Why is the baby happy when being hugged, and crying as soon as he put it down? Parents need to figure out these reasons

Why is the baby happy when being hugged, and crying as soon as he put it down? Parents need to be clear about these reasons

Bringing a baby is hard work, especially taking care of younger children, because this means that parents should not only take care of their children’s diet and sleep, but also usually Be vigilant at all times. After all, the little baby does not have too much awareness of danger. Maybe one of the parents is not paying attention, and the little guy will be injured. 

However, some parents are busy with work or doing housework on weekdays, and it is inevitable that there will be times when they need to be shared by others. If the elderly are helping, it may not be a problem because of their experience, but if inexperienced relatives are allowed to bring the baby, then there will definitely be a lot of jokes. 

How wild is the way the uncle leads the baby? 

Xiao Zhang is very busy at work on weekdays, and sometimes he needs to do some unfinished reports and other tasks when he goes home at night. 

It turned out that when she was busy, her mother-in-law was always bringing the baby, but during this time her mother-in-law was not in good health, so she went back to her home to rest, so helpless Xiao Zhang had to take care of the baby. Entrusted to the child’s younger uncle, I hope he can help take care of the child. 

But the problem is that the younger uncle is only older, but also at the age of play, thinking that as long as the baby is not allowed to come into contact with dangerous objects. 

No, my uncle is playing a game once My niece was watching by my uncle out of curiosity. Later, my uncle felt that this kid in the family was a bit of a hindrance, so he wondered how to let him play the game quietly. 

So this “ghost with a baby” went online, I saw my uncle came up with a coup to “seal” the niece in order to play the game, he hung the child on the door with an oversized plastic bag , But who knows that the little niece is not crying at all, watching her uncle is still smiling, especially cute. 

Wait for Baoma to take a look Suddenly he was angry and funny. He laughed and said, “You treat your niece like this?” There are some problems with my uncle’s approach.

The photo was posted on the Internet, and many netizens also think this picture is really true. It’s hilarious, but when I think about it, I actually found a lot of problems. 

On the one hand, the child is only a simple plastic bag. Although it is only two or three centimeters away from the ground, if it is not strong, the child will easily knock when it falls. 

On the other hand, the baby’s head is off The door handle is too close. If someone opens the door and the uncle doesn’t pay attention, it’s easy to knock on the child’s head. After all, safety is the most important thing when bringing a baby. 

Why is there always various “unexpected situations” when the uncle or aunt brings a baby

We will find that if the aunt or uncle is allowed to bring a baby, there will be a lot of jokes, and the reasons behind it are nothing more than the following. A few points:

01. Lack of experience in caring for children

For caring for children, experience is very important. 

Some novice mothers will be in a hurry when taking care of their children, let alone the younger uncle or aunt, who have no experience in taking care of children at all, so some minor situations are inevitable. 

02. At a young age, I am still a child

For the younger aunt or the younger uncle who brought a baby, in fact, they are all children who have not grown up. They are not mature thinking about certain things. Then under the premise of this kind of thinking, let It is conceivable that a child with another child will surely make some jokes. 

03. There is no need to take on the important task of education, and playing with children will not take much into account

In the hearts of the younger uncles or aunts, letting them take care of the doll is actually playing with the children. They don’t realize the responsibility at all, and they don’t think they have to take on the responsibility of education. , So I will forget about it and have fun with the child. Even if it’s a minor situation, I don’t take it seriously. 

Although uncles and aunts may seem to be in trouble with their babies, in fact, looking at the problem from another angle, there are certain advantages. 

It is also good for uncles and aunts to bring babies.

1) Encourage children to be exposed to new things

Children’s thinking is more active than adults, and they are also very sensitive to new things, so let them come With children, what they convey to the baby is also something new, which will give them more encouragement. 

2) The child has no pressure to get along with it


As children, there is no pressure to get along between Little Treasure and the older children, which will make them more relaxed and play more happily. 

