Why does the elderly have a special smell when they are getting older? It’s actually a sign that your parents are aging

Why does the elderly have a special smell when they are getting older? In fact, it is a sign that parents are aging

Everyone has a day of aging. After a person enters old age, all aspects of body function gradually decline, and a series of problems will occur one after another. 

I often hear someone say: When you approach some elderly people, you can smell a very special smell, and it is not so good, but the elderly don’t seem to feel it. But they are often not as embarrassed to ask the elderly, what is going on? 


Xiaomei was on a business trip with her husband recently, and was unable to take care of the children for a while, so she decided to send her to her grandpa’s house A few days. 

But the child didn’t want to go anymore. Xiaomei didn’t understand. She asked her son, “Did you not like to live at your grandfather’s house when you were young? Why don’t you want to go now?”


The son pouted his mouth and replied: Grandpa always has a strange smell in the room. It smells bad at all. I don’t like to go. 

I believe in life, children who have this idea Not a few, and most elderly people do have some smell, which makes the children very resistant to being with them. 

The unpleasant body odor of the elderly-“the smell of the elderly”

As people get older, there will be more or less “strange smells” on their bodies. This kind of “old age” is a very normal phenomenon. After all, aging is something we cannot The laws of nature to avoid. 

In fact, everyone’s body has some smell, like a newborn baby, there will be some “milk smell” on the body; as the baby grows up, this milk smell will It gradually disappears, and when the baby reaches childhood, there is almost no smell on the body. 

Then puberty, according to each person’s Different physiques will have different tastes, such as “body odor” and “sweat smell” in some people. 

When people are old, especially after 50 years old, there will be a kind of “strange smell”, which is what we often call the “old man smell”. This kind of smell is generally not very good, and the older the age, the more obvious the smell. 

Why does the elderly have a “weird taste”? 

1) Metabolism slows down

As the grade grows, the metabolism rate of the elderly decreases, the body is easy to separate oil, and it is easy to have dander, which is affected by external bacteria After decomposition, unpleasant “odors” are prone to appear. 

2) Substances secreted in the body

As people grow older, the body will secrete a substance of 2-nonenal, which usually reacts with bacteria in the air, which will cause the appearance of peculiar smell. 

Under normal circumstances, the secretion of 2-nonenal begins to increase after people enter old age, which will cause the elderly to appear “elderly” troubles. 

3) Inadequate cleaning

With age, many elderly people tend to be afraid of heat and cold due to their deterioration in physical fitness, so they don’t like to take a bath, so they will be unavoidable. There is some “elderly smell”. 

The so-called elder smell is actually a sign that parents are aging! 

After many elderly people are getting older, the smell on their bodies will make their relatives reluctant to get close to the elderly, and even affect their daily normal social interactions. But in fact, this peculiar smell is actually a sign that parents are aging. 

After parents have a smell, they are telling you that they are old and need to be taken care of. It is this kind of “elderly taste” that is despised by others that confirms the traces of time, and it is the imprint that time leaves on parents. 

When we were young, we were under the protection of our parents Growing up, now that parents are dying of old age, how can they start to dislike them as children? 

Therefore, when parents get older, their children must do their best to accompany them as much as possible. Older people are prone to “elderly taste”, which is still a health and hygiene problem. Usually children can take the elderly to wash and bathe, pay attention to personal hygiene. 

In daily life, pay more attention to taking care of your own hygiene, taking a bath and changing clothes frequently, which can reduce the odor of the elderly to a certain extent. The “milk” that parents often buy for their children may have been blacklisted. Mom will check it out.

Everyone knows that the height of a child is mainly affected by both internal and external factors. 

Intrinsic factors refer to the genetic genes of parents, accounting for about 70%, and are also the main influencing factors, while external factors refer to the effects of sleep quality, exercise and diet, which account for approximately Than 30%. 

Seeing this, some mothers will feel that they and their husbands are both superior in height, and their children can naturally be “superior” in the crowd, but this is not the case. 

The “China Children’s Height Management Survey Report” pointed out that in my country’s adolescents, nearly 80% of children’s future heights cannot meet their parents’ psychological expectations. Only 47.2% of children are still at an average height. 

From this point of view, even the height of parents It is superior, and the size of the child will also be biased, so many parents put their eyes on the milk in order to supplement the nutrition for the baby. 

But now the milk on the market is rich and diverse, and old fathers and old mothers are also dazzled when choosing, so parents often buy “milk” for their children home, which may have already been blacklisted. , Is not suitable for children to drink, so moms come to compare it. 

These 4 kinds of “fake milk” are drawn into the blacklist, and many elderly and children like to drink it.

[First category]: Children’s milk with cute packaging and rich flavors

Children The outer packaging of milk is more conspicuous in color, and most of it is printed with cute cartoon patterns, so it will stand out from a pile of plain milk and attract the baby’s attention. 

