Why hug the baby and be quiet, and start crying as soon as I sit down? Expert this is the baby wants to interact with you

Why hug the baby and be quiet, and start crying as soon as I sit down? Experts, this is the baby who wants to interact with you

People who have experience with children must be familiar with such a scene. When holding a child, the child will cry as soon as the adult sits down, and the child will not cry when he stands up and walks around. . Some people say that this is because the child is deliberately torturing an adult, while others say that the child is insecure. In fact, these two statements are good, because adults are indeed tortured, and babies’ crying is indeed related to lack of security. 

But if you analyze the child’s behavior in depth, you can discover more interesting things. I once saw a popular science article written by a parenting expert on the Internet, which analyzed this phenomenon in detail. This expert with more than ten years of experience said that the baby did this because he wanted to interact with adults. 

The babies with this phenomenon are basically 6 or 7-month-old babies. Compared with newborns, their various sense organs are developed more perfect, but they are still very limited by the ability of their limbs. Difficult to interact effectively with others. 

So, the baby has developed a special interactive mode-using crying to “control” the behavior of adults. When the adult stops, the baby will cry, and when he continues to walk, he will stop crying. Through this kind of interaction, the baby can know that the adult is paying attention to him, and the inner security is satisfied. 

Explore the baby” Behind the “torture” of the adults-these reasons are at work.

The adult sits down and the baby’s heart rate soars

Some researchers have tested a 6-month-old baby, and they found that the baby was When the mother hugs and walks, the heart rate is very stable and at a normal value, indicating that the baby’s mentality is calm at this time. Interestingly, when the mother suddenly stopped, the heart rate of some babies began to fluctuate. 

When the mother sits down and maintains it for a period of time, the heart rate of most babies rises suddenly as if riding a roller coaster. Changes in heart rate and mood are positively correlated. An increase in baby’s heart rate means that mood is also rising. Crying is the only way for babies to show their emotions, so of course they will “torture” adults with crying. 

Shaking regularly can make your baby feel more happy

Although in theory, babies over 6 months old cannot effectively identify different objects, but in fact, babies at this age treat their mothers The degree of intimacy is much higher than that of others. There may be three reasons. One is that the baby can remember the mother’s voice, and the other is that the baby can recognize the mother’s body odor. As for the third reason, it is related to holding and walking. 

Studies have shown that most mothers shake their children regularly when they walk, and this law is immutable, so the baby should be familiar with the mother’s shaking frequency and amplitude, and use This characteristic is used to identify one’s own mother. This can explain why the baby can be quiet immediately when the mother hugs, but not strangers. 

Although this is the truth, I believe that every mother does not want to be tortured by the child all the time. After all, it is tired enough to bring a baby, and the baby is also weighty. The strong mother will also be overwhelmed. In fact, it is not difficult to solve this problem. The following methods are the ones that moms can try. 

Don’t want to hold If you walk with your baby, moms can try these methods

1. Talk to your baby more and distract him

When you don’t want to walk with your baby, you can talk to him say something. The baby has a certain ability to recognize the mother’s voice, so he can know the mother’s existence through the voice of speaking, and the sense of security is not easy to lose. Compared to walking around with a hug, speaking is definitely a lot easier, and it can also exercise your baby’s hearing, so this method is the most recommended. 

2. Sitting and shaking legs can also calm the baby

Actually, the baby does not need an adult to hold him, but only needs an adult to hold him and shake regularly, so the theory As mentioned above, sitting and shaking can also have a good soothing effect. When just using this method, the baby may not be able to recognize the mother’s swaying pattern at first, and will continue to cry for a while, but after a few minutes, the baby will generally be able to calm down. 

3. Eliminate external and internal interference

If you have tried both of the above methods, and none of them work, you probably have to go to other places to find the cause. In other words, the baby may be sitting with you when crying It doesn’t matter if it comes down. There are many reasons for the baby to cry. It may be thirsty, hungry, pulling, or even being frightened by the noise of the environment. 

Only by eliminating all possible triggers, can the baby be truly quiet. And in this case, it is also recommended that the mothers find a way to eliminate the incentives immediately, because the longer this state lasts, the more harmful it is to the baby’s physical and mental health. 

Hold and walk quietly, sit down and cry, this is a phenomenon that most babies will have, and it is also an absolutely normal reaction. Bao mothers should not have any inexplicable anxiety because of this. As long as you look at it with a normal heart, and supplemented by scientific coping methods, you can quickly make up for the baby’s lack of security, or solve the cause of the baby’s crying. The pregnant woman “unloaded” and the father-to-be applied for a paternity, an action that made all the doctors present praised.

