Why are the children of wealthy people more attractive? Parents pay attention to these, the baby looks better too

Why are the children of wealthy people more attractive? Parents pay attention to these, and the baby looks better too

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The Internet is becoming more and more developed, almost Everyone can observe the lifestyles of other people, especially the children of some wealthy people, who are mostly active online. 

I know a lot more, and netizens gradually have this question: “How come the children of the rich are generally more outstanding?”

The children of the rich, There are usually several reasons for the outstanding appearance.

▶ Genetic influence

There is still a little relationship between genetics and genetics. If the parents have larger eyes, the children generally have double eyes. Beautiful eyes, and many rich people today marry a beautiful wife, especially a good-looking female star. 

With the beauty of the wife’s gene, the child’s appearance may also be good. 

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▶ Educational influence

A person’s appearance is not only related to appearance, but also related to his temperament. For example, children who often learn dance music may have a gesture of action. There is a kind of elegance that is different from others. 

In their daily lives, although they seem to relax all over, they inadvertently keep their bodies in the most perfect and beautiful state. 

For example, as we usually see, girls who have practiced dancing and children who have not practiced dancing are in different conditions. For example, children who have learned to dance may always maintain a tall and straight posture. Children who haven’t practiced dancing may not care about these, so they are a little bit worse in appearance. 

And music and dancing are interested Training also costs a lot of money, and the most important thing for the children of wealthy families is money. 

▶ Economic relations

Nowadays, plastic surgery has become a very normal thing, especially all kinds of fine-tuning, in a short time, you can make a person look good. There is no need for too much surgery. 

But the price of fine-tuning is not low, but no matter how expensive the price is, it is a piece of cake for the children of the rich. Therefore, we often see on the Internet that the daughter and son of President XX seem to be a little different from before. 

▶ Dress up

The difference between children from ordinary families who focus on learning is that children from wealthy families may need to participate in various banquets and activities. 

So the appearance is more Pay attention that they have been instilled with the idea of ​​clothing matching early, and with the addition of suitable clothes, their appearance will naturally go a step further. 

Of course, the children of the wealthy people here are good-looking. In many cases, they are just above the average level through the influence of dressing, fine-tuning, temperament, etc. on the ordinary appearance, but it is still a star appearance. tougher. 

After all, the really good-looking people are still in the minority. Even children born to the same parents will have a big difference in appearance, regardless of whether they are poor or rich. 

For example Most of the Hong Kong female celebrities of the century made their debut because of poor families, but they also have a lot of looks, and the children of wealthy families can’t match them. 

Although ordinary parents cannot provide a wealthy living environment and education for their children, they can also make efforts for their appearance. 

Although the value of appearance is determined from birth, the possibility of rising is very small, but there are often many cases of falling. What parents should do is to maintain the beauty of the child. 

How to keep the child’s appearance? 

▶ Prevent children’s facial features from deforming

The head that determines the appearance of a person is the most susceptible, especially the back of the head, mouth and eyes. As a child grows up, It is easy to cause a decline in appearance due to improper parental care. 

❶ Prevent children from sleeping with flat heads

Nowadays, mainstream aesthetics feel that a rounded back head looks better than a flat one, which can handle more hairstyles and prevent the face from becoming wider. 

Therefore, even if the elders want their children to sleep with a flat head, parents cannot agree to adjust their sleeping position when the baby is just born, so as to prevent long-term use of the same sleeping position to cause head deformation. 

❷ Do not let your child breathe through the mouth

Mouth breathing can easily make the child’s chin become shorter and buck teeth, which will directly affect the appearance of the lower half of the face. 

So when you find that your child has this condition, correct it in time. Especially some children with rhinitis cannot control their mouth breathing at night. Parents should take them for treatment in time to avoid missing the developmental period of the face. 

❸ Pay attention to eye health< /p>

Wrinkled eyelids or wearing glasses can also affect the appearance of children. Parents need to reduce the number of times they play with mobile phones and rub their eyes. 

▶ Keep your child in a good posture

Postures including chest kyphosis, scoliosis, O-legs, etc. will also make your child’s appearance worse. 

Parents need to let their children learn to stand, sit, lie down, and walk in a normal way. They should not lift their legs and lower their heads to play with their mobile phones. 

▶ Learn more with them.

As the saying goes: “You have poetry and literature.” A knowledgeable person is easy to attract others and makes people feel that he is The more you look, the better you look. 

