Why do so many children go to college, their appearance will undergo “plastic changes”? Group pictures to feel

Why do so many children go to college, their appearance will undergo “plastic changes”? Feel the picture

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou

In the eyes of the public, The biggest change in college is the enrichment of knowledge and the improvement of academic qualifications, but in fact, in addition to these invisible parts, the changes in appearance can also be described as earth-shaking changes. 

Take a look at the pictures: Last college, what “plastic changes” happened to the children’s appearance

Some time ago, a netizen posted a comparison of his photos before and after college on the Internet. It’s too obvious that netizens are ridiculing whether they secretly “plastic surgery”. It doesn’t matter if they say that they have followed up their changes before and after college. It can’t be said that they are exactly the same, they can only be said to be irrelevant. 

1, a little bit before going to university Fat and glasses are also one of the main reasons that affect your appearance, but after losing weight, it looks really good. With a little makeup, it is really fresh and cute! 

2, see this Picture, I think at first glance is the difference between female cock silk and goddess. Before going to university, it can be said that she looked very ordinary, but she was a good goddess after university! 

3. The handsome guy’s counterattack Sure enough, it is not easy, I have to say, every year there is a qualitative leap, is there any? 

4. Three points depend on the aspect , Seven points depend on dressing up, it’s the young lady who is talking about this young lady. Originally the facial features are pretty good, but the dressing up is slightly more casual, and the dressing up after going to college is obviously a little more delicate and more beautiful! 

5. This handsome guy’s Is the picture sure to be reversed? I looked like an uncle before going to college, but after going to college, I got a piece of fresh meat. Seeing the picture of this handsome guy, I also had to observe the five senses and run away~

The reason for becoming beautiful after college

Seeing the counterattack of various handsome men and beautiful women, We may be full of questions, why can you be beautiful when you go to university? Mainly because of these points——

1) The richness of knowledge

When entering the university, you usually receive a high-level education. At this stage, the students’ knowledge It is no longer limited to classrooms and textbooks, but to comprehend through life and some experiences. 

In this environment, nature can be edified invisibly, and gradually becomes a kind of external temperament characteristic of people, and temperament can add points to the value of the face, so the old saying is that “the book is There is a house of gold, and there is Yan Ruyu in the book.” It also makes sense. 

2) Self-demand improvement

After entering the university, I can get in touch with more people and things. In this process, not only my aesthetic awareness is strengthened, but my requirements for all aspects are gradually increasing. 

In this way, the appearance is bound to be improved. If you want to be closer in this respect, with such high requirements, naturally you will make more efforts for this. 

3) Sufficient time


University is no longer confined to busy learning in one corner, but more about cultivating students’ own subjective initiative. 

The free time after class and the rest time on weekends are all free time. These times can be used to buy self-dressing items and learn some makeup techniques. 

4) Many learning channels< /p>

University campuses do not lack high-value faces. Most of them dress up exquisitely. This will also make some people who do not like makeup and dressing have an urge to learn. 

In the Internet age, no matter what aspect of knowledge, you can learn through various websites and various channels. 

Do these points well, you can also counterattack

▲Keep learning

Learning is a person’s greatest wealth. Through learning, you can not only broaden your own Vision can also keep up with the development of the times anytime and anywhere, and will not be abandoned by the times. 

And learning can also enhance a person’s connotation, which will also greatly increase the value of the face, after all, “the beautiful face is the same, the interesting soul is one in a thousand”, and learning can never be given up. 

▲Stick to exercise

It goes without saying that exercise has many benefits to the body. Exercise can promote metabolism, help the body eliminate toxins, maintain a healthy body, have a well-proportioned body, and so on. After all, the most respected way to beautify is sports. Whether it is a celebrity, a model or a health care expert, they are all crazy about Amway. 

The survey shows that 60% of obese patients in my country are due to lack of exercise, while the obesity rate of those who love sports is only 8%. 

So, if you want to be beautiful, sports are definitely your lifelong friends. 

▲Manage yourself

This is mainly to modify your appearance, including learning some basic makeup skills and dressing skills. After all, this is a face-seeing world, and the first impression is definitely from the appearance. 

One of the world’s three major head-changing techniques is China’s make-up technique. Sometimes good makeup painting will give you a lot of points, but in our daily life, we should pay attention to avoiding the use of strong makeup. Makeup, just lighten the makeup and touch it up a little. When putting on clothes, try to be simple and fit as much as possible, and don’t need to be too grandiose. This kind of fish really can’t be given to children. , The price is not cheap, and many mothers are still fooled.

