Why do old people now love their grandson more? People who came here told the truth and couldn’t help crying after seeing it

Why do old people now love their grandson more? People who came over told the truth and couldn’t help crying after reading it

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou


For the elderly, grandchildren and grandchildren have always been two different concepts. One foreign word is enough to explain everything. Of course, grandchildren will naturally be greater than grandchildren when it comes to loving children. However, with the development and changes of the times, this situation has gradually changed. 

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Daughter’s grievance

Uncle Zhang and his wife have a son and a daughter. Now the children have formed their own small families, and they will go home to see the gathering during the holidays. Together. 

Every time Uncle Zhang comes back, he will prepare two red envelopes. The grandson’s is 500 and the grandson’s is 300. The daughter has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction, thinking that the father is partial, but Uncle Zhang is still unmoved. 

This year’s New Year’s Day, my daughter and son’s family brought home gifts. My grandson even bought a scarf for Uncle Zhang and his wife, but when it came time to give the children red envelopes, they were still the same. . 

This daughter broke out completely , Said to Uncle Zhang: “Since you only have grandsons and no grandsons in your eyes, then we will not come back.” Then he took her husband and children away. 

Uncle Zhang feels very confused, and thinks it’s okay for everyone to be like this. His wife said at this time: “People are all a bowl of water, and it’s too cruel to you, no wonder the girl I am wronged.”

The reason for the differential treatment between grandson and grandson

1) Addressing

Grandson would call grandpa and grandma, while grandson would call grandpa and grandma, a foreign word , It became a thorn in the old man’s heart. They will form an impression of “grandchildren” or outsiders in their thoughts. 

2) On surnames

This is a manifestation of blood relationship in our tradition. Grandchildren do not have their own surname, but grandchildren are. In this way, in their hearts, grandchildren only It is the inheritance of blood relationship, and it is his own descendants. 

3) On responsibility

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In our thinking, grandparents and grandchildren seem to be a natural responsibility and obligation, while grandparents do not have this relationship. In this way, they will have a sense of responsibility when dealing with grandchildren, but when dealing with grandchildren At the time, it is not considered a responsibility, but a kind of contribution, which can be as much as you want. 

4) Intimacy.

Previously, grandparents were responsible for bringing children. Basically, grandparents would not be allowed to do it. This would give The grandson is more intimate, so naturally he will prefer it more. 

Why do old people love grandchildren now< /p>

According to the survey, the proportion of children brought by grandparents is now 27.7%, while that of children brought by grandparents is 28.1%. 

From the data point of view, nowadays, the number of families with children with grandparents is gradually increasing, and there is a tendency to catch up. The elderly are more willing to take care of and love their grandchildren. Why? 

A person who came over couldn’t help but tell the truth. The first few reasons were related to his daughter. After reading it, he couldn’t help crying.

1. Love your daughter

The problem of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has always been a nightmare for many families, which breeds confinement hatred, that is, because the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is not good. Contradictions and subsequent family problems. 

For my daughter’s heartache Many parents will choose to take care of their daughters and grandchildren by themselves, which can largely avoid the problem of their daughters’ mother-in-law and help their family harmony. 

2. The problem of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

In addition to the possible problems between daughters and mother-in-law, the elderly themselves will also face getting along with their daughter-in-law. Once the two parties have conflicts and differences, this will inevitably occur. problem. 

Under this situation, it is naturally difficult to have a good impression of the daughter-in-law. As the child of the daughter-in-law, the grandson will love the house and the house, and the grandson may also have a grudge against his mother because he hates his mother. This will naturally happen. More biased towards grandchildren. 

3. Thinking change


In the past, there was a phenomenon of preferring grandsons, mainly because of some outdated and backward ideas, such as patriarchal patriarchy and surnames. Under the influence of this kind of thinking, they would naturally prefer grandsons. 

However, what is now more accepted by the public is the idea of ​​equality between men and women, and even many families love their daughters more. 

Because they think that their daughters are more fragile and need more care and love, and they are more clever and sensible, and they are more considerate of their parents, so they will naturally love the house when they treat their grandchildren. 

4. Intimacy


Nowadays, the proportion of grandparents with children is increasing year by year. This way, you will spend more time with your grandchildren. As an emotional animal, people will naturally get more emotionally deep in the long-term relationship. 

5. The increase in only-children

Previous family planning has created a large number of only-child families, especially families with only-children, which has increased significantly. In this case, only the elderly Daughter and grandson are not compared with grandson, so to a large extent, grandson is also grandson, and the old man will pour all his love on him.  The baby continues to have diarrhea, and it turns out that the mother has fed the wrong thing Supplementary food: Feed the child like this before the age of three to develop better

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou

The food after the child is born is breast milk or milk powder. With the development of the child, a single breast milk or milk powder cannot meet its growth needs. At this time, we will start to add complementary foods to supplement the nutritional elements the child needs. 

