Why do you always have a generation gap with your children? It’s not that words are not understood, but that you can’t learn to “same frequency”

Why do you always have a generation gap with your children? It’s not that words are not understood, but that you can’t learn to “same frequency”

When a child is just born, many parents see that their child is so cute and vowed to protect the child with all their love . 

But when the child grows up, it becomes an annoying naughty bag, which is very annoying to parents, especially when the child enters puberty, there will be problems in many aspects. Some parents say After children enter puberty, they can’t communicate with them at all, and even children will oppose their parents. This makes parents a headache. 

Many parents feel very wronged, and they are obviously thinking about them, but they are always disobedient and worrying. 

Children’s words are always I was misunderstood by my parents and ran away.

Liangliang is ten years old this year. In the eyes of his parents, he is a very rebellious child. Just a while ago, Liangliang ran away from home because of a little friction with his parents. The parents were very anxious and even called the police. 

Finally, I found the child at Liangliang’s grandma. When Liangliang was found, the parents wanted to take Liangliang home, but the child refused to go home. 

At that time, Liangliang said that you didn’t listen to what I said seriously and always misunderstood me. I didn’t want to go home or be with you. Liangliang’s words surprised his parents and made them extremely guilty. 

It turns out that Liangliang ran away from home because when school was over at noon, he ran into a begging grandpa on the side of the road. Liangliang gave his only ten dollars to the grandpa. Liangliang felt that he was His kind deeds will surely make parents proud. 

But when I told my parents about this after I got home, my parents didn’t believe it and said that you must have secretly bought snacks and didn’t let us know. 

At that time, Liangliang felt very uncomfortable. He felt that he could not communicate with his parents at all. In the eyes of his parents, he was just a kid who could only eat snacks. Liangliang was full of grievances, and couldn’t bear it anymore, so he ran away from home and went to grandma’s house. 

Why do parents and Is there always a generation gap in children? 

1. Parents’ thinking is too stubborn.

We all know that parents have reached a certain age and their thinking has been solidified, and it is difficult to accept new things and new ideas. As children grow up, they are easy to accept new things and are easily affected by external factors. 

When parents rest on their own mindsets, it is difficult to think from the perspective of their children, and they may even feel that their children’s ideas are all wrong, so there is a generation gap with their children. 

2. Ignore the children’s inner thoughts

Many parents feel that when they communicate with their children, they feel that their children don’t understand anything since they were young, and that they were brought up by themselves, so they should listen to them. 

Under this kind of thinking, parents will ignore the children’s inner thoughts, and subconsciously require the children to listen to the parents. Once the children have other thoughts, the parents will think that the children are rebelling against them. 

3. Lack of respect for children

We all know that although children are young, they are also independent individuals. This sentence is simple to say, but there are not many parents who can really do it. 

Many parents treat their children as their own possessions, and even in order to control the children, they establish majesty in front of the children and attack them in an all-round way, naturally they will not respect the children. 

If you want to eliminate the generation gap with your child, you must learn to “same frequency resonance”

The so-called same frequency resonance refers to parents who need to understand the child’s way of thinking when communicating with their children. , Resonate with children in thought. 

In this way, parents can communicate effectively with their children. Only when they understand this principle can they eliminate the generation gap with their children, and children will truly treat their parents as friends. 

How to use the same Frequency resonance eliminates the generation gap with children? 

1. Strengthen patient communication

Many parents said that when they communicate with their children, they often talk with ducks and play piano with cows. In fact, parents simply don’t have the patience to communicate with their children. For example, if you want to communicate effectively with your children, you must be patient and think from the perspective of your children, and fully understand and tolerate them. 

2. Try to understand the child

The child is affected by many new things in the process of growing up. Some behaviors are incomprehensible to the parents, so they will deny the child. 

At this time, parents don’t rush to deny it, try to understand the child, there may be unexpected gains. At this time, the parents will also understand that not all the children’s ideas are wrong. 

3. Allow children to make mistakes

Many parents are always unable to control their emotions when faced with children’s mistakes, as if children cannot forgive them once they make mistakes. But in fact, if children do not make mistakes, they will never be able to grow up. 

So you must allow your children to make mistakes, be patient and tolerant, so as to eliminate the generation gap, and the children will not be afraid of their parents. 

