Why do some children have a “spin” on their heads, while others have several? Reasons for parents to understand

Why do some children have a “spin” on their heads, while others have several? Parents need to understand

After a newborn baby is born in the family, parents and elders will observe and evaluate the appearance of the child. If the baby grows a tiger-headed brain, it will praise the child for being blessed. 

Among them, the old people especially like to use the baby’s “head spin” to talk about things, and even use the head spin to judge the baby’s character and fate. “Fights don’t want your life” argument. 

The troubles of children with a lot of head spin

The New Year is coming soon, and the children of Xiaomei’s family still have long hair, not Xiaomei. Take the child to cut the hair, it is really not good after the child’s hair is cut. 

It’s not that the children of Xiaomei’s family have bad brains, but every time they take the children to cut their hair, the hairdresser looks at the child’s head and is very worried, because there are “five spinners on the top of the child’s head”. “It looks like “fireworks”, and it becomes more obvious after cutting your hair. 

In this regard, Xiaomei also feels very annoyed by the child’s head spin. The other children in the body are all one spin, and there are two at most, but her own child has five, which really affects the beauty. 

In life, the child’s head spin is always Being more valued by parents, except for the personality problems mentioned by the elderly, it does affect the beauty of appearance, so how exactly does the head spin come about? What effect does different head spin number have on children? 

About the origin of “head spin”

As for the origin of head spin, many elderly people like to associate it with personality. In fact, from a scientific point of view, baby’s head spin is actually formed by the angle of hair and follicles. 

From the 6th month of pregnancy, hair will grow in the follicles of the fetus, but the hair is not as docile as our adults, nor is it erect. 

There is 30-35 between hair and follicle ° Angle, and the hair will grow at an angle, so a kind of whirlpool is formed, which is called “head spin”. 

Why the number of “head spins” on the child’s head is not same? 

Researches abroad show that:

70% of people have their heads rotated on the top of their heads, 56% of them are in the middle of their heads; 25% are leftward, and 25% are rightward. Accounted for 19%. 

Most people basically only have one head spin, only 10% of those with two head spins, and those with three spins or more, only 1 %-4%. 

1) Rotation of the fetus’s position

The fetus in the mother’s stomach is not only as comfortable as “eat, drink and sleep”. It will also move around frequently, and the position is also Will change. Just like after 5-7 months of pregnancy, the fetus will rotate and turn over in the mother’s belly, and the fetal head will naturally follow it. 

Due to the rotation principle of the earth, children are exposed to air The photon information in it will also rotate with it, resulting in head spins of different directions and sizes. 

2) Different hair growth centers

Most people have only one head spin, but a few people have two or more. In fact, the number of head spins is different, mainly because the child’s head does not have only one hair growth center. 

Those who have a lot of head spines have many hair growth centers, and multiple hair centers grow in balance, so it’s not just one head spin. 

The true role of children’s head spin Adults say that the baby’s head spin, like the head spin can tell the baby’s future temper, character, destiny, health and so on. 

In fact, all these claims have no scientific basis. Head spin is just a natural hair arrangement rule, which is generally related to race and genetics. If you really say what head spin can affect, it will affect your appearance at best. . 

Like people with more head spin, hair growth is not concentrated, and hair “disobedient” is easy to appear when trimming their hair; and those with more head spin will be better than a person with more head spin Shiny and dense. 

Write at the end:

< p>The head spin of a child is actually a physiological characteristic formed under the laws of nature. It will not affect the child’s future character, destiny, etc., nor will it affect the child’s future life. Parents should not be too symmetrical. . The school activity class made a “fruit platter”. After the teacher posted the work to the group, it caused parental controversy.

Kindergarten is the first step for children to learn, and parents often pay special attention. From the children’s work and rest habits at school to their daily lessons, parents hope to get feedback from the teacher. 

As a kindergarten teacher, most of them can understand the feelings of Bao’s parents, and they will also take pictures of the funny moments of the baby in school and share them with the parent group. 

However, this whole process may not always be understood by parents. 

Children make their own “fruit platter” in the kindergarten activity class < p>Xiao Liu is a kindergarten teacher and has always been patient with questions about children. 

In addition, Xiao Liu is a small class, so she also understands the worries and worries of Bao’s parents. She often posts photos of children in the group, mainly for parents to be able to Take this opportunity to learn about the children’s life in the kindergarten. 

Later, the kindergarten wanted to try a fun course. Let the children make a “fruit platter” during the school activity class, hoping that students can take this opportunity to improve their practical ability and creativity. 

Liu Zuo was also very proud of seeing children’s interesting shapes with various fruits, so she took photos of these finished products and wanted parents to look at them, but unexpectedly, the teacher After the child’s work was sent to the family group, it was complained. 

It turned out that a careful mother found a bug on the fruit platter, and thought it was Xiao Liu’s lack of serious work, should he let the children eat this kind of wormy fruit? 

Bao Ma’s remarks also caused the group Other parents’ disputes: Mother Pengpeng: The fruit platter is very good, but the teacher should also check it in advance. Fruits with insects are too irresponsible. Jiuyue’s mother: Sweet fruits always tend to attract bugs, and now the children are so good! If they find a bug while doing it, they will definitely say that this is probably a late fall, and I don’t think it has much to do with the teacher. 

Haohao’s father: It’s the same if we buy fruits in our own house. , It’s not because of this, some parents are too serious. 

For a while, the attitudes of the parents in the group were polarized. There were parents who accused Xiao Liu of being irresponsible, but there were also parents who stood up to speak for her. Both sides held different opinions and had their own opinions. 

In fact, the creativity displayed by children is more important than the black dots on the fruit.

