Why is it easier to have a second child than a first child? There are many reasons, this one makes people “blush”

Why is it easier to have a second child than a first child? There are many reasons for this, which makes people “blush”

Many mothers think that giving birth to a second child is faster than giving birth to the first child. In fact, women who have undergone birth also give birth to It is indeed more relaxed than the primipara. So it’s the same to have a baby, why is it easier for a postpartum woman than a primiparous woman? This is not the psychological effect of the postpartum women, but is based on facts. 

Mother Bao shared her experience when she gave birth to Xiaobao to her girlfriends, and she said frankly that she gave birth to a lot of second-born babies.

Linglong is a second-born mother, she couldn’t help sharing it with her girlfriends in confinement. Some experiences when I gave birth to a second child. Linglong said frankly, “The second child is really good!” Because of the experience of giving birth to the first child, Linglong was ready to give birth for more than ten hours, but what she didn’t expect was that she had about six hours before and after. You gave birth smoothly! “It seems that Xiaobao really repays his gratitude. When Dabao was born, I really felt that I had to put my life on the delivery bed. It took 15 hours for the little guy to come out! Although Sheng Xiaobao also hurts, But the key is that the time is short and the childbirth is fast!” When it came to this, Linglong couldn’t help but kiss the little baby in her arms. “I knew that I had a second child earlier. I was afraid of having a baby at the beginning. It took two or three years to dare to ask!”

“At that time, there was another parturient in the delivery room who was also a postpartum. She gave birth faster than me, about five hours before and after! It seems that giving birth to a second child is better than giving birth to a first child. It’s simpler. Unfortunately, I thought I had to live for more than ten hours, and the food and water that I had prepared hadn’t had time to eat!” After hearing Linglong’s words, my girlfriend also had some heartbeats, “I was born smoothly at the beginning. From day to night, it’s really uncomfortable to think about it now! If it is so easy to have a second child, then I would like to try it too!” In fact, most mothers who have had a second child experience this feeling. , I feel that having a second child is easier than having a first child. Even from the perspective of the time of labor, the time to have a second child is indeed shorter than that of the first child. 

Why is Mommy Is giving birth to a second child faster than giving birth to a first child? 

Generally speaking, it takes more than ten hours for a primipara to give birth to a first child, but it takes only seven or eight hours for a postpartum woman to give birth to a second child. And this is mainly because when the mother gave birth to the second child, because of the experience of giving birth to the first child, the mother opened the uterine mouth faster during delivery, which shortened the time of labor to a certain extent. At the same time, the cervix of the postpartum women will be relatively looser, and the maturity of the cervix will be better, so the difficulty coefficient of the fetus in delivery will be reduced. At the same time, for women who have experienced childbirth, their pelvic floor muscles and ligaments will be affected to a certain extent due to childbirth, for example, ligaments become loose. 

In addition, because the birth canal of the puerpera is more slack, the resistance produced during the fetus delivery is smaller, which makes the fetus squeeze weaker, so it makes the fetus’s head and body easier to pass through the birth canal. Give birth smoothly. At the same time, the delivery time of parturients is short, which makes them more productive during childbirth, especially after entering the second stage of labor, the more productive women will give birth faster. It can be seen that when giving birth to a second child, the mothers do have more “suitable” physical conditions for childbirth. But although the delivery time for second-born women is short, the labor pains they have to endure are more painful than primiparous women. 

Why the second child Do women feel more painful when they give birth to a second child? 

Because the entire labor process takes a short time and the labor process proceeds faster, so during the entire process, the maternal contractions are more intense, which also makes the women feel more intense contractions. Frequent contractions can make second-born women feel more painful than when they gave birth to their first child. After childbirth, women need stronger uterine contractions to help the uterus return to its original state. Compared with primiparous women, it is more difficult for menstrual women to recover during the uterine contraction, which also makes the uterine contraction more difficult. Big. At the same time, during postpartum breastfeeding, the secretion of oxytocin in the parturient woman will also aggravate uterine contractions, and this stimulating response will be more obvious in the postpartum woman. 

In addition, the age of mothers has increased when they give birth to their second child, which also makes their tolerance for pain relatively weaker. Some second-born women have even passed the fertile age, which also makes them more sensitive to pain and feel more painful during the delivery process. All in all, as a postpartum woman, the labor process proceeds faster during childbirth, and the pain of childbirth is also more intense. Therefore, for women who have undergone births, their families should also take care of them, and they should not neglect this because they have had childbirth experience. The presence of these 4 signals in children indicates that they have entered the golden period of development and how long they can seize the opportunity is 5 cm.

