“Why do you have to celebrate the Laba Festival?” This is the best answer I have ever heard, suitable for children

“Why do you have to celebrate the Laba Festival?” This is the best answer I have ever heard. It is suitable for children to listen to.

the twelfth of the lunar calendar The eighth day of the month is called Lari, which is also what we often call “Laba”. 

In this year, Laba and Dahan just met together. I have to say that the arrival of Laba will also make the coming New Year even more flavorful. Preparing for the New Year. 

However, during this joyous and beautiful festival, many children will ask their parents “Why do you have to celebrate the Laba Festival?” So how do parents answer it? 

“Why do you have to celebrate the Laba Festival?” This is the best answer I’ve ever heard. It can be told to our children.

When we were young, it was a big event to drink Laba porridge during the Laba Festival. , The family will take out the shiny pot at home one night in advance, and pour in the soaked whole grains and other ingredients for cooking. 

Remember to stir the fruit back and forth with a long-handled spoon Dried and dried fruits, and then sprinkled on the surface of the most porridge, it looks very delicate and delicious. 

When Laba is on this day, everyone in the family will eat a big bowl. Every household is making porridge, and neighbors will give each other their own cooked Laba porridge. 

In this way, in the atmosphere where you give a bowl and I give it a bowl, the taste of the new year is even more important. Recalling these childhood festivals, it is this bowl of deep memories that evokes our memories. Laba Congee. 

The bowl of laba porridge made by my parents when I was a child It is also a kind of obsession for us to celebrate the Laba Festival. No matter how long it has passed, it is still the taste of home and a symbol of reunion. 

This is probably the best and warmest answer I have heard about why I have to celebrate the Laba Festival. It is very suitable for parents to tell their children. 

In addition, when telling the story of Laba Festival to children, diet is an important part of nature. You must know that in addition to Laba Congee, there are many other foods that must be on the Laba Festival table. Oh less. 

There are different diets during the Laba Festival

◆ Laba Garlic

Many children know that Laba porridge and Laba Garlic are to be eaten during the Laba Festival. Yes, pickled Laba Garlic is also important for this festival. Link. 

Parents can involve their children in this process For example, peeling garlic and pickling garlic, allowing children to observe the changes before and after the garlic is pickled, and to teach children the correct science, is also the best education for the unity of knowledge and action. 

◆ Laba Noodles

In addition to Laba Congee and Laba Garlic, this kind of food is also eaten during the Laba Festival, that is, “Laba Noodles”, which both adults and children love. 

Laba noodles, this food is usually popular in the Guanzhong area of ​​Shaanxi Province. It is one of the local traditional noodles. It is also a delicacy that cannot be lacked on the table on the day of the Laba Festival. 

In this area, it is not common to drink Laba porridge during the Laba Festival. It is common for every household to eat a bowl of fragrant and pure Laba noodles on the eighth morning of the twelfth lunar month. 

This is a kind of noodles and different beans It is a kind of noodles made of raw materials. The beans are mainly red beans, so they must be soaked one night in advance and boiled until the Laba Festival. 

◆ Laba Tofu

Finally, I have to mention the Laba Festival delicacy-Laba Tofu, which is one of the specialty snacks in Anhui Province, and it is also an indispensable part of the Laba Festival. Delicious cuisine. 

The color of Laba tofu is golden yellow, it tastes loose and delicious, moderately salty and sweet, and some like to add some ingredients, such as dried shrimps, so that the taste of Laba tofu will be more tender. 

After understanding the food culture of Laba Festival , Many parents will have this question, that is, can babies drink Laba porridge? What needs attention, let us continue to look down. 

What things should be paid attention to when the baby drinks Laba porridge? 

When parents usually cook porridge for their baby to drink, they will cook it soft and rotten so that the baby can eat it and reduce the baby’s digestive burden. 

In fact, due to the richness of beans in Laba porridge, it is still difficult to cook until it is suitable for the baby, so the cooking time will be longer. 

The laba porridge that the baby eats is cooked for the baby everyday In the process of porridge, the porridge will be cooked until it becomes rotten and soft, so as to minimize the impact of the indigestible ingredients on the baby. 

For this type of situation, parents can actually prepare the ingredients one day in advance and soak them in warm water. This will save time when the laba porridge is cooked the next day, and preserve it to the greatest extent. Of nutrients. 

This kind of Laba porridge can be properly taken by the baby, and it will not cause the burden of gastrointestinal digestion. “I’m in elementary school, but the junior high school is not good.” After learning the reasons behind it, parents no longer force their children to be schoolmasters.

