Why do babies often scratch their ears? Novice parents should understand these reasons and treatment methods

Why do babies often scratch their ears? For these reasons and treatment methods, novice parents should understand

Some time ago, I received a private message from a netizen. This netizen is a mother. He found out that his baby has been about six months old, but But I like my ears very much. 

Baby often uses his own hands to grab his ears. It’s good to just play with it, but this is very naughty for the baby, and often leaves a blood stain after grabbing. Mom is also very distressed. 

In fact, my baby likes to scratch his ears at this time, and often leaves a blood mark, which makes me very distressed. I believe that not only us, but also many parents have the same problem, so I checked a lot of information and finally understood the reason why the baby scratched his ears. 

The reason why babies scratch their ears: The babies are curious about themselves< p>Many of the body’s senses are constantly developing during the baby’s growth. This process is also a constant exploration of the outside world. Therefore, many babies will use their own hands to explore the world. 

So when the baby’s little hand can touch his ears, he will feel very novel, and he will continue to play with this “toy”. However, he has no control over his behavior, so bloodstains are likely to appear. Therefore, parents will often see children keep their hands on their ears and keep scratching. 

Teeth begin to appear

The baby is beginning to grow teeth Sometimes there will be constant scratching of one’s own ears, and even drooling when scratching the ears. 

Some experts said that if the above two phenomena occur together, you can pay attention to the child’s mouth. It is very likely that the baby is growing teeth. 

The reason is that when the baby grows deciduous teeth, the baby’s teeth will grow out of the gums, and the nerves around the teeth will feel uncomfortable, and the dental nerves are just connected to the ears. 

So babies will like it when they grow teeth Grasp their ears to express their discomfort. They hope to reduce these discomforts by scratching their ears. 

There is something in the ear

Because babies like to pick up some small things to play with after being able to exercise flexibly, they also like to put these small things in their ears. 

Some time ago, my baby put a small paper ball into his ear, and if he went out to play, there would be small bugs crawling into his ears, which would directly cause the baby’s ears to feel uncomfortable, even There will be pain. 

If something really enters the baby If it’s in your ears, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible to take it out, don’t take it yourself. In case of any accident, it is very likely that the baby’s hearing will be damaged. 

The appearance of eczema in the external auditory canal

Because the baby’s skin is relatively tender, it is easy to develop eczema, and it is very common for eczema to grow next to the ear. If eczema appears next to the baby’s ears, it is easy to scratch the ears and shake the head. 

If you see a child’s ear Obvious eczema. If parents see that their baby has such a situation, they should try to reduce the irritation of the child’s ears, such as hot water, slippery nails, etc., and reduce irritating washing things to wipe the baby’s ears. 

If the baby’s ears are not good for a long time or are more serious, it is recommended that parents take it to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible and listen to the treatment plan of professionals. 


If the baby pulls himself painfully Ear words, it shows that his ears are very uncomfortable. This is for parents to observe whether the baby’s ears have pus or other smells. If this happens, it means that the baby’s ears are infected and inflamed. 

This is a certain amount of damage to young babies, so they should be brought to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible. In order to avoid other diseases such as fever due to infection, this may cause more harm to the child. 

Baby often scratches his ears. Parents should pay more attention, because children at this stage are very fragile. It is a good thing for children to find out the cause as soon as possible and correct it in time. 

If something else does happen, it will not be worth the loss for the baby. Do netizens think about babies scratching their own ears? At this age, it’s time for babies to try to say goodbye to “feeding bottles”, with tips for choosing water cups

Baby bottles are almost a necessity for every baby to grow up, not only when babies drink milk powder, they need to use it. , Some mothers will also use the bottle to make the baby drink water. 

As a career mother, Yue Jiao considers that she needs to return to work after taking maternity leave, and is worried that her baby will not adapt to the bottle, so she uses the bottle to feed her breast milk early. 

Later, the baby adapted to bottle feeding, but he also became particularly dependent on the bottle. Not only did he need to drink milk, but he also needed to use the bottle for drinking water. 

Now the baby is almost 2 years old, or Can’t say goodbye to the bottle. Yuejiao was also very anxious when she saw that children of the same age could already drink from a cup, but she couldn’t bear to force the baby to quit the bottle. 

Drinking water for babies is also very particular. Baby bottles cannot be used as a “container”.

In fact, the transition from a baby bottle to a normal water bottle and water cup does require a process, but this process cannot be delayed for too long. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics has stated that babies around six months old can start using straw cups or duckbill cups, and they should try it before 18 months Say goodbye to the “feeding bottle” and replace it with a water cup. 

