Why do babies always cling to their mothers? Behind the “soft spot” for mother, there is a lot of love hidden

Why do babies always cling to their mothers? Behind the “soft spot” for the mother, there is a lot of love hidden

When the baby is not yet born, he listens to his mother’s voice every day, eats, sleeps, and goes to work with her mother. Is inseparable. 

After the baby is born, they leave the warm environment they are familiar with. At this time, the baby will be anxious, insecure, crying from time to time, until they return to the mother’s In his arms, the little guy will be quiet. 

Besides, babies seem to be born with their own “recognition system”. Once they find their mothers, they will not easily change people, and even some high-demand babies just don’t see it for a few minutes. Mom, she will squat her mouth and cry. 

When Ms. Yang’s son Xiao Shitou was born Although she looked no different from other newborns, her heart became soft when she looked at this soft little guy. 

And she found that Little Stone also likes to stick to herself very much. As long as he is held by his mother, he can sleep quietly and obediently. So since returning home, Ms. Yang has been taking care of the children by herself. . 

However, in this way, Ms. Yang’s confinement will not be well done. Later, Ms. Yang’s mother felt sorry for her daughter and offered to help with her baby, but Xiao Shitou seemed to not pay for her grandmother’s care. 

One time, grandma wanted to hug a little stone Going out to play for a while, let Ms. Yang take a good rest, I didn’t expect Little Rock to cry before going out. Grandma used eighteen martial arts, and the little guy showed no sign of “rain turning clear”. 

In the end, Ms. Yang could only take the little stone over and coax herself, but grandma found that the little stone stopped crying when she arrived in her mother’s arms, and the little hand held her mother’s fingers quickly. Fell asleep. After making a fuss over and over again, my grandmother said dumbfounded: “It seems that this child is coming to you.”

In fact, I believe that many mothers have experienced similar situations. Babies always seem to be able to find their mothers by instinct, and they become the “kraft candy” that mothers can’t get rid of. Then the question is, why do babies always stick to their mothers? 

These “careful thoughts” in the hearts of children, Mommy We need to understand in advance

Like listening to mother’s voice and heartbeat

When a baby is not born, it is the mother’s voice and heartbeat that accompany him. For babies, these two sounds constitute To the environment they are most familiar with. 

Not only that, mother’s voice and heartbeat are also the source of courage for babies. As long as these two voices are around, babies will feel safe, so behind their “soft liking” for their mothers, In fact, there is a lot of love hidden. 

Worry about my mother leaving secretly after falling asleep< /p>

The baby’s dependence on his mother has already started since he was born. Bao’s mother is the person he knows best, and the baby won’t be afraid if there is a mother by her side. 

The reason why babies like to stick to their mother is because they are afraid that the old mother will leave quietly while she is sleeping. 

For the baby, once the mother is not around, it means that he has to face the unknown and fear alone, which will make the baby even more insecure. 

Smell the smell of mother, more A sense of security

Because of the close connection with the mother since childhood, the baby is familiar with the mother’s taste, which is the peace of mind for the baby. Therefore, the baby likes to smell the mother’s body. With the mother’s smell by his side, the baby will feel more at ease. 

In fact, the position of mothers in children’s minds is always different.

In every child’s heart, mothers are different. 

A careful mother will find that if she blames the baby, they will remember it for a long time, but after being scolded by the father, they turn around and forget it. This is actually because the mother’s evaluation will make Children care more, they hope to be the excellent child in the eyes of the old mother. 

So as a mother, I am satisfying my child’s sense of security At the same time, we must use the authority in the heart of the child to properly educate and guide the child. 

For example, within the scope of the child’s ability, you can teach the child to do some housework that they can do, so as to cultivate the child’s ability to be independent. 

Or take your children out to play more, let them make more friends, so as to build their self-confidence. It can also be used to allow children to develop some good living habits, thereby establishing a child’s awareness of rules, which will be more conducive to the growth of children. 

Mommy has something to say: When the child’s dependence increases the confidence of parents, don’t be overwhelmed! The most important thing is to correctly exert authority at the right time and cultivate children to become outstanding talents. “Stocking” does not mean “indulgence”. Parents should keep in mind the 3 principles when educating their children.