Sometimes parents always complain that educating their children is a headache, but in fact, children are also complaining about why their parents never understand them. If you want to have an effective communication, you need two efforts, instead of just wanting to change the child blindly, perhaps the parents’ thinking is the most in need of change. 

Finally, do you have any other suggestions on how to eliminate the generation gap with your children? Please leave a message in the comment area. Li Jian talked about the choice of DINK. This painful reason, or many DINK couples did not realize it.

With the increasing social pressure, more and more young people choose to be a DINK family. The DINK family does It can reduce a lot of unnecessary expenses, because raising a child is indeed a big expense. 

Of course, for ordinary people, being a DINK may really be forced by life, but for many stars also choose to be a DINK family, they will certainly not be forced by the pressure of life. 

The music genius everyone knows-Li Jian. Li Jian and his wife are Dinks, and when Li Jian was interviewed by reporters, he generously admitted that he and his wife are Dinks family. It is a pity that Li Jian doesn’t want children. Li Jian’s good genes cannot be obtained. Genetic. 

But when Li Jian heard this, he didn’t take it seriously. Li Jian told reporters that his genes are not good for inheritance, and he didn’t have to pass on his lineage, so he didn’t have to have children. 

Of course, stars are not better than ordinary people. Many stars choose to be DINKs. Some stars are real DINKs, and some stars fail to stick to the DINK road to the end. 

Of course, the choice to be a DINK was the decision of the husband and wife at the beginning, but being a DINK family does not do much harm to men. 

Because after all, if men want to have children, there is no big problem even if they are old, but DINK is a disadvantage for women. The best age for women to give birth is only a few years. Once a certain age is exceeded, it becomes difficult to have a baby again. 

Of course, before becoming a DINK, husband and wife must think clearly, especially for women, they should be more cautious, because once you miss a woman, it is likely that you will never have your own children in this life. 

Be a DINK family The impact on men and women? 

For men

Dink seems to have no effect on men. It is of course best if both husband and wife insist on DINK, but take a step back, even if the male first insists on DINK, he wants to regret it later. It is possible. 

After all, if a man wants a child to turn around, he can find a young girl to help him give birth. How many DINK men can’t go down in the end, and there are many who have children with other women. 

For women

The relative influence of DINK is greater for women. Women’s bodies get worse with age, and women want to have children once they are over 50. It’s really too difficult. 

Women are not like men. If you want a child, you can find a young girl to give birth to yourself. A woman’s age can hardly even think about having a child again and again. Even if I regret it later, there is no chance. 

Of course, choosing a DINK family also has the benefits of a DINK family, so you must carefully consider it before becoming a DINK, and don’t let yourself regret it. 

Before Dink Some issues that must be considered clearly

Will others be envious of others’ old age?

Many DINK couples are very comfortable and comfortable at the beginning, but as they get older, their careers are slowly reaching To a certain extent, he has reached the age when he has nothing to do. 

At that time, people of the same age were accompanied by their children, and there were children talking and laughing, but they were miserable and deserted. Can I really stand it? 

Would you regret not having children?

Many DINK families don’t want children because when they were young, they focused on their career and didn’t have time to take care of their children. So in order to prevent their children from suffering, they would rather choose not. 

But when my living conditions are good and everything is on the right track, will I really not regret my original decision? 

So before doing DINK, you must anticipate the worst results, and strengthen yourself every day. If you can accept it indifferently, I believe that even if you really encounter such problems in the future , I can also run away from the face. 

Of course, there is a good side to being a DINK family, so I have experienced the good of DINK, and there is nothing to regret. 

DINK family’s Benefits

Not bothered by children

Obviously, DINK families don’t have to worry about children’s affairs, don’t worry about taking care of children, don’t worry about children’s schooling, don’t worry about children’s future work, and more Don’t worry about the problem of children getting married and having children in the future. 

The problem of children’s unfilial piety does not exist in the future. Parents with children have been busy with these problems all their lives. Of course, it is easy for them to have no children. 

Live yourself

The couples in the DINK family live more purely. They have a lot of time to be themselves and do what they want to do. They are not bound by anything. Live more of yourself. 

So it’s my choice whether or not to be a DINK. Since the choice is good, whether it is a DINK or not, you must be responsible for your choice. 

Don’t look at the mountain from this mountain, don’t want to experience the hardship of taking care of your children, but want to enjoy the happiness of having children with you. If this is the case, then you are also looking for your own pain. Being a man is not too greedy, gaining and losing is the best life.

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