If the baby bottle is used for a long time, not only will it not be possible for the child to develop good living habits, but it will also have a certain impact on the growth and appearance of the baby. 

For example, babies who use baby bottles for a long time will have Tooth decay, “covering the sky” and other situations, and the “deficiency” of the teeth will also affect the child’s appearance. 

In addition, babies who use a feeding bottle for a long time can’t fully exercise their speech and affect their language development. They may have big tongues or slurred words when speaking. 

Therefore, if the baby reaches the age of about one year old, Mommy should try to let the baby say goodbye to the “feeding bottle” and gradually change into the water cup. 

From a bottle to a water cup is not a one-step process. Parents need to make a transition in the middle.

Of course, the transition from a bottle to a water cup is not done overnight, because when babies are young, they can’t master fine movements well, so You can first transition from a feeding bottle to a sippy cup, and then transition from a sippy cup to a duckbill cup. 

In the selection process, whether it is a straw The cup is still a duckbill cup, and Baoma should pay attention to choosing a soft and safe one. 

In the process of using, the baby can also feel the different characteristics of each cup, which plays a good role as a pavement for the next use of conventional cups. 

When the baby adapts to the straw cup and the duckbill cup, Mommy can try to choose a regular water cup for the baby to use, but this requires a gradual adaptation process, and parents should not be impatient. 

Here are some tips to help parents choose water cups< p>①. The choice of water cup should transition from light to heavy

When the baby is small, parents will generally choose a light cup for it because of insufficient grip. But when the baby reaches a certain age, parents can choose a cup with a certain weight for it, which can also better exercise the baby’s athletic ability. 

②. When choosing beautiful styles, we must also pay attention to the material

Beautiful water cups can attract babies and increase their frequency of use, but parents should not only choose the color when choosing a cup , The shape is lovely and lovely, and the material and texture of the cup should also be paid attention to. 

③, compared with the integrated water cup, it can Disassembly is more practical

Whether it is a straw cup or a duckbill cup, compared to an integrated water cup or water bottle, it can be disassembled for easy cleaning and easy to replace soft parts. These are more practical. 

④, pay attention to whether the straw mouth is anti-choke

When the baby is using the straw cup, Baoma tries to choose a mouthpiece with a single mouth instead of a large opening or a cross pattern The sippy cup, because the one-word mouth has the function of preventing choking, can prevent the baby from choking when drinking water. 

After school, mothers must ask these four sentences! Especially the last one

Going to kindergarten is something that every child must go through while growing up. It is also the time when the child leaves his mother and faces the world independently. Mothers should know that we don’t send children to kindergarten to take care of them by changing the environment and teachers, but to let them learn knowledge and develop their character. 

In kindergarten teachers only play the role of classroom education, and parents are the children’s lifelong teachers. If the parents insist on asking these four sentences every day when the child is after school, the child will definitely become better and better. 

Is there anything interesting in class today? 

In this age of test-oriented education, kindergarten may be the happiest childhood time for children compared to elementary school and high school. Many parents on the way to pick up their children may ask, “Are there any mistakes made today? The teacher criticized Are you out? 

Although we can also hear that we are caring for the child, it is not necessarily understandable for the child, and may even be bored. 

On the contrary, if a parent asks the child “Are there any interesting things today”, then the child will begin to recall the fun of the day and share his day’s life with his mother happily. 

What have you learned today? 

Generally speaking, kindergartens will offer some very interesting courses to let children get involved. So, on the way to pick up your child from school every day, you can ask the child “what have you learned today and what courses did you take today”? 

Through the children’s narration, mothers can also realize the abilities cultivated in this course, and they can consolidate the baby after returning home, and carry out secondary learning, which will make the baby smarter and smarter. Of it! 

Do you have anything to help your mother? 

As the child’s guardian, mothers must not only take care of the children’s daily life, but also help them solve the problems they encounter. 

Therefore, mothers should always ask their children if they need help. When the children raise difficulties, we can guide the children to think first, and then exchange opinions and communication with the children, and finally help the children solve this problem. 

This will make the relationship between the child and the mother get closer and closer, and if there are difficulties, she will actively seek the advice of the mother, and the mother will be able to better understand the child’s life. 

Did you have a good day? 

Children at this stage do not have too much academic pressure. Their main task is to live happily every day. Children are usually very carefree. As long as no bad things happen, they will be happy all day long. 

So, at this time, mothers should also pay attention to their children’s mentality and ask their children “Are you happy in kindergarten today?” every day? 

On the one hand, it can understand the child’s state, and on the other hand, it can increase the child’s desire to go to kindergarten. 

Mom must insist on asking the child these times every day In other words, although the words are simple, the meaning behind them is very important. It is the key to help children grow up.

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