Why do most models would rather leave a scar than give birth? The reason is nothing more than these points

Why do most models would rather leave a scar than give birth? The reason is nothing more than these points

Maybe everyone has heard of it. It seems that most female celebrities or female models tend to have a Caesarean section during childbirth. Many people don’t understand why these people would rather leave a scar on their stomachs than give birth? 

Many people speculate that these stars and models can’t bear the hardship and don’t want to be so painful for themselves, so they choose to have a C-section. After all, in the cesarean section, after the anesthetic took effect, the child was taken out after closing the eyes and then opening the eyes. 

Of course, we do not deny that some people are indeed for this reason, but the main reason is not this. Because they have suffered a lot in this profession. Although they are glamorous in front of the screen, they have experienced extraordinary pain behind the scenes. 

1. Body recovery after caesarean section is faster

We all know that the body shape of celebrities and models is very important, and normal delivery will cause a “big blow” to the body shape of women, and a small number of women are undergoing surgery. After severe body loss, the culprit is the separation of the pubic bone, which is due to the impact of the normal delivery. 

According to medical researches based on clinical data, it is found that women will recover to a certain extent after caesarean section about 12 weeks, but if it is a normal delivery, it will take longer. 

Therefore, the main reason why most models and celebrities choose caesarean section is because of this. Otherwise, the postpartum figure is seriously out of shape, and it should be thrown under the spotlight and criticized by bad netizens. This is really unfair to new mothers. 

2. Age risk

As we all know, women over 35 years of age are medically referred to as advanced age, while those over 45 years of age are referred to as super advanced age. Most female celebrities and models choose to work hard during the best childbearing age group (23~33), and appear in the public with the most perfect image. 

When they are older, usually over 35 years old, then they will choose to marry and have children. It should be known that after women enter the advanced age, the risk of childbirth will increase with age. 

Although medical technology has improved, a series of checks can be done before delivery to determine whether it is suitable for normal delivery. However, everything is not fully prepared. Although it may be estimated that it can be delivered smoothly before delivery, some unexpected situations will inevitably occur during the delivery process. At that time, it will still be necessary to “transpose to an ambulatory”, which means that it needs to experience double pain. 

So, it would be better to choose the safest way. Caesarean section reduces the risk by at least half. Therefore, this is also one of the main reasons why many female stars and female models choose C-section. 

3. Choosing the time of birth

Many people may not believe this. They always think how it is possible. Do people still believe that a child will be blessed when it is born? 

It does exist, and it is often the wealthy families, not girls, stars, models later married to wealthy families, and these rich or aristocrats like to calculate the exact time at which the child was born. . 

Compared with a cesarean section, a normal delivery is obviously not able to be born at the expected time point. After all, sometimes a normal delivery may take more than ten hours, and sometimes it only takes seven or eight hours. 

Since delivery is affected by factors such as fetal size, maternal energy, and speed of opening the uterus, it is difficult to have an accurate time point. 

However, a caesarean section is different. Experienced doctors know how long it takes to undergo an operation. Therefore, some wealthy families like to “cut out” the fetus. 

Normal labor and Caesarean section Which one is better? 

In fact, there is no accurate answer to this question. After all, it is necessary to “specifically analyze the specific problem.” For some possible dystocia, or there are dangerous situations such as fetal asphyxia, intrauterine distress, etc., it is naturally better to have a cesarean section. 

However, for some women who have a lower risk of having a childbirth and are suitable for childbirth, it is naturally better to have a childbirth. After all, a child who has a childbirth needs to go through the birth canal, and the fetus’s lungs are also fully squeezed in the process , The waste liquid from the lungs will also be squeezed out, which is more beneficial to the baby. From this point of view, it is naturally better to choose a natural childbirth. 

Therefore, the question that needs to be considered in the future is no longer whether it is better to have a cesarean section or a smooth delivery, but which one is more suitable for the pregnant woman’s own situation, then this one is for pregnant women Is the best. 

If it is clearly unsuitable for normal delivery, but you still have to go against the doctor’s advice and blindly choose normal delivery, then there may be a risk of dystocia during the labor process, threatening the safety of the two people, and in the end, you will still have to switch to a caesarean section. Time was wasted, and pregnant women themselves suffered a lot. 

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers must follow the doctor’s advice, fully consider the doctor’s advice, and must not continue, otherwise the future price may be the baby’s health or your own health, or even take it seriously. For two people. “A son who is worthless is better than a daughter who is promising.” The father-to-be said harsh words, but it warms everyone

In the traditional concept of fertility, giving birth to a boy is a particularly proud thing, because there are With a son, the parents will feel that raising a child to guard against the old age is worry-free. 

