Why are young women unwilling to have babies? People who come here: can afford to be born and can’t afford to support them

Why are young women unwilling to have babies? People who come here: I can’t afford to be born and don’t want to owe my children

The news of “the pilot program in Northeast China, taking the lead in fully liberalizing birth restrictions” has been screened on all major platforms. Many people have come to the realization: What? Is the fertility rate in Northeast China so low? All officially spawned. 

For a time, people have thrown the pot to young women one after another, thinking that those women who don’t want to have children are selfish, but in fact, many women think “dare not to have children.” 

Why do young girls do not want to have children? Understandable: It’s not that I don’t want to give birth, but I don’t dare to give birth! 

Five years have passed since the two-child policy was opened. The birth rate of our country has not risen but has fallen. Many women have expressed that they do not want to have babies. 

First of all, for unmarried women, instead of It is better to say that they do not want to have children than to say that they do not want to get married. They seem to have made a choice in their lives long ago, not to marry or have a baby, and to stay single all their lives. 

Secondly, married women who have had one child, no matter whether the first child is a boy or a girl, they will not continue to have a second child. 

It is the choice of both husband and wife to have children, and it is also the decision of women. Why don’t you want to have children? Look at what the female community says. 

It’s Nami: getting married and having children is so tiring, it’s better to live freely.

There are 4 people in the university dormitory, and 4 of them don’t want to have children. It’s not that we are selfish, but we feel married. Raising a child is really not easy. 

We are only more than 20 years old. In the best years of our life, we are still a big child and cannot afford the responsibility of raising a child. Wouldn’t it be better to live for ourselves? 

Moreover, there are more suitable people It’s not easy. There is nothing wrong with living alone. I have a house, and getting married is troublesome. The long journey of husband and wife relationship, mother-in-law relationship, pregnancy and childbearing, and raising children…

However, it is better to live freely, get married and have children, just let it happen. 

Little Feifei Feifei: At the bottom of the society, I don’t have the courage to think about the future

I am born in a poor family and dare not have too many illusions about the future, which makes me unable to hold my head up all my life. , I have 3 older sisters and a younger brother, and my family leaves all the good resources to the younger brother. 

In the past two decades, I have never thought about getting married and having children. Looking at the unhappy lives of my sisters after getting married, I often think, I was already very poor, why did I still Do you have trouble getting married? Others advised me to find a good condition, but how could it be so easy to find? Why don’t others find someone who is right or with better conditions? 

If you don’t have the ability to give your child good Bring him into this world, maybe the children will hate me in the future, so it’s better to be poor alone! 

Sweet warm mother: I have exhausted all my energy to raise a child

I never thought that the first child is a daughter, who is looked down upon by all kinds of things. The in-laws and husband don’t care about the children at all. 

The confinement is spent alone, the child is alone, and the baby is full-time for 4 years. The job is gone, the money is gone, the contact with friends is less, and the freedom has disappeared. 

Raising a child has exhausted all my love and strength. Now I am urging me to have a second child, saying that I can help with it, but I don’t have the courage to experience this kind of pain again. 

The second child is open, but the women “stopped” on the road to fertility, why? 

1. “Can’t afford to support” pressure

Modern parenting is no longer the only pursuit of children’s “food to eat” as it used to be. Now the cost of raising a baby is getting higher and higher. Parenting bills are getting “heavy.” 

In this regard, many people in the past believe that youth is not Reluctant to have a baby, but realized a result: to be able to afford to be born is the biggest irresponsibility for the child, and I don’t want to owe the child for it. 

For women with poor economic conditions or ordinary women, the pain of having a child is temporary, but the pain of raising a child may last a lifetime. 

Housing pressure, pension pressure, and pressure to raise children are the three “pressure mountains” for adults, and the pressure to raise children is especially great. 

According to some statistics, the cost of raising a child from birth to adulthood is 620 thousand to 1.92 million. From birth check, milk powder to various cram schools and interest classes, how can it cost nothing? 