When the children’s mistakes are already on the table, parents should start to look at the children’s problems because they turn a blind eye. It will only allow the child’s problem to continue to evolve into an unsolvable situation, and it will become even more difficult to interfere and intervene in correcting the child’s problem. Especially if the child has already experienced essential problems due to parental indulgence, what should parents do? 

Case study:

My girlfriend loves her children very much It can be said that when the child is born, it revolves around the child like family members, but this completely causes the girlfriend to be confused between motherly love and spoiling. 

The cognition error also caused the girlfriends to over-indulge their children. They even thought that their indulgence was just for stocking, in order to let the children grow up personally. However, they did not realize that this was just oneself. Comfort yourself. 

So when the problem occurs, bestie Only found out that it was too late. Because the child had hurt other children in the kindergarten because of his own indulgence, and when he arrived, the child had no intention of repentance. Instead, he asked himself to help punish the bullied child. 

In order to prevent our children from getting bad habits and problems due to our misconceptions, we should have a correct understanding of our education methods. Based on the above words, it can be seen that my girlfriends have regarded indulgence as stocking. Therefore, parents need to know what wrong stocking is to avoid entering into a misunderstanding. 

What is wrong “stocking”? 

You can say “My child, take your time”, but sometimes it may be necessary to “let go” quickly. ——Long Yingtai

The so-called wrong stocking is actually that the parents clearly want their children to be nurtured naturally, but they rely on their children’s willful behavior in everything. For example, the child obviously has wrong behavior, but the parents let it go, and even make the child think that the parent has acquiesced to their behavior. 

When children want to develop freely and learn about the world through their own footsteps, parents do everything at this time, which completely hinders their children’s growth. 

The so-called wrong stocking is the parent originally When it appears, parents choose to indulge, but when parents need to evade, parents block themselves in the path of their children, causing obstacles to their children. Therefore, parents need what is the core of liberation and fundamentally understand the nature of liberation. 

What is the core of “stocking”? 

Stocking is not indulgence, so parents cannot let their children act arbitrarily, and there are no restrictions on their behavior. Therefore, parents need to establish a set of rules for their children, that is to say, children cannot cross the line within this set of rules, otherwise the parents will need to go out and make corrections. 

At the same time, stocking also requires parents to properly let go, because stocking allows children to have a space for independent development, rather than narrowing the space for children’s development. 

The core parents of stocking should keep in mind, After all, “stocking” does not mean “indulgence”. So, what are the three principles when parents educate their children? Parents may wish to find out. 

Which 3 principles should parents follow when educating their children? 

First: Knowing how to think in different places

Things in another place can make children’s empathy better. For example, children will know how to think about problems from the perspective of their parents, and at the same time they can avoid them. The child bullies other children. Because the so-called empathy is to make children have the ability to empathize, so when they cause trouble to others, they will wonder if they can do so. 

Second: bottom line principle

In fact, as mentioned above, if there is no frame and margin, then the child will be completely out of parental control, and will eventually become a bear child who has been over-indulged. Therefore, parents must properly establish rules, because this is the parent’s bottom line, and even if you restock, your child cannot cross this red line. 

If parents have this bottom line principle, then they can help themselves to realize what stocking and indulgence are. Generally speaking, if a child frequently crosses the red line and he ignores the indulgence, then he will not It belongs to stocking. 

Third: Communicate with children often


Parents need to know that children also have their own ideas. Therefore, if parents themselves can actively create communication and allow children to solve problems in front of them in a sensible way at any time, then they will develop a set of reasonable practice. 

Because of this habit, children will become rational thinking, and will not arbitrarily do what they want. When children have such thoughts, parental stocking education can get twice the result with half the effort. 

Concluding remarks:

We raise children to cultivate children It’s self-independence and helps children create more space. However, stocking is not to indulge or leave the child to ignore it. 

Parents should also review their own educational methods at any time, so as to avoid problems that occur but fail to correct them in time. Then, it is very likely that the child will be reduced to an out-and-out bear child, and it will become difficult for parents to re-educate.

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