Why do many children grow up to be “ugly as two people”? The reasons are nothing more than these, to avoid detours

Why do many children grow up to be “ugly as two people”? The reason is nothing more than this. You can avoid detours.

You can always hear many parents feeling, “It is obvious that children grow so cute and beautiful when they are young, how can they become uglier as they grow up?”


The more people talk about it, many parents always feel a rule, “A child who looks good when he is a child will basically become ugly when he grows up.” I believe many people have heard of this, and there are others. Convinced. 

But as long as you do some research, you will find that this is actually not applicable to many people. Take a simple example of celebrities. Many photos of celebrities have been exposed when they were young, but you will find that those cute and good-looking celebrities are still the same now. So where is the problem? Did something go wrong? 

When the child grows up, it is “ugly as two ? The reasons are nothing more than these, to avoid detours

1. Wrong way of breathing

Many children like to breathe through their mouths when they were young. There was a picture that was popular on the Internet. A child breathed through the mouth for three years. Later, from the original beautiful jaw line to a “protruding mouth”, the value of the face has been reduced a lot. 

It was also from that time that everyone began to notice the “mouth breathing face”. It usually refers to those who are accustomed to breathing through their mouths. In the long run, the child’s face will undergo major changes, the most obvious of which is the protruding lower part, especially the “protruding mouth”. 

Regarding the “mouth breathing face”, in fact, people with rhinitis will have more cases, because these people often have to use their mouth instead because the nose is difficult to breathe. 

Therefore, parents must pay attention to the child’s breathing method. If the child has rhinitis, treat the rhinitis first. In addition, parents can also buy lip stickers for their children, which are mainly used at night when they sleep. 

In daily life, parents should also consciously tell their children to breathe through the nose instead of the mouth. This way is wrong. 

2. Wrong sleeping position

Many parents think that their children can sleep as they like, as long as they sleep well. In fact, many children now have the wrong sleeping posture. 

To give parents a simple example, my cousin’s daughter, 19 years old this year, can clearly see the high and low eyebrows and the size of her face on her face, and the cause of this problem is sleeping posture. 

At the time of the examination, the doctor said that the main reason was that the child usually sleeps to the right side. For a long period of time, the child’s right cheek is relatively small, while the other cheekbones become relatively small. Protruding, and the mandible becomes significantly longer, so that there are big and small faces, high and low eyebrows, and big and small eyes. 

If your child is not too old, you can’t find a trace on the child’s face, but you can find the clue if you look carefully. Therefore, it is recommended to use lying down sleeping position, which is the most correct sleeping position. Of course, occasional turning over is also possible, as long as it does not last too long. 

3. Wrong walking posture

If you go to the street and observe it, you will find that many people can’t walk correctly. Where is this mainly reflected? As long as you look at the shoes they wear, you know that those who wear shoes on the outside or on the inside are basically caused by improper walking posture. 

Similarly, if the child walks improperly, then their leg shape will be affected to a certain extent. The appearance of X-shaped leg, O-shaped leg, knee hyperextension, etc., will greatly affect the appearance of the leg shape. 

4. Wrong standing and sitting postures

In addition to walking postures, poor sitting or standing postures will actually affect the child’s leg development, as well as the pelvis and spine. , Because the human body structure is related. 

Therefore, parents need to urge their children not to sway their legs or fold their feet in a sitting posture, just put their legs straight, and pay attention to tuck the abdomen and straighten the back. The same is true in the sitting position, be sure to keep your chest and abdomen up and keep your center of gravity in a neutral position. 

Parents will find that children with incorrect sitting, standing, and walking postures are often accompanied by long and short legs, high and low pelvis, pre-pelvic or spinal curvature, and these will also affect the appearance and size Face, high and low eyebrows, crooked nose, crooked mouth are all related. 

5. Wrong bite method

Many children like to eat chewy food, but there are masseter muscles beside the cheek, if you bite those chewy food more often , Then the child’s masseter muscle will become more developed, so that the child’s lower face will become wider and become the “national face” that most people don’t like to become. 

If you want to avoid becoming a “national face”, then it is recommended to eat less chewy things, reduce the stimulation of the masseter muscle, and massage to relax the masseter muscle frequently, then the masseter muscle will naturally become smaller. , Then the cheeks will become sharp. 

