Why do some children rarely get sick? Smart parents usually do this, neither intensively nor stepping on pits

Why do some children rarely get sick? Smart parents usually do this, neither intensively nor stepping on the pit

The greatest wish of parents is that their children are healthy and safe. 

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Winter has always been a season of frequent colds, especially for children with weak resistance. If you are not careful, you may be “striked.” 

However, not all children will catch a cold as soon as winter comes. Some children have good physique and will not get sick when they run around outside, but some children are weak and tightly wrapped. Will “fall ill”. So, how are those babies who rarely get sick are brought up? 

Case: The child’s immunity is low and he catches a cold as soon as the season changes

Xiao Lin’s son is 6 years old, and unfortunately joins the “cold army” every time it changes season. 

Before this winter came, Kobayashi’s son had already been “recruited”. When he asked for leave from the kindergarten teacher, he discovered that the children in one class were almost half sick. 

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Although it is common for children to catch colds, and the children in half of the class are sick, their own children It is normal to not be spared, but seeing that the child is so weak and immune is relatively low, Kobayashi is always worried. 

But in fact, children always catch colds and get sick. In fact, it is not all due to low immunity. 

Under normal circumstances, if a child is born with a normal immune function, his immunity will reach the level of an adult in his teens, and before that, he will be exposed to various pathogens. In the process of continuous failure and frustration, the immunity is actually gradually improving, learning lessons and gaining growth. 

Therefore, sometimes, a child’s cold is actually a good thing, which is beneficial to enhance the immune function. If the child always does not catch a cold and does not get sick, it will not be beneficial to the improvement of immunity. 

How to improve children’s resistance? 

1. Insist on breastfeeding

Breast milk, especially colostrum, is rich in immune substances, and these immune substances can establish the first line of immune defense for the baby. 

When a child is first born, some mothers may feel at a loss and don’t know how to feed them. Instead, they often take turns to take turns in various complementary foods. 

But in fact, before the baby is 6 months old, there is no need to add supplementary food. Breastfeeding can fully meet the needs of the baby’s physical development, and breast milk is rich in nutrients. If you insist on breastfeeding your baby, it will improve your baby’s own immunity. , Good health and less sickness. 

2. Balanced diet

People often say: Only by eating well can the body be good. However, the “eating well” mentioned here does not mean eating big fish and meat, delicacies from the mountains and seas, but paying attention to a balanced diet and supplementing the nutrients the body needs. 

For children who are in the growth and development stage, eating well is very important. As a parent, you should cook more abundantly every day, spend more time on it, and make food in a different way. , Meat, vegetables, fruits, staple food, etc., because only in this way, the baby can grow up healthy and happy. 

Some parents may let their children eat a food all the time in order to supplement their children’s nutrition, but this will not be good for physical development. Ensure that every meal has vegetables, meat and eggs, and nutrition is balanced, so that the children will not be lacking due to lack of nutrition. A condition of low immunity caused by a certain kind of nutrition. 

3. Pay attention to hygiene

Many children don’t have too much attention to hygiene. On the contrary, they like to play outside, and they will touch them when they see something new and interesting. Touch, and even can’t help but stuff it into your mouth. If something is not clean, it will naturally cause gastrointestinal discomfort. 

Because, as a parent, we must emphasize the importance of paying attention to hygiene, so that children can develop the good habit of washing hands frequently and paying attention to hygiene. 

4. Exercise more

To enhance resistance, exercise is the most direct and effective method. 

Some studies have shown that if you persist in exercising, the number of immune cells in your body will increase, and your immunity will naturally increase. 

Therefore, parents should take more time to take their children to outdoor activities, which can enhance blood circulation in the body and improve the body’s immunity. 

Before the child learns to walk, parents should not always hold them in their arms. Let the children move by themselves and crawl around, which can speed up blood circulation. After learning to walk, they should also go outdoors to strengthen their physical fitness and exercise immunity. system. 

What if the child is sick and refuses to cooperate with the doctor? 

★Parents stay calm

Many children feel scared unconsciously when they see a doctor. It is normal for a stranger with only one eye to make a child feel timid. 

But if the parents are also very anxious at this time, the child will become more fearful and even cry more. Therefore, in front of the doctor, the parents must take the lead in keeping calm and stabilizing the child’s emotions. 

★Holding the child

During the examination, the parent can always hold the child. When the child is in fear, give comfort and relief in time to let the child realize that this is a normal thing. , Don’t need to be so scared. 

In addition, this can also prevent the child from moving and causing injury during the examination. 

★Don’t lie about pain

In fact, children are very sensitive, especially when they are in an unfamiliar environment, they often unconsciously doubt everything around them. Therefore, if the child is aware of himself during the injection If you are deceived, you will naturally resist seeing a doctor. 

