Why are the poorer, the more willing to live? Many people think it’s ignorance, but you don’t understand the facts

Why are the poorer, the more willing to live? Many people think it is ignorance, but in fact you don’t understand the facts

Some people think that this kind of behavior of the poor belongs to the ignorant and fearless, and what is more, they are secretly giving birth to three children. This is not the case. 

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In recent years, after the opening of the second-child policy, no A small number of families have joined the ranks, but a closer look reveals that most of this group of people are relatively poor families, while most middle-class families say they can’t afford it. 

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Why do the poor become the main force of the second child? 

As we all know, childbirth is a huge expense, and one baby can make some middle-class families feel strenuous, let alone two. Then why the poor choose to actively respond to the call of the country. 

Some people think that this kind of behavior of the poor belongs to the ignorant and fearless. Others are secretly giving birth to three children. This is not the case. What is it for? 

1. The cost of raising children in rural areas is low.

The cost of raising children in rural areas is generally very low. The baby will choose breastfeeding after birth, and it is likely that she will not use diapers, but choose Washable diapers basically don’t cost much within one year of age. 

After the child quits breast milk, the supplementary rice noodles are probably made by themselves. The fruits and vegetables will also be grown by themselves. When they are a little bigger, they will eat directly with the adults, and the cost of raising will be much lower. 

2. The elderly at home can help take care of the children. Don’t pay attention to them.

When taking care of children in rural areas, they don’t pay much attention to them. Adults may be busy with farming or work during the day and hand over the children. Being taken care of by the elderly, there is no phenomenon that two people can’t come over. It is very common for an old man to look after two or three children in rural areas. 

Therefore, if you have one or two children, it is the elderly to help you watch. There is no such thing as a city where one person can’t see the child. 

3. The living conditions of raising one less child will not improve much.

For urban people from middle-class families, if one more child is born, the quality of life at home will change qualitatively, but for rural For families, the cost of raising is relatively low, so raising one more child will basically have no effect on life. 

Therefore, in rural areas, there is no need to consider the issue of “the more one is getting poorer” at all. 

4. Keep a company for the children

Nowadays, most young people choose to leave their hometowns for their careers. They usually don’t consider them until they are not able to gain a foothold in the city. Take your parents to yourself. 

When parents are older, they want their children to be with them. At this time, if there are two children, the baby who is willing to stay at home can accompany mom and dad. 

In addition, parents cannot stay with their children forever. There will always be a day of old age. If there is only one baby, they will look a little lonely in the end, and the two children can help and support each other, and they will also discuss decision-making together. . 

5. Reduce the pressure on the child’s care for the elderly.

When parents get old, their health will be worse than each day. At this time, we need to consider the issue of elderly care. If a child needs to take care of two elderly people at the same time , Not only will there be a certain amount of pressure on the economy, but also on the energy. 

But if there is a sibling who can help, then you can take turns to take care of your parents, and you can also share it financially. 

Why the city Most middle-class families are unwilling to have a second child? 

1. Pay attention to prenatal and postnatal care

For most middle-class families in cities, it is necessary to achieve prenatal and postnatal care to have children. They feel that they must be fully prepared at the moment they plan to have a baby. Being able to provide quality life and education to children can train children to become pillars of the country. 

2, don’t want to change the quality of life

Because of the idea of ​​eugenics, it takes a lot of money and energy in the process of raising children, so if you have limited abilities, you will not I would want to have a second child. After all, that is not an easy task. It is very likely that my quality of life will be greatly changed because of having one more baby. 

3. I don’t want to hinder my career development

Because of the concept of eugenics and eugenics, in the process of raising children, we will pay attention to everything by ourselves, so at least we need to wait until the baby After going to kindergarten, the mother may return to the workplace. 

But if you want to give birth to a second child, you need to experience this kind of thing again, but your career can’t stand the two-time separation, so in order to have a better development in your career, life has For higher pursuits, the matter of having a second child is generally not considered lightly. 

Two-child family How should parents raise? 

1. Parents are not biased

For two-child families, in order to make the two children have a good relationship in the future, parents must be unbiased, don’t always let the big one let the small one; and don’t blame the baby if he makes a mistake And punishing the boss; when buying clothes or toys, buy more for the one you prefer, and so on, do everything fair, so that your children can be brotherly and affectionate. 

2. When conflicts arise, let them solve them by themselves

Children may often have some conflicts when they are young. At this time, parents should not rush to intervene and try to let them take their own initiative. Solving, this will not only allow the baby to learn how to deal with problems, think independently, but also demonstrate the parents’ attitude of being balanced. 

