Why eat fetus after pregnancy and malnourishment, why? After reading the professional analysis, the pregnant mother suddenly realized

Why eat fetus after pregnancy and malnourishment, why? After reading the professional analysis, the pregnant mother suddenly realized

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers are not only worried about the growth of the fetus, but also worried that they will grow too fat, which is not conducive to the recovery of the postpartum body. 

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Many women let go after learning that they are pregnant After eating, thinking “one person eats two people”, but who knows that my weight is going up, how can I not control it, but some pregnant mothers are absorbed into themselves, and the baby is malnourished. , Thin, why is this? 

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During Tingting’s early pregnancy, her morning sickness was very serious. She almost vomited what she ate. This made her family very worried and feared that it would affect her. The growth and development of the fetus. During the pregnancy examination, he specifically consulted the doctor about this issue. The doctor said: “In the early trimester, the mother’s own nutrition can almost meet the growth needs of the fetus, and there is no need for additional nutritional supplements.

But in the second and third trimesters, the growth rate of the fetus becomes faster, and it needs to absorb a lot of nutrients to ensure the healthy growth and development of the fetus.”

Ting Ting heard the doctor say that, I went home with peace of mind. After the first trimester, Tingting’s early pregnancy reaction gradually disappeared and her appetite began to improve. The family changed the law to give her all the delicious food. In this way, the pregnant mother was rested except for food. Especially when she is 6 months pregnant, she will often wake up from hungry at night, and she often eats supper. 

When I went to the obstetric check-up, the doctor said that your weight is growing too fast. It must be controlled. Through the B-ultrasound test, the fetus is a bit small. Tingting heard the news and her heart collapsed. Yes, all the food I ate during pregnancy has grown on me, and my baby is not getting enough nutrition. 

Why are some during pregnancy Does pregnant mother grow meat or have a baby? 

1. Unbalanced dietary nutrition

Pregnant mothers must pay attention to the nutritional content of the food while ensuring that they are full during pregnancy. If you always prefer high-protein, high-calorie foods during your diet, you think these are more nutritious, but the fetus can get relatively few useful nutrients from these foods. 

Therefore, if the pregnant mother eats most of this type of food, it will cause all the nutrients in it to be absorbed by herself, and her own weight will increase, but the fetus will grow slowly. 

2. Lack of exercise

Some pregnant mothers also pay attention to the combination of diet during pregnancy, not only eating high-protein, high-fat foods, but also fruits and vegetables. , And there is no picky eater, but when you go to the pregnancy test, you will still find the phenomenon of fetal growth retardation. 

This may be related to the pregnant mother’s living habits during pregnancy. Hong Kong, some expectant mothers will choose to sit or lie down after eating, especially in the third trimester, the abdomen itself is very large. It’s more difficult to move, and I almost don’t want to move every day. This will cause the nutrients absorbed from the food to not be consumed, and the weight of the pregnant woman will also increase. 

If the pregnant mother is not active, the blood circulation speed in her body will be affected to a certain extent, and the nutrients delivered to the fetus will be reduced. Coupled with the long-term lack of sunlight, the calcium in the body may be lacking. Affect the fetal baby’s bone development. 

How can pregnant mothers achieve long fetuses without meat? 

1. Arrange a reasonable diet according to the gestational week

In the first trimester, since it is still an embryo at this time, it is still very small and does not require many nutrients. The pregnant mother can just follow the previous eating habits. , Without additional supplements, paying too much attention will make the weight gain too much, causing some unnecessary troubles. 

If morning sickness is severe, don’t worry too much. The fetus will not be greatly affected. Just try to lighten your diet and eat more food that meets your appetite. 

In the second trimester, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables, weight and size, and also pay attention to the supplement of calcium, iron, zinc and other elements, so as not to be detrimental to the growth and development of the fetus. It is recommended to have high protein every day Foods, such as eggs, fish, lean meat, etc., can be eaten 50 grams, animal offal 1-2 times a week, eat moderate amounts of fruits and vegetables. 

The third trimester of pregnancy is the rapid period of fetal growth and the final sprint period. The diet can increase the amount of high-quality protein to 75 grams per day, and supplement it with appropriate amounts of protein, iron, vitamin A, and calcium. 

2, try not to eat supper

If you stay up late during pregnancy and want to eat, try to hold back, because the night is the stage of detoxification, rest, and regulation of the body’s various organs, so you don’t need to eat Don’t eat it. 

But if you feel hungry, you can eat some whole grain biscuits, whole grain bread, etc. Try not to eat some oil, high fat content, too sweet and other foods, so as not to increase your weight too fast, or even Affect the growth and development of the fetus. 

