Why do doctors try to protect the first child? In addition to considering the health of pregnant women, this is also very important

Why do doctors try to protect the first child? In addition to considering the health of pregnant women, this is also very important

Have you ever noticed such a thing? Generally, pregnant mothers don’t want them for some reason after they become pregnant. When they go to the hospital for a miscarriage, if they are pregnant For the first child, the general doctor will confirm it again and again, and will advise the pregnant mother that it is best to give birth to this child. Why? 

After Xiaoxue and her husband got married, they wanted to put their career first, and wait until their jobs were stable and financial conditions were better before having children. This is not only for the children, but also for both Xiaoxue and her husband. Is better. 

But I didn’t expect that the plan would not keep up with the changes. Xiaoxue and her husband got pregnant by accident not long after they got married. The two of them thought about it and decided to keep it. 

So Xiaoxue went to the hospital with her husband, but after arriving at the hospital, the doctor suggested that the two should not keep the child. Originally, Xiaoxue and her husband had already made up their minds, and the doctor said something like this. Are people really shaken? 

Why do doctors What are the reasons why most pregnant mothers are advised to keep their first child? 

1. In view of the risk of miscarriage

Although miscarriage is not a particularly serious operation, it is also risky. Some women have a lot of bleeding during miscarriage, just in case. What accident, women may never have children anymore. 

So the doctor will suggest that many pregnant mothers, if it is not necessary to stay, give birth to the first child, and regret it after saving. 

2. In view of the sequelae of abortion

Abortion is not much different for women than having children. Some women do not pay attention to maintenance and recovery after abortion, resulting in some sequelae in their bodies , It’s really too painful when I want a child again. Moreover, it is easy to cause infection during miscarriage. Once a woman has a miscarriage, it will definitely be harmful to the body. 

3. In view of the age of pregnant mothers

Some pregnant mothers are not young when they are pregnant. Considering the physical condition of pregnant mothers, many doctors will also suggest that pregnant mothers should keep their first child. It’s really a pity that if you don’t have a first-rate birth, and your body misses the best fertility state, it’s really a shame. 

4. In view of the mood of pregnant mothers

Although many pregnant mothers are forced to have a miscarriage, but after all, it is the meat that fell from their bodies. Many women have been unable to come out in sad mood after abortion, even Some women have always had a psychological shadow, which makes it difficult to get pregnant again. 

So when a woman has a miscarriage due to the above reasons, if it is the first child, the doctor will persuade the pregnant mother to stay. Of course, the final decision is still in the hands of the pregnant mother. The doctor just analyzes the pros and cons of the matter to the pregnant mother. Whether to stay or not depends on the pregnant mother’s own decision. 

Every child is a little angel sent by God to his mother. If you don’t want a child for the time being, please ask the pregnant mother to take all kinds of protective measures. Don’t wait until the child comes and then refuse mercilessly. That would be a kind of harm to the child as well as to the self. 

Generally speaking, pregnant mothers can prepare for pregnancy under these conditions, and it may be better for the child to be born

1, the best physical condition

Generally speaking, women are the best The childbearing age is between 25-30 years old. At this time, women are in better physical and psychological conditions. If they are ready to have children, pregnant mothers can start at this time! 

2. Family conditions are the most stable

Pregnant mothers who want their children can choose when the family conditions are the most stable. At this time, mothers don’t have to worry about money all day, and they don’t have to Distressed for my work and livelihood. At this time, the state of choosing the child to become pregnant is the most stable, and the mood is not ups and downs during pregnancy. 

3. The relationship between husband and wife is the most harmonious

When Mommy wants a child, she can choose the time when the relationship between husband and wife is the most harmonious. At this time, the husband and wife can understand and tolerate each other, and the relationship between husband and wife It’s also relatively stable, and won’t be unhappy because of trivial things, and the husband knows that he is considerate and caring for his wife. 

If you are pregnant at this time, women will feel particularly happy. The child is the witness of the love between the two, and the child born in this state is also happy. 

In fact, women are more likely to be injured in life, especially in the matter of pregnancy and childbirth. Pregnancy is a female matter, and it is still a female matter to bring a child after the child is born. 

If a woman is not prepared to be the best mother, it is best not to try it lightly. Bringing the child to the world without being able to treat the child properly is a kind of harm to both the mother and the child. 

Of course, as a man, it is difficult to be considerate of women, and usually treat women more considerately and tolerantly. Especially when women are pregnant, they may be more irritable. At this time, men should not fight against their pregnant mothers! Be patient and follow the pregnant mother. 