Generally speaking, schools let children make “fruit platter”, the essential purpose is to expand children’s learning ideas , Let their creativity and imagination come into play, and most of the final fruits will not be eaten by children. In other words, whether there are insects on the fruit is really not as serious as the parents thought. 

In addition, the children are in this activity The displayed creativity and the use of shapes and shapes of fruits and vegetables are more worthy of parents’ attention, and the “real” behavior of the parents themselves is quite the meaning of buying pine trees and returning beads. 

In fact, parents really don’t have to be too “glass hearts” after their children enter the kindergarten.

When we are parents at home with children, the little ones will inevitably bump into the situation, and two or three in kindergarten Teachers have to be responsible for more than ten students at the same time. It is inevitable that there will be negligence or carelessness. Therefore, parents do not need to be too “glass-hearted.” 

If a parent blindly points to or complains about the teacher’s inaction or irresponsibility after a problem occurs, not only will the matter not be resolved effectively, it will lead to conflicts between the parent and the teacher, and even affect To the child’s learning. 

Therefore, it is still necessary for both parties to think in terms of empathy of. 

It’s a good thing for children that teachers and parents can think differently.

▶Ethical thinking is conducive to equal communication

Nowadays, some parents think that they send their children to kindergarten, teachers Have an obligation to take responsibility for all aspects of children’s lives. As a result, children do not sleep to find a teacher, and if they do not progress in their studies, they find a teacher. Little things will be enlarged in the eyes of parents. 

You can compare your heart to your heart. The teacher is just an ordinary person. They don’t have three heads and six arms, and they can’t stare at their children like a “superman”. If parents can think differently, put the teacher in an equal position with them. On the other hand, it is also more conducive to problem-solving and smooth communication. 

▶The troublesome event after empathy Reduce

In addition, if parents can think in another way, many problems can be turned into trivial matters. 

Children are lively and active, love to play and play, and because everyone is a baby at home before they go to children, it is inevitable that they are arrogant and willful, have some friction with classmates, or are living in kindergarten for the first time. It’s normal to feel unpleasant and uncomfortable. 

If parents can think in another way, they will realize that their children’s behavior and personality are not much different from those at home, so there is no need to be true to the teacher on minor issues. When children are close to this age, it’s time to quit diapers. Parents learn three methods quickly

For novice mothers, diapers not only liberate their hands, but also let the babies Feeling more comfortable is an indispensable “artifact” in the process of bringing a baby. 

But many mothers love and hate diapers. Of course, they love the convenience of diapers, but what they hate is its high price. The entire infant period It is also a lot of expense when used. 

But having said that, how old should you start using diapers and how old should you stop using them is really confusing. If parents consult experienced mothers, they will give The answers are not exactly the same, and sometimes they add to the confusion. 

On the question of quitting diapers, mothers

As a novice mother, Ogawa has always used diapers for her babies, but her mother-in-law always reminds Ogawa from time to time that she should learn to pee her babies and quit diapers early. 

At first, Ogawa didn’t take it seriously. He thought that diapers were easy to use, and it would be a matter of time for the baby to quit, and Ogawa also felt that urine is unhealthy for the child. 

But once I saw it more than Baby Ogawa Little children don’t use diapers anymore, and the mother said that the children cannot use diapers after they go to kindergarten, otherwise the teacher has no time to change, and the baby will have red bottoms. 

At this time, the mother-in-law also said that the legs would be deformed after using the diapers for a long time. Seeing that both of them were so firm, Xiaochuan had no idea for a while, so she consulted in the Baoma group that evening. 

As a result, the Baoma group is divided into two groups. One group thinks that the sooner they quit, the better, while the other group thinks that it’s okay to go to kindergarten. For a while, Ogawa was even more confused. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics believes that when a child is close to this age, he should try to say “goodbye” to diapers.

As for when to quit diapers, many people have different answers. In fact, this is directly related to the growth and development of each child, the parenting style, and the baby’s ability to go to the toilet. 

But quoting the view of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the best period for a child to quit diapers is 18-24 months. If it is too late for the child to quit diapers It may also affect its development. 

On the one hand, psychologically speaking, Using diapers for too long is not conducive to cultivating children’s independence. On the other hand, in terms of external factors, after the child is a certain age, the use of diapers will also affect the child’s normal life, exercise, etc. Therefore, at this age, parents should try to give the child a cessation of urination. Wet. 

When children are quitting diapers, parents need to calm their minds.

Although 18-24 months is the ideal stage to quit diapers, quitting diapers is not something that can be done overnight. Moms must calm down, because there are periods of repetition in the process of quitting diapers. 

At this stage, parents need to be patient again Be patient, because at this time, the child is likely to frequently urinate his pants. This is not because the child deliberately troubles you, but is a normal phenomenon in the process of saying goodbye to the diaper. 

How to help children quit diapers easily is a science

If you want to help your baby quit diapers easily, it is not difficult to train your baby to go to the toilet independently. Parents should learn these three methods quickly. 

Method 1: Use animations and picture books to give children the consciousness of abstaining from diapers

Nowadays, many animations or picture books contain information on how babies can quit diapers. Parents may wish to use animations or picture books skillfully to cultivate the child’s awareness of quitting diapers, tell the baby that this is a sign of his growth, and gradually increase his awareness of going to the toilet on his own. 

Method two: gradually try to let the child exercise by himself Go to the toilet

Parents can also use some auxiliary tools to exercise the baby to go to the toilet, such as choosing a potty suitable for the baby’s months of age. 

If the baby wants to use an adult toilet, parents should buy a small toilet seat suitable for the baby, and a step stool to help him climb the toilet. 

Method 3: Help children build self-confidence< /p>

At the same time, parents should encourage their children to go to the toilet on their own. If the baby is unsuccessful in going to the toilet, don’t stop the baby’s enthusiasm, but have more patience and support to help the baby continue to build self-confidence.

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