Text | Fortunately pregnant sister (senior maternal and child nurse, original is not easy, please do not plagiarize)

Today’s parents do for their children Well, they are willing to add more high-quality nutrition. They would rather save some by themselves and choose the best for their children. Unfortunately, they are often deceived by unscrupulous businesses. 

Not long ago, mothers on major social platforms recommended a new kind of deep-sea fish that can provide more nutrition for their children, that is cod. 

Its name sounds more noble than cod, because DHA, minerals and other nutrients are higher than cod, among which DHA content is 4 times that of ordinary cod, and the taste is more tender, which is very popular with children. 

The pictures in this article are all from Network, graphics and text have nothing to do.

Of course, its price is also more expensive, 100 grams of cod may only cost eight or nine yuan, but the price of 100 grams of cod is 40 or 50 yuan, you can say More than 5 times more expensive. 

Is it really worth it? 

When parents spend more money to buy back more nutrients, they may also buy back more toxins. 

Many deep-sea fish have excessive heavy metals, and codfish is no exception

The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has released inspection data for many types of codfish The results showed that the mercury content of cod was 0.354 mg/kg. 

Moreover, the mercury content of codfish living in Antarctica is almost zero. If it is codfish that grows in the waters close to the continents, the mercury content is higher. 

For example, Hong Kong reports However, the cod imported from the Falkland Islands has excessive mercury levels. 

According to the baby’s weight, if you eat 100 grams of cod a day, it may cause too much mercury in the blood. 

The baby’s kidneys, brain and other organs may be adversely affected. 

Therefore, when parents choose deep-sea fish for their children, they should be conservative. It is best to choose fish recognized by experts, suitable for children’s consumption, and less harmful. 

Deep sea fish suitable for children:

Herring, trout, salmon, cod. 

Deep-sea fish with too much heavy metal content and not suitable for children:

Grouper, shark, sailfish, swordfish, squarehead fish. 

There are also oily fish that parents need to pay attention to. It looks similar to cod, but contains too much oil, which can easily cause diarrhea and nausea in children. 

Ma Yili was deceived when he took his children out to eat. If parents take their children out to play, it’s best to be careful with some cod. 

What should children pay attention to when eating deep-sea fish? 

✔ Cooking method

Fatty acids in deep-sea fish are easily destroyed. Eating raw is the best way to retain nutrients, but children can’t eat raw, which may not only cause diarrhea, It may also be infected with parasites. 

Parents can steam the fish For children to eat, the steamed soup can also be used for bibimbap; you can also use a non-stick pan to fry the fish. 

✔ How much does the child eat every day? 

Although the deep-sea fish is good, children can’t eat more. One or two servings a week are fine. For babies of different ages, the amount of each is different:

2~ 3-year-old children, take about 30 grams per serving;

4~7-year-old children, eat about 60 grams per serving;

8~10-year-old children, eat per serving About 90 grams;

Children over 11 years old, take about 120 grams per serving. 

✔ Eat only fish meat

The content of heavy metals in fish meat is lower than fish skin, fish innards and fish heads. Parents can only eat fish meat for their children. 

✔ Reduce the number of times of thawing

< /p>

Some parents think that frozen fish is not as good as fresh, but it is not. When processing deep-sea fish, keeping them in a frozen environment will make the fish more hygienic and healthy, and the core nutrients will not disappear. . 

Parents need to pay attention to that when the fish is bought back, it needs to be divided. If the same piece of meat is thawed too many times, it will lose nutrition. 

For which Internet celebrity children’s nutrition products have parents paid the “IQ tax”? 

Australian powder salt

This salt has a very high appearance and is touted by businesses. It has high nutritional value and is very healthy, so many parents will buy it for Children as seasoning. 

In fact, its nutritional value is not only low, but heavy metals such as lead and aluminum also exceed the standard, which seriously endangers the health of adults and children. 

Children’s health food

Parents can’t see other mothers recommending health products on the Internet, so they immediately buy them for their children. These health foods may not only be expensive, but also useless at all. 

Furthermore, the child lacks certain nutritional elements, so you can’t just judge by yourself, but also need the help of a doctor, and it’s better to arrange a reasonable diet for your baby than to buy health food. 

[Said fortunately pregnant]

I hope that parents can calm down when encountering topics related to children’s development and nutrition, so as not to be deceived. 

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