Therefore, before the injection, parents should inform the child in advance that it may be a little painful, so that the child has a psychological preparation, and give corresponding encouragement and support to soothe the child’s anxiety. Return to Sohu to see more

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During pregnancy, “7 body parts” The changes are obvious, and many pregnant mothers feel embarrassed.

During pregnancy, the “7 body parts” have changed significantly, and many pregnant mothers feel embarrassed.

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Women in pregnancy will experience a lot of physical changes, such as early pregnancy reactions, Fat body, enlarged belly, etc. Although these body changes are normal, some of them can make pregnant mothers feel embarrassed. 

After pregnancy, the body may be These 7 embarrassing changes appear

■ The skin becomes darker and darker

Because of the changes in various hormone levels after pregnancy, pregnant mothers may suddenly find that they are darkened. In addition, areas such as armpits, joints, and necks that are already darker and tend to accumulate dullness may become darker. 

■ There are more acne and fine lines on the body

Some pregnant mothers are difficult to rest due to changes in body hormones, changes in diet, and physical discomfort. My internal secretion is disordered, the body oil increases, which causes acne on my face and back, and fine lines at the corners of my eyes. 

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■ The body hair increases

Due to the changes in estrogen and progesterone and the slowing down of metabolism after pregnancy, the hair growth cycle of pregnant mothers may become longer. Sometimes you may find that your body hair becomes thick and hard. 

However, there are some lucky pregnant mothers. Not only has the body hair not increased, but the hair may be thicker than before. 

■ Increased frequency of farting, bad breath, constipation

As the baby grows larger, the enlarged uterus will also compress various organs of the pregnant mother, such as the stomach and intestines At this time, pregnant mothers will experience slow gastrointestinal peristalsis, food accumulation, etc., and food residues will stay in the body for longer and longer, and gas will also be produced. 

At this time , Pregnant mothers naturally feel that the frequency of farting increases, the bad breath in the mouth increases, and constipation may also occur. 

■ Frequent urination, unable to hold back urine

When the pregnant mother’s uterus becomes larger, it will also compress the bladder, causing the pregnant mother to want to go to the toilet whenever she drinks water, every day The number of times to go to the toilet has increased a lot, and I can’t hold back even if I want to, and may become incontinent. 

■ The peculiar smell on the body increases and it smells unpleasant

In addition to the peculiar smell in the mouth, pregnant mothers will also have more body secretions after 5 months of pregnancy. Peculiar smell, after going to the toilet, the peculiar smell will become more, and I am worried that others will smell it. 

■ Chest pain


Affected by the body’s progesterone, starting from the 8th week of pregnancy, pregnant mothers’ breasts will gradually increase, and some pregnant mothers will experience discomfort such as pain, itching, tingling, and obvious veins. . 

These changes are something that many pregnant mothers do not want to experience. It is really lucky to be able to avoid them. 

Then, face these uncomfortable What should the pregnant mother do with embarrassing physical changes? 

★ Diet

❶ Food

Pregnant mothers can usually eat more vegetables rich in dietary fiber, such as broccoli, etc., which can enhance gastrointestinal peristalsis and defecate in time. Reduce constipation and food accumulation. Also pay attention to eating less soy, sweet potatoes and other gas-prone foods to reduce farting. In addition, high-fat, high-salt and other foods need to be eaten less. Eating too much will not only cause a burden on the body and lead to obesity, but may also affect endocrine, causing acne and dull skin. 

❷ water

The time to drink water is during the day, so as not to drink water at night to cause edema, or because of frequent waking up at night affect rest. You can also improve frequent urination and incontinence through local muscle exercises. Pregnant mothers should also pay attention to drinking less beverages, so as not to drink more and more, they need to drink a lot of water, the phenomenon of frequent urination will be more serious, and the sugar content in the beverages is too high, which will also have a great effect on the blood sugar of the pregnant mother and the health of the fetus. Impact. 

★ Physiology

❶ Exercise: Pregnant mothers can usually take a walk and massage their belly to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and prevent constipation. Exercise can also regulate endocrine, promote sleep, make pregnant mother’s body better, and skin problems can also be improved. 

❷ Pay attention to rest: Adequate sleep is very important for pregnant mothers and fetuses. Pregnant women should rest on time to ensure physical energy and health. 

❸ Personal hygiene: to reduce The peculiar smell of the body, mouth, and acne on the body, it is also very important to pay attention to personal hygiene, so it is necessary to pay attention to clean and keep the body clean every day. 

★ Psychology

❶ Face up to physical changes: changes in the body, such as darkening of the skin and increased body hair, are all normal phenomena. These conditions will improve after childbirth. Therefore, pregnant mothers do not need to worry. 

❷ Communicate with family members: When encountering something unhappy or dissatisfied with the behavior of family members, you can make your own request in time to avoid sulking and affecting your health. 

❸ Self-regulation: It is also important to face your own problems and temper. For the fetus and your body, pregnant mothers must also learn to self-discover and self-resolve negative emotions. 


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