Why does the kindergarten class become “difficult to open” when it’s cold? The reason given by the teacher is very realistic

Why does the kindergarten class become “difficult to open” when it’s cold? The reason given by the teacher is very realistic.

When the baby reaches a certain age, he needs to enter the kindergarten to study and adapt to the collective life. 

However, many parents said that since their babies entered the kindergarten, they are more likely to get sick than when they were at home before. In winter, the children in the kindergarten ran to the hospital every three days, so many parents I simply chose not to send my children to kindergarten in winter. 

My former colleague Linlin became a kindergarten teacher after leaving her job. She said that although she did not have long winter and summer vacations like elementary and junior high school teachers, she would There is a short “small winter vacation”, and this is also related to the fact that there are fewer children entering the kindergarten in winter and the kindergarten adopts co-class management. 

Kindergarten small class teacher: there are 4 students in the class< p>Now many kindergartens will install video surveillance in their classrooms so that parents can check their children’s situation in the kindergarten through computers or mobile phones. 

After Xiao Song sends his son to the kindergarten every day, he will habitually turn on his mobile phone and check his son’s life and performance in the kindergarten from time to time. 

But after winter, the weather is getting more and more Cold, Xiao Song found that there were fewer and fewer children in the class. There used to be 22 children in the small class of Xiao Song’s son, including 3 teachers and deputy teachers, but now there are only four or five permanent children in the class, and one teacher takes care of one and a half children on average. 

Xiao Song felt strange, so he and the child The teacher contacted and asked why. The teacher said helplessly: “Every winter, more children in small classes catch colds. Generally, we don’t recommend this kind of children to go to school. However, for children who can come to school, parents worry that they will catch colds. I have all asked for leave. In the end, as you can see, there are only 4 kids left in the class.”

Why does the kindergarten small class become “difficult to open” when the weather is cold? 

In fact, the reason given by the teacher on this issue is still very realistic. 

Kindergarten is different from elementary school. Children are not afraid of dropping out of the curriculum, and there is no learning burden. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that the attendance rate of small classes in kindergarten decreases when winter comes. 

First of all, when the weather turns cold, the child gets sick and he himself Not suitable to go to kindergarten

The weather turns cold, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, the resistance of children is not as good as that of adults, and it is easy to get sick when it is cold and hot. 

Take my child as an example. Every time she catches a cold, it takes about a week to recover. Therefore, some parents consider the child’s need to rest, or other issues such as tutoring, and choose to rest at home. 

Secondly, parents are worried that their children will catch a cold It is even more reluctant to send them

Because most kindergartens provide three meals a day, children will enter the kindergarten earlier and school will not be too early. However, the coldest time in winter is this morning and night. Parents consider that their children might catch a cold, so they are not willing to send their children to kindergarten. 

Again, children hate bad weather in winter Going to school

For children, going out in the cold winter is certainly not as warm and comfortable at home, so children will take the initiative to ask not to go to kindergarten. Especially if you have to get up early in the morning, some children will feel tired of going to the kindergarten. 

The other point is that kindergarten teaching is simple, parents It doesn’t matter whether you send it to school or not.

Rather than going to kindergarten, it’s better to say that children’s kindergarten stage is more about playing and adapting to the collective life. Some parents feel that the teaching content of the kindergarten stage is simple and not sending it. It will not affect the child’s learning progress too much, so it doesn’t matter to ask for leave. 

In fact, kindergarten life is often more advantageous than family education.

Although from the perspective of parents or children, kindergarten is not as important as elementary school, in fact, children’s life in kindergarten is still more important than family education. There are more advantages, so it is not recommended that parents easily ask their children for leave. 

1) Conducive to the formation of a good routine for children


Children who do not go to kindergarten are often in a “free range” state at home. They wake up naturally in the morning, and naps are not always regular. They may stay up late at night because they don’t have the pressure of getting up early. Therefore, it is not conducive for children to develop good work and rest habits. 

2) Conducive to improving children’s self-care ability

After all, kindergarten is not like home, teachers teach children to do their own things. But at home, many things for children are done by parents, so kindergarten is more conducive to improving children’s ability to take care of themselves. 

3) Learning knowledge is more systematic

Although the content of the kindergarten learning is relatively simple, the knowledge system will be more systematic and more suitable for the age of the child. “Stingy moms” are on fire. They don’t buy new clothes for their children throughout the year, but the transformation of old clothes is very “stylish”

Many mothers want to dress their babies beautifully, so After the baby is born, the expenditure on the baby’s clothing can be said to be a very large budget, but recently, a stingy mother has become angry because she wants to save on the baby’s clothing budget! 

In order to save money, this mother does not buy new clothes for her children throughout the year. It’s just that her “stinginess” has not aroused criticism from netizens, but has won a lot of praise instead. 

It turns out that this mother often keeps her old The clothes were changed for the baby. We can see from the photos she sent that the baby is very stylish in her old clothes. It is completely unexpected. It is clearly a coat worn by the mother, which can be changed with her skillful hands. Next, it instantly became a skirt worn by the doll. 

Not only that, this mother’s every Each top can be said to be a baby’s “remade clothes”. Every piece of clothing can be transformed into a loose, stylish, and beautiful skirt under the skill of mother, and the baby does not feel disgusted because it is old clothes. On the contrary, he became a model very happily. 

The mother’s skillful hands and the cute baby’s departure made this wonderful combination alive for a while. When everyone thought that changing old clothes for a baby would be very simple, she was able to The changes to the clothes are surprisingly good-looking. 

But making old clothes for your baby is actually beneficial There are also disadvantages. Parents can learn about the pros and cons, and then think about whether or not to learn how to make old clothes for their children. 

What are the pros and cons of making old clothes for children? 

1. What’s good for children:

If mothers use old clothes to make new clothes for children every day, they will actually give them an opportunity to make tailors. You must know that your mother is passionate about creating New clothes, then the children will also be fascinated by them, and are very interested in design and tailoring. 

At the same time, in general, mothers who can tailor their own clothes have a good aesthetics, so they can help the baby “remodel” so many clothes. Therefore, under the influence of such an atmosphere, the child’s aesthetics is naturally not Where will it go? 

2. What is harmful to children:

Although remodeling clothes for children can help children improve their imagination and practical ability, and give them an opportunity to become designers, it is possible for children to wear old clothes every day. Let the child become unconfident, and even ask such questions: Why other children have new clothes to wear, but they can only wear old clothes. 

Therefore, under this kind of thinking, children may become unwilling to be inferior and introverted, or because they did not have new clothes to wear when they were young, they become keen to buy clothes when they grow up, or they may spend ahead of time to buy clothes. clothes. 

If parents still have a desire to design clothes for their babies, what should they do to make their children wear their new clothes without affecting their children’s mentality? 

Parents can do this:

①Let the child follow “Remodeling” by yourself

Education and fun is the best way to help children grow up. Parents can let the children join hands-on design while tailoring the clothes. In this way, both Children are interested in changing clothes, and they can improve their taste and have a strong interest in designing clothes. 

②Encourage children

In fact, it is not shameful to wear modified clothes, and there is no need to be shy. However, parents must send such signals to children to help children get out of this shadow. Otherwise, because of other people’s eyes or self-confidence, the child may think that he is inferior when he wears old clothes, so he becomes introverted and inferior, and he dare not engage in social activities with others. 

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