Why are there “physical needs” when giving birth to a baby? The doctor explained 2 points and emphasized this point

Why are there “physical needs” when giving birth to a baby? The doctor explained 2 points and emphasized this point.

I believe that pregnant mothers have heard of many pregnant women addressing “physical needs” during childbirth. This point makes many pregnant mothers feel that Very embarrassed. 

In fact, it is not inevitable to face such a situation, but it is necessary to understand the reasons before we can carry out targeted solutions. 


Ms. Liu just gave birth to her baby last week and was in the hospital for a week. This week, she felt “live like a year”. Why do you say that? 

Because she was in the delivery room at the time, while giving birth while solving her “physical needs”, and the most important thing was that she didn’t know it at the beginning, but when the doctor said, “Let’s take a break and regain strength. “After that, I felt that the nurse was cleaning the delivery bed. 

At the time, she thought she was cleaning up amniotic fluid or other secretions. It was not until she smelled a smell that she vaguely felt that she had solved her “physical needs”, not embarrassing. It’s fake, she can’t wait to find a hole to get in. 

After the cleanup was over, the doctor asked her to give birth again. Although the second half went smoothly, this happened during the delivery process, which became a lump in Ms. Liu’s heart. Now every time she sees it The nurses and doctors all felt “feelless”. 

Some friends may think that doctors and nurses are accustomed to this situation, and new mothers will take it to heart. 

This is true, but it is inevitable that new mothers will feel embarrassed. After all, it is the first time that such embarrassing things have been done in front of outsiders. 

In Shengwa Why are there “physical needs” at the time? The doctor explained 2 points and emphasized this point.

In response to this problem, Dr. Chen from Sichuan Maternal and Child Health Hospital gave the following 2 points of explanation

1. No bowel movement before delivery

Under normal circumstances, the nurse will notify the mother to have a bowel movement before giving birth, mainly to prevent this from happening during the labor process. 

Ms. Liu didn’t stop defecation at the time, but she tried to go to the toilet, but she couldn’t get it out. In addition, she had recently constipated and her symptoms were not very serious, so she didn’t take it seriously. . When the nurse asked later, she didn’t feel embarrassed to say that she was constipated, so she simply said that she was finished, but she got embarrassed. 

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers must have a bowel movement before giving birth, and it is best to have a relatively clean bowel movement. For some pregnant mothers who have symptoms of constipation, if they are unable to defecate on their own, they can ask a doctor for help. 

Doctors have specifically provided a solution for some pregnant women who have difficulty defecation, which is to use “prostaglandin”, which can make pregnant mothers faster and more convenient, and make pregnant mothers have a stronger sense of defecation. It is simply the “gospel” for pregnant women with constipation. 

Some pregnant mothers are worried that taking this medicine will affect the health of their fetuses. In fact, they will not. The doctor will definitely take this into consideration, so they chose the prostaglandin with the least impact, and the baby is about to give birth. Smaller, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry. 

In addition, I also want to remind pregnant mothers that if you want to wait until the prenatal defecation is smooth, and to maintain gastrointestinal health and prevent gastroenteritis, you need to maintain a balanced diet during the third trimester. Eat a lot of foods rich in dietary fiber, and eat less or no irritating foods. 

If pregnant mothers can continue to exercise, then with the cooperation of these factors, pregnant mothers will not have to worry about it. Not to mention that the bowel movement before delivery is smooth, even the childbirth will become more smoothly. 

2. The influence of fetal body size

Some pregnant mothers are more curious. It is clear that some parturients do not have a bowel movement before giving birth, so why don’t people solve their “physical needs” while giving birth? 

In fact, the main reason for this is the size of the fetus. If the size of the fetus is large, it will cause greater irritation to the mother’s intestines and cause gastrointestinal disorders, which is easy to ” “Incontinence”, but it is only temporary, pregnant mothers don’t need to worry too much. 

In addition to the above two reasons, the doctor also emphasized one more point, and hoped to attract the attention of pregnant mothers. 

When there is a situation of solving the “physiological needs” during the delivery process, pregnant mothers must not be too anxious, and do not feel embarrassed, so that they dare not use any more force in the subsequent delivery process, afraid that the same situation will occur again. 

Doctors have seen this in many women in the late stage, and this is very detrimental to the delivery of the fetus and the smooth progress of the labor process. Women should relax as much as possible and continue to give birth in a calm mood, otherwise, too much tension will only make it difficult for breathing and exertion to cooperate with the delivery, and finally lead to prolonged labor, severe or even dystocia. 

Therefore, what pregnant mothers need to do now is to maintain a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, learn more childbirth tactics, and adjust their self-adjustable and calm emotions, which can not only reduce the embarrassment during labor The probability of the situation can also make the delivery of pregnant mothers go smoother. The 47-year-old mother-in-law gave birth to her grandson and was opposed. She was so angry that she decided to fight for a second child. The whole family was in a mess

Since 2016, after my country officially opened up second children, two-child families have sprung up. universal. 