And parents will also because of their “children’s milk I think this is milk specially for children, and I don’t pay much attention to the ingredient list, but the sugar content in this type of milk is not a lot. Although the taste is richer, the nutritional value is compared to pure milk. It’s not too high. 

[Second category]: Various flavors of “milk drinks”

Parents will find a lot of “milk” with the label of “milk drinks” in supermarkets. Some parents If you are not careful, you take it for granted when you see the word “milk”, and the variety of flavored milk drinks are very popular with children. Sometimes when children act like a baby, they buy it home as milk. 

In fact, the focus of milk beverages is actually It is on the word “beverage”, the main ingredient of which is water, and there is not much milk in it. Long-term drinking may cause children to develop dental caries. In addition, the same applies to lactic acid bacteria beverages. 

[Third category]: Walnut milk that sounds “smart”

The older generation pays attention to “complementing form with shape”, so walnuts have always been used to replenish brains It is said that when buying milk for children at home, they also tend to choose walnut milk. 

But in fact, walnut milk itself is a kind of modified milk. Instead of walnuts, it contains a lot of sugar and other ingredients. It is not suitable for children as breakfast or supper. 

[Fourth category]: Looks tall The “reconstituted milk” above

The production method of reconstituted milk is more complicated. It is to first make milk into milk powder, and then reduce it to “milk” in various ways. 

Although looking at its ingredient list, the main ingredient is milk, but in the complicated production process, the nutrition of milk has been lost a lot, it is better to drink pure milk directly. 

When parents buy milk for their children, they must learn “two “Careful”

▶Carefully observe the milk ingredient list

The milk that is really suitable for babies to drink is actually very easy to distinguish, that is, whether the first place in the ingredient list is the three words “raw milk”. The common fresh milk and pasteurized milk in supermarkets can be chosen with confidence. 

In addition, parents should also know how to look at the protein content on the ingredient list. 

According to random check data in 18 years, the protein content in general milk is 3.25g/100ml, while the protein content in milk that meets the standard should be greater than 2.8g/100ml. 

▶Carefully understand the milk’s production date and shelf life

Due to the difference in production process and packaging, the shelf life of current milk is slightly different, but pure milk like pasteurized milk has a slightly different shelf life. Milk has a relatively short shelf life. Parents should be careful not to stock too much at one time. The child’s reaction ability sees a big problem, and mothers who don’t understand it, pay attention, so as not to affect their development

Children’s intellectual problems are a problem that both parents are worried about, especially when the child is young. It is difficult to find out if the child has an intellectual problem. 

In fact, most of the children’s intellectual problems are related to the mother’s environment during pregnancy. If the children’s intellectual problems are discovered early, they can receive corresponding treatment and improvement. 

What is mental retardation

Some parents think that intelligence Below is equivalent to cerebral palsy, which is an incorrect concept. Low intelligence is due to the child’s incomplete brain development and mental formation defects. In terms of intellectual function, it is significantly lower than the average level of other normal children, and the cognition of surrounding things is impaired. This

is completely different from cerebral palsy. Insufficient intelligence cannot be equated with cerebral palsy. So, why do children have mental retardation? What are the specific manifestations of mental retardation? 

Causes of mental retardation

Although patients with mental retardation It is not very common, but the number is not large. According to statistics, there are 150 million mentally retarded patients in the world. Its cause is mainly due to heredity. If the parents’ chromosomes are abnormal, the probability of a child’s gene mutation will be much higher than that of other children. . 

Parents can do chromosomal examinations before preparing for pregnancy, which can reduce the probability of mental retardation after the child is born. Another important reason comes from my mother. 

If the mother has bad habits during pregnancy, often smokes and drinks alcohol, or has been damaged by harmful factors such as impact, radiation, etc., it will also increase the child’s mental retardation. 

During pregnancy, if you can avoid this kind of situation, of course, you can also reduce the probability of the child’s mental retardation. 

What are the manifestations of children’s mental retardation? Yes, if parents can observe the child carefully, they can find out if the child is abnormal as soon as possible. If the child can be found early, they can also take the child to receive related treatment as soon as possible. The earlier the treatment, the better the effect. Parents can observe at home whether their children have the following conditions:

1: Cannot sit still, compared with other children, they are not strong enough to concentrate and cannot concentrate. 

2 When I started to learn to speak, I didn’t dare to speak much, and had the behavior of withdrawing. 

3Because the cognition is relatively single, so the idea is generally more extreme, like to work against the surroundings. 

4 Eat things that cannot be eaten. Most children can tell which things cannot be eaten, but children with low intelligence may not be able to tell. If parents find that their children have the above symptoms, they must be carefully observed and timely See a doctor. 

Although children’s mental retardation is only occasional Sex is generally not encountered, but relatively speaking, children’s mental retardation is also a relatively common disease. Parents should carefully observe the child when the child is young. If there is an abnormality, they must seek medical treatment in time to avoid delaying the child’s treatment. Condition.

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