Why do the “older” parents, the more disgusting the children are? Sometimes the children are miserable, and the old people don’t even know

Why do the “older” parents, the more disgusting the children are? Sometimes the children are miserable, and the elderly don’t even know it.

Why the older the parents, the more disgusting the children are? Sometimes the children are miserable, and the elderly don’t know it.

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People often say: “Home There is one old and one treasure.” But for many young people today, having a very old person in the family can be very painful. 

More and more people have discovered that the older the elderly, the more difficult it is to get along with their family members. The children show their filial piety, but they have many complaints in private. 

Why parents are older , The more disgusted by the children? 

Children’s dislike of their parents’ old age may not mean that they dislike their old bodies and inconvenient activities, and often need someone to take care of them. Generally, they dislike their parents’ “old” thinking. 

But many parents, the older they are, the more and more stubborn in their thinking, which makes their children unhappy. 

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Those parents who are despised often like to do something like this:

▶ Rely on the old and sell the old

Some parents feel that they are getting older. Children should let them; some parents feel that they live a long time, experience more things, and know more. Therefore, they especially don’t like their children to disobey themselves. 

The older these parents are, the more they like to suppress their juniors and participate in the decision-making of small families, often destroying family relations and making their children miserable. 

▶ Deliberately calling people

Some parents become older and look like children. If there is something you want to do, but you can’t do it yourself, you must The children immediately helped to finish. 

Some parents also encounter problems Questions, I like to call the children, regardless of whether they are convenient or not, very inconsiderate for their busy work and hard life. 

▶ Poor temperament

There are also some elderly people. The older they are, the worse their tempers will become. When they encounter things that don’t go well, they start to curse and ridicule people. Some want to do their filial piety. After being told several times, his child also became unhappy and didn’t want to take care of it anymore. 

Of course, this kind of change is also separate. Some people are more like it when they get older, giving their children a very cordial feeling, and some people shun it. 

Why does this happen What? 

▶ Brain diseases

As people get older, their brains will degenerate faster. It is very likely that there will be Alz, which scares many elderly and children. Haimer’s disease. 

Even if there is no such disease, Corresponding problems may also occur with decreased memory and brain power. The common ones are: bad temper, stubborn and impatient, and stubborn like a child. 

▶ Fossil thinking

If older people live in the same environment for a long time, their brains will produce inertial thinking, and their thoughts will slowly become rigid, just like older people There is a generation gap between people and young people. 

If the old man used to live in an environment where the law of survival was selfishness, temperament, etc., the older he gets, such thoughts and behaviors may become more obvious. 

▶ Personality dictates

Maybe many people have a personality that likes to rely on the old and sell the old when they are young, and use their seniority to suppress others. When they get older and get higher grades, they will put this kind of personality in the family. Show it. 

Of course, people who have a bad temper and tend to lose their temper and get angry are the same when they are old, and they may be more serious. 

So, what kind of person Is the personality more popular with children after being old? 

▶ Gentle and considerate personality

People who are gentle and willing to understand and help others will feel the same even when they are old. Let the children feel particularly comfortable with each other. 

Furthermore, people who like to laugh when they are young will have smile lines at the corners of their eyes. When they are old, such traces will give people a cordial feeling. 

▶ Happy to learn

The elderly who like to learn and are willing to accept new things are also more open-minded, and generally do not appear rigid or stubborn. 

People who use their brains often do not experience Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, or irritable tempers when they get older. 

▶ People with self-pursuits

People with pursuits and careers will not revolve around their children for the rest of their lives, and rarely interfere with their children’s lives after they get married. 

Such elderly people not only set a good example for younger generations, but also respect each other with their children and are very caring for them. 


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To judge whether the blood sugar during pregnancy exceeds the standard, it depends on whether the body has the following abnormalities, and there are tips for controlling sugar.

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Health during pregnancy is very important to both the fetus and the mother. In many cases, pregnant mothers may More energy is put on supplementing nutrition, but ignoring the rationality of diet. After the rapid increase in weight, I am complacent and think that it is the rapid growth of the fetus. In fact, it may be that there is a problem with your blood sugar. 