They all say they have learned well Children are here to “repay their gratitude” to their parents, which makes people particularly worry-free. However, if half of this “en” is reported, and suddenly it can’t be reported anymore, what will the parents’ mood be like? 

For example , Originally, when the child was in elementary school, his academic performance was very good, and he did not need to do his homework to urge his parents, and he did not have to spend money on tutoring classes. However, when I waited for junior high school, my grades suddenly dropped. Not only I couldn’t learn, but I was tired of studying, and I started to work against my parents. When encountering this kind of children who make their parents “sweet first and then bitter”, most parents are expected to have a headache. 

The child’s “primary school is now, but the junior high school is not good”, which makes parents feel very troubled.

When I was in elementary school, the daughter of my neighbor Wang’s family was basically the first in the class. She is also very sensible. She knows that her parents are busy at work and have never been counseled by their parents for homework. She always does homework early after school. Moreover, I read books and preview homework whenever I have time, so I don’t have to worry about my parents at all, and I save my parents a lot of money for supplementary lessons. 

However, since entering junior high school in the second half of last year, this situation of saving parents’ worry, effort and money has changed. In the words of Sister Wang: “This girl doesn’t know what’s going on, her grades are really falling all the way. She was a high school student, but now she is at a medium level. It’s really worrying.”

In order to help her daughter improve her grades, She enrolled her daughter in several tutoring classes, but they were not very effective. Moreover, her daughter’s self-confidence has been hit, and she also has a clear sense of disgust, which really troubles her parents. Sister Wang communicated with other parents. Everyone said that this is the performance of “the elementary school is now, but the junior high school is not good”. It has something to do with the “tenth place phenomenon”, and she will no longer force her children to be schoolmasters. 

Why does a child’s grades in elementary school go back when his grades are good? ? 

So, is the situation of Sister Wang’s daughter really related to the “tenth place phenomenon”? In fact, there are many reasons, and parents should treat it calmly. 

①There is a lot of room for improvement in the middle and upper grades of elementary schools, and it is easy for the students to be overtaken.

We know that the content of elementary schools is actually based on the foundation, and it is not difficult. Those children who are easy to achieve grades are those who study hard, listen carefully, and do their homework. And those children with upper and middle grades may not be able to learn, but are more playful, or more active-minded, and like to dabble in other content, so they are not so concerned about their academic performance. 

But when they go to junior high school, these middle-to-upper-class children know how to study, so there is more room for improvement, and the original schoolmaster is easy to be overtaken. 

②The learning content of elementary school and junior high school are different, It needs more understanding and flexibility.

In addition, elementary school and junior high school have different learning content. Elementary school is something to learn by rote. Junior high school needs more understanding and flexibility. It is not only hard work that results in results. Therefore, if the child in primary school is just studying hard and not knowing how to adapt, it will not be able to adapt to the changes in the content of the junior high school, and it will be difficult for them to achieve results at a time. 

③The changes in the learning environment of junior high school are prone to encounter strong opponents

Furthermore, after graduating from elementary school, children will encounter junior high school exams, which will disrupt the placement of classes and completely shuffle the cards. So, although the original child was a tyrant in elementary school, but after such a division, it is easy to encounter strong opponents, and it seems that learning is regressing. 

Parents should help their children break the curse and smoothly deal with the elementary school arrival The transition from junior high school

Combined with the above reasons, “I’m in elementary school, but junior high school is not good” is like a curse, which bothers some children and parents. However, parents don’t have to worry about it. Instead, they have to find out how to deal with it and help their children complete the transition from elementary school to junior high school. 

①Help children develop strong learning habits

Actually, in elementary school, good grades are not as good as good habits. Because grades are easy to change, and good study habits will accompany children throughout their study life, which will be helpful to their future studies. Therefore, parents should focus on their children’s study habits. 

For example, let him develop the habit of conscious learning, and let him learn to take time to play, so that the child can study calmly and stay active when playing. Cultivate children’s self-discipline and anti-strike ability, so that children who encounter difficulties and setbacks can persevere and tide over difficulties smoothly. 

②Help children analyze learning problems and change learning Method

After all, children are immature in thinking. If they only focus on academic performance, they will ignore some important issues. Therefore, parents should stand from a different perspective, help children analyze learning problems, change learning methods, and allow children to better adapt to learning at the junior high school stage. 

Just like learning new knowledge in junior high school, parents don’t have to let their children learn by rote, but let them think more and do more. If you don’t understand, you should humbly ask the students and teachers around you. 

③Don’t just let children learn, but also let them learn extensively

The so-called extensive acquisition means that in addition to the knowledge in books, children should also be exposed to other knowledge. For example, cultivate children’s hobbies, such as chess, piano, and ball. It can also be reading a wide range of books, or researching inventions. 