Because of the incense of the son’s family, it can continue. But today, in many families, parents no longer believe in patriarchy. 

Whether it is a boy or a girl, parents will treat them as treasures in their hands. I have to say that if the parents’ concept of fertility is biased, the most innocent and pitiful person is the child. 

“A son who is not promising is better than a daughter who is promising.” The father-to-be said that it is difficult to accept, but the reason is moving.

Mr. Wang’s wife became pregnant shortly after marriage, and during the entire pregnancy , Mr. Wang took care of his daughter-in-law. 

People praise Mr. Wang as a model husband. It is really rare to be so considerate and meticulous during pregnancy. 

One day when relatives and friends came to the house as guests, some relatives looked at Mr. Wang’s wife’s pregnant belly and said, “Your belly is so round, and you are pregnant with a boy! Do you couple like boys or girls? “

After hearing this from relatives, Mr. Wang’s wife had not had time to speak, Mr. Wang said, “It would be best if it was a boy! A son who is worthless is better than a worthy one. Daughter!”

When my husband said that Mr. Queen’s wife was a little unhappy, because the two had no obvious fertility preference before, “Why does my husband want to give birth to a boy now? Is my husband patriarchal? Is it?”

After seeing everyone’s question, Mr. Wang explained, “My wife is too hard to be pregnant. She can’t even eat what she wants, and she can’t sleep over and over every night. I think about the labor that I will go through for a while, and I can’t accept it!”

“If I am pregnant with a girl, then my daughter will have to go through this in the future, so I think of it here. It really hurts so much.”

After hearing Mr. Wang’s explanation, the relatives present all praised Mr. Wang for knowing how to care for his wife! Friends of Mr. Wang’s wife also sighed, “Having such a husband who loves me is really married to the right person!”

In the process of gestating life, what kind of hardships do women experience? 

1. Disgusting and unbearable morning sickness

In the early stages of pregnancy, most pregnant mothers will experience the process of morning sickness. Whether or not they like to eat food, it may become the source of morning sickness. 

Some pregnant mothers even vomit out the bile in the stomach because of a severe pregnancy reaction. It can be said that during the morning sickness stage, pregnant mothers have suffered a lot of crimes. 

2. Constipation during pregnancy

As the fetus becomes pregnant, the pregnant mother’s belly becomes more and more obvious, which makes it more and more inconvenient for pregnant mothers to act. 

Less exercise, which makes constipation worse during pregnancy. Coupled with the stimulation of hormone secretion in the body, constipation during pregnancy really makes pregnant mothers very painful. 

3. Sleep well

As the abdomen bulge becomes more and more prominent, it is difficult for pregnant mothers to complete the movement of turning over alone. When the night comes, pregnant mothers will also be hindered by pregnancy. Unable to sleep peacefully. 

In the process of constantly adjusting the sleeping position, it is really difficult for pregnant mothers to get a good night’s sleep. 

During pregnancy, how can family members give the pregnant mother considerate care? 

1. Care about the emotional state of pregnant mothers

The hardship during pregnancy can easily make pregnant mothers feel depressed. At this time, parents must pay attention to them. 

Because many pregnant women suffer from prenatal depression, if they are not properly counseled, it may cause irreversible consequences. 

So family members must be considerate of pregnant women’s emotions and provide an outlet for pregnant mothers to release their emotions. 

2. Reduce the burden of housework for pregnant women

In daily life, family members should take the initiative to share housework so that pregnant women can easily enjoy their pregnancy life. Pregnant women who are pregnant with a fetus are more prone to fatigue. 

If the burden of housework is added, the health of pregnant women will easily be affected by fatigue. 

Family members must help share housework without complaints, so that pregnant women can have a chance to raise their babies with peace of mind. 

3. Appropriate body massage

During pregnancy, because the expansion of the uterus will compress the inferior vena cava, pregnant mothers are prone to lower limb edema. 

So at this time, family members can properly perform body massage for pregnant women, which can not only relax the tense muscles, but also relieve the discomfort caused by edema of the lower limbs. 

In short, pregnancy is not a matter for women alone. As family members of pregnant women, they should be more responsible for giving pregnant women considerate and delicate care, so as to ensure the quality of life of pregnant women during pregnancy. 

As the husband who is closest to pregnant women, we must step forward at this time and become the support that pregnant women can rely on. 

Do you have any good experiences to share about pregnancy care?

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