3) Similar ways of thinking make communication easier

Children’s thinking is far incomparable to adults, so if children get along, their way of thinking will be very different Similar, it is very convenient to communicate with each other, and they are more willing to get along with each other. Learn to be a “chicken”, manage yourself by eating a lot of rice, and improve yourself so easy

Nowadays, many women have their own jobs. After giving birth, many mothers quit their jobs and bring their babies at home, but At the same time, many mothers still want to improve themselves when they bring their babies. This is almost every mother’s idea. 

If I said that we actually have time to improve ourselves while bringing the baby, maybe many mothers will say that I have to take care of the baby every day. What do you do? You have experienced this. ? In fact, I am also a mother and a mother who is struggling to take exams. 

Is it really impossible to have both fish and bear paw? I think it’s okay. We exclude the time for taking care of the children, and it’s my own rest time. When the child rests, we can usually rest in bed, play, swipe the phone, and spit out life with friends on WeChat. In fact, this time can be used to enrich and improve yourself. It is really difficult for many mothers to keep on with the baby and improve themselves. 

So what I want to tell my mothers is:

    Break thinking: change your thinking, give yourself a reasonable time, make a small plan, self-encouragement: don’t care what others think You, say you, beat you up. Find what you are good at: See what you are good at and what you are good at, and then develop yourself here. 360 rows, the best. 

How to correctly choose the self-improvement method


When you become a mother, you will find that your life has undergone tremendous changes. Your time and goals are all disrupted by the child, especially when the time is arranged by the child, there is not much left, and the child will encroach on it. Your sleep will encroach on your energy. It makes you unable to arrange yourself properly, and there is really very little space that can be used to improve yourself. If our direction is too mixed and we want to determine the goal, it will be difficult for us to stick to it after all. 

First set yourself a small goal, let Learn to persevere by yourself. For example, every mother who loves beauty and figure will set a goal for you to lose weight. The goal you set for yourself is to lose 5 pounds a month, and you will work hard to lose weight every day. , I hope you can lose weight as soon as possible, but if you persist for half a month and you find that you haven’t lost a pound, you will reflect on whether you have a wrong plan, eating or eating, or saying that your exercise is wrong. We will find a way to solve the problem ourselves. This is what we call the process of planning-decision-reflection-resolution-realization. 

Learn to be a “chicken” and eat more than one rice

We have to manage our time in fragments. For example, when our children sleep, we can use them to improve ourselves, read a book , Research and improve yourself. Excluding the time for nap, we can enrich ourselves and expand the time to a reasonable maximum. 

Many mothers will question me. If I can be so free, I won’t be a full-time mother. When my children sleep, I have to do housework, cook rice and vegetables, wash clothes, clean, and I’m busy every day. Where can I have time to improve myself? I’m tired of bringing a baby, but I don’t agree with this. Life is suffering from suffering. To put it simply, cleaning is not just for cleanliness? Isn’t the level of cleanliness defined by yourself? We can concentrate all the housework in one place. Why do we have to keep the baby busy as soon as he rests? The clothes we really want to improve are completely washable by the washing machine. For cooking, we can cook more at noon, and eat as soon as it is heated at night, so that we can eat it in a day. 

There are many things that can involve your husband. If you do it with you, the child belongs to you and your husband. Learn to live like bargaining. If you can concentrate on doing it together, you can concentrate on doing it. This saves a lot of time. 

Don’t raise your baby in a widowed manner, think that the baby is your own. You have to do everything yourself. The child is yours and your husband learns to divide the work and cooperate. For example: breast milk, no one can contract your work, change diapers Ah, when you feed the milk powder, you can do it with your husband.

Learn to trust your teammates on the way to raising a baby

Every time our husband wants to help take care of the baby, we must learn to trust Dad and don’t think about her husband. No, everyone never comes to the meeting. Everyone learns to take care of the baby slowly. Taking care of the baby will only damage the baby. But the father is also a very important role in the baby’s life. Mothers have their own characteristics. 

We must learn to trust our father. Although the father is rougher, he can teach the baby the advantages that his mother does not have, which is conducive to parent-child interaction. We must learn to trust our teammates so that we have time.

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