Why do many women become stupid after pregnancy? Really “a silly pregnancy for three years”? Science tells you the answer

Why do many women become stupid after pregnancy? Really “a silly pregnancy for three years”? Science tells you the answer

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou

Moms are pregnant Afterwards, there will be some obvious changes in the body, such as enlarged belly, nausea and vomiting, etc. However, in addition to the body, the spirit and thinking are also quietly changing. These changes are either confused or distressed. Many mothers are wondering if they are not. It’s really “silly”. 

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Before he became pregnant, Xiao Zhang was a resolute department head. Not only was he outstanding at work, but he also managed the family in an orderly manner. He has never done anything. Mistake, this person is also something she has always been proud of. 

However, everything changed after pregnancy. At first she felt exhausted and uncomfortable in her body, but gradually she lost everything and became more serious. Even at a major company meeting, she even had her own plan. Forgetting to prepare, the leader criticized her mercilessly after the meeting, which made her very sad. 

Since I started my work, since I haven’t received the slightest criticism, and the journey is smooth. I was already a department head at a young age, but now I am criticized because of my pregnancy. Is it really “stupid”? 

Except for Xiao Zhang, forgetfulness is a behavior that many pregnant mothers will have. Is this really because of being stupid for three years? 

Is pregnancy really stupid? 

“Pregnant silly” is usually a symptom that appears after a woman is pregnant, usually in the first trimester (the first trimester of pregnancy) and the third trimester (the third trimester of pregnancy). obvious. 

But everyone’s physique is different, and the behaviors they show will also be different. Therefore, the term “pregnant stupid” has always been controversial. 

In terms of physiological aspects:

Some studies believe that pregnant women will have these problems, which are usually related to changes in hormones in the body before and after pregnancy, changes in sleep time and quality, and distraction. They cannot be counted as neurological problems. When the factors return to normal, these phenomena will gradually disappear;

Some studies believe that with the occurrence of female pregnancy, pregnant women will lack DHA in their bodies. If they cannot be supplemented in time in the diet or other nutrients, then The synaptic membrane in the nerve will lack DHA phospholipids, and the internal structure will be destroyed, which will affect the transmission of information and thinking ability. 

In terms of psychological level:

According to the analysis of Australian psychologists, it is believed that this is a kind of psychological effect. In fact, there may be similar problems at ordinary times. Women become sensitive after pregnancy, and there are more things that need to be remembered. , Will cause this phenomenon. 

At the same time, modern women have strict requirements on themselves and need to accept pressure from all aspects. If they cannot get the care and support of family and friends, they will easily feel panic and lonely, which will affect their own emotions. 

The main manifestations of “one pregnancy for three years”

1. Memory loss

This may be the most common symptom for women after pregnancy: ” There are countless trivial things like “forgot to power on when cooking”, “forgot to start the washing machine” and so on. 

Of course, it is not just pregnant mothers. Ordinary people often commit these problems. It’s just that there are too many small things that pregnant mothers need to remember, and the chances of forgetting are higher than ordinary people. 

Therefore, pregnant mothers can choose a notebook or memo to record the time after pregnancy, so as not to miss important matters. 

2, easy to make mistakes


In addition to the weakening of memory, some mothers may be prone to doing things wrong: “walking on the street to recognize the wrong person”, “the usual mistakes at work”. In fact, it was mainly caused by the physical changes of Bao’s mother. After pregnancy and delivery, Bao’s mother’s body has been in a state of lag, and consumed too much energy for the child, naturally prone to doing things wrong. 

In this situation, mothers usually don’t need to care too much, just take care of them, and the family can help share the task of bringing the children. 

3. Personality changes

Usually, women will have great changes in their personalities after giving birth. Generally speaking, they will become more calm, gentle and powerful. After giving birth, mothers usually regard the child as the most important part. Many times the grumpy mother will also want the child to have a warm family and become gentle. 