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Many mothers may already know about the production of complementary foods. What should be done at each stage and what nutrients should be supplemented. These problems may have been well-acquainted. , But it is strange that the child still has gastrointestinal discomfort. 

The child from my cousin’s family is one year old. Some time ago, she cried as soon as she ate the complementary food. The cousin thought that she did not give the child something that shouldn’t be eaten, so

Some complementary food They are all done in accordance with the scientific nutritional ratio. Why is it so? 

At first, she didn’t pay much attention to this, thinking that the child might be accustomed to breast milk and not used to eating supplementary food suddenly, plus the amount of supplementary food is a little too much for the stomach to adapt to it for a while. 

But the next few days The child still does this, and even has diarrhea. The younger sister realized the seriousness of the problem and hurriedly took the child to the hospital for an examination, for fear that he might have two shortcomings. 

The examination result shows that the child has no major problems, but the stomach is a little irritated, so it’s fine to adjust. 

My cousin said to the doctor in a puzzled way: My complementary foods are made strictly in accordance with the standards, and there is no problem. She also showed the doctor the list of home complementary foods she often makes. 

The doctor confirmed that there was no problem with the complementary food after reading it. However, the doctor later learned during the conversation that this phenomenon is mostly caused by the mother’s feeding order. 

Feed supplementary food like this before the age of three , The child develops better

1. Babies within six months of age

This month-old baby usually only eats breast milk or milk powder, because the gastrointestinal development is not complete, eat other foods Will cause harm to the child’s stomach. 

Therefore, during this period, there is no need to consider the feeding sequence. Just pay attention to feeding the child in time when the child is hungry. Do not leave the child in a hungry state. Of course, it should not be excessive, which will cause gastrointestinal burden. 

2, 6 months~ 3 years old

At this stage, the child has gradually started to develop and needs more nutrition to support. Breast milk can no longer provide the required nutrients and needs to add complementary foods, but dairy products still cannot be stopped. 

During this period, you need to pay attention to the order of feeding. Although most of the time there is no obvious distinction, you need to pay attention to the milk before the meal when the child starts to eat supplementary food, because the child is not used to this kind of supplementary food. Food, direct feeding of complementary foods will stimulate the child’s intestines and stomach, causing diarrhea. 

Attention should be paid to supplementary food:

From liquid to semi-liquid, you can add some rice paste or fresh vegetable juice on the basis of drinking breast milk. 

Some harder fresh fruits can be added when the child begins to grow teeth. These foods are not only rich in nutrients, but also exercise the child’s teeth. Of course, some supplementary foods with high calcium content must be added during the growth of children’s teeth. Eggs are a better choice. 

After the age of three, children mainly focus on meals, and their eating habits are similar to those of adults. However, you should pay attention when feeding:

We know that some people’s eating habits are: morning Get up and drink a glass of milk to moisturize the intestines, and then eat breakfast. 

According to pediatric experts: drinking milk on an empty stomach in the morning is actually easy to stimulate the intestines and stomach, but it will lose nutrients. Although the stomach and intestines of children over three years old are different from adults, they are basically fully developed in general. , So it is not suitable for this, it is recommended to eat some bread or coarse grains before drinking. 

In addition, do not eat spicy, fried food, but eat some healthy food. At the same time, because the child has been weaned off breast milk and milk powder, mothers must pay attention to supplementing the child with protein-rich foods. 

Children’s stomach development pattern

1. The first week of birth. The baby’s stomach is very small, mothers need to pay attention to the baby’s stomach is not mature at this stage, the capacity is very small, can only hold about 50ml of milk, mothers should pay attention to let the baby eat small meals. 

2, within four months. The structure at this stage is basically the same as that of an adult. The difference lies in the capacity of the stomach and the digestive enzymes in the intestines and stomach. This substance will gradually develop after four months. Therefore, the baby’s food four months ago is mainly breast milk or milk powder. 

3, 4 months~ 3-year-old infant. The stomach and intestines begin to mature gradually, and the appearance of digestive enzymes allows the stomach to break down some macromolecular foods, so that supplementary foods can be added. Of course, it is best to add supplementary foods after six months. Usually the stomach function of a child is basically developed around the age of three. 

[Lucky Saying]

When taking care of children, sometimes you can’t just do your homework on food, but you should also consider methods appropriately. Incidents similar to the sequence of problems that cause the child’s physical discomfort are also There are many, mothers can not ignore. 

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