3. Keep the habit of walking after meals

Maintaining a proper amount of exercise after meals will help gastrointestinal peristalsis and fat consumption, especially during pregnancy, pregnant mothers eat After a meal, the stomach is stretched, the fetus needs to move, and an optimal posture is required. If the pregnant mother chooses to be inactive after a meal, the fetus will also move in the abdomen. 

Weight gain during pregnancy How much is reasonable? 

Under normal circumstances, the weight gain during pregnancy is 11.5KG~16KG, the average weight gain is about 25 kg, the baby’s weight after birth is about 6~7 kg, and the amniotic fluid, placenta, uterus, blood, etc. are about 10~12 It’s about 6 to 8 jin, and the pregnant mother’s body reserves are about 6~8 jin, which is a relatively normal one.  Babies less than six months old cry more than this For a time, the parents coaxed in time to avoid hurting the brain development

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Most children start to learn to speak when they are six months old (half year old). Before that, crying is the most important language of children. Parents can detect their children’s negative emotions and physical conditions from their crying . 

Under what circumstances will the child cry?

The reason for the diaper: the child feels uncomfortable after urinating, and may attract parents by crying to help him change the diaper, or just change the diaper but Failure to adjust the tightness of the diaper makes the child feel uncomfortable. 

When you are hungry: When your child is hungry, he will cry for help from his parents. 

When they are unwell: They have limited expressive ability, and they can’t relieve themselves, they can only express by crying. 

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Other reasons: such as a bad mood or wanting to attract parents’ attention. 

Of course, these are just some of the most common manifestations, especially when the child is unwell, parents must identify it in time——

Parents don’t let the child cry

Many parents firmly believe that their children will stop crying if they cry enough, so they let it go, but this is not the case. 

Studies have shown that the baby’s crying time within six months is best controlled within 20 minutes. At this time, parents must coax them in time, otherwise it will have a negative impact on their brain development. 

1 Affect the health of the child

First of all, we know that the child’s crying itself may be due to the poor physical condition of the child. If the parent ignores it, the situation may become more serious. 

2. Affect the child’s IQ development

Secondly, even if the baby is not due to physical reasons, crying for too long will still cause harm to health, because the child’s physical stress level when crying Increased. 

Long-term exposure to this kind of pressure can easily cause damage to brain cells, thereby affecting the child’s IQ. 

3, Affect the child’s character development

The child itself has no language function before 6 months, and can only express it through crying. If the parent does not care, it will cause the child to feel the consequences of lack of security, so that the child will grow up After that, it will be very easy to become withdrawn or lack of love, which has a bad influence on the formation of the child’s character. 

4. Affect children’s mental health

The latest research shows that the parent’s reaction when a baby cries will affect the child’s development. Even if the parent comforts the child’s psychology, it will be more psychological Sound and strong resistance to stress; the opposite is true for children who are not comforted by their parents. 

When the child is crying, Excluding the factors of sickness, hunger and diapers, what is usually needed is the comfort of the parents. The following are several suitable methods of comfort——


Many studies have proved that the mother’s Gentle touch can alleviate your child’s anxiety. If you find your child is crying, mother can touch them gently to give them a sense of security. 


< p>This action is very useful for children. Many parents will find that when they bring their children, they sometimes cry when they stand still while holding their children, but as long as they walk back and forth or shake, the children will gradually Calm down and fall asleep slowly. 

Side hug

Many times, parents may habitually lie down to hug the child. In fact, this is not the best way. 

Because there is no If you fully accept this new world, it is natural to cry easily, and the mother’s side-holding position will bring the mother and the baby closer, and the baby will be easier to calm down. 

Knowledge extension: How to reduce the crying of children under 6 months

The crying of children at this stage can be said to break many mothers, although some children are very good Huh, but crying dozens of times a day makes people exhausted, so we still have to master some tricks and quickly reduce the number of times they cry, so as to really make yourself a little more relaxed. 

When thinking about this issue, we should first understand that what children lack most at this time is the sense of security, and they are not absolutely familiar with the current world just after leaving the mother’s belly. 

So children should be If you live in the same room with your parents, it is convenient for your parents to look after them at any time. Because research shows that if parents can take care of the baby in a timely and thoughtful manner at night, the baby’s crying times during the day will be relatively reduced. 

Of course, as children get older, there will be more and more ways to communicate with them. Establishing a reasonable sleep pattern and feeding order can better solve this problem. 

The child crying can be big or small, and parents must handle it correctly. Follow me and master more essential knowledge for children’s growth~Return to Sohu to see more

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