2. Anxiety of “badly taught”

Raising a child, which parent does not want his child to be successful in the future? Many parents hope that their children will have the ability to achieve class leaps and truly narrow the “gap between rich and poor”, so they spend almost all of their education in education, making the cost of raising children even greater. 

On the other hand, they worry about trying hard Engaging in education, but in the end, it is difficult to teach children. If parents cannot always protect their children’s lives, and children will not be able to lead a good life in the future, how sad! So I dare not raise it, or dare not raise it more. 

There are many reasons for not wanting to have children, including economic pressure, educational pressure, changes in concepts, and life experiences. 

Therefore, anyone who understands can see that: Young women don’t want to have children, they just don’t dare to have children. 

To give birth to a child mainly depends on personal choices. Families who are capable and are not afraid of pressure can choose a second child without the ability. It is understandable that a family with a hard life will not give birth or give birth to a single child. 

To solve the problem of childbirth, it is not enough to rely on personal efforts alone. With better income and higher living standards, I believe people will have more confidence in giving birth, raising children, and teaching them. 

Parents also need to “choose time” to bathe their children. Tips, parents quickly understand.

Before there were no babies, parents always felt that bringing a baby was nothing more than “eat, drink, Lhasa and sleep”. It was easy and not difficult. 

After the little guy was born, Bao’s parents really realized that for novices without any experience, it’s not an easy task, even a seemingly simple bath. Full of various challenges. 

Since the children have not fully developed their bodies, so if you want to bathe them smoothly, you still have to consider multiple factors. For example, the time for children to take a bath, this is a problem that requires parents to pay more attention. 

It’s more important to bathe babies in spring, and time is more problematic. You need to pay more attention to it.

In a blink of an eye, spring has arrived, and the temperature has risen a lot. Parents are also relieved when they bathe their children. Jiang Jiang is a typical representative of this kind of parents. 

Since Jiang Jiang is very busy at work everyday, the baby is taken care of by her mother-in-law, but the old man has to go back to his home temporarily because of something. Jiang Jiang bit her head and took over the job of bringing the baby. For this reason, she also specially Asked for leave from the company. 

Jiang Jiang is a clean mother. She likes to bathe the little one after feeding the baby. She thinks that the baby must be very comfortable before going to bed after washing. 

But things are not what she expected Smoothly, Jiang Jiang found that after the baby took a bath, he was reluctant to go to bed. He often wears it until the middle of the night to fall asleep. 

Later Jiang Jiang communicated this issue with a girlfriend who had two dolls. After hearing this, the girlfriend said: “The baby has just finished eating, and it will be uncomfortable to take a bath at this time. If you don’t believe you, arrange a bath for your child earlier. Give it a try.”

Parents should also “choose time” in advance when bathing their children. Moms must have a good idea

①Don’t bathe their children immediately after meals

Many parents do The same idea as Jiang Jiang, the mother of the above, felt that the child would be more comfortable to take a bath after dinner and then fall asleep, but this is not the case. 

After the child has just finished eating, the food It has not been digested, and it may cause discomfort to the baby if it is exposed to the hot and humid environment immediately. Therefore, parents are advised to bathe their children at least half an hour after meals. 

②Don’t bathe your baby when they are uncomfortable

Also, don’t try to bathe your baby when it’s uncomfortable, because this operation will only make The child’s uncomfortable feeling becomes more intense. 

③Don’t bathe your child in the evening

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It is spring now. Although the temperature has started to rise, the temperature difference between morning and evening is still very large. Therefore, parents are not recommended to bathe the baby in the evening, because this alternation of hot and cold can easily make the little one cold. 

The best time to bathe your children is between noon and two in the afternoon. This time is the highest temperature of the day and is more suitable for children. 

In addition, parents should take a look at the baby’s bathing tips.

In addition to the above bathing times that should be avoided, parents should understand. Parents should also master the following bathing tips. In order to make the child’s bath work more smoothly. 

▶Prepare in advance

Before bathing the child, be sure to prepare some bathing tools involved in the child, such as bath towels, a change of clothes for the child, etc. Of course, bath tyrants Also open in advance to maintain the proper temperature in the room. 

