Why are newborn babies so ugly that their mothers dare not recognize it? Don’t worry, it may be counterattack in a few months

Why are newborn babies so ugly that their mothers dare not recognize it? Don’t worry, it may be counterattack in a few months.

An interesting survey: 80% of mothers say they don’t dare to recognize a newborn baby. 

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The value of the face is justice Parents naturally want their babies to look good. For this reason, pregnant mothers have worked hard during pregnancy, but they are still shocked when they see their babies when they are born. Does it mean that babies born ugly will always be ugly? 

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When Ms. Wang was just pregnant, she heard people say “Drink more milk, babies have good skin”, “Eat more grapes, children have big eyes”. The lady did not drink less milk or eat less grapes, which is the ultimate within the normal range allowed by the doctor. 

There are also all kinds of attention in life, for fear that the bump will affect the child. It was finally time for the child to be born, and the whole process of Ms. Wang’s delivery went smoothly. 

But it’s the first time to see a child At first glance, her whole body was bad. The child’s face was wrinkled, looking like an old man, not as white as others. 

Ms. Wang was a little relieved with the comfort of her family, but she and the child’s father were both very good-looking. Ms. Wang is still full of doubts about why children are so ugly. 

Why newborn babies are so ugly that their mothers dare not recognize it? 

1. Deformation of the head

When the baby is born, the body is not completely qualitative, especially the cartilage part. If the child is born in a normal way, it is usually squeezed, which is easy Cause the child’s head to deform. The facial features will also be squeezed more compactly, but usually it will recover in 1 to 2 weeks. 

2, wrinkled skin< /p>

Because the child depends on the amniotic fluid in the mother’s abdomen. After living in the amniotic fluid for ten months, the fetal fat part will fall off after birth, and the baby’s skin will become dry when exposed in the air, causing skin peeling. , Symptoms of folds. 

Usually this situation will gradually get better during the baby’s development, and the skin will slowly return to smoothness. 

3. Skin redness

When a child is born, the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin content are much higher than those of adults. However, the skin is very tender and the stratum corneum is thin. These parts will also be affected. Show it more carefully, so the baby’s whole body skin will look redder. 

4. Swollen eyes


When a child is born with silver nitrate stimulation and a long time soaking in amniotic fluid, it will cause eye swelling and conjunctival hyperemia. At this time, the child’s eyes usually look swollen and look bad. , But this situation will gradually disappear as the child develops. 

Don’t worry, the newborn baby may counterattack in a few months.

They all think that the newborn is ugly. After watching these babies, do you dare to dislike it? 

@乐乐妈妈:看When I was a child, I collapsed. I couldn’t believe that such an ugly baby came out of my stomach. I held my husband and felt sad for a long time. Although I don’t want to admit it, but it’s my own child after all, what can I do? Keep it. 

During this process, the child turned out to look better day by day. It completely exceeded my expectations. It was incredible. Sure enough, my baby is the most beautiful. 

@豆芽妈妈: I see I didn’t have much emotional changes when I was a child, but my husband was very heartbroken. I also comforted him that the child looks good when he grows up. It turns out that I was right. 

@秋: You can believe it Is this the same child? I can’t believe it if I don’t talk about my child anyway. So the child is born ugly, don’t worry about “throwing”, maybe you can “frog become a prince”. 

@小丫妈妈:看Well, who doesn’t have a counterattack baby yet? 

Treat children’s appearance correctly

Although appearance is important to anyone, it is not the most important. Everyone’s appearance is not determined by himself, there are many uncertain factors. 

Therefore, parents of children with high or low beauty should maintain a correct and positive attitude. If parents first value beauty and ignore other aspects of the child’s development, it will inevitably lead to the child’s inability to grow and develop healthily. 

If your child looks good, you should feel lucky , And at the same time guide the children to develop a humble character, not to take the value of their looks as their arrogant capital. Instead, you should actively develop in all aspects, so that your ability and character can keep pace with your own appearance. For children whose appearance may not be so perfect, parents should not feel unlucky. Instead, children should be actively guided not to feel inferior due to this, and actively enrich their own knowledge and personality, and take advantage of the high and make up for the low. 