Therefore, “children who are good-looking when they are young will become ugly when they grow up.” This is not an iron law. The reason for becoming ugly is the child’s long-term bad habits. Don’t throw the pot to the so-called law. , Don’t make excuses for bad habits, it’s not too late to start to change it now. 9-year-old girl’s precocious puberty, the mother’s bedtime necessities are the culprit, which is caused by ignorance

In recent years, the topic of precocious puberty in children has become more common, and this also means that in daily life There are many parents in China who are insisting on wrong living habits, and unknowingly, they are having a very negative impact on the growth and development of their children. 

Precocious puberty not only causes a certain degree of psychological pressure on the child, but also affects the child’s height development and so on. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to understand the content of their children’s precocious puberty. 

nine-year-old girl She was diagnosed with precocious puberty. The reason was the mother’s bedtime necessities. The doctor was helpless and ignorant.

Some time ago, Yingying’s mother discovered that the child’s breasts seemed to be “abnormal” while bathing her daughter. It stands to reason that the daughter is only nine years old, and the breasts should not have reached the stage of development. 

But the performance of the child seems to be the state where the breasts are beginning to grow. So Yingying’s mother, who was very puzzled, hurriedly took the child to the hospital for a checkup on the weekend. 

The final examination result is indeed the same as Yingying’s mother worried that the child is suffering from precocious puberty. Although the child’s symptoms finally found the cause, Yingying’s mother was very puzzled by the result. 

“I usually pay attention to the diet. I rarely give my children those greasy and high-sugar foods, but why do children still have precocious puberty?”

Facing Yingying’s questions , The doctor explained, “There are many reasons for the child’s precocious puberty, and dietary intake is only one of them.”

Then the doctor patiently asked Yingying’s daily habits, and the doctor finally determined the child’s Precocious puberty is actually related to one of her habits. 

It turned out that when Yingying was young, Yingying’s mother was used to putting a small night light by the bed, so that it was very convenient to wake up at night or to breastfeed. 

Later, after Yingying and her mother slept in separate rooms, because she was afraid of the dark, the night light was kept. Yingying’s mother never thought that it was this small night light that induced the child’s precocious puberty. 

Although Yingying has signs of precocious puberty, fortunately, Yingying’s mother discovered it earlier and the child’s epiphyseal line was not completely closed. 

So if appropriate intervention is made, the child’s condition will still recover. After returning home, Yingying’s mother hurriedly put away the night light beside the bed. While she blamed herself for being too ignorant, she regretted that she was too indulgent to the child. 

Why use Xiaoye Can lights cause symptoms of precocious puberty in children? 

After the human body enters a state of sleep, the pineal gland in the brain takes on the responsibility of secreting melatonin. Melatonin can promote human sleep and at the same time inhibit the secretion of gonadal hormones in the body. 

So when the secretion of melatonin is affected, the child’s gonadal hormone secretion will be abnormal. 

When a child is overly dependent on the night light, the weak light will not only affect the child’s sleep quality, but also affect the working mechanism of the pineal gland, and the secretion of melatonin will decrease. Symptoms of precocious puberty are prone to appear on the body. 

In life, how can parents prevent precocious puberty from happening? 

1. Ensure the child’s sleep quality

Although the light of the night light is relatively weak, it will also affect the time when the child enters a deep sleep state. 

The younger the children are, the more obvious the impact, so it is necessary for parents to provide a relatively dark sleeping environment for their children, so that the children can enter deep sleep more quickly. 

In such an environment, children’s sleep quality is also easier to guarantee. 

2. Adhere to a healthy diet

Although some high-oil and high-sugar foods are very popular with children, it must be said that this type of food is not good for children’s health. of. 

This not only induces obesity, but also may lead to precocious puberty. Adhere to a healthy diet and cultivate healthy eating habits for children, so that precocious puberty can be prevented fundamentally. 

3. Don’t be superstitious about heightening health products.

Some parents are very fond of heightening health products. They believe that such products can help their children’s height development. But in fact, these heightening health products on the market are good for their children. The promoting effect of height growth is very limited. 

It is also possible that children suffer from precocious puberty because it contains some hormones. 

Other health supplements are not suitable for children to consume too much, which will not only increase the child’s digestive burden, but also may induce precocious puberty. 

Nowadays, people’s living conditions are better, but the incidence of precocious puberty in children has also increased significantly. This also shows to a certain extent that parents still exist in their daily parenting methods. Cognitive misunderstanding. 

So parents should insist on scientific parenting methods to avoid precocious puberty in their children due to ignorance. 

What kind of knowledge do you share about precocious puberty in children?

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