Guidelines for “Pregnancy Stupid” Prevention

Actually, pregnancy stupidity is mainly caused by some small problems in the mind and body. Doing these things can effectively reduce the chance of pregnancy stupidity:

1. Keep enough sleep, so that the body can be cultivated, and the brain can stay awake at any time;

2, keep adequate water, because the blood will continue to flow to the uterus after pregnancy, only the body With sufficient water, more blood will flow to the brain and supply the brain to function;

3. Make a list of plans and take precautions in advance. If you find that you have forgotten something, you can remember it in time, so as to avoid problems that can’t be undone and cause emotional tension;

4. Appropriate exercise can not only help the body stay healthy, but also promote blood circulation. 

[Xing Yun Shuo]

Becoming a mother is also a stage of female growth. Each stage will have different changes. When our mental thinking changes, we need to be aware of some changes It is not long-term, and some changes are not negative. What mothers should do is face them positively.  Parents should be vigilant about these behaviors, they seem insignificant , In fact, it is quietly ruining the self-confidence of the baby

Every parent’s words and deeds will affect the child, and sometimes inadvertent actions may have a huge impact on the baby. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

People are never born with low self-esteem, after all, babies When I came to this world, it was just a blank sheet of paper, and what it turned into in the end depends entirely on what kind of graffiti the parents made on it. 

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Lily took her seven-year-old son out to play, and when she saw familiar people, she would be shy, even hiding behind her mother. If you dare to come out, Lily will educate the child and say: “You child, what’s the matter, so timid, you don’t know how to say hello when you meet acquaintances, it’s very rude.”

Then he mumbled: “The child has been lively and cheerful when he was young, and his mouth has been talking non-stop all day long. Why is he still shy and introverted now and doesn’t say a word?”

< p>Why does the child become like this? This is inseparable from Lili’s usual education. The wrong way can make a lively, cheerful and energetic baby abruptly become an inferiority and introverted child. 

Four types for parents Behaviors will humble the child to the ground and destroy his self-confidence.

1. Blaming the child in public

Children will gradually start to develop self-esteem around the age of three, and their self-esteem is not allowed in front of outsiders Trampled. 

If parents criticize their children in public because they have made mistakes, it is easy to hurt their children’s self-esteem, which will breed inferiority and rebellion, which will be detrimental to the children’s physical and mental development. 

2. Always compare children.

Each child is an independent individual and is unique, with its own advantages and disadvantages. In real life, many parents When educating children, they often compare them with other children’s children, always saying: “Who do you look at, why are you so stupid.” Maybe parents think that this can motivate their children. Forge ahead. 

As everyone knows, this kind of disguised suppression will not only prevent children from initiating fighting spirit, but will produce inferiority complex. They feel that their parents feel that they are bad and they don’t like themselves. 

For young children, their self-awareness comes from the evaluation of their closest people. These people are the most authoritative figures in the psychology of the baby. They believe in the evaluations of their parents, elders, etc., and even become Part of self-evaluation. 

Therefore, if parents always compare their children with others, and constantly belittle them, their babies will feel that they are very bad, and they will develop inferiority complexes and let them humble their children to the ground. 

3. Couples always quarrel

The best time to establish a person’s sense of security is in the early childhood. If the sense of security is not established, you will become sensitive, unconfident, Distrusting others, liking to be alone, etc., will affect his future growth. 

Couples are always quarreling. Children have witnessed their parents arguing since they were young. They have grown up in this depressive and stressful environment for a long time. They will feel fear and extreme insecurity. This kind of influence is likely to linger for a lifetime. 

4. Always cry poor to their children

Some parents, in order to prevent their children from spending money, want to cultivate the good habit of saving their babies, so they always cry poor to their children. As everyone knows, this method makes the child afraid to spend money, and the word “poor” will penetrate into his bones. With his life, the child will feel inferior and the whole person’s structure will also be hindered. 

How should parents help their children regain self-confidence? 

1. Always encourage and praise children

If parents want their children to regain their self-confidence, they should give them more care, feel their parents’ love for them, and often encourage their children to do things they are interested in. They can be praised when they complete a certain thing or a certain action, and help them regain their confidence in a step-by-step manner. 

2, often take their children to walk outdoors

Parents can take their children to walk outdoors, this will not only increase their knowledge, open up their minds, but also promote When communicating with others, children may behave a little cautiously at the beginning, but as long as they are patiently guided, I believe that they will gradually be willing to make friends, and then gradually make their personalities more cheerful. 

3. Don’t say anything to degrade the child

When parents encounter children making mistakes, they should not blindly accuse and criticize, but should stabilize their emotions, and patiently analyze the causes and consequences of things with them, and then slowly Guide them to actively recognize their mistakes and correct them. 

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