Why are so many children now “counseling outside and inside”? Child behavior expert has a relationship with dad

Why are so many children now “counseling outside and inside”? Children’s behavior experts have a relationship with their fathers.

In the process of children’s growth, parents’ words and deeds have a very direct and far-reaching impact on children. However, in many families, this has been affected by parents. Selectivity is ignored. 

Parents put the responsibility of educating their children on the school and teachers, but they forget that they are the closest person to their children in their lives, and at the same time the person most able to influence the expression of their children’s words, deeds and character development . 

And in this, the influence that father has on the child’s words and deeds is more exposed. 

The child is outside Very persuaded at home but very arrogant. Parenting experts believe that this has a lot to do with the child’s father.

Xiao Ming is a very arrogant child at home, especially to his mother. As long as he doesn’t agree with his mother, Xiao Ming will Fist, kick, and roll around. 

But at school, Xiao Ming was a very introverted student, and on several occasions, he was actually bullied by his classmates. 

When communicating with the teacher about Xiao Ming’s performance in school, Xiao Ming’s mother could hardly believe that the cowardly child in the teacher’s mouth was actually her own son. 

You must know that at home, Xiao Ming is a proper demon king. 

The different treatment of children made Xiaoming’s mother very puzzled. She didn’t understand why children can have two faces at home and school. 

In the process of listening to a lecture, Xiaoming’s mother plucked up the courage to raise her question to the parenting experts on the podium. 

“Why is the child timid and cowardly at home at school? Did the child learn to lie in the nest at such a young age?”

When Xiaoming’s mother asked this question , The parenting expert did not directly give an answer, but asked Xiao Ming’s father’s behavior at home. 

It turns out that Xiaoming’s father is the financial support of the family, and Xiaoming’s mother is full-time at home with the baby, so in terms of family voice, Xiaoming’s father has the final say! 

Sometimes when Xiaoming’s father encounters unsatisfactory things at work, he will spew his anger on Xiaoming’s mother after returning home, but for the sake of the children, Xiaoming’s mother has to bear it again. 

When Xiaoming’s mother described her family relationship in this way, the parenting expert said that the child’s behavior in the nest was actually learned from Xiaoming’s father. 

“Children lack the ability to distinguish right from wrong. In life, they will instinctively imitate the words and deeds of adults. In the family environment, father dominates, which makes him the most direct child The target of imitation.”

So parenting experts suggest that if you want to change your child’s personality defect, you should start by adjusting the child’s father’s words and deeds and the attitude towards his family. 

In the family education, what role do the fathers play? 

1. Influencing children’s ways of doing things

Children continue to absorb and learn through imitation in the acquired environment, and among them, Bao Dad undoubtedly did one of the most direct behaviors for children Demonstrate and imitate role models. 

Therefore, the words and deeds in the lives of Bao Dads unknowingly affect their children’s ways of doing things. 

If Dad treats his family strongly and pretentiously, then the child may be able to treat others in a way. 

2. Influencing children’s character formation

There are many factors that affect children’s character formation, but they are most affected in the family environment. 

Children get close to their father and have fun in the game during the interaction with the father, so the children’s character formation will naturally be more positive and positive. 

If the character traits shown by Bao Dad are harsh and indifferent, then the formation of the child’s character will naturally be negatively affected. 

3. Influencing children’s self-evaluation

When Bao’s father is too demanding of his children, his words and deeds will be difficult to satisfy his father. 

After getting too many bad reviews from Bao Dad, the child’s self-evaluation will be hit. 

So strict fathers usually educate cowardly children. 

in the child’s In the process of growing up, what behavior demonstrations should Bao Dad do? 

1. Know how to communicate efficiently

I have to say that in many families, Bao Dad is impatient when educating children. They are not willing to listen to their children’s ideas, and at the same time, they are not willing to be patient. Express your opinion 

Strong control makes children feel depressed, and efficient communication is naturally impossible to achieve. 

In fact, children are eager to communicate with their fathers. This naturally requires fathers to put aside their parental arrogance and be patient with their children. 

2. Know how to control emotions

When the fathers of Bao are engulfed by angry emotions, their education to their children can only be regarded as a vent of bad emotions. When emotions are not under control, no education can achieve its intended purpose. 

Therefore, it is necessary for the treasure fathers to educate their children to adhere to the principle of emotional control and carry out the output of educational concepts in a rational state. 

3. Knowing about equality and respect

Whether they are treating their partners or their children, Bao Dad should know about equality and respect, because only in this way can family relationships be more relaxed, harmonious and harmonious. 

The condescending posture not only makes the family relationship strained, but also makes a wrong example for the children to get along with. 

In short, Bao Dad should not be absent from family education, and at the same time, they should not play a wrong role model. 

Treat your family a little more peace and tolerance, a little more understanding and respect, this is what a real man should be like. 

