Why do you say whether children can realize their college dreams depends on the learning status of the third grade and the second grade of elementary school?

Why do you say whether children can realize their college dreams depends on the learning status of the third grade and the second grade of elementary school? 

Nowadays social competition is fierce, and “one point for one playground” has become a common saying among “chicken babies” mothers. For children who are going to school, academic performance is a manifestation An important way of their academic level is also a stepping stone to getting into a good university. 

As we all know, learning itself is something that needs to be accumulated slowly. Few people can improve their grades in a short period of time. Even if the grade changes with certain fluctuations, it is difficult to make big changes, so The college entrance examination mostly examines the usual accumulation and on-the-spot mentality. 

But you know what? In the entire learning process of children, there are also two stages that require special attention from parents. 

The head teacher frankly said: Will the child be admitted to university in the future? , Mainly depends on the third grade and second grade of elementary school

In the eyes of many people, the high school stage is the final sprint stage of the college entrance examination. Both the teacher’s teaching method and the difficulty of the knowledge points in the textbook have been qualitatively improved, so high school This should be the period that parents should pay most attention to, but this is not the case. 

A senior class teacher once said frankly: I want to know whether my child can be admitted to university in the future. In fact, it mainly depends on the learning status of the third grade and the second grade of elementary school. 

In his view, different learning stages The main focus is also different: Elementary school should pay attention to family education, that is, parent’s supervision and the development of learning habits; The main focus of junior high school education is self-discipline, so that children can master the ability to learn independently; High school should Pay attention to the children’s mentality so that they can give full play to the knowledge they have accumulated. 

Among them, the third and second grades of elementary school are particularly important. So the question is, why do you have to look at the third grade of elementary school and the state of study in the second grade of junior high school? 

The third grade is a “watershed” on the road of learning < p>Generally speaking, the teaching content of the first and second grades of elementary school is relatively shallow and basic, and many children have already learned in kindergarten in advance, so it is not difficult to get started. Most of the rankings are relatively tight and they do not have too much. Reference value, and the third grade is different. 

The third grade is a watershed in the children’s learning path. Both the difficulty of learning and the subjects have been greatly improved. At this time, it can be seen whether the child has good learning habits and learning abilities. 

On the one hand, new question types and knowledge points are introduced in the difficulty of learning major subjects such as mathematics. If children do not have a good ability to accept and digest knowledge, it is difficult to get high scores. of. 

In addition, the variety of question types and more A variety of language expression questions also add a lot of trouble to children, so during this period, some children’s grades will drop quickly like a slide. 

On the other hand, English subjects will also be added to the third grade. Although many children now start to learn English in kindergarten, their previous learning is relatively basic and they rarely touch the test content. It will make the little guys feel uncomfortable and even get tired of studying, so the child’s learning status is very important at this time. 

The second grade is a “bridge” for the transformation of children’s learning styles

Many of the teaching content of grade one is a summary of elementary school knowledge, which plays an excessive role in connecting the past and the next. The learning style is also similar to that of elementary schools, so children It’s easy to learn. 

But by the time of the second grade, some schools will start to implement the “question sea” tactics, hoping that children can learn more about the change of question types and formulas in this way. 

The changes in learning methods and the teacher’s teaching The change of the model will make children’s learning pressure suddenly increase, and it is inevitable that they will not adapt or experience a decline in performance. 

On the contrary, if children can adapt to this kind of pressure and new learning styles, then their grades will have a qualitative leap, so as to achieve better achievements in high school, which is why everyone says The second year as a “bridge” is one of the important reasons for the whole learning stage. The head teacher gave the classmates a “red envelope”. The child took it with a happy face, but couldn’t laugh after opening it.

Seeing that March is approaching, and the children’s holidays have also shown that the balance is insufficient. The diligent elementary school students have already begun to “make up homework”. 

However, in some areas, because the school started relatively early, they did not give students too many opportunities to make up their homework. Therefore, in order to make up for the psychological gap of the children, the teachers also thought of a lot of ways. 

On the first day of school, the head teacher initiated the proposal “Red envelopes”

Because a primary school in Guangdong starts earlier than other areas, many students return to school with their schoolbags on their backs, appearing particularly unmotivated, as if they have not yet waved goodbye to the holidays. 

In this regard, the school seems to be well-prepared. On the first day of school, many head teachers initiated “red envelopes” to the students at the school gate. There was a feeling of joy and joy in people’s hearts, after all, no one thought that there would be red envelopes for the beginning of school. 

However, when the child is happily After opening it, I couldn’t laugh a bit. It turns out that the red envelopes are not “new year money”, but pieces of small notes with words of blessings to the children, which roughly means that they hope that the children can study well in the new semester, and strive to make themselves The hard work paid off. 

Although the students saw a note in the red envelope at first, they were unavoidably disappointed, but soon they adjusted their mood and happily accepted the teacher’s blessing and kindness. 

Many parents have also expressed their views on this

Mother Tuantuan: Haha, my child has received the same red envelope at the beginning of school. The small note says I hope she can adjust her mood as soon as possible and devote herself to learning. There are still two candies in it! 

