Why don’t children like boarding? Don’t blame them for not understanding, these reasons are very realistic

Why don’t children like boarding? Don’t blame them for not understanding, these reasons are very realistic.

Xiao Ru has recently complained about her children’s unwillingness to live on campus, and she obviously paid the accommodation fee. Who would think that her children would not want to live after living for a day? No matter how you persuade you, you have to go home and live. Why does this happen to the child? Many children have conflicts with their parents on boarding issues. The reasons may be as follows:

1 Many boarding children are forced.

In order to relieve their pressure, many parents send their children to boarding schools without soliciting their children’s ideas. If the child doesn’t particularly want to go to boarding school, if he is forced to stay in the boarding school, he is not mentally prepared at all, and he will naturally resist emotions. Moreover, in schools, teachers basically say what children do and do, and there is basically no freedom. After a long time, children will develop resistance and even weariness of studying. 

2. The attachment to family is too high< /p>

Many children grow up and rely on their parents very much. Many parents spoil their children very much, and basically only require their children to study hard and take care of other things for their children. This is a bad practice. A boarding school is a place to nurture children to live independently. When these children who are particularly dependent on their families are sent in, they will definitely be very uncomfortable and even don’t know how to do it. They will miss their parents very much and do not want to live in school. 

3. Children’s poor independence

Some children are accustomed to being spoiled by their parents at home, have never lived on their own, and lack independence. After being sent to boarding school, children feel that their parents no longer want to care about them or love them. After children have this kind of psychology, they become rebellious after being sent to school, their personality changes drastically, their tempers become very irritable, they hate the constraints of the school, and their relationship with their parents has also deteriorated. 

4. School life is not going well

Many children are also looking forward to school life. They hope they can get a better education and they hope they have more friends. However, when these expectations are not fulfilled in school, the child will start to be disappointed and start to doubt whether it is a problem with school life, and even more worry about whether it is his own problem, and start to be afraid of contact with the external environment again. It is easy to get tired of studying. 

When parents send their children to boarding school , It’s best to ask your child’s opinion and also explain the school’s rules and regulations to the child. This is an important link that many children must go through in their growth, and it is also the main reason why many children and their parents have problems. As the child grows slowly, parents must respect their children’s thoughts~ The hand-drawn comics drawn by Bao’s mother for her son are popular. The image of the little guy is cute and cute, and looks super healing

It doesn’t change for whom, for parents, the child’s childhood is only once. 

Therefore, Bao parents and mothers value every step of their children’s growth, and they always hope that they can use some media to record these beautiful moments. 

The hand-drawn comics Bao Ma drew for her son became popular unexpectedly. It looks warm and everyday

On the Internet, there is a group of hand-drawn comics drawn by Baoma for her son, which has unexpectedly become popular. I saw that all the protagonists in the comics are boys with small round faces and big eyes. The image of this little guy is cute and cute, very popular. 

In addition, this series of works give people a warm and everyday feeling, which makes people feel super healing, such as a baby laughing with milk tea in his hand, blinking with a lotus leaf, and a baby’s body. Wearing New Year’s costumes, waving hands, etc., the whole expression is very detailed. 

Later, everyone learned that Bao Ma’s The protagonist depicted in the comic is her own son, and she hopes to record the growth of the little guy through the brush. 

Many netizens said after reading it: I am really sour with such a “fairy mother”! Some netizens even let the authors set up comic classes, and they want to draw comics for their babies by themselves. 

As parents, we always want to keep the baby’s childhood in various ways.

Nowadays, parents pay more attention to the growth of their children. They take photos and videos every day, like drawing cartoons. It’s really rare. 

However, drawing cartoons is not the only recording baby The way of growth is different for each mother. Mommy can use her own way to keep the wonderful moments of her baby. 

For example, parents who have plenty of time can choose to take their children to take artistic photos, while parents who are good at handicrafts can do handbooks. If these conditions are not met, they can also take video to keep the baby. childhood. 

In short, no matter what method is used, the ultimate goal of parents is to record the baby’s childhood. 

These funny or cute photos and paintings are parents The wealth shared with the baby in the future

▼It is convenient to remember those interesting moments in childhood

It was not convenient for people to take pictures in the past, and recording photos are also limited, so many people grow up and want to take out their childhood It’s a pity that there are only a few photos of. 

But now the rapid development of electronic technology, everyone uses smart phones, tablet computers, can record the beauty around them anytime, anywhere. When the children grow up in the future, we will find these photos again, which will be very interesting. 

▼ is a carrier of love


Photographing and painting both represent the love of parents for their children. In the hearts of parents, whether children are mischievous or well-behaved, they are their darlings. 

So every time parents paint, even if it takes a long time, they don’t care, because it is full of parents’ wishes and expectations for their children. 

Look again when the children grow up When these seemingly inconspicuous things, you can also experience the deep love of your parents for yourself. 