What do you think about the influence of Dad’s words and actions on the child and the personality? After the birth of “Baby Cow”, novice parents should not forget to apply for these documents. The later they are, the more troublesome it will be.

After the child is born, parents need to apply for some documents for the little one. These documents will gradually grow in the child. It will be used one by one in the big process. If parents miss their partner’s time, it may cause some unnecessary troubles. For novice parents who have no experience in handling these documents, it is better to know how to handle these documents in advance to prevent the omission of documents. 

The couple forgot It was difficult to apply for the birth permit and reimbursement of the maternity insurance. It would be fine if Bao Dad knew earlier

Xiao Wang and his wife were born after 95. They had an accidental pregnancy after marriage without a pregnancy plan. The arrival of the little guy made the couple feel at a loss. The two of them have been hesitant to keep this baby? In this way, three months later, Xiao Wang and his wife gradually accepted the existence of the little guy, and slowly became ready to become parents. The busy pregnancy check-ups during the whole pregnancy plus the discomfort of his wife’s body, Xiao Wang really took a lot of care in nursing care during pregnancy. 

In this way, I finally got through the October pregnancy. On the day of childbirth, it was unexpected that Xiao Wang’s wife was in an emergency, and the amniotic fluid broke when she was at home. After the wife was sent to the hospital, the baby was born smoothly in less than half an hour. It can be said that the whole process from pregnancy to childbirth, Xiao Wang was a little rushed. The little guy was born, and Xiao Wang could take a breath, so he thought about going to the social security department to reimburse the maternity insurance. But what he didn’t expect was that although he took good care of his wife, he was negligent in handling some documents. 

When reimbursing maternity insurance, you need to provide a birth permit, and this certificate is to be processed in the first three months of pregnancy, but at that time Xiao Wang and his wife were considering whether to have the baby, so they did not care about the birth permit. on. Now when the maternity insurance is reimbursed, Xiao Wang is very helpless. Obviously, the child has already given birth, and it is too late to reapply for the birth permit. After the couple becomes pregnant, parents-to-be must prepare for the arrival of the little guy and handle relevant documents in a timely manner. This will help the child in all aspects of life and study in the future. If not in time If it is handled, it is very likely that it will affect the child. 

these types Parents must apply for the certificate in time. If you miss it, it will be very troublesome.

The expectant parents need to apply for the birth permit within three months of pregnancy. When applying, they need to prepare the relevant documents, such as the B-ultrasound form issued by the hospital. Hukou, marriage certificate, etc. of both spouses. The birth permit can be used in the reimbursement of maternity insurance. In addition, some social welfare also involves the preparation of the birth permit, which will also be used when the child goes to the hukou and attends school. 

Within two months after the baby is born, parents need to apply for a birth certificate for the baby in a timely manner. The birth certificate will specify the child’s information and the parents’ information in detail. Under normal circumstances, the birth certificate is processed in the Maternal and Child Health Hospital, and the ID cards of both parents and birth medical records are required when processing. It is worth mentioning that when applying for the birth certificate, the baby’s name needs to be provided, so if the parents did not think of the child’s name before then, there may be a little too late when applying for the birth certificate. 

After that, parents should also register their babies in a timely manner. The baby can be registered at the place of residence of one of the parents. In the process, the aforementioned birth permit and birth certificate will be used. If these two documents are not handled properly, it may affect the child’s settlement. Within three months of the baby’s birth, parents should also not forget to apply for a medical insurance card for the little one. When the baby is in infancy and the body’s resistance is weak, they are likely to get sick. This is also an important factor for family expenses. A lot of expenses. If you apply for a medical insurance card, your baby can enjoy reimbursement, and parents can save a lot of money. If the baby is over one year old before starting to apply for the medical insurance card, then the little guy can only start using it until January 1st of the following year. 

In addition, the application of vaccination certificate is also very important. Our country implements a vaccination policy, so some vaccines are free. Parents can get their children vaccinated in time by applying for a vaccination certificate. Especially before the age of six, the baby’s vaccination is very frequent. If the parent does not apply for the vaccination certificate for the child, or fails to vaccinate as required, it may affect the child’s admission. 

If there is a baby who needs to leave the country, parents can also apply for an ID card for the little one. It will be much more convenient for the little one who has an ID card to leave the country. The validity period of the children’s ID card is five years, and parents should replace it in time before the expiration date. When applying for an ID card, you need to use the parents’ ID card, the child’s household register and birth certificate and other supporting materials. In addition, the staff also needs to take photos of the little guy. 

In short, parents should pay more attention to the application of the baby’s certificate, especially not to miss the processing time. At the same time, don’t feel that the trouble is ignored, because it may cause inconvenience in the future school and life of the baby. 

Do you have any experience sharing about the baby’s certificate processing?

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