When children are young, parents can take time out to read with them every day, learn new knowledge, and cultivate their habits of thinking and learning, so that even if they don’t learn music or dance, they can increase their Inner temperament.  The winter weather is cold, pay attention to the following “heating artifacts” “, may bury hidden dangers to children’s health

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Now that the weather is getting colder every day, heating has become a problem we have to think about, especially for families with children. Babies are fragile and can easily catch colds and get sick if they catch a cold, so be sure to keep warm. 

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Little Sun can actually cause “fire spots”

Sakura is a novice mother. It’s not winter, and hurriedly arranged a little sun for her baby. The good news is that the baby has never caught a cold after entering winter. 

At first, Sakura was very happy, but recently she took a bath and found that there were always some “stripe” on the baby’s body, and each time it became deeper. This frightened her, and hurriedly took the baby to the hospital. 

The doctor told him after the examination that it was caused by the high temperature. If it continues for a long time, it will affect some patterned spots, which is also the “fire spot” in our common saying, which is difficult to recover and affects the appearance. And health. 

Fortunately, the baby’s current situation It’s not serious. You only need to stop Little Sun for a period of time to recover. After hearing the doctor say this, Sakura was relieved, and went back and quickly stopped Little Sun. 

In addition to the little sun, these kinds of heating artifacts are not desirable

1, warm baby stickers

This is a very common heating item in the market It is very common, easy to use and low in price. Many people choose to use it for heating. However, this kind of item is not suitable for children to use, and it may be laying hidden dangers for children’s health. 

Because most warm babies Its marked maximum temperature is about 60 degrees, and its heat release can be maintained for about 10 hours, children’s skin is more delicate and more prone to leave red marks. 

In addition to the cold weather in winter, the human body is often slow to respond to temperature, and sometimes cannot be detected in time, and some children may have limited expression skills, which can easily cause burns. 

2. Yuba

The most difficult thing in winter except getting up is to freshen up, especially when taking a bath. Many parents choose to open the Yuba to the maximum for fear of children catching cold. Maintaining the indoor temperature is good for adults, but it can easily cause harm to children. 

Mainly because of his birth After that, his vision is not fully developed, and 0~4 years old is an important developmental stage, and it is also a relatively fragile stage. Bright light can easily stimulate vision and cause damage. 

Therefore, when taking a bath, you can turn on the bath heater in advance to raise the room temperature, and then go in and take a bath at a suitable temperature. You can dry it in time after washing. 

3. Electric blanket

The magical device for sleeping in winter was almost a must-have for every family in the past, but there is a big risk in electricity consumption. If the heating wire is used for too long, it will age and cause electric leakage. Once the child wets the bed, the risk will be greater. 

At the same time in use , Will bring a certain amount of radiation and adversely affect the baby’s development. Even if you choose to use it, you should turn off the power before going to sleep. 

So there are more or less dangers with so many heating methods, what should we do if it is really cold in winter? 

In fact, the best way to heat is to use air conditioning and heating. Some homes without these two types of equipment can also choose to use a heater instead, but their heating capacity will be much weaker. 

Selecting this method of heating naturally becomes simple, and it can even be said to be done once and for all, but some problems have to be paid attention to. 

Pay attention to 3 points when using heating and air conditioning.

① The temperature and humidity should be appropriate

In winter, every household will choose to close the doors and windows tightly, which will cause the air to appear different. The phenomenon of circulation, if air conditioning or heating is used for heating, it will increase the degree of dryness in the room. When the humidity is below 40%, various bacteria are easy to multiply and are also easy to get sick. 

So choose this method of heating Be sure to pay attention to the room temperature, usually keep it at 20-25 degrees Celsius, and the humidity should be around 55%. And you must pay attention to ventilation, you don’t need to open the window anytime and anywhere, but you can open it for about 15 minutes in the morning and evening. 

② Body hydration

What we often call “air conditioning disease” is basically the lack of water. In addition to letting the baby drink plenty of water, you can also eat something with high water content. Fruits such as apples and pears. Babies who have already eaten complementary foods can also add some warm foods, such as radishes. 

③ Skin care

In the dry winter, the baby’s skin will naturally become dry, especially in this environment. Therefore, some special skin care products for infants and young children should be applied regularly to keep the skin moist and healthy. 

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