Why are so many second children? These reasons touched the hearts of countless people, and they were really warmed.

Why are so many second children? These reasons touched the hearts of countless people, and they were really warmed up

According to statistical studies, women have pregnancy syndromes such as anemia, diabetes, and high blood pressure when they are pregnant with their first child. The possibility of these problems when they are pregnant with a second child Will rise significantly. 

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Since the opening of the national second-child policy, many For families with only one child, whether to have a second child or not has become a problem. 

If you are born, the financial pressure will be greater. After all, the living expenses and education costs of the two children will be very high;

If you don’t have a child, the child will have no company, so wait for yourself When they are old, they have no siblings to rely on. 

Actually, the hardest part of giving birth to a second child is the first three years. The child has to grow up in those years. After the baby is older, he will be faced with studying, and parents need to go to school at this time. Earning money and providing good material life and educational conditions for your children, although it is a little harder, the benefits will gradually become apparent. 

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The benefits of having a second child

1. Two children help each other

As a parent, it is impossible to accompany the child for the rest of his life, so that the child will not be in this world in the future Lonely, in times of difficulty, someone is willing to unconditionally pull a hand, after all, nothing can replace brotherhood, brothers and sisters have the same blood flowing in their bodies. 

After the children have grown up, and the parents are getting old, the eldest and the second can rely on each other, and when they encounter problems, there can be someone to discuss. 

2. Sharing the pressure of the old-age care

The only child can be favored by his parents when he is young, but when he grows up he needs to bear the care of his parents alone. 

If one of the parents is sick, then the only child needs to travel back and forth from the company, home, and hospital, busy, and there is not even a replacement person. If both parents are sick, it will be more difficult , At this time, if you have a brother or sister, you can share the pressure appropriately. 

3. Avoid the pain of losing independence.

Although the loss of independence is a small probability event, if such an unfortunate thing happens and the family is an only child, the blow to a family will be fatal. Sexual. 

Especially the kind of parents who are getting old and face this kind of thing, it will be difficult to get out of this kind of grief, because parents may be in nostalgia and grief for the rest of their lives, and if there is The two children can be a little relieved when faced with similar things. 

Photos: Why have a second child? 

1, (as above Picture) Every day, my younger sister has to wait for the elder brother from school on time. When they meet each other, they will hug each other tightly to express the feeling of missing each other, and then the two will go home together holding hands. 

2. After the younger sister fell asleep, his brother’s heart and eyes revealed his love for his younger sister. This kind of love between brothers and sisters whose blood is thicker than water is more than anything else. 

3. In the program “Where are you going, Dad”, two children, Nuoyi and Nina, have to leave their parents to participate in the show alone. The older brother, Nuoyi, has been giving his sister a sense of security throughout the process, protecting and taking care of Nina, and giving it to his sister at any time. rely. 

4. In the variety show “Dad is Back”, when the younger brother Max is not in the state, the sister Nainai will make fun of the younger brother, saying that his pronunciation is not standard, but when the father Wu Zun went fishing, as a help, he has been guarding his younger brother. , Even if I am sad, I will try my best to comfort my brother. 

5. The 2-year-old younger brother suffers from Down’s syndrome and has a language barrier. The 11-year-old sister plays the guitar and sings for the younger brother every day. Every time he sings the last word, he will deliberately stop and let the younger brother sing , My sister wanted to help her younger brother in this way. The moment she heard his younger brother speak, she was very happy. 

Further reading: If the couple is in these circumstances, it is not recommended to have a second child.

1. The couple’s age is over the age of the second child

In medicine, women over 35 years old will be called if they become pregnant. It is an advanced-age pregnant mother, because at this age, various functions of the body begin to decline, especially the ovaries, which will affect the quality of the eggs, which in turn affects the probability of conception, and will make the pregnant fetus more likely to suffer. Congenital problems. 

The best childbearing age for men is 30 to 35 years old. After the age of 40, various functions of the body will also degenerate, and the quality of sperm will gradually decline, so this will inevitably affect the fetus the quality of. 

2. Women with pregnancy syndrome in their first child

According to statistical studies, women with pregnancy syndrome, such as anemia, diabetes, and high blood pressure, occur when they are pregnant with their first child. These problems occur when they are pregnant with a second child. The possibility of emergence will increase significantly. 

Pregnancy syndrome is likely to cause fetal development delays, malformations, hypoxia, premature delivery and other situations. 

3. Women with Rh-negative blood type

According to research, women with Rh-negative blood type and Rh-positive men marry and give birth to children, so the probability of the two children being Rh-positive is more likely Big, but this means that hemolytic disease is more likely to occur after the baby is born. 