3. Do not compare the two children

Since everyone is a different individual, there will be some differences in personality and characteristics, and there will also be their own advantages and disadvantages. As a parent, you should never Comparing two babies will not only hurt their relationship easily, but may also hurt the child’s psychology of being degraded. Return to Sohu to see more

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“Don’t dare to get sick, just want to make money” , The people who came over said: Three difficulties for the one-child care for the elderly

The difficulty of the one-child care for the elderly has always existed. This is also an important reason why many families choose the second child. 

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Parents are getting older As the child is still young, the crisis of China’s only child has become increasingly acute. “Don’t dare to get sick, just want to make money” has become a true portrayal of many only children. 

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The dilemma of the one-child pension

1. Economic pressure

A survey interview showed that about 78% of the respondents He believes that “it is difficult to provide a comfortable pension without a million yuan.” 

This means that the cost of elderly care for the elderly is far higher than we expected, and many elderly people are already aware of this problem. For families with only one child, the elderly’s expenses will be borne by the child alone. For many families, this is a huge sum of money. 

Additionally, when the children get married, they will have their own family, which will also be a considerable expense. If both parties are only children, it means that two people need to support at least seven people. Therefore, old-age care is a huge pressure on the only child economically. 

2, the loneliness of parents< /p>

The only child bears the mission of taking care of parents and family. First of all, we must choose to ensure the source of life for the family. Therefore, making money is its biggest goal, and often ignore the emotional appeals of parents. 

Because parents will basically have a lot of free time when they are old, and at this time they need the care and company of their children. If they do not receive this kind of care for a long time, the parents will feel lonely. 

3. Choice confusion


In fact, many elderly care institutions are also a good choice for families with only one child. They can not only provide services to care for the elderly, reduce the burden on their children, but also accompany the elderly so that they will not be mentally lonely and deprived. . 

However, because there is currently a lack of professional and reliable platforms on the market to integrate information on elderly care services, many families are confused about choices. 

What caused this dilemma? 

In 1982, my country officially implemented the basic national policy of family planning. Thirty-eight years have passed since then. 

In the past few years, there have been tens of millions of single-child families. According to the data released by the Family Planning Commission, there are currently more than 145 million only-child families in my country, and as of the end of 2020, my country is over 60 years old. The elderly population will also reach 255 million. 

The only child of the first generation Most of them are married and have children, and their parents are basically retired. With only one child in the family, the future of both parents and children will inevitably be placed on them. In this way, they will face the old-age care situation of “the old on the top and the young on the bottom”. 

In addition to the implementation of the current two-child policy, if only-child families choose to have a second child, they will face the “four-two-two” family model. 

Some measures have been taken on the issue of pensions. Some “pension insurance” and “medical insurance” have brought some protection to the elderly. 

However, these measures cannot solve the problem of the single-child pension. Therefore, the “long-term care insurance” was introduced some time ago, mainly to solve the problem of the single-child pension. 

This new regulation is mainly aimed at some disabled elderly (the disabled elderly in our country is currently about 40 million). They cannot take care of themselves and need long-term care and care by special personnel. When the family receives this kind of care The state will give a certain amount of compensation. 

For the only child It is undoubtedly the “gospel.” “One person is disabled and crushes the whole family” is a true portrayal of many single-child families. Due to the high cost of dedicated care, many families cannot afford it, so they can only be taken care of by their children. 

Caring for the disabled elderly is a hard and troublesome task. It is okay for multiple children to take turns to take care of them, and the only child is responsible for the burden, which is too heavy. 

Nowadays, only children can hire specialized nursing staff to take care of them, and they can also get subsidies, which reduces expenses and saves time and energy. 

New directions for the elderly care problem

1. The imperfect elderly care institutions are also one of the reasons for this dilemma. Therefore, it is necessary to improve communities and institutions for elderly care. 

It is very common for the only child to be separated from the parents at home or even in different places. It is impossible for the children to take care of them at home from time to time. Once the parents are unwell, it will be more troublesome for the children to go home and cause unnecessary burdens. 

Therefore, if there is a relatively complete elderly care institution, not only can parents get more professional and comprehensive care, but to a large extent their children will also need to spend much less time and energy. 

2, appropriate investment. It is difficult for the only child to provide for the elderly. In addition to the national and social levels, the elderly should also plan for themselves. You can put your savings into appropriate investments. In the past, basically 90% of the elderly would choose social security for their retirement, but now they find that social security is far from supporting their old age. 

In a financial investigation report According to the report, currently only 43% of people choose social insurance as their first choice for pension, 16% choose personal deposits and financial investment, and 14% choose commercial pension insurance. This means that reasonable personal investment is also an important way to reduce the pressure on the one-child pension. 

Today’s question: How do you think families with only one child should solve the problem of providing for the elderly? Return to Sohu to see more

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