pain will be magnified many times by one’s own perception, which is one of the reasons why many pregnant women feel that the second half of the contraction is very painful. 

2. The fetal head is about to come out and can’t come out

Another stage that makes the mother feel painful and difficult to endure is that the baby’s head is about to come out, but it just can’t come out. At this time, the fetus As the baby advances and retreats in the maternal birth canal, this process will make the mother very painful. 

Especially after the parturient has exerted strength, the fetus cannot come out, so she relaxes and rests for a while. At this time, the whole body is in a relaxed state, and she will have a greater sense of pain. 

When the fetus was clenching the teeth again, the fetus was about to rush out of the birth canal. At this time, different degrees of injury and tearing occurred in the birth canal, and part of the pain came from this. 

3. Peel the placenta by hand

Some parturient women who have given birth do not have the placenta delivered together after the child is born, so the doctor will reach into the mother’s genital area with bare hands. Then the placenta is removed from the uterine wall. 

If the placenta is about to separate, the mother will not feel much pain. But on the contrary, if the placenta still adheres to the uterine wall, the doctor will abruptly peel it off, and this process is equivalent to removing a piece of meat from the uterine wall without anesthesia. 

In addition, the parturient woman is extremely tired at this time, the whole body is in a relaxed state, and is also extremely sensitive to pain. Sudden peeling at this time will bring great pain to the parturient. 

Many parturients said afterwards, “I didn’t feel this pain when I gave birth. The placenta stripping made me feel so painful.”

It can be seen that the pain of having a childbirth. There are still many. At this time, some pregnant mothers will be scared and feel that it is better to choose C-section. In fact, C-section is not completely painless. The most important pain occurs after delivery. 

Especially after a cesarean section, there is a wound in the abdomen, and whether it is a normal or a cesarean section, the stomach is pressed after the operation. There are also many mothers who treat stomach pressure as a nightmare worse than childbirth, and the pain is really unbearable. 

Imagine the pain in the lower abdomen of a Caesarean section. At this time, pressure is added to the stomach. Isn’t it more painful? So no matter what kind of delivery method, it is the same, but one process is more painful, and the other is more painful afterwards. 

But don’t worry too much about pregnant mothers. After all, so many pregnant mothers have survived. Although they have said that it is really painful, they also said, “When I think of children, I think it’s worth it. You can stand it, and it doesn’t matter no matter how painful it is.” There is a “reverse inheritance” called Lu Yan’s son. His mother is a top ugly model, but his son is so handsome.

, Most parents will also have a good appearance, because genetic inheritance is the main factor in determining appearance. But there are also cases where the child is beautiful but the parents are ugly. This is “reverse inheritance.” 

Of course, beautiful parents and ugly children is also a reverse inheritance, but everyone does not want it. 

Lv Yan, a well-known Chinese model abroad, and her mixed-race son are a typical reverse inheritance. According to the Chinese aesthetics, Lu Yan is not good-looking from any angle, or even a little ugly. 

However, the mixed-race son she gave birth to with her white husband is very beautiful and was rated as “handsome” by netizens. 

Interestingly, Lu Yan’s son also inherited his mother’s iconic nose bridge, but it did not affect his overall appearance in the slightest. 

However, Lu Yan is only considered ugly in the eyes of some Chinese. When she is abroad, she is actually a beautiful temperament. 

That’s why she became well-known in the Western modeling field, and has almost become the most well-known Chinese model in the Western world. 

The appearance of her son is in line with the Chinese aesthetics. The mother and son take everything at home and abroad, making them the biggest winners. 

It is rare in reality that mothers are ugly and children are beautiful. Reverse inheritance is a small probability event after all. However, if the scope is concentrated in yellow and white hybrids, the probability of occurrence will be much higher. 

And Lu Yan’s son happens to be a yellow-white mixed-race. Therefore, it seems not so strange for Lu Yan to give birth to a handsome son. 

Why are mixed-race children beautiful Most of them? These advantages cannot be ignored.

1. The yellow-white hybrid is naturally in line with the Chinese aesthetics

The yellow-white hybrid looks similar to the Eurasian race, and the Eurasian race has always been famous for being handsome and beautiful. . 

For example, in the Xinjiang region of our country, beautiful women like Di Lieba can be said to be everywhere. 

Based on this bonus, as long as they are yellow and white, they will naturally conform to the Chinese aesthetics, and small defects in the five senses will be automatically ignored. 

For example, Lu Yan’s son inherited from her collapsed nose, and there is no sense of disobedience in him. 

2. The genetic relationship is far away, and the “hybrid advantage” is obvious

Biologically, there is the concept of “hybrid advantage”, and the yellow and white hybrids fit this point. Because their parents belong to different races and are closely related to each other, some recessive genes are difficult to inherit. 

Many of the genes that make looks ugly are precisely recessive genes. Therefore, the mixed blood allows these children to avoid many bad genetic inheritance, and the appearance value will naturally not be low. 

3. The addition of exotic customs

The appearance of yellow and white mixed races is between the yellow race and the white race. If they are mixed in the yellow race, they will naturally have a kind of “exotic style”, and it will be more even if they walk on the street. Easily noticeable. 

The addition of this exotic style will also increase the appearance of mixed-race children to a certain extent. 

Of course, not all yellow-and-white mixed-race children are good-looking. For example, Wendi Deng and Murdoch’s children are not very pleasing in appearance, and Wendi Deng is not in line with Chinese aesthetics. , But at least it’s more resistant than Lu Yan. 

Gene inheritance is random, so the appearance of children will also show various surprises, which may be unexpected surprises, or they may be unexpectedly ugly. 

compared to looks , Parents should pay more attention to these aspects of their children

personality and morality

In interpersonal interactions, appearance is just a stepping stone. It is his morality that really determines the outcome, so parents should pay more attention to it. The child’s moral cultivation has cultivated him into a positive and noble person. 

Appearance is greatly influenced by congenital heredity. This part cannot be changed, but morality can be improved. This can be regarded as a window opened by the heavens for the “face and ugly” people. 


In today’s society, the key factors that determine a person’s success are not only the background, but also the individual’s ability and quality. 

Like face value, a person’s background cannot be changed by nature, so improving ability and quality is the only feasible way. 

Parents should strengthen the quality training of their children from an early age to help them master various abilities. Even if these abilities are temporarily unused, they will eventually be useful when the children grow up. 

Dress up and wear

Children with ordinary looks can also enhance their image through proper dressing and matching. But the children’s aesthetics is not mature yet, and they don’t have good clothes. Therefore, when it comes to dressing up, parents still need to be at the helm. 

Parents can choose suitable outfits for their children according to their age, gender, personality, body shape and appearance. As long as they keep trying, it is not difficult to find a suitable outfit for their children. 

Now is the age of looking at faces. People with good looks have more opportunities. Although “reverse inheritance” exists, forward inheritance is still the mainstream. 

So when choosing a spouse, most people pay much attention to the beauty of the other person. This is not only to meet their own experience needs, but also to lay a good foundation for their children. 

Of course, as we said above, the value of appearance does not determine everything. Moral character, ability and quality, and dressing are also very important.

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