According to data investigation and statistics, when women with Rh-negative blood type are pregnant with a first child, the possibility of the baby having a love hemolytic disease is very small and can be ignored. When a second child is born, the probability will increase significantly, triggering a series of occurrences in the baby. The problem of habitual abortion or abortion may even occur during pregnancy. Return to Sohu to see more

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The more often parents “show in front of their children” Love”, the child may be better in these three aspects

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Some people say that the marital status of parents is the best response to family conditions and the best education for children. A good marriage can nourish a happy family, and vice versa, it can easily lead to misfortune. 

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Two family marriage records

1) Happiness school

Xiaoling and her husband have always been recognized as model couples, they got married 6 Years, the number of quarrels can be counted. 

Later, after having a baby, the couple is still like glue, and the more enviable children grow up day by day. Not only are they obedient and sensible, they are also little men who protect their mothers outside. 

In fact, this is not accidental. According to Xiaoling’s description, both her and her husband’s original family are very harmonious. Both parents are very loving. It is precisely in this environment that they grow up and make them understand the family better. Even if conflicts occur, they can understand and tolerate each other. 

2) The unfortunate party


Ms. Wang’s family life is often the subject of chatter from the neighbors around her, because their home is always noisy, making the neighbors feel uneasy. 

It turns out that Ms. Wang and her husband have always had a bad relationship, and they quarreled every other time. Otherwise, if one of the parties did not go home, no one would take care of the child at all. 

Growing up in this kind of family environment, the children gradually become less talkative and look unhappy when they see everyone. 

Through the differences between the two families We can see from the living conditions that the quality of marriage does not actually affect both the husband and wife, but the growth of the family and children. 

The more parents “show affection”, the more “excellent” the child may be in three aspects.

1. Self-control

There has been such an item before In the experiment, a hundred children were tested, mainly for their self-control ability. 

The test results show that children with a good family environment, good parents’ feelings, and a happy family will have stronger self-control ability in study and life. They can control their behavior well and avoid a lot of Wrong behavior. 

Children with unhappy parents and unhappy family life are usually more likely to make mistakes, unable to control their own behavior, and easy to do some wrong things, such as stealing things and disrupting class. 

In fact, this is mainly because of parents Disharmony in marriage will neglect children to a large extent, and they will feel anxious and desire to be able to get attention and certain things, so they will take the wrong way to operate. 

2. A sense of security

Usually, children with happy families are usually more optimistic, more confident, and more curious and exploratory. 

This is mainly because their parents have given them strength and enough love, so that they can always feel that they are dependent on them, so they will be indomitable when doing things. 

Children with unhappy families are usually more vulnerable, sensitive and cautious, because there is no one to support them, so they will feel scared when doing things. 

Both parents belong to the same family The founders, so their relationship directly determines the happiness of family life. 

So it should be clear that what they can give children is not only material, but inner satisfaction and security, so that they can obtain a sound personality and courage to face life. 

3. On the concept of marriage and love

In fact, the marital status of a parent is the child’s first perception of marriage and affection. 

Parents’ harmonious and happy marriage relationship can create a better role model for their children. In this environment, they will also look forward to their future marriages. After entering the married life, they will be able to This mode of getting along is perfectly reproduced. 

And unfortunate marriages will It may make children full of repulsive psychology towards future feelings and marriage, even if they enter married life, they need to spend a lot of energy to manage and explore. 

How to run a happy family

① Mutual trust

Trust is the basis for people to get along with each other. Many families become unhappy because of suspicion. Whether it is the suspicion between the husband and the wife or the distrust of the child, it will bring harm to each other. As a partner, you must trust your partner; as a parent, you must give your children enough trust. 

② Act calmly

Sometimes, the quarrel between the husband and wife may not be serious, just a little bit of trouble, but if you do excessive things because of your own irrationality or Speaking hurtful words will aggravate this contradiction, and sometimes even leave scars that are difficult to erase. In this way, it may not only be each other, but the whole family. 

③ Empathy


Thinking from the perspective of others has always been advocated by others, but people will always forget this principle, and only accuse them from their own perspective. Doing so in family life will only distort each other. , The relationship is indifferent. 

When a problem arises, you might as well consider it from the perspective of others to avoid conflicts due to misunderstandings. 

④ Communication

The communication between people is mainly through language communication, because each person is an independent individual and has different ideas. If you don’t say it, no one can fully understand others. 

At any time, you should pay attention to communication and exchanges, express your own feelings and listen to other people’s thoughts, so that you can better understand each other and avoid some mistakes, and your family relationship will be more harmonious. Return to Sohu to see more

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