However, in recent years, according to the data released by relevant state departments, the post-90s who should be the best childbearing age are not the main force of the second child, but the middle-aged people born in the 80s and 70s are active. Give birth to a second child. 

As a result, the health and parenting issues of over-age mothers and their fetuses have become a hot topic in the public. 

47-year-old mother-in-law The birth of a grandson was opposed, and angrily decided to fight for a second child, and the whole family was in a mess! 

Ms. Liang got married early and gave birth very early. She gave birth to a son at the age of 22. Now, his son entered the palace of marriage as soon as he graduated from college, and he gave birth to a lovely daughter with his wife in the second year. 

Ms. Liang was 47 years old and she was successfully upgraded to grandma, which made her friends and family envy. However, Ms. Liang and her husband were dissatisfied. They were deeply influenced by traditional ideas, and they have been urging their son and daughter-in-law to have a second child, and it is best to give birth to a grandson. 

However, both the son and the daughter-in-law think that having one daughter is enough, not to mention that their careers have just started, and in recent years there is no plan to have a second child. 

Ms. Liang tried many times to persuade him to no avail, and her son was so anxious that she even said “I want to give birth to you”. In anger, Ms. Liang began to actively prepare for pregnancy with her husband. After all, there are still cases of having a child at the age of 60, and Ms. Liang is more confident. 

During this period, my son and daughter-in-law went back to visit Ms. Liang, but she didn’t see any changes due to wearing thick clothes in winter. 

When Ms. Liang was five months pregnant and told her son about the incident, both the son and daughter-in-law were shocked. 

When she learned that she had not had a birth check up so far, her son and daughter-in-law rushed to send her to the hospital for examination. 

After a series of examinations, the doctor concluded that the fetus in Ms. Liang’s abdomen was not well developed. For dangerous situations such as miscarriage, artificial abortion is recommended. 

Ms. Liang’s body was not very good originally. If she experiences the flow of people, her vitality will be severely injured. The family learned of this result. 

In addition to cooperating with the hospital to arrange for Ms. Liang to carry out the flow of people, she also has to worry about her postoperative training, which can be said to be an instant mess. 

Because of impulse, it not only affects your own health, but also affects the whole family. I believe Ms. Liang also regretted it? Before this, some experts suggested that we should be cautious about giving birth at an advanced age. 

After all, this not only harms the mother’s body and the healthy development of the fetus, but also has a lot of potential risks to the stability of the entire family. 

Super-aged women What are the risks of having a second child? 

1. Physical health risks

Medical research has found that when women are over 35 years old, their fertility will decline year by year. Egg aging greatly affects the quality of eggs, and it is easy to cause fetal development malformations, congenital diseases, premature delivery or miscarriage during pregnancy. 

In addition to the impact on the health of the fetus, pregnancy complications and slow postpartum recovery will also seriously affect the health of mothers. 

2. Difficulty in childbirth increases

The physical condition of super-aged mothers cannot be compared with that of young mothers, and their fertility, physical strength, and energy cannot be the same as when they gave birth to their first child. 

According to clinical investigations, it usually takes longer for super-aged parturients to give birth, and most parturients must complete their delivery by cesarean section. 

It is worth mentioning that if the first child is delivered by a cesarean section, then the second child generally needs a cesarean section. 

In other words, the abdomen will experience the pain caused by the second operation, and the older the age, the wound healing ability will gradually decrease. Not only need to suffer severe pain, postpartum recovery will be much slower. 

In addition to the above-mentioned effects of maternal health and the healthy development of the fetus, older mothers are likely to feel powerless in the matter of raising a child, which requires a lot of energy and time. 

If you have exceeded the optimal childbearing age and you are still determined to be a super-aged mother, then female friends must do these points during pregnancy.

1. Do a physical examination before getting pregnant. Before preparing for pregnancy, the couple should go to the hospital for a detailed physical examination. In addition to checking whether the wife’s physical condition is suitable for another childbirth, the husband’s sperm quality should also be checked. 

2. Punctual check-ups during pregnancy. For older women, the frequency of birth checkups should be higher than for younger women. If you get pregnant successfully, it is best to check your blood pressure and blood sugar every half month. And in accordance with the doctor’s order, the responsible fetus will be checked on time and the development of the fetus will be detected. 

3. During pregnancy, you need to be more cautious. Whether it is diet, work, rest, or exercise, you must not be sloppy. 

4. Be hospitalized before the expected date of delivery. Generally, it is best to be admitted to the hospital in advance for delivery a few days before the due date, or according to your physical condition, according to the doctor’s arrangement. 

Even if medical technology has made great progress nowadays, the risks faced by super-aged women are still very large. 

Whether it is the health of the mother or the healthy development of the fetus, the risk is much higher than that of the young mother. Therefore, if it is not necessary, mothers who are over-aged should not reluctantly give birth to a second child! 

If you are pregnant with a second child, you must also do a check-up and fetal maintenance during pregnancy. Try to adjust to the best state to ensure the smooth completion of the production process and the safety of mother and child! 

How old do you think it is not suitable to have a second child? Welcome to leave a message to share your experience and views!

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