[Fortunately pregnant]

The appearance of a child at birth does not mean the future appearance, and the future appearance does not determine the future life. Parents should help their children establish correct values ​​to be the biggest child. Of wealth.  When the body sends out these signals, it indicates the ovulation period When it comes, seize the opportunity to “get pregnant” naturally

After the egg is discharged, it will generally survive in the fallopian tube for a day or two until the arrival of the sperm. The sperm can survive in the female body for two or three days. 

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Editor: Wang Zhifeng

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After the second-child policy was opened, some post-80s and 90s After young parents joined them, some of them were infertile for a long time. They went to the hospital for a systematic check, and there were no problems. Why on earth were they not pregnant? 

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Linlin is 33 years old this year. Some time ago, a neighbor gave birth to a second son. The couple were also very excited. After all, there is only one daughter, and I still feel a little lack of confidence. I am afraid of getting old. No one cares for the elderly, nor do they want their daughters to be under too much pressure. 

Therefore, after discussing with Linlin and his wife, they also plan to have a second child, but one year has passed without any movement. They went to the hospital for an examination. After the examination, nothing was found. At this time, the doctor asked about the time of usual intimate activities. 

Linlin was a little embarrassed, but she answered, saying that as long as she has free time, she will continue to make big plans. The doctor said that their method is wrong. Frequent intimate activities may affect the quality of sperm and increase the difficulty of conception. In fact, only a few days after the aunt left. 

Go In the next few days, the chance of getting pregnant is great.

As we all know, women’s body resistance will decrease in the few days when they come to the aunt, and a mature egg will be released a few days after menstruation. 

Only after the egg is discharged, can it be combined with the sperm to form a fertilized egg, which will be implanted in the uterus, and then gradually develop into a fetus, which is healthy and normal in the mother’s belly. 

Therefore, if you want a successful pregnancy, the best way is to arrange a plan for a woman during the ovulation period, so as to effectively increase the success rate of conception. 

What time period is the ovulation period? 

If the menstruation is more regular and the cycle is more accurate, then the ovulation day is the 14th day before the next menstruation, and the ovulation period is 5 days before and 4 days after the ovulation day, plus the ovulation day A total of 10 days. 

After the egg is released, it will generally live in the fallopian tube for a day or two until the arrival of the sperm. The sperm can survive in a woman’s body for two or three days. Therefore, as long as the couple engages in intimate activities during the ovulation period, they may effectively increase the chance of conception. 

I have this Several characteristics suggest that the “ovulation period” has arrived.

1. Basal body temperature rises

The basal body temperature refers to the body temperature of a person after waking up without any activity, usually under the armpit at this time His body temperature is 36~37 degrees. 

But if a woman’s body temperature rises, it is probably due to the ovulation period. This is because a woman’s body temperature is low before ovulation, and the hormones in the body will change after ovulation, which will increase the body temperature. 0.3~0.5 degrees, it will last until the next menstruation. 

Recommendation: Women who want to get pregnant can measure their body temperature every morning after getting up in the morning at the beginning of menstruation, and make a record, so that they can accurately judge the arrival of the ovulation period. 

2. More leucorrhea

Women’s leucorrhea is actually a barometer of their physical condition. It can not only see the physical condition, but also see whether the ovulation period is coming. 

Suggestion: If a woman finds that her vaginal discharge is increasing, it is probably due to the warning of the approaching ovulation period, which usually lasts for 2 to 3 days. During this period, we can arrange a birth plan to improve conception. probability. 

3. Pain on one side of the abdomen

From the physiological characteristics of women, when the egg breaks through the follicle, it is likely to cause a pain, which is generally mild , This kind of pain will last for several hours or half a day, and this happens on one side of the abdomen. 

Suggestion: If a woman feels this kind of subtle pain, it means that the egg is in the process of being discharged. At this time, the couple can arrange an intimate activity individually to be more conducive to the success of pregnancy. 

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