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First of all, we know that the normal blood glucose level during pregnancy should be: 3.1-5.1mmol/L in the fasting state; no more than 10.0mmol/L 1 hour after a meal ; Two hours after a meal should not be higher than 8.5mmol/L. Once this value is exceeded, pregnant mothers should pay attention to sugar control. 

Of course these numbers must be checked in the hospital to know, but the body is the best reactor. 

Expert science: to judge Whether the blood glucose level during pregnancy exceeds the standard, you may wish to see if the body has the following abnormalities——

Thirst: It is usually the initial signal. Pregnant women are prone to thirsty. Even if sufficient water is added every day, it is still not very good. improve. Hunger: The most obvious manifestation of this situation is in the early stage of type II. This is because high insulin will speed up the use of blood sugar and produce hunger. Itchy skin: Many conditions can cause this problem. Once it occurs, you may wish to consider checking your blood sugar after eliminating insect bites and allergies. 

Frequent urination: Pregnant women feel thirsty and drink more water. Naturally, the frequency of going to the toilet will also increase. This phenomenon is also one of the manifestations of blood sugar problems in pregnant women. Feeling dizzy: Pregnant women will be very tired when they are pregnant. If the blood sugar is high, the body’s sugar accumulation cannot be absorbed and used, and it is easy to be dizzy. Several sugar control tips

1) Control your diet

Usually if you detect that your blood sugar has exceeded the standard, you need to consult an expert to customize a professional hypoglycemic recipe, use it under the advice of a professional, and Check regularly until the blood sugar returns to normal. 

√If only the blood sugar is elevated, you can eat more fruits, and the sugar content should not be too high. Tangerines and oranges are good choices, and the daily amount should be within 500 grams;

√Secondly, you can eat more fresh vegetables to supplement calcium, iron and other elements;

√ You can also eat some dietary fiber, which can help lower blood sugar. Both seaweed and beans can not only lower blood sugar. , Can also increase satiety. 

2) Eat less and more meals< /p>

Pregnant women should eat small and frequent meals when eating, so that the body can fully absorb the nutrients they have taken in and avoid accumulation of nutrients that are difficult to digest, which will burden the body and fetus of the pregnant woman. 

3) Sweets should be controlled

Sweets are a favorite food for many women, but pregnant mothers should still control themselves during pregnancy, especially pregnant mothers with blood sugar problems, must stay away For desserts, eat more nutritious foods with low sugar content. 

Things you have to know about blood sugar during pregnancy: Sugar screen

“Sugar screen” mainly refers to the screening of gestational diabetes. Generally, if there is a problem, the doctor will recommend continuing the glucose tolerance test. Because diabetes during pregnancy has many adverse effects on both the pregnant woman and the fetus, it is necessary to do a good job of screening. 

Sugar sieve is generally pregnant 24 ~28 weeks for the inspection, mainly about 12 hours before the screening, dissolve 50g glucose powder in 200 ml of water, the pregnant woman will drink it within five minutes, and then start the timing from the first sip of the pregnant woman, one hour After that, blood was drawn for examination. 

Usually, the blood sugar level is greater than or equal to 7.8mmol for abnormal glucose screening, and further glucose tolerance tests will be performed. 

This part of the inspection also involves fasting for 12 hours before the inspection, and then adding 150 ml of 50% glucose injection into 100 ml of water, or dissolving 75 g of glucose powder in 300 ml of water. The method is the same as above, except that blood samples are taken for 1, 2, and 3 hours respectively. 

The normal value is 10.3 mmol/L for 1 hour, 8.6 mmol/L for 2 hours, and 6.7 mmol/L for 3 hours. If 2 or more items exceed the normal value, it is considered as gestational diabetes. 

Many moms All said that sugar sifting is a nightmare, mainly because of glucose:

@2345liutrcf: Drinking sugar water is really a super painful thing. I have a sugar tolerance in the morning and drink sugar water. I feel sick when I drink it. Then I felt uncomfortable for half a day in the morning;

@黑黑 is working hard: I didn’t eat or drink from 8 o’clock the night before making the sugar sieve, and I didn’t have the energy to walk to the hospital;

@Shadow: After drinking in five minutes, the whole person is not good. 

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The blood sugar problem is a health problem that everyone should pay attention to. Pregnant mothers should pay more attention to it. Once blood sugar exceeds the standard, it must be checked and checked in time. treatment. Return to Sohu to see more

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