Why do modern people prefer “old couples and young wives”? People from the past bluntly said: There are two key factors

Why do modern people prefer “old couples and young wives”? People from the past bluntly said: There are two key factors.

Why do modern people prefer “old couples and young wives”? People from the past bluntly said: There are two factors that are very important.

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After most women reach a certain age Many parents are also very cautious about love and marriage as major events that affect their children’s lives. 

Therefore, some parents are very picky about the objects their daughters bring back. They are afraid that if they don’t figure it out in some places, their children may suffer and suffer after marrying. 

Daughter looking for an age older than herself The 18-year-old lover’s parents have mixed sorrows and joys

Xiaoya’s parents instilled in her since she was a child, she will find someone who is kind to her and has financial ability. When she grows up, Xiaoya has always been here. He worked hard, so he has been single. 

After that, Xiaoya finally met that person, a man 18 years older than her. Today Xiaoya is only 23 years old, but the other is 41 years old. 

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But although the man is a bit older, he has met all Xiaoya’s needs for the man, and the economy is stable, calm, and good to her. 

When Xiaoya took the man home, although her parents thought that the other party was old, they also felt that he was indeed a good marriage partner, so she was both happy and anxious. 

It wasn’t until a few years after the marriage that Xiaoya was really doing well, so she was relieved. 

Nowadays girls look older than themselves Many older people are getting married more and more. It can be said that many young women have agreed to this kind of “old cow eats tender grass” marriage. 

Girls looking for objects much older than themselves are mainly affected by these aspects. 

▶ Strong economic ability


When many men reach a certain age, they have economic accumulation. For some girls who want to have money, this factor is very important. Naturally, the other party will also become a good choice. 

▶ Have experience of getting along with girls

Many older men usually have several objects and know how to get along with women. Young girls who get along with such objects may be more easily understood by the other side, and there are fewer disputes between the two sides. 

▶ Older men also like young women

“Old cows eat tender grass” can be said to be a two-way choice. Someone once did online “How much do men like The results of the “Older Women” questionnaire show that no matter how old men are, most of them prefer women between 20 and 24 years old. 

The most popular In the entertainment circle that netizens pay attention to, there are also many cases of old couples with young wives. It can be said that girls can have such a choice, which is also the result of the influence of both sides. 

▶ More calm

Older men generally have a calmer personality, and are more tolerant in the process of getting along with girls. They rarely make mistakes due to impulsive emotions. Things. 

For girls with more attitudes, calm and tolerant boys are a better choice. 

▶ Parental influence

I mentioned the influence of parents on women’s mate selection, because most parents like to instill in their children the idea of ​​”finding lovers who are kind to themselves and financially stable”. Under the subtle influence, girls will also have this tendency. 

Women choosing a spouse is very much influenced by their parents , How do parents deal with the marriage partner their daughter chooses? 

▶ Know your main needs

It is difficult for one person to meet all the parents’ requirements for the female partner, so parents must be clear about their main needs for their children’s lovers, so as not to Dissatisfied with every object of the child. 

As a result, it not only affects the daughter’s emotional life, but may also cause a breakdown in the parent-child relationship. 

▶ To be a daughter of support< /p>

Even if the daughter is married, it should be the children of the parents. The maiden family should not push them out. They should be an object that they can rely on at any time to prevent their children from being bullied in the marriage life. 

▶ Give your own suggestions, but don’t force it

Parents can give their own suggestions when their daughter chooses a spouse. Using examples of communication will make it easier to make They accept that if the child is unwilling to listen, there is no need to force it, so as not to affect the parent-child relationship for an unmarried object. 

Although many parents hope to arrange their daughter’s future life so that they can have a smooth sailing, but in many cases, only they have experienced it before they really understand what they want. 

It is good for parents to be a supporter, without too much interference in the child’s emotional life. 


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Novice parents need to understand a few cold knowledge about baby fontanelles, and children suffer less crimes

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In China, 67% of novice parents I don’t know what fontanelle is. However, fontanelles are indeed very important to children. If parents do not have a deep understanding of this aspect, they may harm the children if they make some rash actions. 

What is fontanelle? 

Usually refers to the gap formed by the loose joints of the skulls of infants and young children. 

