Why do more and more children have cavities? It turns out that these habits are harmful to the teeth

Why do more and more children have cavities? It turns out that these habits are very harmful to the teeth

I went to the hospital a few days ago and found that almost all pupils are under 10 years old. Some children’s teeth are black. Now many children are facing With the problem of tooth decay, when a child develops a tooth decay, it will not only make the child suffer from toothache, but also affect the development of the teeth. 

Tooth decay usually occurs in children, and many parents are also very troubled. Why is the probability of children’s tooth decay so high? What causes tooth decay? 

Parents can take a look, and it can better prevent children’s tooth decay. 

Eating too much sugar

made with candies on the market now It is very beautiful and comes in a variety of flavors and colors. Let alone children, even I am an adult who wants to eat two tablets. Often eating sweets has caused many children’s tooth decay. 

Some parents are very fond of their children. If their children like to eat sweets, they will give them every day, and there is no limit to the amount. In the end, eating too much sweets will lead to tooth decay. 

Parents can give their children candies, but they must not be too frequent. They can use candies as a reward for their children based on their performance. 

like to eat snacks

Now many children also like it very much To eat snacks, every time I go to the supermarket, I go straight to the snack area. Choose a variety of snacks, especially some high-calorie, high-sugar snacks, which will destroy the pH of the child’s mouth, and the residual saliva and residue are very difficult. Easy to breed bacteria. 

A long time will cause the child to have tooth decay, so parents must pay attention to the control of the child’s snacks, buy as little as possible, and eat more fruits and vegetables for the child, which is not harmful to the teeth. 

No regular checkups

The child’s oral health problem is Parents must pay attention to it. Parents should take their children to the hospital to check the oral cavity regularly to see if there are oral problems. 

If the child’s tooth decay can be discovered at the very beginning, timely measures may be taken to reduce the damage to the child’s teeth. 

Parents should also check the child’s dental condition frequently in their lives. Once there is any abnormality, take the child to see a doctor immediately to prevent the condition from becoming more serious. 

Wrong brushing habits

After a child has a tooth decay , Parents can’t help but wonder: “Why do children get cavities when they brush their teeth every day?” This is how children don’t know the correct way to brush their teeth. 

Especially young children, just use a toothbrush and toothpaste to go over their teeth, and simply pour over their teeth. There may be many corners that have not been brushed. Even brushing the teeth every day has no effect. 

Parents must guide their children how to brush their teeth correctly in order to protect the health of the oral cavity. 

The above points may be the child’s long tooth decay The reason for this is that parents must pay attention to their children’s oral problems, treat them promptly if they are found, and do a good job of dental care in life. For a 2-year-old child who can’t learn to speak, “cognitive ability” lags behind his peers, and being hard-hearted is the key.

When parents are raising their children, don’t just pay attention to their children’s eating, drinking, and In these aspects of wearing and playing, parents should pay more attention to the child’s development, especially the children’s various abilities, such as language ability, cognitive ability, and so on. Don’t wait for the child’s quota to have a problem and the parent still knows nothing. 

Little Guo’s son is 2 years old and has grown up The eldest son speaks later than the children of the same age, but Xiao Guo is not worried at all. Xiao Guo feels that the children grow up just fine, and this is also the case when he was a child. 

Now the children are 2 years old and still can’t speak. The children of other people’s families have already talked a lot, and their children are still in the stage of speaking by guessing and making gestures. Xiao Guo started to be anxious, and then took the child to the hospital for examination. 

After arriving at the hospital, the doctor said that Xiao Guo’s son’s language development was indeed relatively backward, and that his son’s language backwardness was simply because the child’s cognitive abilities could not be reached, because Xiao Guo was usually busy at work, and the child was not. Grandma’s belt is grandma’s belt. 

The elderly take care of their children all day long, and they are also busy doing housework, so there is no time to interact with the children. As long as the child’s food and clothing are solved, it is already good. 

After Xiao Guo heard the doctor’s words, he suddenly I was stunned, because Xiao Guo didn’t know what stage the child’s cognitive ability should develop when he was 2 years old, and how to exercise his child’s cognitive ability in normal times. Therefore, poor children’s cognitive abilities are inseparable from their parents. 

In fact, it’s not just Xiao Guo. Many parents don’t know much about their children’s development. Parents pay more attention to their children’s physiology and feel that as long as the children are not stupid, the children’s abilities will be naturally acquired. In fact, this is not the case. of. 

Children’s cognitive development at various stages at the age of 3

Baby before 1.1 years of age

The development of cognitive abilities of children before the age of 1 is relatively fine, such as 1 A child’s cognition of a month can know to make a fist by touching the palm of his hand, can hold something by himself in 2 months, can hold two small hands to play together in 3 months, can notice a toy that is squeaking in 4 months, and can grasp it in 5 months Nearby toys. 

After 6 months, I will tear the paper and feed the biscuits myself. I can change the building blocks from one hand to the other in 7 months. At the age of 8-1, it is basically the thumb and other fingers. You can pinch beans, open things, hold pens and so on. 

2.1-2 years old baby

At the stage of 1-2 years old, children’s cognitive ability will become deeper as they age. When children are 1 to 1.3 years old, their cognitive ability can scribble by themselves. By 1.6 years old children can imitate their parents to draw things, 1.9 years old children can string beads themselves, and when they are 2 years old, children can recognize that they can pinch some shapes. 

3.2-3 years old baby

After 2 years old, children’s cognitive ability is mainly imitated, imitating parents to draw lines, circles, squares, and crosses. Children can make origami by themselves and so on. 

The reason why some children’s cognitive abilities are lagging behind is because parents have not given their children cognitive education at all, and cognition is closely related to their children’s language ability, and cognitively lagging languages ​​will also lag behind. 

Parents who want to improve their children’s cognitive ability can do this Do

1. Let the children do more by themselves

Parents want to improve their children’s cognitive abilities, they must first learn to let go. Parents don’t treat their children in detail, and do everything for their children. Only let the children pick up the ready-made ones. In that case, the child’s cognitive ability will not be exercised at all. Parents must learn to return the initiative to their children and try their best to be a lazy mother. Only in this way can the children’s abilities be fully exercised. As long as the children do it, they will be rewarded. 

2. Keep children in contact with babies of the same age.

A large part of children’s cognitive abilities comes from imitation, so if parents don’t know how to exercise their children’s cognitive abilities , Parents can take their children to get in touch with children of the same age, let the children learn and imitate by themselves, as long as the children imitate, they will gradually become their own. 

3. Don’t be afraid of children

If parents want to improve their children’s cognitive abilities, parents need to take the trouble to give input over and over again, because children’s cognitive abilities require repetition and repetition. Therefore, parents should not be afraid of trouble, and strive to be a nagging parent whenever they take their children out, and tell them everything they see. 

Raising a child is really not easy, because parents need to pay attention to not only the weight and height of the child during the growth of the child, but also the child’s ability, the child’s psychology, and all aspects of the child. 

If parents find that their children cannot speak until they are 2 years old, the parents must not be careless, let alone deceive themselves, thinking that the children are older. 

If parents don’t make some interventions with their children, Even if the child grows up and knows how to speak, the child’s language ability is worse than that of the children of the same age, and the child’s language ability and the child’s thinking ability complement each other, so the child’s language ability backwardness should not be underestimated.

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