Why don’t babies love being held by their parents and have to stand up and walk to be happy? The reason behind it is very heartwarming

Why don’t babies love being held by their parents and have to stand up and walk to be happy? The reason behind it is very heartwarming.

With the opening of the second-child policy, many families have two children one after another, and working mothers have to take care of their big babies on the one hand, and take care of their little ones. Because of the double test of energy and physical strength, everyone can always hear the mother spitting out that bringing a baby is a hard work, so where is the specific fatigue? 

After 90’s, my mother complained: “I’m sitting down and crying Make trouble, the little guy laughs as soon as you stand up.”

Xiao Qi is a novice mother. After she was out of confinement, the mother-in-law, who had been in poor health, returned to her hometown, so the task of bringing the baby was taken by Xiao Qi. Pick it up. 

However, when the child was 3 months old, Xiao Qi’s husband could always hear Xiao Qi spit out: “This child in our family is too boring, so I kept holding it and not talking. , I have to stroll around. As long as I sit and the child cries for a while, but the little one laughs when I stand up.”

In fact, the phenomenon of Xiaoqi’s family is not a single case. Many mothers have this experience. People who come by even jokingly say “You are not comfortable, baby It’s comfortable.” Although this is just a joke, it seems to make sense under the scrutiny. 

So the question is, why don’t babies like being held by their parents, do they have to stand up and walk to be happy? 

Babies always love to be held by their parents, which may be related to these 3 reasons.

Reason 1: You can see more things when you are held.

Newborn babies don’t Can turn over, so when lying down, the ceiling and mother’s chin are visible everywhere. Although they are not sensible at this time, the same scene day after day will still make the baby bored. 

However, when in the arms of the mother, the little guy will walk around with her mother, and the things she touches will gradually become richer, which can fully satisfy the baby’s growing curiosity. 

The things in front of the child changed from static to Dynamic, like a comic book turned into a cartoon, of course it will be more popular. 

Reason 2: Being held and walking can see the parents’ faces

Newborns’ vision development is still in the photosensitive period, so the cognition of mothers is mostly based on smell or hearing. 

However, babies as young as three months old can already be held upright in their arms by their parents. At this time, the world in the eyes of the babies has changed 90 degrees, and they can fully see Mom’s face is gone. 

The baby in this period, whether it is visual The improvement of developmental ability and the change of perspective after being picked up have deepened their understanding of their mothers, and they will often see their mothers look like they will feel more secure in their hearts. 

In order to get closer to his mother, the little guy will keep expressing his idea of ​​wanting to be hugged, so the reason behind this is still very heartwarming. 

Reason 3: When being carried away, the child can “command” the parent

Children before the half-year-old will not express their thoughts, and will only speak “babble” There are some words that parents can’t discern, and many times what they want to express is not well understood by parents. 

However, when the child is held by the mother The situation is completely different when you are inside. The child can use his little finger to point around, so that he can achieve his own goals and increase the interaction with his mother. 

So what are the benefits of children who are often held by their parents? 

1) A more sufficient sense of inner security

When the mother is holding the baby, the baby can hug the mother’s neck, smell the mother’s body, and hold this posture, the mother’s The arm will be placed on the child’s back, and the slight pressure will also make the child feel more secure. 

2) Emotions are more stable

Generally speaking, there is a process for children from crying to calming down. When they are held by their mothers, they are usually calm for a moment, then cry in grievances, and then calm down. 

This is because babies’ dependence and trust on their mothers are inherent, so babies who are often held by their parents can better adjust their emotions. 

3) The parent-child relationship with their parents is more stable.

Children who can get spiritual satisfaction from their parents are full of hope and love in their hearts, know how to be grateful, and have a gentler personality. , Family relations are also more stable. 

“Fake refined” and “true rough” mothers, the gap between children It’s huge, not just appearance.

With the improvement of living standards, raising a child nowadays requires a lot of cost. And mothers will also show different concepts of bringing a baby. Some people choose “fake exquisiteness” and some people choose “really rough”, and there is a big gap between the children brought by these two kinds of mothers. 

Lily and Qiqi are neighbors, they have been together since childhood When I grow up, I still keep in touch even when I get married. Because the two people are not very far away from the marriage, they are both in this city, so they often meet each other after they have children. But when it comes to raising children, there is a big difference between the concepts of the two. 

Lily and Kiki’s family conditions are similar. After giving birth to a child, Kiki holds the attitude of saving or saving. Whether it is food or clothing, she will not choose too expensive. Most of the clothes are leftovers worn by relatives. In terms of food, she can choose cheap milk powder. Qiqi never chooses expensive ones. It can be said that she is a very rough mother. 

And Lily is different, even if her husband earns Not many, family conditions are average, but mother Bao will never have a bottom-line investment in raising children. Always choose the best food to eat. She chooses which formula is the most expensive in the maternal and infant store, and the clothes must be brand-name. 

Under the care of the two mothers, there was a big gap between the two children after they grew up, not only in appearance. Kiki’s children are introverted, and no matter what they buy, they will first value the price, and don’t buy things that are too expensive. And the children Lily brought out were from a wealthy family. No matter what they bought, they never looked at the price and squandered. 

In fact, there are many fakes around us Exquisite and really rough mothers, these two modes of bringing a baby are actually extreme. 

So in comparison, which way of education is better? 

In order to satisfy their vanity, fake and exquisite mothers never consider the cost when spending money for their children. They must go to the most advanced places for meals, and never consider where they will be next. When buying clothes, they must buy luxury goods. 

But really rough mothers can save less. They never look at brand-name clothes when they buy clothes. Clothes for dozens of dollars can also be purchased. In fact, these two methods of education are not appropriate, but fake and refined is actually even worse, because it will give the child an illusion of wealth. The child does not know how to be grateful or considerate to his parents, and he will not be able to have the right one when he grows up. The concept of money is more harmful. 

For the sake of face, fake and delicate mothers are desperate He did not hesitate to dig out the savings at home, in the eyes of outsiders, such behavior is actually not appropriate. 

So how can parents avoid becoming fake and exquisite mothers? 

1. See the reality clearly

Whether a person was born in a wealthy family or an ordinary family, in fact, all of this is already doomed, if you want to change all of this, parents can also think through their own efforts You want to live your life instead of pretending to rely on all of this. Therefore, parents must first see the reality, recognize themselves, and at the same time strive for a better future for the family. 

2, rational consumption

< p>Jia exquisite mothers invest too much in their children financially and have no idea about money. The children will learn these bad habits under the influence of their parents. When I grow up, I can’t face the temptations of the society. I see something I like, even if I become a moonlight clan, I even have to buy it. In order to prevent children from becoming such a person, parents must learn to spend rationally and spend their money in practical places. 

3. Keep a good attitude

In the final analysis, the reason why mothers do this is to make children look better than others and to show off their family. When a mother has such a mentality, she will also face tremendous pressure, which is actually the same for her children. Therefore, it is better for mothers to relax and maintain a good attitude, which is also good for children. 

In fact, whether it is really rough or fake, There will be some harm to children. Mothers are too rough, making children worse than others in all aspects, and children will also have low self-esteem. The excessive pursuit of vanity by parents will also make children lose gratitude. Therefore, parents must educate their children according to the actual situation of the family, not to be too stingy, and not to over-luxury.

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