People who came over said that when a woman gave birth, she could really tell whether she really married the right person. Although childbirth is a woman’s alone, the attitude of the people around her also determines whether the woman’s contribution is worth it. 

Even at the moment when the level of medical technology is relatively advanced, the process of childbirth is still like a ghost gate. 

If, in this process, husbands can show the gentleness and considerateness they deserve, then it will be very lucky for the mothers. 

Pregnant woman in the hospital While expecting to give birth, the father-to-be applied for a paternity, during which an action made the people present praised you.

Quietly, he rested at home when the delivery period was approaching. Although the mother-in-law took care of her, her husband still took time off to accompany her daughter-in-law. 

In the quiet of one morning, I suddenly felt something wrong with my stomach, so my husband sent myself to the hospital. After an examination, the doctor asked his quiet husband to go through the procedures for admission to the hospital for his wife. 

Jingjing originally thought that she would complete the delivery soon, but what she didn’t expect was the delay in opening the palace mouth. So the doctor asked Jing Jing to take two steps, but the pain was unbearable Jing Jing couldn’t get out of bed at all. 

At this time, the quiet husband proposed to the doctor that he wanted to accompany the childbirth. “With me next to his wife, he can relax a little bit.”

So the quiet husband went into the delivery room to accompany the delivery. After seeing her husband, she quietly endured the tears for a long time and cried all at once. 

In order to help her daughter-in-law give birth quickly, the quiet husband hurriedly helped her daughter-in-law out of bed and walked around. 

But after walking for a while, the quiet husband felt painful to his wife again, so he let her sit on the bed, and then he knelt on the ground to help her massage her legs. 

Although this posture is very comfortable, Jing Jing couldn’t bear to let her husband kneel on the ground for too long. 

But the quiet husband said calmly, “I’m not tired! You have children, you are the biggest! As long as I can make you easier, I can do anything!”

This series of actions by her husband quietly moved the doctors and nurses present. It is really rare to say that such a husband is really rare. 

In the end, a baby weighing seven kilograms was born quietly, and the scene of a family of three hugging each other was very warm. 

During delivery What are the benefits of having a family member to give birth? 

Help the parturient to relax.

During delivery, the parturients are prone to emotional state of tension and anxiety, which obviously will also affect the progress of the labor process, but if there are family members at this time If so, the mothers can naturally relax more emotionally. 

If the husband of the parturient mother can accompany the childbirth, the husband is naturally the most suitable candidate, but if the husband is inconvenient, then other family members can also replace the accompany childbirth. 

Help the mothers to communicate with the doctor

During the delivery process, the mothers suffered a lot of physical loss, and at the same time their mental state was relatively tight. When communicating with doctors and nurses, there will inevitably be some obstacles. 

If you have a family member to accompany the childbirth, then the doctor can communicate with the doctor instead of the mother, so that the mother can be much easier. 

It helps to care for the parturient during childbirth

In the first stage of labor before going to the delivery bed, it takes more than ten hours for the parturient to complete the ten-finger opening of the uterine mouth. 

If you can be accompanied by your family during this period, then this difficult process will proceed more smoothly. 

For example, family members can take care of the mother and eat properly to provide physical guarantee for the subsequent delivery. 

During childbirth, what can the parturient do to promote the process of labor? 

Adjust your own emotional state

During delivery, if the mother is too nervous and excited, then the muscles of the whole body will be in a relatively rigid state, and the lack of elastic muscles is likely to cause labor. Extension. 

So mothers must adjust their emotional state and try to relax their tight muscles. 

In this process, women can try to divert their attention from the pain in the body. 

Stay sensible and listen carefully to the doctor’s arrangements.

During delivery, the mothers have insufficient experience. At this time, they need to listen to the doctor’s guidance and arrangements more clearly. 

So in the process of childbirth, the parturients must maintain a state of sane and flustered. It will only add confusion to the doctor and will not help the smooth progress of the labor process. Listening to the doctor’s instructions clearly helps the labor process. 

Adjusting the coordination of breathing and exertion

Adjusting the rhythm of breathing during delivery is a very important part. If you can grasp the tacit coordination of breathing and exertion, then the labor pressure that the mother will have to bear will be There is a significant reduction. 

The correct way of breathing can help women reduce pain without causing physical waste. 

In short, for the parturient, the process of childbirth is indeed a process that tests both physical strength and psychological endurance. 

Therefore, family members who are parturients must give more thoughtful care and care to the parturients, especially the husbands who are parturients should take up the responsibility of taking care of the parturients. 

What do you think about the husband’s paternity situation?

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