Pregnancy is really not an easy task, pregnant mothers still have to learn to love themselves more and learn to be responsible for themselves. “Teachers have worked hard”, the parent group has become a “sloppy group”. It is not only the teachers who are embarrassed.

The parent group is really a double-edged sword. It not only facilitates the communication between teachers and parents, but also easily triggers Contradictions include not only the conflicts between teachers and parents, but also the conflicts between different parents. 

There is even a trend recently. Parents who were supposed to communicate about their children’s education have gradually lost their taste and become a group of parents who are flattering teachers. 

In September last year, the cousin’s son was promoted to elementary school. This is a local elementary school with a good reputation. The cousin also took care of the relationship, and it took a lot of effort to get the child into school. 

After semester began, the teacher established a group as usual and dragged all the parents of the students into the group. 

According to the instructions at the beginning of the school year, this group will be a place where teachers will announce to their parents about the students and living conditions at school, and it will also be a place for homework assignments. 

In the first few days, everything went on in an orderly manner. In addition to the notification from the teacher and other necessary information, only the parents “received” or other common greetings in the group. 

But once, a parent didn’t know what was going on. After the teacher finished his homework, he replied “Teacher has worked hard.” This sentence seemed very difficult in a series of “receives”. garish. 

But then, some parents began to reply “Teacher has worked hard”, and more and more, resulting in most of the subsequent replies are “Teacher has worked hard”, and only a few are the usual “receiving To”. 

This time embarrassed those parents who “received”, some of them had to say “Teacher worked hard” again. 

This cousin is very troubled, she is worried that this group will become more and more tasteless. Sure enough, since then, not only have parents responded “Teacher has worked hard” after the teacher sent the notification, and the usual chats have also become more and more flooded with flattering remarks about the teacher. A good parent group eventually evolved into a “flattering group”. “. 

The situation that my cousin encountered, I believe many parents will also encounter it now. But many parents will definitely have a misunderstanding, that is, the teacher is very useful to the flattering behavior in the group. 

In fact, it is not. For these behaviors, the teachers are also very embarrassed. Of course, it is not only the teachers who are embarrassed. 

Parent group change After all, all three parties are victims.

Parents are trapped and slapped teachers flattering

Parents are turned into “flattering groups”. Of course, the first to be hurt is the parents, especially those who are not used to it. Flattering parents. 

For the sake of their children, most parents are still willing to force their inner dissatisfaction to follow the trend and flatter, otherwise they will appear uncomfortable in the group. Not only will they be ostracized, they may also affect their children in school. Squeeze out. 

The teacher is embarrassed

Not all people are used to being flattered, I believe most teachers are like this. Moreover, once the trend of parental flattering becomes more and more exaggerated, the flattering will become more and more exaggerated, just like Ding Chunqiu’s disciples in “Tian Long Ba Bu” praised him, and outsiders can’t help but disgust when they see it. 

Such flattering remarks, as long as they are normal people, will feel uncomfortable, and of course the teacher will be embarrassed or even painful. 

Students are also victimized

Parents flattering teachers in the group can also cause indirect harm to the children. 

If the parents do not cooperate and appear out of place in the group, it will arouse the resentment of other parents, which will indirectly make their children be excluded by their children. 

If the parents take too much photos, it will also arouse the disgust of most parents, and even turn them into a laughing stock, which will hurt the children even more. 

It can be seen that once the parent group has evolved into a “flattering group”, everyone has become a victim. 

To avoid this worst-case scenario, the key lies in the parents. Only when parents clean themselves and adhere to normal communication methods can they return to the parent group. 

Maintain parent group Parents should do this

Facts and flattering

When speaking in a group, parents should focus on telling the facts and use less exaggerated vocabulary. 

This will not only help maintain a good atmosphere of speech in the group, but also show your knowledge and education, so as to leave a better impression on teachers and other parents. 

Communicate privately about children’s problems

Sometimes, parents need to communicate with the teacher about their children’s situation. Such topics that only concern individual children are not suitable for groups. Inside. Otherwise, not only will it be suspected of leaking the privacy of the child, but it will also disrupt the speech environment of the parent group. 

Don’t post inappropriate content

The main significance of the parent group is to facilitate the communication between teachers and parents. As long as it is a topic that is not related to the child’s education, it is not recommended to post in the parent group, such as canvassing, daily Small talk and other matters. 

Only every parent strictly requires himself to keep the parent group quiet for many years. 

This not only facilitates the work of teachers, but also saves parents’ energy and time, and will not adversely affect children’s learning and life in school. This is the real win-win situation. .

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