▶The seasons are different, and the bathing frequency is different The same

The number of bathing times for children is seasonal. Under normal circumstances, it is good to keep the baby bathing three times a week. If the weather is very cold, the frequency of bathing can be appropriately reduced. 

▶The water temperature and time of bathing must be controlled

Then it is the water temperature and time of bathing, which can be maintained at 38 degrees Celsius in summer and 40 degrees Celsius in winter. For new students The best bath time for children is three to five minutes, while for babies it can last for eight to ten minutes. 

▶The choice of shower gel and shampoo Be careful

In addition, do not use adult shower gel and shampoo to bathe your baby, because your child’s skin is weaker, so you should choose baby products. 

▶Some soothing toys can also make your baby behaved in the bath

Baby may be unstable when bathing. After all, it is a child and needs a certain sense of security, so We can use some soothing toys to fix the children! Winter is here. Don’t step on these 4 “minefields” when breastfeeding. It may hurt your baby.

Winter is here. In order to take care of the baby more comprehensively, many mothers have done something to bring their babies. Adjustments, but some adjustments are actually unnecessary or even wrong. 

Let’s take the case of breastfeeding babies in winter. Many mothers have stepped on these 4 “minefields”. Not only can they not let their babies spend the winter happily, they may even “harm”. To the baby! 

Dilute a little to prevent fire

every winter , Babies are prone to get angry and constipation, most of which are caused by the weather, because the winter in the north is too dry. 

In order to adapt to this kind of weather, Mommy only needs to adjust his diet appropriately, eat lighter, keep the indoor air moist, let the baby keep exercising, eat well and sleep well, but many moms will In terms of feeding the baby, I think that the baby gets angry because he drinks too much milk powder, so he will deliberately dilute the milk when the baby is flushed, but in fact, this approach is not wise. 

Because most babies get their nutrition through powdered milk, if the amount of powdered milk is suddenly reduced, it may lead to insufficient nutritional intake for the baby, resulting in decreased immunity and infections. 

Keep the baby bottle in the warmer for a long time

In winter, the temperature is too low, and the milk that is flushed for the baby is easy to cool, so many mothers will buy a milk warmer and put the prepared milk in the milk warmer. This way, it will be hot all day, and the baby will drink very well. Convenience. 

Indeed, the milk warmer is convenient and easy to use, but the prepared milk can easily deteriorate and breed bacteria if it is placed in the milk warmer for a long time. If the baby drinks such milk into the stomach, it is likely to have diarrhea , So the milk warmer cannot be used for a long time. 

In addition, there will be mothers who use insulated feeding bottles for babies in winter. This is actually completely possible, but mothers must try the temperature when using insulated feeding bottles to avoid scalding the baby. 

Defrosting breast milk is heated in a microwave oven

A lot of Baoma’s milk Sufficient, in order to avoid waste, breast milk will be pumped out, stored in a milk storage bag, and then frozen in the refrigerator. But in winter, the temperature is too low and breast milk is not easy to thaw. Many parents use microwave ovens to directly heat breast milk when they are in a hurry. This approach is completely wrong. 

Because the active substances in breast milk will be destroyed, causing nutrient loss, and uneven heating may also scald the baby. The correct way is to put the frozen breast milk in the refrigerator in advance to thaw, and then rewarm it with warm water. During the rewarming process, you should rub the bottle from time to time to avoid uneven heat. 

Force your baby to drink more water

The weather is dry in winter, Many parents are afraid that their baby lacks water and will force him to drink more water, but babies and adults are different, their water demand is sometimes not very high. 

Like babies within 6 months of age, they almost don’t need to drink boiled water alone, because the water content in breast milk is already high enough. For older babies, they just need to drink water regularly every day. You don’t need to drink more water deliberately. Sometimes drinking too much water can affect his appetite. 

Baby’s resistance is relatively weak, in winter It’s true that it’s easy to get sick, but parents don’t have to worry too much, just keep normal breastfeeding. In addition, in order to enhance the baby’s physical fitness, parents can take him to outdoor activities, always staying indoors is not conducive to the health of the baby.

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