Human skulls are made of seven pieces of cartilage. Adult skulls are fully developed, so there will be no gaps in between, but infants’ skulls are not fully developed. The soft thing is the fontanelle. 

Fontanelle is divided into anterior fontanelle and posterior fontanelle. The anterior fontanelle is on the top of the head and is a diamond-shaped gap; the posterior fontanelle is near the headrest and is a triangular gap. 

Don’t underestimate the position of fontanelle, it is OK Respond to the baby’s development and physical health. 

By understanding the changes of fontanelle, not only can we understand the common children’s susceptibility to disease in time, timely diagnosis and treatment, but also can sense whether the baby’s physical development is normal, and distinguish the abnormalities in the body. 

The closing time of fontanelle in newborns

Usually there is no gap between the skulls of adults. This is because the fontanelles have been closed and the skulls are fully developed, while the gaps between the skulls of newborns are mostly due to the fact that the fontanelles have not yet been developed. closure. 

Usually, the fontanelle is very small or even closed after the baby is born, and will close within 6 to 8 weeks after birth at the latest. 

The gap between the bregma during birth is 1.5~2.5 cm, but after birth, the child will gradually grow, and the bregma will increase with the increase of the head circumference. Until about six months, the child’s skull gradually becomes smaller and smaller, and it is completely closed between one and a half years old. 

Some babies are in their mothers Infection or other reasons lead to stunted head development and small skull, so it will be closed early 5 to 6 months after birth. 

But don’t worry too much. As long as the head circumference is not less than 46 cm at the age of one year and 47~48 cm at the age of two, it is normal. 

Of course, if there is an advance, there will be a delay. Sufficient vitamin D and calcium are needed during bone development. If it is not supplemented in time, it is easy to delay the closure of the fontanelle. If it has not been closed for more than 18 months, you need to go to the hospital for a detailed examination. 

Can the fontanelle be touched? 

The posterior fontanelle of a child is usually closed after birth, so what we call the fontanelle basically refers to the anterior fontanelle, which is what we commonly call the “zenith cover”. Mothers are very important in their hearts. There are even many elderly people who say that fontanelles cannot be touched, they will become dumb when touched, and stupid when touched. 

But in fact these statements are There is no scientific basis, fontanelles can actually be touched, but be careful that the movements need to be gentle, do not press or rub hard, it will not cause harm to the baby. 

Because some mothers only need to pay attention to observation. Often when they take their children to the hospital for a physical examination, the doctor will also touch the child’s fontanelle, so that not only can they observe the child’s development, but also understand whether the child is healthy. 

Moms usually take care of their children It should be understood at the time that even if the fontanelle is touchable, it cannot be touched at will, because this location has no protective layer and is very fragile. Once it is accidentally lost, it will cause bacterial infection and other problems, which will threaten the baby’s life and safety, so it must be properly protected. 

Can the fontanelle be cleaned? 

Influenced by traditional thinking, some mothers not only believe that pregnant women cannot wash their hair after giving birth, but also cannot wash their hair after their babies are born. In particular, the fontanelle itself is very fragile and lacks the necessary protective layer, and dandruff can just play this role. 

But in fact, these are formed by the fat from the baby’s birth plus the cortex secreted by the scalp, and then mixed with dust. Not only does it fail to protect, but it is extremely unhygienic, breeds a lot of bacteria, and affects the health of children. 

So these dandruff must be cleaned, but the baby fontanelle is very fragile, so it must be done in a scientific way:

First of all, cleaning the fontanelle does not need to be carried out separately, but can be Wash it by the way when it is built. The commonly used toiletries are special products for children, and must not contain strong alkaline substances, so as not to irritate the scalp and cause eczema and other problems. Secondly, when cleaning, your fingers should be placed flat and gently cleaned. Do not press hard or scratch with your hands, otherwise it will damage the child’s fontanelle. Finally, the dirt on the fontanelle may sometimes have some parts that are more difficult to clean. Mothers must remember not to clean it violently, but should be moistened with sesame oil, wait for about two hours to soften naturally, and then use a sterile cotton ball or cotton swab to follow the hair Wipe in the direction of growth, then wash, and finally puff on baby powder to confirm that it is safe. 

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