Star Dad: My child’s red envelope is more interesting. Just like the lottery, my child got a free homework. I heard that some classmates got a roll of paper. It’s too miserable. Up. 

Mother Yuanyuan: My child never confiscated I have been to red envelopes, but I think this method is very good. As a sense of ritual, the children’s heart of flying during the holiday can be returned to learning. 

A simple sense of ritual can indeed make children more adapt to changes in the environment.

When children are 3 or 4 months old, parents know that they can develop their children’s sleep habits through slightly ritual behaviors, such as following The baby performs a series of actions, such as washing, drawing the curtains, and telling stories, and when the story is finished, the little guy will naturally have the thought of “I’m going to sleep” in his heart. 

In fact, the behavior of teachers issuing red envelopes is the same. They are using this method, and the small note in it clearly tells the children that the vacation is over, and new knowledge and courses are waiting. For them, the students need to straighten their positions from the heart. 

Such a psychological and ideological change is indeed It allows children to adapt more quickly, from the holiday to the beginning of school. Therefore, parents can also try to use this method to help children get on the right track of learning as soon as possible through behaviors with a sense of ritual. 

In addition to the mentality, the preparatory preparation of the child at the beginning of school is also very important.

They all say “new semester, new atmosphere”, but in fact, whether a child can keep up with the pace of the teacher’s lecture as soon as possible is affected by many factors. This point must be clear to everyone, so you must make a certain amount of preliminary preparation before the start of school. 

For example, help children adjust their work and rest schedules in advance. After all, few schools can accept children who wake up at ten o’clock in the morning and have little brains “not yet switched on”. 

In addition, some textbooks and reference books should also Take your children to organize them in advance. Now many subjects need to take notes and textbooks in class. Try to avoid the situation where children can’t find anything when they just start school. 

Finally, parents should also provide a buffer time for their children. It’s natural for the child to miss a holiday. It’s natural to miss your friends. It’s understandable to talk about each other’s wonderful vacations if you want to exchange feelings. At this time, it’s better for parents to let the little guys reminisce about the past. 

In general, although the beginning of school means that the child is “returning to the cage”, parents should not let them play at this time. They must prepare their children in advance. There are 4 types of clothes that you can’t wear for your baby no matter how good they look. Let’s see if there are any tricks and throw them away after reading it.

Every time I go shopping, I can’t help but sigh that the children’s clothes are so beautiful now, boy The trend is handsome, the girl is beautiful and elegant. 

Many mothers started to pay attention to their children’s clothes after they gave birth. When they saw beautiful clothes, they wanted to bring them home. Some mothers stepped on a lot of pits when they bought clothes. 

Because clothes that look very beautiful are not suitable for babies, and some clothes can even cause illness and injury to children. What is the truth? 

The following 4 kinds of clothes are blacklisted by parents. Come and take a look. Maybe you are still wearing them for your children. 

Over-decorated clothes

Almost all moms They can’t resist beautiful and stylish clothes. As a mother, not only does she love beauty, but she also likes to dress her children like little princesses and little princes, and buy all kinds of beautifully decorated clothes for her. 

But mothers must pay attention and try not to choose clothes with too many decorations for their children, in case the small accessories on the clothes are eaten by the children, causing danger, mothers should not choose designs for the children for the sake of beauty Too cumbersome clothes, simple sweaters and sweatpants will do. The baby is not only comfortable but also very stylish. 

Pants with zipper

Mom is choosing for the child When it comes to pants, it is also very particular. Whether it is a little boy or a little girl, when your baby chooses to buy pants for his child, he should choose trousers with zipper carefully. 

Especially when a boy wears his trousers and pulls the zipper, he may get stuck on the skin of his genitals if he is not careful. If it is lighter, it may simply be a little painful. In severe cases, it may affect the development and fertility of the baby’s genitals. . 

When the child is still young, try to choose trousers with drawstring and elastic waist. When the child is older, put on trousers with zipper. 

Sweater with straps

Maybe parents Think, when you buy trousers, you choose elastic cords. There must be no problem with sweaters with cords. In fact, otherwise, a sweater with a rope is also very dangerous to the baby. 

The original intention of the rope strap design is to make it easier to adjust the clothes, so that everyone can freely adjust the tightness of the hat, but the baby is very active when he is young, and he likes to play on the slide and play. It will strangle the baby’s neck and cause suffocation. The risk factor is very high. 

Underwear on the street stall

Did you find the night market? There are many stalls selling children’s underwear, and some parents choose two for their children, suggesting that mothers do not buy underwear for their children. 

The quality of these clothes is uneven, and the child’s skin is delicate and fragile, which may cause the child’s skin allergies, and the final gain is not worth the loss. For the underwear for the child, try to choose the material that meets the Class A standard to better protect the child. health. 

I never thought that children have so much knowledge in clothes Well, do not buy the above 4 types of clothes for your children in the future. Have you remembered these knowledge points?

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