When the children are in the growth and development period, their height will change significantly. If the parents can During this period, give the child appropriate assistance, so I believe that the child’s height development must not be a problem, and it is not difficult to grow taller. Although the height of a child is closely related to heredity, if the acquired stimulation is in place, then I believe that the child can also achieve a counterattack of height. 

the child yells The leg hurts. Bao’s mother thinks that the child lacks calcium. The doctor said that this is because the child is growing up

During this period, Xiaoqiang always yells for leg pain, which makes Xiaoqiang’s mother feel a little worried. Xiaoqiang’s mother checked the Internet and found that some netizens said that the child’s leg pain was due to calcium deficiency, so Xiaoqiang’s mother bought a lot of calcium tablets for her son. However, even if the child was given calcium tablets, the symptoms of the child’s leg pain did not seem to be alleviated, and the leg cramps from time to time when sleeping at night. After thinking about it, Xiaoqiang’s mother hurriedly took her son to the hospital for an examination. 

“My child has been clamoring for leg pain recently. I am worried that my child is lacking in calcium, but after taking calcium tablets, the situation does not seem to improve. I am very worried about whether the child has a leg problem? I don’t have a lot of exercise, and I don’t know why my leg hurts!” Xiaoqiang’s mother described the child’s symptoms to the doctor anxiously, for fear that something might not be in place. 

Then the doctor checked Xiaoqiang’s body and finally found that Xiaoqiang did not lack calcium or other abnormalities. The reason for the leg pain was because he was growing. The doctor explained that when the child was growing up, the growth of muscles and other parts did not keep up with the growth rate of the bones, which made the child feel pain, which is what people often call growth pain. 

In addition, the doctor also reminded Xiaoqiang’s mother that proper calcium supplementation during the child’s growth period is beneficial, but if the child’s own calcium is sufficient, blind calcium supplementation may increase the child’s physical burden. During the child’s height development period, it is good for parents to have the awareness of supplementing calcium for their children, but if they are too tonic, it may be counterproductive. I learned that the child’s body is fine, and the leg hurts only because I am relieved a lot when I am growing up. 

When on the child When these four signals appear, it means that the child has entered the golden period of height development.

When the child is in the golden period of development, he will feel leg pain from time to time, and even have symptoms of convulsions when he falls asleep at night. Excluding the child’s calcium deficiency, then this is likely to be the growth pain caused by the child when he grows up. So in this case, the discomfort in the child is actually emitting a long signal. 

During the developmental period, the child will also become particularly lethargic. Of course, this is not because the child wants to be lazy, but a very obvious symptom of the child’s growth and development period. When a child is sleeping, the body secretes a hormone that promotes height growth, and reaches its maximum secretion value in a deep sleep state. 

When the child’s height develops, parents will also find that the child’s appetite is very good, and the appetite is greatly increased. This is mainly because the height development needs to consume a lot of nutrients, which also requires children to carry out adequate nutritional supplements in their daily diet. Eating well and eating well can help the child’s height development even more. 

With the development of bones, tall children will have larger feet, and the number of shoes worn before will likely become smaller. So when the child yells that the shoes he wears are a little bit squeezed, it also shows that the child is constantly growing taller. 

The child is developing What should parents prepare for during the golden period? 

In the daily diet, parents should pay more attention to nutritional supplements and ensure a balanced nutritional intake, so that the child’s physical development can be optimally boosted. Eating nutritious food is not the same as eating and drinking. Eating large fish and meat is too greasy. On the contrary, it may make children suffer from obesity and affect their height development. 

Ensure that the child has sufficient sleep time and good sleep quality, which is also very good for the growth and development of the child. Especially from 9:30 in the evening to 2:00 in the morning, and from 5:00 to 7:00 in the morning, parents must ensure that their children sleep soundly during these two time periods. Nowadays, many children do not get enough sleep. Parents, it is necessary to help children adjust their sleep habits. 

During the golden period of development, parents should also ensure that their children have enough exercise. Especially the vertical movement type is more suitable, which makes the child grow taller in the bounce. For example, basketball, skipping rope, and volleyball, which are more popular nowadays, are all good choices. 

If the child’s growth pain is particularly obvious, parents can use hot compresses to help the child relieve the discomfort, usually the growth pain does not last too long. When the child is in the growth and development period, if the parents can give the appropriate assistance, then it is not difficult to help the child grow up to five centimeters taller.

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