In short, as long as the child is interested, parents should encourage their children to contact. This can broaden the child’s horizons, and also keep the child’s curiosity and desire to explore, which is helpful to his junior high school study. The baby has been dozing off for too long. Check whether the baby has these 3 signs, and wake up if there is one.

How many companies have long been looking forward to the child’s ability to eat and sleep, but some children are really able Sleeping all day and not getting enough sleep, not waking up at night, and then going to sleep after eating. Parents still think that such a child is really worry-free to bring along. But have the parents ever thought that the child sleeps too much and sometimes does not Not necessarily a good thing. 

Xiaoxin’s baby is almost 1 year old now , Don’t worry about worrying when Xiaoxin takes the baby, because the baby spends most of the time sleeping, sometimes if Xiaoxin doesn’t take the initiative to wake the baby, the baby will not wake up. 

Later, when Xiaoxin was chatting with the mothers in the community, did he still talk about it? Other 1-year-old mothers said how difficult it is for their children to sleep, or if they don’t sleep all day, the hair of the parents who are boiled is about to fall out. 

Xiaoxin was very happy after listening to Baoma’s topic, because Xiaoxin had never felt this way. After his baby was born, he never worried about sleeping. Every time You have to take the initiative to call your children, and Xiaoxin is especially proud to show off to the moms in the community. 

But Xiaoxin just finished speaking, there is An older aunt said to Xiaoxin: “How long does your child sleep every day, if you say that you should usually call the child more, let the child wake up properly” Xiaoxin finished listening It’s kind of unhappy. I think my child is sleeping well, why should I call him! 

But when the child was 1 year old, Xiaoxin took the child to the hospital for an examination. The doctor said to Xiaoxin: The child usually sleeps too long, and the parents need to intervene artificially. Otherwise, it will cause harm to the child’s body. 

Only then did Xiaoxin remember what the auntie said was true, but Xiaoxin didn’t listen. 

Parents observe that their baby has these 3 types when sleeping In situations, parents must wake up their children.

1. Children lose weight during sleep

If the child likes to sleep and sleeps for a long time, but if the parent finds that the child’s weight has only decreased but not increased, Especially for small babies, at this time parents should wake up the children appropriately. Because the child may miss the time for normal eating and breastfeeding while sleeping. The child has been sleeping like this, and the body only consumes but cannot get energy supplement. It is strange that the child is not thin! 

2. Children sleep upside-down

Some children sleep upside-down. They can’t wake up during the day and don’t sleep at night. In this case, parents must also Intervene the child in time. Because letting the child go on like this for a long time is very detrimental to the child’s health, not only affecting the child’s physical condition but also affecting the child’s height. 

3. Sleepiness when sick

General sleepiness occurs when a child is sick. At this time, parents should not think that the child is sick and let the child take a break! If the child sleeps continuously for too long, the parents should also wake up the child, in case the child has any accident, so that the parent can find out in time. 

In fact, sometimes a child’s proper sleep can promote the growth and development of the child, but it is a good thing that the child sleeps too much, and the child has a suitable sleep time at each stage of growth. 

The best sleep time for children at different stages

Baby before 1.1 years of age

Generally speaking, children have a relatively long sleep time before 1 year old, especially newborn babies, most of them You can sleep for more than 16 hours a day. However, as the baby gets older, the child’s sleep time is gradually reduced. Generally, when the child is about 1 year old, the child’s daily sleep time reaches 14-16 hours a day. Just an hour! 

2.1-2 years old baby

For babies over 1 year old to sleep, in addition to the normal sleep time at night, the daytime sleep time can basically be controlled at 2-4 hours, because if the child sleeps for too long during the day, the child can’t sleep at night . 

Above 3.2 years of age

Some babies at this stage, in addition to normal sleep at night, basically do not sleep during the day, even if they sleep for a long time, at most Sleep for about 1-2 hours at noon, especially when the child reaches 4 to 5 years old, he basically doesn’t sleep during the day. 

Sometimes a child’s excessive sleepiness is not necessarily a good thing. Parents shouldn’t keep the child to sleep for the sake of their own briskness. If the child’s sleepiness is caused by an illness, it can be troublesome. For the child’s sleep, parents should grasp the approximate sleep time of the child at each age, and the parent will also make a judgment on the child’s sleep situation. When the child is sleepy, the parent can judge the child’s sleepiness. Promptly respond to the child’s situation. 

To determine whether the child’s sleep is normal, parents can Through one touch, two look, three observations, touch the child’s forehead and back, in case the child has a fever, you can touch it, see the child’s sleep state and physical reaction, and observe the child’s mental state.

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