▼Record every step taken by the child

Every step of the child’s growth is very precious. Parents speak from the first time, the first time they walk, and the first time. Eat your own meals, sing for the first time, etc. 

Each record represents the staged growth of a child, which is of extraordinary significance to children and parents. When the children grow up in the future, when they look through these items, they will be very moved. 

Some ritualistic behaviors in life can also Harvest happiness and happiness

As the saying goes: “There is a thousand Hamlet in a thousand people’s hearts.” Everyone has a different attitude towards things. Some parents feel that painting and shooting for their children is more troublesome, while some parents feel that this is more ritual and will be very happy in their hearts. 

When a child grows up in a loving family, his heart will be full of security, and he will also be very rich in spirit, which also has a positive impact on the child’s growth. 

I have written to the end: How do you record wonderful moments for your children? What are the interesting things about your baby when he was young? Welcome to leave a message to share. Missing the “sensitive order period”, bad things will not be corrected in 20 years. Many parents have not caught it

Everyone’s good habits are not innate. If parents want to let their children We get good living habits, parents follow a sensitive period of the children, and give the children relevant guidance or corrections appropriately, which will have a multiplier effect on the education of the children. 

However, such a sensitive period of children’s order is not static. Children have their own characteristics at every stage of their growth. If parents want to grasp this effective education for their children, they should touch Know the characteristics of children at different stages. 

There is a ghost in Xiaoqin Daughter Lily, every day Lily will bring all kinds of laughter to Xiaoqin. In Xiaoqin’s view, the children’s unpredictable actions are very funny. 

In order for the child’s body to obtain better developmental conditions, Xiaoqin stipulated that Lily must go to bed at half past nine every night. When Xiaoqin was two years old, she had fully mastered the ability to change clothes independently. Over time, she stubbornly refused to help Xiaoqin undress her. 

Every time before going to bed, Lily follows the top-to-bottom principle when she undresses, first the coat, then the pants, and finally the socks; the whole process is clean and neat, and after Lily takes off They will be stacked neatly on the head of the bed. 

However, one day when Lily fell off her clothes It was found that a sock was missing. Although it was already time to go to bed with her mother, Lily was still looking for socks in the room anxiously. Finally, after some searching, the socks were recovered. 

The next thing made Xiaoqin dumbfounded. Lily put on the socks again. After looking at it for a few seconds, Lily took off the socks again, and then folded them neatly in the place where they were just taken off. Next to the folded clothes. 

After seeing the child’s perfectionist behavior similar to “Virgo”, Xiaoqin was also amused by the child. 

Indeed, Virgos are likely to have a perfectionist character, which is likely to accompany them throughout their lives; but the sensitive period of children is not like this, every child must Will go through this period, and this period is also the most effective period for parents to cultivate children’s habits. 

Then, there must be parents who want to ask, When does this stage of a child generally start? 

In fact, children in the sensitive period also have traces to follow.

1. Common behaviors

Except for the children mentioned in the above cases, they put on again in order to complete the task of taking off their socks. In addition to the behavior of taking off socks, children in life will also have a lot of “stubborn” performance. For example, when entering the elevator with family members, the child usually has to press the floor first. If one of the family members is one step ahead, the child will “strike” and be awkward, and will have to enter the elevator again and press the floor button before giving up. 

For another example, when a child is peeling an orange, if the parent compulsively wants to help the child peel it, the “snatched” child will angrily refuse to eat the orange, and instead will ask for another orange. Oranges, and then peel them yourself. In this way, when a child has such a strange behavior that insists on his own opinion, it is likely to herald the arrival of the child’s sensitive order period. 

2. When order is broken, Children cry.

When children cry, we realize that children are dissatisfied with certain things. In the hearts of children, they will think that this order is the sense of ritual in their hearts. Once they are destroyed by others, they will sensitively think that their own things have been taken away, or that others do not respect themselves. 

3. Often push things back to order for the sake of order

Many times, children do the same thing repeatedly. In the eyes of parents, they think that children are Doing useless work and wasting time. But this is a very important thing in the child’s mind. It may be because the child has not reached perfection when handling it before, so he chose to push it all over again. 

When children enter the sensitive period, what can parents do? Do it? 

1. Respect children and take the initiative to maintain their sense of order

At this stage, children actually rely on their sense of order to establish behavior and norms for themselves. At this time, the reaction of parents It determines the habit formation of the child. If parents stop it, children will easily develop bad habits; on the contrary, parents’ help and guidance can often assist children to achieve better selves. 

2. Lead by example and establish norms

Parents’ daily behavior norms will also affect the maintenance of children’s order. For this reason, if you want your children to develop good habits, parents must first set an example for their children. 

3. Help children build awareness of rules


During this sensitive period of children, because of their sensitive and stubborn characteristics, they often adhere to standardized practices when doing things. To this end, parents and children establish rules together, and guide children to adhere to and abide by it, which can help children form good habits. 

That’s all for today’s topic. How do you understand the child’s sensitive order period?

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